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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Robin, how did you do on your history test?
    Robin: Er...uh... you don't really want to know do you?
    Yes I do...tell me please .
    Robin: I got a 59.
    59? Ohh Robin!! I let you go over your friends' house because you said you studied for this test . And you're not doing well in history as it is! Do you have the test with you?
    Robin: Yeah...I'll go get it. he goes and gets the test.It's folded up
    unfolding it.
    59 .:rolleyes:What do have to say for yourself young fr....I look at the test 95??!!
    Robin: April Fool Mom!!:smirk:
    Robin The Frog you little beast!! shaking my head Now THIS is a mark I'd like to see on a history test! Very good. I'm very proud of you! :)
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Had a good time down at the Bat Bolt & Skull last night with a couple fiends. We got back late, had to use the bat-signal to get past the neighborhood toll due to the late hour though. Still working on when to get to the HVC Mall to see the new version of Dumbo and pick up some DVD's by its director for the home library while I can do so. :busy:
    Katzi428 likes this.
  3. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Robin comes in the house shaking his rear end and there's a smiley face on the back of his pants
    Hey Robin? Do you have ants in your pants?
    Robin: Nope! I'm celebrating...stops shaking Happy Keister!!!
    I oughta KILL that Fozzie!!
    Robin: It's not a Fozzie joke , Mom . I heard it from school! :smirk:
    Hooboy :rolleyes:
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    The Batley Triplets arrive at Apt 1, knock on the door to deliver the chocolate chip black dread puddings we ordered from the Bat Bolt and Skull earlier as an Easter Sinday treat. Though I also ordered them to cheer up :insatiable: who's a bit vexed. First, the local news was airing a bit on an unnamed Anything/Whatnot Muppet woman who was stealing/pocketing ingredients from the HVC SuperMarket calling her the "Cookie Monster Bandit", with her saying it was all a big misunderstanding when finally caught.
    :insatiable: You bet it a big misunderstanding. She out there besmirching me good name!
    And then today the Unique Sweets episode teased but never got to the chocolate cream fried sandwich cookies.

    *Note to self: Send Kathy the idea for pink devilled eggs.
  5. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Awww!! We know Cookie wouldn't be a bandit!! He dressed up as The Cookie Bunny one Easter but that's OK.
    Thanks for the deviled eggs Ed!! They look sinfully good!!
    :hungry:: Whew! We thought Yu were gooing tu say anuther werd tu describe how gud der eggs look.
    No Chef. I'm even offering to share. Anyone want some?
    :super: & Prairie take one
    : Since my room is next to Grover's,I'll put an air freshener in my room tonight .
    :super:: Oh very funny Rowlfie!! .I am having only one deviled egg and that is it!
    The Count likes this.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Besides, these eggs are healthy because of the beet juice they soaked in after being peeled to get their color.

    BTW: If Aunt Ru asks, the keys to Apt 4 are still here for her and :), :mad:, and :o so she can return whenever she wants.
    Katzi428 likes this.
  7. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen her. (Hope you come back soon Auntie Ru!)
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    We have a replica light sabre (borrowed from my first younger brother) with a removable 4 attached to the grip and a rinsed out empty white jar on the windowsill with a 5 on its label to celebrate the spirit of this weekend's holidays.

    :insatiable: Mmm, me smell there something good in the wind. Er-uh, sorry, there any special desserts in the oven?
    Yep, talked it with Count and Uncle D and we made a batch of Unlucky Kentucky Oatmeal Raisin and another of Mexican Hot Chocolate Chip Pepita cookies.
    *Bundles several of both cookies to deliver them to Kathy and Kim for their birthdays this past week, and Bryan and Ru as well. :)
    Katzi428 likes this.
  9. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    a knock on my door and :sympathy:'s voice Hey Kat...you takin' a nap?...ya know like a cat nap?...chuckling
    Very funny....and no . What's up?
    :sympathy: comes in with bubble wrap
    What the hey??
    :sympathy:: Well...you've been gettin ' hurt a lot.So I'm gonna wrap you up in this!
    I have not been getting hurt a lot! :rolleyes:
    :sympathy:: Uh excuse me? pointing to my bruised up right leg Those ain't tattoos there Kitty Kat .
    Rowlf, I tripped once at Disney. It's not like I'm falling every day or week. I don't get hurt ALL the time . Listen...this looked worse when I was on the ship!
    :sympathy:: I just worry about ya!
    And I'm very touched . giving him a kiss .Save your patients for Vets' Hospital , OK Dr. Bob? Thanks for the concern though!
    :sympathy:: Ooh...my pleasure! and leaves!
    I shake my head and go back to watching TV...Rowlf was going to bubble wrap me?

  10. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    coming from my mother's & hearing :hungry:'s voice Kethy? ...Iz thet yu?
    The one and only! Hi Chef!
    :hungry:: Hooloo! Yu got a card und a prezzint frum Fran's Fragrant Flowurs. It's candy tho. Der choklits sure were nummer !
    Awww Chef! You dug into my candy?
    :hungry:: Just kidding laughing
    You want your butt kicked back to Sweden, smart guy?
    :hungry:: I dare yu!
    thinking to myself ..Now who would I get a card and chocolate from? The only one I'm a "mom " to is Robin and he gave me a frame to put his picture in. . Then I read the card :
    "Dear Kathy .
    Thanks for being like a mom to me all this time . Robin told me you like choc. peanuts. Sooo...here they are!

    That kid , I laugh . Unfortunately it's WAY too late to call her. (& I don't want to text her) So I do the next best thing. After checking on Robin, (who's sound asleep &
    snoring , ) (I write Meg a note...
    (Dear sweet Meg,
    Thank you SO much for the candy!! It's my pleasure to be like a mom to you! Like I told you, anytime you want to talk, I'm here! (even late at night!;).So don't be afraid of waking me , OK?
    Mama Kathy <3 )
    I put it in an envelope, put it next to Robin's lunch money & write another note on a second piece that's NOT in an envelope.......
    Good Morning Robin!
    Here's your lunch $...if you would be so kind as to give the envelope next to it to Megan?
    Tank q , good luck on your English test & have a great day!
    Love you!
    The Count likes this.

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