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Leah and Zoot Forever

Zoot Fan 1981

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Nov 3, 2012
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I will get to this I promise!!! I'm so sorry to keep you all waiting for the big day. There's a lot going on at this point. We're getting ready to move out of state and I'm now managing a fb page on the Ramones that I created. I appreciate your patience.

Zoot Fan 1981

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Nov 3, 2012
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(Chapter 12 continued)
*End of flashback*

At the chapel, Leah and Zoot were in separate rooms getting ready to walk down the isle.
"This is it, man!" Floyd said, giving Zoot a hard smack on the back.
"Dude, I'm tying my tie, do you mind?" Zoot was shaking from his nerves. Dr. Teeth had just finished getting his suit on. He was admiring himself in the mirror.
"I'm looking snazzy!" he said. "How you doing, Zoot?" Zoot had beads of sweat running down his face.
"Dude, you're shaking!" Dr. Teeth said.
"I'm nervous." Zoot said. "I'm not shaking for my health."
"Just calm down, brother." Floyd said, placing his hand on his shoulder. "The ceremony won't be too long and soon we'll be out on the town partying!" Zoot took a deep breath after he got his tie tied and buttoned his jacket.
In Leah's room, the girls were helping Leah get her gown on.
"Today's the day!" Liza said excitedly. "You're going to be my new sister! I'm so happy for you!"
"Thank you." Leah said, fighting back tears.
"Are you like okay?" Janice asked. "You're crying!"
"And shaking." Liza finished.
Leah nodded. "I'll be fine. I'm just so happy that this day is finally here." Janice and Liza hugged her.
"You better wipe your tears, honey." Liza said, handing her tissues. "We still got to get your make up on."
"I wanna wear make up!" Lily said.
"You're too young, honey." Liza said gently.
"You can't put make up on a tear stained face!" Janice said jokingly. Leah laughed and wiped her face. She was feeling better although deep down she was saddened that her parents couldn't be there to attend. Well physically anyway.

Back in Zoot's room, Zoot just got done running a comb through what was left of his curly blue hair.
"Well, guys. How do I look?"
"You look great." Floyd said.
"Hold on." Lips said. "I'm glad I remember the lint roller." Lips used the lint roller on Zoot's suit and pants. When he was done he said, "Now you look really good."
"Lookin' sharp, my man!" Dr. Teeth said. Floyd looked at his watch.
"Dude! It's time to get to the alter!" Floyd said. The guests need to be seated."
"It's taken care of." Zoot said calmly. "Rowlf plays the organ here in this church and he offered to seat the guests for us while Yasmin plays the organ."
"Who in the world is Yasmin?" Lips asked.
"Rowlf's girlfriend and by what I understand she's just as talented as Rowlf."
"That's awesome." Floyd said. Just as the music started, Zoot walked down the isle. The church was jam packed. All of their friends were there. Kermit was going to perform the ceremony. Piggy wanted to do and act but there was a flat out no.
"This isn't the Muppet show, Piggy." Kermit told her. "It's a wedding."
Piggy sat in the front pew holding her dog Foo-Foo and stroking her soft fur. Zoot took his place by the alter.
"Nice suit, Zoot." Kermit whispered.
"Thanks." Zoot whispered back. Next down the isle was his sister and Floyd. Janice was paired up with Dr. Teeth. Delores was paired up with Lips and since Leah and Zoot didn't know anyone with a little boy who could be the ring bearer, they just gave the rings to Floyd to hold on to. Next, was Lily. She threw down the flower petals as she slowly walked down the isle.
"What a beautiful little girl!" a lot of the guests whispered. Lily smiled and felt very pretty. When she got up front, she took her place next to her mom. Now it was Leah's turn. She was so nervous she was shaking. She adjusted her veil. Here comes the bride started to play and the whole church stood up. She entered the room. Zoot looked at his bride. She was stunning. He was so surprised by her beauty his jaw dropped.
"Zoot picked a looker." Sweetums whispered to a frog.
"He sure did." he agreed. "She's a real dish!" The whole room was filled with whispers. Leah was absolutely beautiful. Piggy was really jealous that the whole room was buzzing about Leah's beauty and not hers.
"You may sit down." Kermit said when the music stopped. Rowlf stopped playing and rested his hands on the keys. The part that goes over the keys slammed down on his fingers.
"OUCH!" he cried loudly. Everyone looked at the poor dog who had his fingers in his mouth, trying to sooth the pain. "Sorry. The thing fell on my hands." he said.

(More to come. Rock on!)


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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey Lynne? Can I add some suggestions for later on in the story?