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Backstage romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 16
    Date and Ditch
    Kermit walked downstairs to find Miss Piggy already waiting.
    "Oh sorry Piggy I didn't mean to keep you waiting." Kermit said apologetically. "That's okay Kermie. Let's just hurry so we don't miss our reservations."
    Miss Piggy said walking to the door.
    The restaurant was fancy and extremely crowded.
    "Hello and good evening do you have reservations?" one of the fancy men by the door asked.
    "Yes under The Frog," Miss Piggy said.
    Kermit gave her a confused expression and was going to say something but they were already being led to their table.
    Kermit pulled out Miss Piggy's chair and sat across from her.
    Midway through their meal. Fozzie, Gonzo and Rowlf came in they pushed past the waiters and straight to Kermit and Miss Piggy's table.
    "What's wrong guys?" Kermit asked.
    Rowlf and Gonzo exchanged glances before returning their gazes to Kermit.
    "Well there was a little complication at the theatre. A few of the stage lights went out and Beauregard was busy and couldn't fix them and Scooter was tied up with Animal. So Sam was trying to get Dr. Honeydew to do it but he was busy trying to resuscitate Beaker and so Pepe and Rizzo went to do it but started fighting so Rizzo left and we don't know where he went and Skeeter was fighting with Scooter because Animal kept chasing her. So The Zoot and Dr. Teeth went to calm down Pepe and hunt down Rizzo. And the Swedish Chef came in shouting random things I think he's outta food so Beauregard went to help him and forgot about the lights. So the whole theatre is in an uproar and we can't stop it." Gonzo said.
    Kermit sighed and shook his head.
    "Guys I can't leave. Can't you do something?" Kermit asked
    "We've tried. No one will listen and everyone is fighting." Rowlf added.
    "I'm sorry Piggy but everyone needs me." Kermit said.
    "Moi needs you too Kermie ," Miss Piggy said.
    "Look Miss Piggy I'll make it up to you and take you out on a date soon." Kermit replied standing up.
    "Don't you dare you frog!" Miss Piggy growled.
    Kermit gave her an apologetic look and let Fozzie, Gonzo and Rowlf lead him away. Miss Piggy stormed after them.
    "Miss Piggy I'm sorry I'll make it up to you I promise!" Kermit yelled getting in a cab.
    Miss Piggy watched them drive off
    "Excuse me madame, but you still have to pay the bill." A waiter said.
    Miss Piggy spun around "Hiyah!" She yelled karate chopping the waiter he went flying down the sidewalk.
    With a indignant huff she walked back inside.

    Joyce sat up when Skeeter walked into the room.
    "Hey." She said softly.
    Skeeter sighed and walked over sitting beside her. "What's wrong Joyce?" She asked trying to keep her voice calm and not yell at her.
    "I'm sorry," Joyce whispered her voice choked with tears.
    Skeeter looked over at her. "Why are you apologizing to me?" She asked.
    "Because I messed up and made you get involved." Joyce replied.
    Skeeter nodded.
    "What am I going to do?" Joyce asked. Skeeter shrugged "Joyce I really don't know." She said standing up.
    "I'll win." Joyce said sharply.
    Skeeter turned and glared at her ex- bestfriend "You've really changed Joyce!" She exclaimed.
    "I remember when we were like sisters. Where's she? Where's my bestfriend because you're not her. You used to mean something to me! Now you just make me sick!" Skeeter ran out before Joyce could reply.

