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Leah and Zoot Forever


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Apr 24, 2012
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Well how about Leah's brother shows up at the wedding reception. He came home from the army and still thinks Dr.Teeth and Leah are still dating.

Zoot Fan 1981

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Nov 3, 2012
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(Chapter 12 continued)

Kermit just looked at Rowlf and shook his head. Rowlf shook his hands trying to lesson the pain.
"Ow ow ow" he said quietly. Zoot and Leah faced each other and smiled. She felt a little nauseous. Oh it's just nerves, she thought.
"Who has the rings?" Kermit asked.
"I do." Floyd said, taking them out of his pocket. He handed them to the frog.
"Zoot, do you take this woman to be your wife?" Kermit asked.
"I do." he said.
"Zoot, please face Leah and repeat after me." Kermit directed. He gave Zoot her wedding band. "Place the ring on her finger and repeat after me."
"Okay, man." Zoot said.
"Leah, I Zephyr take you to be my wife." Kermit said. Zoot's hand was shaking as he placed the ring on her finger.
"Leah, I, Zoot take you to be my wife." Zoot repeated.
"You have to say your real name." Kermit said.
"I don't want to say my real name." Zoot said. "I don't even like it.
"Just say it." Kermit said.
Zoot sighed. "Fine. I Zephyr, take you to be my wife."
"to have and to hold," Kermit said.
"To have and to hold," Zoot repeated.
"From this day forward,"
"From this day forward,"
"for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,"
"for better or for worse, for richer . . . Uh" Zoot felt his face turn red. He forgot the rest.
"For poorer." Kermit whispered.
"Oh right." Zoot said. "For poorer, in sickness and in health," Leah looked at him lovingly and mouthed the words "It's okay." Zoot smiled and adjusted his shades.
"to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death parts us." Kermit finished.
"to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death parts us." Zoot finished.
Kermit turned to Leah.
"Leah, do you take this man to be your husband?"
"I do." Leah said.
"Leah, put the ring on his finger and repeat after me." Leah smiled and placed the ring on Zoot's finger. Her bridesmaids watched on tearfully. Even Leah started to tear up.
"I, Leah take you Zephyr to be my husband." Kermit said.
"I, Leah take you Zephyr to be my husband." Leah repeated.
"To have and to hold from this day forward," Kermit said.
"To have and to hold from this day forward," Leah repeated.
"For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,"
"For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,"
"To love and to cherish; from this day forward until death parts us." Kermit finished.
"To love and to cherish; from this day forward until death parts us." Leah finished.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife." Kermit said. "Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Zephyr Flatten." Everybody stood up and cheered. The married couple walked down the isle followed by the wedding party. Finally it was over!
"Zoot," Leah said. "I have to go to the bathroom real quick."
"Okay, babe." Zoot said. Liza notice Leah quickly dashing to the bathroom. After Leah was done, she met her husband and wedding party in the limo.
"You okay?" Janice asked.
"Yeah I'm fine." Leah said. "It's just nerves. I'll be fine."


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Apr 24, 2012
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YAY! They're married! Can't wait to find out what's next?


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Sep 2, 2013
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I want to thank Leah for being so incredibly patient, and I hope she'll be more patient for the pictures I promised. MAN I AM SO BEHIND ON MA PROMISES!
Anyhoot, on with the next chappie!


Chapter Four- Jealous Janice?





Leah and Zoot were once again hanging out, but they were trying to get to know eachother as more than friends. As they both entered the theatre, laughing, and giggling playfully, the band was giving them both icy stares.

"You're late, man." Floyd said, shaking his head.

"LATE! LATE!" Agreed Animal.

Leah and Zoot blushed, ashamed of their action to hang out instead of do their part in the Electric Mayhem.

"Sorry guys, we just lost track of time and-"

"Well like, don't let it happen again, or you're like out of here!" Janice interupted rudely.

