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Dreams about Muppets...


Well-Known Member
Mar 16, 2019
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I had a dream about Bert last night - a disturbing one at that.

In my dream, Bert was in a mental ward in a hospital, and everything was going fine, but then he decided to resort to violence and was considering a robbery, smashing windows, and before I woke up out of my dream he threatened to kill.

Bert has been known for his being short-tempered during his early years on "Sesame Street", but I am glad he never acted the way he did in last night's dream of mine.

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Last night I dreamt that I was watching the 50 Years and Counting DVD, and there was a change to Put Down the Duckie. The actual release is the original non-celebrity version, in this dream I was watching it, expecting it to not be the celebrity version... and suddenly it's a new celebrity edit, with modern celebrities (though I don't remember who).