Dreams about Muppets...


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Apr 25, 2019
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I had a dream where I met Joel Grey and I had him sign my season 1 DVD box set of The Muppet Show, and then I took a picture with him, and then a couple of days later, my theater hosted a Muppet event and a lot of Muppet fans showed up, the event ended with everyone receiving random puppets (including me) and getting into a group singing Rainbow Connection (similar to the Just One Person performance at Jim Henson's memorial) but everyone was clumped together, and while I was performing, I noticed that David Rudman was performing beside me and I was speechless as I performed my puppet, at the end of the performance, I was telling the board members at my theater that I had a lovely time and I enjoyed it, and then Joel Grey came out and apparently he came to see the event as well. And then Richard Michael Gomez from Instagram took a picture of me. And then a couple of days later, Craig Shemin published a book to celebrate the release of Jim Henson: Idea Man, the book was also called Jim Henson: Idea Man, and as I was scrolling through the book, I saw never before seen behind the scenes photos from The Muppet Show, and also deleted scenes, and guess who was in the photos.... Uncle Deadly lol, I was screaming my butt off out of excitement in my dream.

Mary Louise

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Mar 6, 2009
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I dreamed it was December and that I was at a Christmas party Richard Hunt was throwing. He gave me a shoebox full of wonderful gifts, including a perfume bottle, made of red glass, that hung from a gold chain and looked like a headless woman. For my face there was a bottle of sea buckthorn oil, which I had just run out of in waking life.