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Recent content by SuperGrover

  1. SuperGrover

    ABBA Whatnots

    Hello and Guten Tag Muppet Central folks! A couple of Whatnots or two rounded us up and together we took to the streets of Hamburg, Germany! Where we honor a certain Swedish pop/rock super group with an unintentional moment of silence from our songbirds that were denied the privilege of...
  2. SuperGrover

    Your Thoughts: The Muppets on Blu-ray and DVD

    Hello, Phillip! Thanks for the nice in depth review. Your review was more helpful and extensive than others I'd seen online. Until today, I did not know there even was a ToysRUs 3D poster version/exclusive! I've been hornswoggled! :attitude: Was it as difficult compiling and comparing the...
  3. SuperGrover

    Super Grover Switch Plate by Rixtins

    Hi folks! I have not posted in forever. (Us super monsters are VERY busy, you know!) But I am on the prowl looking for the Sesame Street 35th anniversary Super Grover light switch cover plate made by rixtins and cannot find it anywhere, including eBay. This is the one...
  4. SuperGrover

    Most Wanted Sesame Figures

    Hi BlueFrackle! Considering they're already making my top 3, SuperGrover, Oscar the Grouch, and Big Bird, I'll list a top 3 that have not yet been announced that I know of: 1. Sherlock Hemlock 2. Reporter Kermit the Frog with hat, correct microphone, & coherent detail on the necktie 3. The...
  5. SuperGrover

    Happy Birthday Travis

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, Luke, Manda, and Byron! :)
  6. SuperGrover

    Scotland meets Kentucky!

    Once upon a time a European cousin of mine whose name really IS "Grit" came to visit. And boy oh boy, did we have a rip-roarin' good time. So if Grits are involved, how can Alex and Byron have anything but a great time? Exciting, Byron! :zany: Good luck & lots o' fun! :flirt:
  7. SuperGrover

    July 4th Menu

    Nothing confusing from where I'm standing anymore. That's the Shrine of Democracy I know and love! :attitude: :flirt: From sea to shining sea, good job, guys.
  8. SuperGrover

    July 4th Menu

    Like the image of the puppet version of Mount Rushmore being reversed? That's the main thing that bothers me a wee bit about this otherwise fine menu. But I suppose the thought behind it is how it fits better into that space by being backwards like that. :halo: :sleep: :concern: The...
  9. SuperGrover

    Big Bird Book Signing ... I Can't Wait!

    That is a-ok, Scott McGuire. As another testament to the Wisdom of Big Bird, "Everyone makes mistakes, oh yes they do. Big people, small people, matter of fact, all people! Everyone makes mistakes, so why can't you?" :sing: :D Another one of my favorite memories from watching Big Bird as...
  10. SuperGrover

    Big Bird Book Signing ... I Can't Wait!

    Really? Big Bird or Grover?? Or do you mean Oscar? Did he do any Oscar drawings for anyone?
  11. SuperGrover

    Sesame Street pays tribute to Fred Rogers May 16

    The May 10-16 issue of TV Guide says, "Big Bird, Elmo and other Sesame Street favorites will pay tribute to the late Fred Rogers" at some point during The 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Airs Friday, May 16, 8 PM/ET on ABC. Also, apparently during the Emmy telecast, if you go to www.abc.com...
  12. SuperGrover

    Happy Birfday, B'ron!

    Like, Happy Birthday, Byron! :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt:
  13. SuperGrover

    Has Frank washed his hands of his muppet show puppets

    Hi, Secret Squirrel! Sorry if you have already posted this elsewhere too, I must have missed it if you did... But when you say Frank "recorded" for Sesame Street, is that talking about the taping of episodes where he actually performs the characters, puppeteering them himself? Or does that...
  14. SuperGrover

    Muppet Superheroes

    Greetings again, Count! After seeing some of the wonderful WonderPig custom figures people like Quinn have done, I have been wanting to customize a few Muppet superheroes of my own. As of this moment however, I have not recently seen the Lynda Carter episode of The Muppet Show. So...