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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the new year/thread for Hensonville.

    This time around, the location has expanded to include all of the town known as Hensonville, created and expanded through fanfics that have been posted on the forums. If you wish to explore our city or want to know where every shop and house has been newly located, I recommend browsing through the Hensonville Guide.

    A. Admission.
    If you desire to join the game, then you must first fill out the following application and send it to my email address through the forum's mailer.

    Application Form:
    1 First Name.
    2 Muppet Central User Name.
    3 Muppet Roommate(s).
    4 Birthdays for everyone in your party, including yourself.
    5 Valid working email address so we can contact you in the event of dormwide news.
    Please wait until your applications have been resolved before posting in the thread itself. Each applicant shall be attended to individually. Posts made
    by people not as yet approved to move in will be deleted without prejudice against that person.
    Also, it would be a good idea to suggest an activity you'd like to host for the rest of the residents, as that would help generate further interactions between residents of HV. It can be something tied in to a particular holiday like "Easter Egg Hunt" or "Halloween Carnival", or some other happening like "Karaoke Sing-Along" or "Poolhouse Beach Bash".

    B. Room & Board.
    As you can see after visiting the Hensonville Guide, there's only one main townhouse at this time known as the Jim Townhouse which houses Rooms 1 to 12, I'm not sure if we'll add other townhouses—that'll get decided should sufficient approved applications for residency demand it.

    C. Roommates.
    Regarding Muppets one can choose to have as roommates at the dorms, keep in mind the following guidelines.
    1 Characters from all Henson productions are available to be chosen as roommates with a few exceptions.
    a. Human characters from the shows or movies, it'd be weird to find them being "manipulated" by other people.
    b. Original Muppet characters are allowed, so long as you have at least one (1) actual Muppet character.
    2 An applicant for residency can select up to a total of five (5) Muppet characters as roommates if they so desire. You don't have to have the full measure of five, I leave that to each individual applicant to decide.
    3 If selecting more than one roommate, please try to choose those who go well together. If you take Little Jerry, then mayhaps it'd be a good idea to have the rest of the Monotones. If you select one member of a duo like Statler or Philo or Biff, then it'd make sense to take their accompanying partner as well.
    4 The one overriding rule we have is that once a character has been selected by a resident, they cannot be chosen by anyone else. Please consult the Hensonville Roster.
    If you're a dorms veteran and don't see your name there, you'd best send me your applications PDQ as any Muppet not on that list means they're up for roommate status. Additionally, I'm giving dorm veterans a week to do so. If I don't receive an application from you within that span, your roommates might go to the next person who first asks for them, so please bear that in mind.

    D. Birthdays.
    When asked for this information, you should consult Muppet Wiki's list of character birthdays first. If the character you've chosen as a roommate doesn't have a birthday listed there, you can use either of the following to create one for them:
    1 the airdate of when the character was first seen onscreen, or
    2 provide that particular character's Muppeteer's birthday.

    E. Gameplay.
    Please keep in mind the following general notices.
    1 If you submit an application for residency and are accepted, we strongly stress you make an effort to participate therein, either in your own individual everyday routines with your roommates or interacting with others. You don't have to be plugged into the thread 24/7 every single day, nor have every other post be one of your own... This should come naturally, though noone can personally control nor force a resident's degree of participation. That's why I'm asking applicants to suggest activities they'd like to host, it helps generate furthered gameplay between everybody.
    2 You can interact with other people's roommates, but please do not outright control them directly. The only time when this will be allowed is if either:
    a. You are staging a Muppety musical number or play/movie with parts for everyone, or
    b. You have been asked to temporarily look after another resident's roommates.
    3 Please keep all character portrayals within character. No monster behavior unless your roommate is a monster, except during the Halloween celebration. No outré behavior unless your roommate is an outré musician type. No continued violent or rude potty humor, this is a family-oriented environment after all. Crazy humor is okay, just be careful not to let it go overboard to the point that it becomes prolonged abusiveness.