Leah blushed. She was a bit suprised that Janice would speak to her that way. Blushing turned to tears, and Leah ran off, and Zoot followed in an attempt to comfort her.

"Man babe, what was that about?" Floyd asked.

Janice only shook her head.

But she knows exactly why she acted the way she did.

Janice, is jealous.




Dear Diary,


Janice totally snapped on me today. I'm not quite sure why... I understand that I showed up late for rehearsal, but I don't know why she acted the way she did. Maybe she was just having a really bad day, or something. Maybe she and Floyd got in arguement... Either way, I'm sure she didn't mean to get so snippy.



Love Leah.



Leah closed her diary just as a knock was heard on her door. "Come in."

It was Zoot. He had a boquet of flowers.

"Oh, Hi Zoot." Leah blushed.

Zoot made his way into the room slowly, then handed Leah the boquet.

"Oh Zoot..." Leah paused to smell the flowers. "They're absolutely beautiful... Where did you get these...?"

"Well," Zoot began. "Let's just say I risked my life to get these flowers."

Leah tilted her head in confusion.

"They're from Miss Piggy's garden." Zoot said, finally.

Leah giggled, asking herself why Piggy had a garden in the first place, considering the boquet had daffodils...








"Hey, Piggy?"

"Yes Kermie?"

"Uh, have you seen Robin's science project?"

"What's his science project?"

"He's growing a garden. A lot of the flowers are missing."

"Well, I haven't been anywhere near it. It has daffodils."





Now you know why. :big_grin:





"So, Leah, I just kinda wanted to say sorry on Janice's behalf... I feel like I should." Zoot said.

"No, no, it wasn't you. You shouldn't have to apologize." Leah hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Zoot hugged back, as Janice walked past, then backed in the doorway. "Like, there you are Zoot, we need you for practice!" Janice said, dragging Zoot out the room.

"Uh, me too Janice?" Leah asked.

"Like, no. No vocals."

Leah was a little hurt by the spoken words of her fellow band member... And perhaps Janice wasn't as nice as she thought...




Later on, Leah was on her bed, trying to come up with more music suggestion for the Mayhem. As the new girl, who apparently isn't on good speaking terms with two of them, she thought that maybe she could repair the broken friendship cords by writing some groovy music. With Zoot's sax in hands, she was determined to accomplish anything... That is until she blew into the instrument. It made such an awful racket... "Man, what is in this thing...?" Leah asked herself. She examined the inside of the brass instrument to find one of Leah's necklaces jammed inside. But how? Leah never put her jewelery in Zoot's sax. Why would she anyway? There was only one logical explaination for this...

Someone was trying to get Leah in trouble.




Zoot was with the band, and turns out, the song that they were playing, didn't even have saxaphone in it, so he wasn't sure why Janice desperately needed him at the time.

"Janice! You missed your solo. Somethin' wrong babe?"

"Shut up Floyd."

Zoot, Dr. Teeth, and even Animal knew something was wrong with Janice.

Leah ran into the scene, with sheet music.

Janice snatched and ripped it.

"Stay away from Zoot!"

Everyone stared at her shocked at what she said, and in a panic, Janice ran away.

"Baby, wait!"

Leah grabbed his shoulder before he could run after her.

"This is between me, and Janice. You don't need to get involved." Leah then proceeded in the direction Janice ran.




Leah knocked on Janice's door, and even though Janice said 'Go away', she entered anyway.

"Janice, am I offending you somehow by liking Zoot?"

Janice didn't speak at first.

"You seem to do a better job at making him happy than I ever could, so like, I guess I was a little jealous... I'm like, rully sorry Leah, like, please forgive me!"

Leah hugged her.

Thank goodness that was over!
I think janice was probably on her period xD

Zoot Fan 1981

Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2012
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Just popping up to check on notifications. Thanks for being so patient. I will get another chapter up soon. I've been super busy getting stuff packed for the big move. We will be leaving Iowa on the 15th. So excited!