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    Calling All Writers--Input Wanted

    Well, this is how I look at it: The Muppets are just actors. They get interveiwed for the work themselves and how it was to work with Whoopie Goldburg, etc, instead of (usually) Steve, Dave, or Eric, etc now. So none of their work is "true" in that since, but everything's just how it is, a...
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    I'm working on a Fan Fiction

    Sounds like a great idea! Hope to see it soon.
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    Flippersteps in the Sand

    I havent been here in quite a while. Decided to check out the fanfic/art section. Am I glad I did! This is great! Jim and Kermit together, as colleges/friends. Awesome! And oh, the drama! Awesome! And likkle Robin! And likkle Brian! Post soon please!
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    Dance Your Cares Away DVD now available

    So, I will be buying this, of course, but I hope they dont do a Special Edition one, cuz I ain't made of money, as I'm sure none of us are. and if one of us is, expect to be kidnapped very soon.
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    Muppet Show Songs

    Hmmm... Could you tell us more about this "Total Recorder" you speak of?
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    New MCC?

    I will! Even if my firend owns it but she's sitngy and has only let me borrow it once. Anyways, Those bllopers are hilarious. and the menus are great too.
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    Missing Song

    It's there on the DVD and my friend has a copy of a VHS with it still there. Anyways,Brian saysin the commentaryof the DVD it had to be cut out for time. It wasn't in the theatrical release. "Lucky theater people," says my friend who owns the tape. She doesn't like the girl who played Belle...
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    New MCC?

    Did I hear that right? On "Good Morning America" did that guy say they had a NEW Special Edition of "Muppet Christmas Carol" coming out? To which Kermit says, "You don't have to tell us that." The guy was talking to them apparently. But is there? Or was he just promoting theold on? I...
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    Fanfic - "We Need A Little Christmas"

    Cool cool story! Poor Gonzo! Update soon! But, no pressure you know. :flirt:
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    Check out my Anime Muppets

    I dont' even like Anime but yours is wicked awesome. Gonzo is my fav there. Cool glasses.
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    I Wanna be a Muppeteer. And Steve said he was a dinosaur and truely does not have an email address. *snicker.* At least in the end of 2003. Who knows now. (He said this in the reply to the Kermit & Kimmel editorial)
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    Found a nice little book at the library today

    My library had hat book! I've read that book! And then when I later when to find it again they didn't have it!
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    Simply dying...!

    Since the four people I've emailed about getting this have decided not to email me with a return comment after a month and a half + for some reason, I thought I'd try here. If anyone has a copy of "The Jim HEnson Hour" "Secret of the Muppets episode" I would be very very dying love greatful...
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    The Animal Show

    Any chance of us USers getting copies of this show?
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    Mew appreciation thread

    Acutally, Mew did have a crush on Meteora. Sorry! I just didn't remember it. He kissed the box, how cute! And Oujia was the name of the family cat too, so..yeah