    So I sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves and have fun. Any questions you may have should be sent to my PM box or online address if the first gets fully filled up.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    HV Management :batty:
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hello friends, the doors to Hensonville have reopened. Please check the roster which was updated today to see who's still residing with which Muppet roommates.
    Thank you and have a good day.
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  3. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    going into the kitchen Hey Chef!What's cooking? (meaning what's new?)
    Chef:Erm...nuthing yet.Whut do yu think yu all want fur dinner?I heve a stek in der refrigereter
    (Oops...language barrier with the "What's cooking?" Nevertheless...)
    Actually I was thinking since I won't be here for your birthday, we'll go to one of your favorite restaurants tonight.
    Chef:Yu won't be here?Where yu gooing?
    I'm going up noth for a few days for my niece's birthday. Remember,I told you?
    Chef:Oh ja...yu did.I furgot. sigh. I'm getting old.
    Baloney! You are not getting old! So you forgot that I'm going away. I forget things too! That doesn't mean that I'm getting old. Everyone forgets things,silly. So where do you want to go tonight?
    Chef:Let me think okee?
    Chef:Und Kethy?
    Chef plants a kiss on the top of my head Thenk yu fur nut thinking I'm getting old.
    Well it's the truth!But you're welcome anyway.;)
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Throws hands up. I've almost had it. *Grumble-grumble-grumble.

    Trying to keep an even house... If the people here aren't happy, then I'm sorry but we're doing what we can to keep the thread enjoyable and fun for all those who decide to participate. And sometimes that means having to respectfully ask people to leave if they're making it not fun for the rest. If you have a complaint, PM or contact me with specific cited post examples and we'll do what's best possible...

    But I rully feel that this is going downhill fast and the only solution is to just shut down and abandon the whole Hensonville idea. *Grabs towel and heads to take a warm shower to relieve some stress.
    To quote mistress Rita: "I've got such a headache!"
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Watches coverage on how the brackets for the 2011 Muppet Madness tournament are being explained what with the selections and snubs and matches and all.

    Woo, it's gonna be great this year!
    *Sees the tag saying Vote for Roosevelt Franklin... He has a whole school named after him, what those old fools got? and another for Prairie announcing her efforts while the Swedish Chef stuffs a chickey in der baskey and holds up two fingers saying "Der two votes fer mi."
  6. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    also watching The 2011 Muppet Madness Tournament Oh no...Prairie versus Chef?What am I gonna do?
    suddely remembering the previous summer when we were going to go to the pool and Chef warned us that the last one there had to eat his meat loaf (which was totally disgusting and he knew we hated it.) Somehow I knew the same held true for this time Sorry Prairie...I love ya like a sister..but.casting a vote for Chef
  7. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Scooter: Oh, no, they've got me up against Floyd - how can I compete?
    Beige: Aw, relax, Scooter, all Floyd's got is hipness, and coolness, and he plays a mean bass. You, on the other hand, you've got...well...um...
    Nora: (painting a 'Vote for Scooter' poster) Oh, Beige, you're not helping. We got any more tangerine orange paint?
    Erin: (on phone) Here you go. (slides pot of paint over) All right, here's my bets. I'm picking Janice over Guy Smiley, and the two grumbling geezers over RF. I know Roosevelt is one cool cat, but I don't want Statler and Waldorf heckling me into the next decade.
    Storyteller: Mmm, yes. I hear they've been digging out some real old put-downs for the Fraggle poetry festival. Jokes that are older than time...but not as old as those two. (throws head back and laughs)
  8. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: Ok guys, you know I love you both a ton so it's so hard to vote for your alter egos, but I'm going with Alistar Cookie, it's something I grew up with
    Rowlf: No hard feelings at all, I like being Dr. Bob, but I agree Alistar Cookie is pretty classic.
    Cookie: Me love Monsterpiece Theatre, it is classic
    Beth: Ok good, glad that is settled.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good to see the tournie's generating some needed excitement.

    Now if I could decide whether to make the fish-horse thing a male or female monster.
    *Still searching for what more I can add to my roster of haunts.
  10. Lil0Vampy

    Lil0Vampy Well-Known Member

    Liza: Ooooh, Muppet Madness is gonna be good this year!

    Gonzo: Yeah it is! Darth Nadir's so taking it! :D

    Camilla: :rolleyes: Bya-bwauk...(Naturally...)
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Washes dishes in the sink. Sure was a good dinner.
    :batty: Yes, thanks for making those sweet barbecue boneless ribs.
    UD: *In Shakespearian voice: I come not to braise Caesar, but to bury him in salad dressing.
    *Chuckles. Yep, and the roasted Rocket Red pepper humus went great with that salad.
    *Hands Uncle D a devilfood canoli for dessert since today was his annual no-lasagna day, darn that third Rule of Death.
    (Read It Feels Like Christmas in the Fanfic section to get that reference).

