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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Happy sigh. Finally finished with the latest chapter from KG. Now, on to other matters.
    *Hunts through the fridge to make some simple leftover breakfast, waiting today's mail drop for the first few packages out of the mountain of clothes my mom and sis have ordered lately, then on to work with another couple of haunters' write-ups. :busy:

    All this, and getting adjusted back to Daylight Time as regards my TV viewing habits and associated time-tracker sense.
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  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth *digging through dresser drawers*
    Cookie: What you doing?
    Beth: Trying to find my green clothes. It's St. Patrick's Day this weekend so we should wear all green.
    Cookie: Me not green. Me blue.
    Beth: That's ok Cookie, we can maybe find a green bow for you to wear. And I'll bake you some green cookies
    Cookie: Oh boy! Me like that idea.
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  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Downstairs in Apt 1...

    *:batty:, dancing with his bats.
    Ah, 1 2 3, spread out the cape.
    1 2 3 twirl round the floor.

    The numerian vampirian's enjoying himself because today is 3-1-3-1-3, a perfect palindrome of a date. And tomorrow, March 14 is known as Pie Day, which is one of his favorite numbers because he gets to count forever, or at least until he drops, whichever comes first.
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  4. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    (Let's hope he doesn't drop) ;) BTW, Chef is making a chocolate cream pie for "Der Number Vampire " & will send it over tomorrow hokay? He told us that if any of us try to touch it we have to clean the kitchen for a week!
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  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw thanks.

    :batty: Vait... I thought the baker made...
    *Both, in monotone announcer's voice: 2 chocolate cream pies!
    And that's the sooooong of 2.

    We'll send over a dulce de leche banana cream pie for you in return Kathy.
    Ruahnna likes this.
  6. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    giggling OK you 2 wackos! I'll tell Chef to make an extra so you'll have
    :sing: 2 chocolate creeeaamm piieessssss!!!!!:sing:
    And thanks about the dulce de leche banana cream pie!
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, no, unless :hungry: wants to so we can share with you.

    That was a small quirk I did have when I was a youngin', thank goth I grew out of the habit (much to my mom's relief).
    Hey, when :batty: is one of the fictional characters you look up to, you get obsessed with numbers too at some point.

    *Goes to ask Uncle D if we can make a bourbon pecan pie for Catherine and her roomies, since that's another recipe I got off of Food Network shows.
  8. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    looking at Chef using a magnifying glass over the pies Uh Chef ..what are you doing?
    Chef: GAAHH!! Don't DOO det! Do yu wunt tu hef 17 yeers uv bad luk by me druping this magnifying gless?
    It's 7 years bad luck. And why do you have it in the first place?
    Chef: Tu see if yu kids touched der pies.
    Do you seriously think we want KP duty for the next week?
    Chef: Whut's KP dutee?
    Kitchen Patrol duty.
    Chef: Oh .Well et me go bring these next door su der Scare croo und Ed can enjoy them . Robin wuz feesting his littul eyebolls on dem.
    Well tonight he can have a slice of the dulce de leche banana cream pie that Ed brought over .
    Chef on his way on the door Nut if I eet all uv it furst!

    mumbling And he calls us gluttons!:rolleyes:
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Hears knocking outside. *Peers out through the eyehole. What's the password. Oh fright, there's no password. *Opens up to let :hungry: come in. Thanks for the pies Chef, these are sure to be delicious. *Puts the pies on the table, as Uncle D already left to deliver the bourbon pecan pie upstairs to Apt 5.
  10. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    :news: sigh...

    Snookie: You still moping?

    :news: She's been gone a LONG time.

    Snookie: She always comes back, right? And here you are, Mr Faithful.

    :news: *scowl* Something wrong with that?

    Snookie: Well, there ARE other...heh heh...toys in the box, if you catch my drift.

    Carl, the Big Mean Conductor: OOOH! TOYS? Are there any TRAINS?

    *Snookie and Newsie stare at him. The railroad-stripe outfit doesn't fit at all, and his conductor's cap is dangling from one horn*

    BMC: Well? Don't keep me in suspense here!

