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Muppet Listings 15.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. The Count Moderator

    All fright, will change it when I get back home.

    BTW: MuppetDude, sent you the last two cassettes yesterday afternoon. LMK if you want/need the tracking number and when they arrive please.
    Also... Thinking of posting a 15.5 Questions thread, unless you guys think they should be posted here. Just a thought since it amazes me that this version's thread is the biggest/longest one to date.
  2. MuppetDude Active Member

    Ah, great. How many tapes did you last get? And how many did you send this time?

    I think all the related questions should stay here until the next list.
  3. The Count Moderator

    Got two cassettes this last time, sent 'em both out. And surprisingly, that completes the episode requests Imade which BG stepped up and fulfilled. For which I thank him heartilly.

    Oh, and while waiting for my reader here on campus, fell asleep and had a weird dream about this...
    Was at the computer and online, kept getting some PM's about a site with additions and questions formed by the rest of you guys chatting away... But when I tried to access one of these PM's, I kept getting an annoying pop-up that wouldn't go away, even in spite of coming back to the list of PM's.

    Oh well... Hope you guys are having a good day.
  4. MuppetDude Active Member

    So, let me get this straight; you got 5 tapes in all, from BG, and you sent out three before, so now you're sending out the last two? Just want to make sure I got this straightened out.
  5. The Count Moderator

    Yep... The episode load initially negotiated worked out to a total of six 8-hour long cassettes. However, got all the ones requested in a total of five VHS tapes instead. Sent you the first three cassettes after I was done with most of the questions from the episodes therein, and I received those three back from you on 2/18/2006. Sent out the last two cassettes on 2/27/2006.

    Hope that helps explain it all.
  6. MuppetDude Active Member

    Got it. Well, some of the shows you requested were shorter than others (the Unpaved ones are only 53 1/2 minutes long), so that may be why you have one less tape.

    Here's hoping that you do more deals with him in the future. :D
  7. The Count Moderator

    Actually... The reason for that is...
    One less cassette: He said he didn't have 3057 as originally stated, and I didn't need 3976-3980 cause the kids names wouldn't be in the end credits of 3980 anyway.
    Shorter episodes' length: Yes, he warned me about that, but most of the episodes are there and it all turned out OK.
    Rully owe BG a big one for stepping up like he did.
  8. The Count Moderator

    Thanks... Though she's already there. Just go to page 1, post 1 and you'll see this version and all the entries there. V16's on the way though.
  9. The Count Moderator

    Update... OK guys, just to let you know...
    The first layer of polish is finished, the list's been redone and we're at almost 3900 entries. Gonna start asking questions here soon, but... Also got all MT episodes now.
    Should I post the thread for those questions in Classic Muppets or Muppet Worlds?

    Hope to hear from you soon, to start on the added layers of polish to get this bad boy posted.
  10. MuppetDude Active Member

    Here is fine.
  11. The Count Moderator

    Thanks... Started the thread, and I'll be asking some other questions here. Gonna try to work these two layers of polish at the same time.

    Added the dogs from TMTM, and we're one away from an even 3900.
    First of all... Got some characters from the various Super Grover sketches.
    Should they be left in their individual alphabetically-listed spots? Or should they all be brought together up to the A's under the subheading of "The Adventures Of Super Grover"?
  12. MuppetDude Active Member

    I think they should be listed individually.
  13. The Count Moderator

    Well... Just asking, cause I added a tag stating "from The Adventures of Super Grover" to those characters to help identify where they appeared. But if you think they should be left listed where they currently are...

    Next up...
    The African Masks from the Harry Belafonte TMS Episode.
    Should there be just one entry for the four masks? Or should they be listed individually? And if so, how would it be best to list each of them?
  14. MuppetDude Active Member

    I think they should be listed by their name, then the SG reference after the show they're from.
  15. The Count Moderator

    Well... Seeing as how I don't have episode numbers for where the sketches appeared for all, I'll just leave them as they're listed already.

    Hope to hear from you on the African Masks, and over in the MT thread.
  16. The Count Moderator

    *Bump... Shesh, how could this thread fall down to Page 3.
    Oh well... Seeing as how my sources are on Spring Break...

    More questions to keep polishing later.
  17. The Count Moderator

    Thanks... 2nd Season additions? Like my namesake once sang... That makes number 1 and number 2, 4101 and 4102 that is.
    Got some group questions I asked to my sources, not sure when they'll report back in. Other than that, still have a few visual aid questions, unsure if I should ask here.
  18. TotallySpiesFan New Member

    By the way...when does Muppet Listings 16.0 get posted?
  19. The Count Moderator

    Well... Wanted to post it about a year ago... Before Sesame Street split up their season into chunks.
    Been working on it ever since then, not sure when V16 will be posted... Want to post it this summer, but I'm not sure if all the questions I've got left (a small handful at the moment) will get answered by then. And factor in Sesame Season 37 starting on 8/14... But rest assured I'm working on it.

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