    *Looking forward to tomorrow's haunt for leprechaun-enchanted charms of both good and bad luck.
  12. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    Kim: Hey, don't worry Scooter; you've always got my vote.
    Gillis: Well, you seem in a fairly good mood today.
    Kim: Yeah, I am. Shouldn't I be?
    Boober: She obviously hasn't seen today's mail.
    Kim: What about today's mail? [takes a look, eyes widen] I'm what?
    Gillis: There we go.
    Tosh: Does this mean you don't wanna do it?
    Kim: No; no, I'll do it, Tosh. I'm just wondering why Ed picked me, of all people to do this.
    Mimzy: Maybe it's 'cause you live in a room full of Fraggles?
    Kim: Who knows, Mimz? Welp, better get planning then...

  13. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    coming in the door I'm hoooommmeeee!
    Robin:Mom!comes running and gives me a hug I missed you!
    I missed you too buddy!hugging him back How was your weekend?
    Robin: Pretty good. Uncle Kermit an' I went fishing on Saturday.
    Did you catch anything?
    Robin:Yeah,but Uncle Kermit an' I agreed to the "catch and release " thing.
    Sounds like a good idea.
    Prairie:Hi Kath!giving me a hugHow was New York?
    Cold! You wouldn't have thought yesterday was the first day of spring with the weather today!hugging her back It was cold and rainy this morning!
    Prairie: Did you have fun seeing your little niece?
    For the first day or so,yes. But by last night I was ready to leave.:rolleyes:
    Rositahugging me Hi Kathy!Ready to leave by only the third day?Why?
    hugging Rosita back Hi Rosita.Well that little girl can have a fresh mouth with her parents. And the thing is they pretty much take it! Drives me crazy! They did get angry a couple of times.But not too mad. My mother and her friend are going on a cruise for a month later this year and my brother invited me to stay with them. I've been deciding back and forth for the past few months whether I would or I wouldn't. This trip made the final decision. The answer is a flat out no.
    Grover:Hello Kathy!hugging me All of us missed you! No to what?
    Hi Grover!hugging him I missed you all too. No to me staying with my brother in the fall when my mother and her boyfriend go on a month long cruise.
    Grover:But why?Don't you love your brother and your little nieces?
    Oh Grover...I do love them! Very much so! That's why I'm not staying with them. Grover,my niece who will be 4 on Thursday has her parents wrapped around her little pinky like you wouldn't believe!She's a very fresh little girl! I was telling the others that I was ready to leave last night.I was starting to get annoyed with my little niece's spoiled rotten behavior.I practically had to clamp my mouth shut when she was mouthing off to her parents.If I stayed a full month with them I'd be going crazy!:eek:
    Where's Chef?
    I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and Chef is standing there
    Chef:Welcoom hoom Kethy! hugging me
    hugging him back So how's the Birthday Boy?
    Chef laughs Old!Vury old yubetcha!
    shaking finger at him You're not old! Didn't I tell you that? I have something for you. Hang on a sec.Sorry it's not wrapped.going into my suitcase and digging out a bag Here you go handing the bag to Chef Hopefully it fits!
    Chef takes an I LOVE NY shirt out of the bag Ooohh I think this will fit! Thenk yu Kethy!kisses me on the cheek
    You're welcome. I would have bought bagels from New York or New York pizza for all of us except that stuff like that isn't allowed on the plane.
    Chef:Well Juhl's pizza is der yummer yummer.Did yu eat dinner alreddy?
    Yeah. I treated my mom and her friend to dinner.Thanks anyway. yawn Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz was right when she said "There's no place like home"!:)
  14. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    Tosh: Kim?
    Kim: Yeah?
    Fraggles: [come up and give Kim a group hug]
    Kim: Thanks, guys.