    Snookie *tiredly* Hey Carl, I think I saw a gopher in the garden earlier...

    BMC: REALLY? Oooh...I love gophers! Especially smoked. Thank you!

    *the boys return to their discussion. Shortly, sounds of things crashing from the hall closet ensue. The cousins ignore it.*

    Snookie: So, cuz. Really. Your girl seems nice and all, but...these extended work trips...a Muppet has NEEDS, right?

    :news: Needs?

    Snookie: Sure. You know. NEEDS.

    BMC *yelling from hallway* Hey, who moved my C-4? *more crashing noises*

    Snookie: And I have it on good authority she's been thinking of...ah...someone else.

    :news: WHAT! *bristling* You take that back!

    Snookie: S'true.

    :news: She NEVER...!

    Snookie: You, my friend, are a sad case.

    :news: *getting nose-to-nose with Snookie* Take. It. Back.

    Snookie: Whoa! Simmer down! I was just teasing.

    :news: *fumes silently, then plops back into his chair* ...NOT funny.

    *one final loud THUD comes from the hallway. Carl, now dressed in Bill Murray's outfit from Caddyshack, emerges with a face-splitting grin, a ridiculous armful of dynamite and plastic explosives nearly up to his chin*

    Carl, the Big Mean Groundskeeper: Hah HAH! And now, for my next trick: Exploding Rodents for Distance! *he waits; the other two just stare at him. Carl bows, nearly dropping his armload, and the Muppet boys duck for cover, but the monster juggles a moment and recovers it all intact* *beat* THANK YOU!

    *Carl trudges out the door, humming "I'm All Right"*

    .......*Snookie and Newsie's noses peek from under the sofa, though there doesn't seem to be enough space under there to hide two grown Muppets*

    :news: She's coming back soon.

    Snookie: Frog, I froggin' HOPE so...

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  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Returning from a night out at the club. Mmm, now that rully was delish.
    UD: The blood sausages, the best ever.
    And the ribs, it just ripped right off the bone.
    UD: The kidneys were also good, shame they had no hearts in stock.
    The gizards got a bit charred... Guess they spent a while too long on the grill pit.
    :batty: And thanks for the tres leches afterwards... Does it really have 3, 3 different kinds of milk?
    Well, milk-ish products, yes, that's how it's traditionally made.

    *All tip to Carl as we pass by back inside the townhouse.
    It in da' hole!

    Baby Plucky: Gopher go down the hole.
    *Random cameo.

