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    Rare Of Muppets and Men book

    Having a few money troubles at the moment so I'm putting my prize possessions on ebay I'd like them to go to a good home Of Muppets and Men: The Making of the Muppet Show No Strings Attached: Inside...
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    The Jake & Jiffy Show 2

    I've recently uploaded my Jake & Jiffy Show 2 onto Youtube. Since everyone keeps saying it reminds them of the muppets, I thought I'd post the link here and get your thoughts. I grew up with the muppets
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    New Muppet Youtube videos

    Perfection In A Can This is what we've been waiting for from the muppets for the past TWENTY YEARS! WE keep telling them and telling them, and it doesn't feel like their listening. But the youtube clips are the best back to reality muppet stuff I've seen in a long time. Keep the aimed for...
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    Muppet Influences

    Are there any tv shows out there that you watch and you can see they were influenced by the Muppet Show? Puppet show or otherwise. I know this one was. Can anyone think of any others?
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    Jake & Jiffy Show

    I just made a new video on youtube It was meant to be a chat show to interview youtubers, but it wasn't till I'd finished editing it that I noticed how much the beginning looks like the muppet show. I was raised on the muppets so it doesn't surprised me too much. Here is the link to it...
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    Is this true about Steve Whitmire?

    Oh, lighten up! IGGY35
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    Is this true about Steve Whitmire?

    I was in a shop the other day trying to decide between two shirts. Jim appeared and suggested I buy the blue one. so I did,.....and I've never looked back! IGGY35
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    Fraggles in Water

    Frank was really underwater with his feet attatched to the bottom of the pool...Jim Henson, The Works, I do believe. IGGY35
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    Muppet Babies on Muppets Tonight!

    Woah, What curses were in the Mac ep?? :O :O IGGY35
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    Muppet Show Season 1

    The O that kermit looks through at the start of the show lights up in season 1. In season 1, Fozzie looks like he's trying to swallow a banana. Speaking parts for Mildred Huxtetter MA.BA.DA.D.U.M.P became sparse. IGGY35
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    Loretta Swit episode

    Loretta makes them sing the together song at the end of the Pigs In Space sketch. They get all mushy then sing some more..blackout IGGY35
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    Danny Boy

    A clip from that sketch is on the PC game Muppets Inside, if that helps. IGGY35
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    The Muppets beginnings...

    But you could always haggle! IGGY35
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    Where were you?

    I just woke up one morning to a newspaper with a 2 page spread about it. The worst one for me was Richard Hunt's death. Dunno if it was any different in the US but in the UK nothing was mentioned about it in the papers. The way I found out was settling down all excited with my family and a...
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    Follow That Bird

    Yeah I saw that on one of the movie channels here the other day. I'd never seen it, I've never wen't overboard for Sesame St if I'm honest. It was quite good, if not a little vomit enducing at times. That and naff tunes of course. IGGY35