  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Heading off to bed finally...
    :batty: finishes putting up the square carded illustrations of the haunters we've accounted today, the total looks like a long top section of 30 by 10 as we reached the first 300 monsters in the roster. :sleep: :)
  16. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Prairie:How was bowling ,Kath?You're home kind of early.
    It was okay. There were only two of us on the team. Me and my friend Lisa. So it went real quick.
    Prairie:That's good.
    Robin:Can we go bowling tonight,Mom?
    Not tonight,sweetie. I don't feel so great.
    Robin:What's wrong?:concern:
    I've been feeling kind of headachey all day. Plus I had a seizure just as the end of the game.
    Robin:Oh no! You all right?
    I'll be OK. hugging Robin I'm just going to take it easy though,all right? Maybe next week we'll go bowling.
    Robin:OK. Want anything to drink or eat? I'll get it for you. You go relax in bed.
    You're a good kid.Only if you want to, you can get something for me.
    Robin: One strawberry Fruit 2 O and a package of 100 calorie chocolate chip you know what's coming up. blowing me a kiss..
    shaking my head lightly.What a sweetheart!
    Prairie:There's a Little House On The Prairie marathon on TV.Thought I'd let you know.
    You sure it's not under Prairie? Or In Prairie? Say "ah".
    Prairie::rolleyes: Well I can tell you're not feeling too awful! And yes I'm sure.
    Robin brings in my stuff Here you go Mom. And Chef says he hopes you feel better.
    Tell Chef I said thanks. I'll probably take a nap after I eat these cookies and drink some Fruit 2 O.
  17. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    almost asleep when I feel the covers being tucked around me and a kiss on my head,my eyes flutter open and I see Robin softly tiptoeing out of the room. What's he doing up so late? It's after 11.Maybe he was just checking on me. Still,I do need to check on him
    Whispering ..Goodnight Robin.
    Robin comes back and whispers to me: Thought you were asleep?
    And that's where you're supposed to be,kiddo.Why are you up so late?
    Robin whispering: I was asleep for a little while.But then had to get up an' go to the bathroom. So then I figured I'd make sure you were all tucked in an'I'd give you a good night kiss.;)
    caressing his cheek...You're a sweetheart.Thank you for looking in on me.*kissing him* I love you around the world and back again
    Robin whispering: I love you all the world and back again. Hope you feel better in the morning.Sleep well.
    You too,honey
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Heading off to bed after a second day of counting.
    :batty: puts up the appropriate square card illustrations, this time it's the middle section, so now it looks like a chunkier collection as the grouping resembles a 30 by 20 block.

    Still got another day ahead of me, at least it's coming together. Nighty-night everybody.
  19. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: Well Cookie Monster, you put up a good fight
    Cookie: Me not sad with results, me happy furry little Grover is still in the race
    Beth: Me too, we'll throw our support to him now! Super Grover for the win!
    Red: Can we vote again yet?
    Beth: Not yet, but we will as soon as we can!
    Rowlf: I'm surprised with some of the results so far, but I agree, I'm happy to show support for the little blue guy
  20. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    on my computer when I see Grover passing by out of the corner of my eye Hey Grover...got a minute?
    Groverpausing in my doorway:Of course,Kathy.coming in Is anything wrong?
    Well...no. I just don't want you gloating to Cookie Monster that you came out ahead in that Muppet Madness Tornament that you were in.
    Grover:Just one thing.
    And that is?
    Grover:What is gloating?
    It's like bragging. It's like saying "Ha,ha..you're out of the race and I'm still in!" Like that.
    Grover:Ahhh...I understand.I was not going to do that anyway because it would have been mean and Cookie is one of my good friends.
    Good for you.;)turning off the computer and going into the kitchen where Chef is mumbling angrily in Swedish.Uhoh...when Chef's mad it means watch out!ESPECIALLY when he's mumbling his native tongue! So I make a 180 degree turn and am just about to go back to my room but am busted
    Chef: Did yu want sumthing?
    Uh...no....I can get it later.
    Chef: If yu want it now, get it!
    quietly getting a drink out of the refrigerator and starting to slink out of the kitchen when again I'm stopped
    Chef:Kethy?calmer now
    Yeah Chef?
    Chef:I'm surry I gut mad. I just doon't understund how those old puups gut ahead uv me in der Muppet Medness Turnamint. Yu did voote fur mi rite?
    Of course! Look Chef I'll be honest. There were a couple of days where you were runing against Prairie.So one day I voted for you and the next day I vote for Prairie.
    Wait!Just listen!holding up hands in defensive mode First of all,I live with the two of you.If I just voted for one of you the whole time then I'd have the other angry with me. If I voted for Prairie the whole time I'd have to eat that nasty meat loaf of yours.
    Chef chuckling Yu betcha!Extra hot sauce in dere fur yu!:p
    YIKES! OK. Anyway...unfortunately for Prairie, more people were voting for you than for her in Round 1.
    Chef: Really?
    Honest. Just don't go bragging to her,all right?

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