    *Remembers to send a pie to Kris and the boys in Apt 4 tomorrow, maybe a spiced Santa Fe banana pie or lime-in-the-coconut.
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  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (Rizzo's belly is so full he can't see his toes, which are propped up on Ru's knee. They are sitting side-by-side in the lime tweed recliner in the middle, looking at "The Pie and Pastry Bible.")
    Rizzo: (crossing himself) I never thought of myself as the religious type, but I swear I'm thinking of converting.
    Ru: Pretty good buy for a buck, don't you think?
    Rizzo: Duh.
    Ru: I love thrift stores and yard sales.
    Gonzo: (coming in from the bedroom dressed to the nines) Did I hear Camilla?
    (Ru and Rizzo exchanged puzzled glances, then Ru's eyes go wide and she laughs.)
    Ru: No--that was me. (holds up the recipe book) I was just saying I got this book for a buck.
    Gonzo: (still fiddling with his cufflink) Oh...good-looking pie on the cover.
    Ru: (looking at Gonzo fondly) Speaking of good-looking...where you going tonight, Hot Stuff? You're all dressed up.
    Gonzo: (acting nonchalant but pleased) Oh--nowhere special. Camilla and I are going to catch a film and then go out to The Grill.
    Ru: Oh--what film are you seeing?
    Gonzo: (still fiddling with his cufflink) What? Oh--I think it's "Food-Handling Safety is for Everyone."
    Rizzo: (dryly) Mr. Romance.
    Gonzo: (modestly) Well, it IS Salmonella awareness month.
    Ru: (handing Rizzo the cookbook and leaning forward) C'mere, Honey--let me do that for you. (He approaches and she manages to loose the cufflink from his furry wrist and put it through the cuffs.) There.
    Gonzo: (sighing in relief) Oh--thank you, Ru. Well, I'm off. (He grabs his coat and a derby-style hat and goes out.)
    Rizzo: Eh, bless him, the little weirdo.
    Ru: You know Camilla--she's a trooper. She'll probably have a good time.
    Rizzo: Speaking of...where are the lovebirds tonight? Pitching woo? Or crockery?
    Ru: Mmm, neither, I think. Piggy's gone to a Midnight Madness Mall event. She's been training for it all week.
    Rizzo: Oh! I thought she was working out because she couldn't get into her bathing suit.
    Ru: (mildly, eyebrows arching) You better hope she's out.
    Rizzo: (looking around desperately) You said she was out--!
    Ru: (smiling) She is. I'm just saying....
    Rizzo: Hmmphf. So, Kermit went along to carry her bags?
    Ru: Nope. He's had this date on the calendar for weeks. He and Fozzie did a guy's night out.
    Rizzo: Bowling and nachos?
    Ru: Probably something like that. I think it's nice that they got to--
    (There are signs of a key in the door, and Ru and Rizzo turn and crane their necks around to see who it is. Fozzie and Kermit come in the door laughing and talking.)
    Fozzie: So then I told them--he can't come to the phone--He's got a person in his throat!
    (They laugh uproariously, then Fozzie looks up and sees Ru sitting with Rizzo. His eyes go wide with surprise, then he looks hastily away.)
    Ru: Hi fellas! Have a good time bowling?
    Kermit: Oh yeah. We had a good time. (flexing his arm) I'm a little rusty but I didn't do too bad. Fozzie here made two strikes and three spares, so we didn't embarrass ourselves, right Fozzie?
    Fozzie: (looking away) Oh. Um, right, Kermit. (He will not look at Ru or Rizzo.)
    Ru: Wow--two strikes! Way to go, Fozzie! Did you see anyone else you know?
    Fozzie: Um, no. I don't think so.
    (Kermit is now looking at Fozzie, surprised at his sudden change in demeanor, but when Rizzo elbows Ru in the ribs he looks up. Rizzo darts his eyes and does a fairly impressive job of conveying his opinion that Fozzie is upset about the fact that there is someone sitting in his chair! Ru opens her mouth to say something to Fozzie, but Rizzo jumps in before she can.)
    Rizzo: (hopping up) Gosh, thanks Ru, for explaining about the difference between, um, kneading the dough and, um, rolling the dough. I sure don't want to waste all that flour.
    Ru: (flummoxed at first, then catching on) Oh. I mean, oh, um, yes--it's an important difference. I'm glad you asked me and, er, brought me the recipe book so I could, um, show you what I was talking about.
    Rizzo: Yeah. That was swell. (turning to Fozzie and Kermit) Well, I'm off to read a little before bed! (He trots out of the room. He has barely cleared the doorway when Fozzie is sitting in the recliner in his usual seat, cozied up to Ru. Over his head, Kermit smiles at Ru.)
    Ru: Oh, good! I was worried you wouldn't get back in time for our reading time.
    Fozzie: I wouldn't forget you, Ru. (looks up wistfully) You wouldn't forget about me, would you? Even if there were, um, other bears and, um, rats or things...?
    Ru: Oh, no Fozzie! You are absitively, posolutely irreplaceable--promise. Now, what chapter were we on?
    Fozzie: Fourteen! It was just getting to the good part!
    (Kermit wanders over and climbs up into the recliner he shares with Piggy or Fozzie, depending on the state of his love life. He settles back, listening to Ru and Fozzie read aloud.) Nice.
    (Ru nods without missing a word.)
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  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly: Okay, guys, it's time we really start thinking about taking over the world.

    Spike (rolls eyes): Of course ...

    Kelly (breaks out brochures): Next month I'm going to the Mall of America. S'posed to be real epic and stuff.

    Rygel: Bring back actual wealth instead of this knock-off frell you call belongings.

    Kelly (sighs): Anyway ...

    Spike: How d'we know dere ain't gonna be no bad repur ... prepur ... how d'we know ain't no bad stuff gonna happen wit' dis idea of yours?

    Kelly: What exactly gives you the idea our mission to overtake the universe is going to fail?

    Spike (hands Kelly her laptop): Saw dis vid: dis.
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  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    It's good that there seem to be people milling about in the halls. It's been a bit quiet with no real events to draw people's attention or activity, but I guess that's okay since we're all doing our own things.

    *The phantom dragon leaves a note at Apt 3 inviting Spike and at Apt 7 for Pew for a round of beers down at the club tomorrow since that's his one no-lasagna night out of the entire year.

    *Waits for :batty: to return with the weekly groceries so we can get dinner started, and sort through the packages that keep coming for my mom and sis like a slowly encroaching plague.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Spike (perks up): Beer? *rushes over to the club and sets up camp* Kel's gotta work t'morrow ... da club opens at 7 am, right?
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    UD: Heck, it's open now, *Checks doomwatch, 4:30 PM. *Pushes the doors open and gets the bottles and steins out of the icebox.

    A toast to us fine frightful creatures.
    *Hands Spike the frothing tankard mug.
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  17. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I'm laying on my stomach with Gaffer walking on my back when Chef knocks on my door an comes in
    Chef: Hey Keth? We're heving ...looking down to where I am Whut der hey are yu doing down dere? Und why iz der kitty doing un yore bek? Shoo Geffer! Yu going tu hurt Kethy! Chef reaches out a hand to help me up Are yu crazy?
    Chef....Gaffer's fine! But I will get up. groaning a bit Gaffer was walking on my back to massage it a bit.
    Chef: Huh?
    Well you know that physical therapy I'm having to help my neck and shoulders?
    Chef: Ja? Yu weren't having Gaffer walk on yur neck were yu? Yu wanna wind up parulized!

    Take it easy! She was walking on my back! The therapist said the muscles there were tight too. So to loosen them up Gaffer was walking on them .

    Chef casts a wary eye on me Yu sure?

    Yes Mr. Worrywart. You worry too much.

    Chef : Onlee becuz I care.

    Well I appreciate that. But I'm fine. Now what did you come in to ask originally?

    Chef: Oh ja... yu wunt bagul pizzas tunite?

    Sure.. sounds great!
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  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Leaves a voice message for Kris in Apt 4. Hey Kris, hope you're not trapped inside Carl's belly... Again. Just wanted to know what ice cream flave Snookie prefers as his fave. Answer back when you get the chance, thanks.
    *Heads off to the bat-room for an early-morning spring shower.

    *Stops to pat Fatatita along the way as she scampers off outside.
  19. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Snookie: Ice cream? Wow. Hmm. Think I'll have to go with Americone Dream.

    :news: That's Colbert's Ben & Jerry's flavor, isn't it?

    Snookie: See? What a perfect plug. You're a natural for reality tv!

    :news: *scowl*

    Carl, the Big Mean Ice Cream Vendor: That's nothin'! Lookee here, I got peanut butter gopher cups, Neapolitan gopher pops, chocolate-drizzled-frozen gopher on-a-stick...

    *the cousins turn from yellow to green*

    BMC: ...gopher whoopie pi...huh. Whatsamatta? You guys look ill. You're not coming down with that green fur flu, are ya?

    Snookie: I think...I think I have a taping. An audition. Right. An audition. Now. *flees*

    :news: Er...yes! Really have to iron out my report for tonight's news...seeya... *flees*

    *Carl scrtaches his head, dislodging the soda jerk cap from his horns* Huh. Those guys really work much too hard. *plops down on the sofa* Ahhh...the good life! Or should I say, the FOOD life!

    *for the next few minutes, the only sound in the apt is gleeful chewing and gulping. A stain of melting gophercream slowly spreads over the sofa cushions*

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  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay... *Beat. *Says it the way I has to, as a long-time wrestling fan.
    :sing: Ameri-coooooooone Dreeeam.
    He's just a hard-working cone.
    Tryin' to melt on his own.

    And now I got a few options for Carl. *Evil smile, oh what I have in mind for Carl. As an MSTie I know you'll appreciate the nod.
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