    Janice and Floyd were sitting together downstairs in the games room when Dr. Teeth, Zoot and Animal came in.
    "That was absolutely the worst practice ever. Animal lost it and we had to deal with an angry prawn and a sulking rat. And you're engaged?" Dr. Teeth said walking to the dart board.
    "We're not really engaged man its part of the plan to get rid of Joyce." Floyd replied.
    "C'mon dude you know you'll beat me." Zoot said lazily getting some darts and standing beside
    Dr. Teeth. "Man I'll go easy on ya." Dr. Teeth replied.
    "EASY! EASY! EASY!" Animal yelled jumping up and down.
    Zoot shrugged and took the first shot. Dr. Teeth laughed and threw his dart.
    Floyd sighed and stood up and walked over picking up Animal's chain. "I'm taking him for a walk ya coming Jan?" He asked.
    "Fer sure," Janice replied following him and Animal upstairs.
    Animal ran around on the sidewalk like an overexcited puppy.
    Janice took Floyd's hand as they walked into the park.
    Janice headed for the fountain but Floyd's grip on her hand tightened.
    "Stay here." He said pulling her back to him.
    "Like why?" Janice asked. Floyd laughed and sat down pulling her down beside him.
    "Just sit." He told her.
    Animal collapsed in a flower bed a few feet away. Janice leaned against the tree trunk and sighed.
    Floyd wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Janice rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.
    The next thing she new Floyd was shaking her awake.
    "Jan, Jan wake up." He said shaking her shoulder lightly.
    "Hmmm?" Janice mumbled shaking her head and opening her eyes.
    "You alright?" He asked her.
    Janice nodded. "Totally. How long was I asleep?" She asked.
    "Not long maybe an hour." He said.
    "Sorry honey I rully didn't mean to fall asleep" She replied.
    Floyd helped her up and kissed her cheek. "Don't worry baby you were tired." He said.
    Animal too had fallen asleep in the flowers after either eating or smashing majority of them.
    With one pull of his chain he was up and ready to go once again.
    Floyd walked beside Janice until they got home.
    Kermit was on one of the couches looking down at his hands.
    "Hey swamp dude what's wrong?" Floyd asked sitting across from Kermit.
    Kermit looked up, "Oh hi guys" He said. Janice leaned against Floyd and watched Animal chase a fly.
    By the time she returned her attention back to Floyd he was deep in conversation with Kermit. Without either of them noticing Janice got up and walked upstairs feeling exhausted by the time her head hit the pillow she was asleep.

    Miss Piggy stormed through the theatre door and tried not to scream everyone was calmly going about their usual business without any fighting.
    Kermit must've sorted it all out she thought walking back outside. It was late and she was grumpy and tired.
    She marched upstairs and straight into Kermit's room.
    He was reading in bed and jump three feet in the air when she came in.
    "Kermit how could you leave Moi!" She shrieked.
    Kermit sighed and slid out of bed walking over to her. "Miss Piggy I'm sorry, I had to take care of things." He stated calmly.
    Miss Piggy crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. "Moi can't believe you did that!" She yelled stomping her foot.
    "Piggy I've already told you that I'd make it up to you." He said.
    Miss Piggy sighed and nodded. "You better frog." She said. And before Kermit could think to say anything else she left.

    Rizzo was playing cards with Gonzo while Rowlf played the piano softly.
    "Wow man today was crazy wasn't it?" Rizzo asked.
    "Sure was." Gonzo replied.
    Rowlf stopped playing and stood up. "Did ya guts see Kermit? He looked heartbroken having to ditch his date with Miss Piggy." Rowlf said.
    "I haven't seen him in hours." Gonzo said.
    Rizzo shrugged. "Maybe Piggy karate chopped him across town?" He suggested.
    "She was pretty angry she went all outta control." Rowlf said.
    "She still looked pretty mad when she came home too." Rizzo said.
    "Maybe the Pig's over the frog." Rowlf said.

    It was still dark when Janice woke up.
    She climbed out of bed. According to the clock on her wall it was 4:47 she sighed and walked into the hall. The house was dark. Everybody would be asleep by now.
    She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She got a glass of water and headed back upstairs.
    Instead of going back to sleep she quickly got dressed and went outside. It was cool and damp but it didn't bother her.
    Janice looked around nobody was out this early. She started walking the park was dark and empty. Janice didn't mind that it was dark and that she was alone.
    After a few laps around the park it was starting to get light out so Janice started to walk back to the boarding house.
    By the time she walked inside. Almost everyone was awake.
    Janice hurried up to her room to see if Floyd was awake yet.
    Floyd walked out of his room when Janice walked out of her's "Hey," She said walking over to him.
    He pulled her close and hugged her. "Where'd you go?" He asked.
    "For a walk I got up early and couldn't get back to sleep." Janice said.
    Floyd took her hands and walked downstairs.
    "Hey Teeth we still up for today?" Floyd asked Dr. Teeth who nodded and grinned wildly on response. "Absolutely man." he said.
    "Up for what?" Janice asked flipping her hair.
    Floyd took her arm and led her over to the living room where the rest of the band was lounging.
    "We're going back to the beach," Floyd told her.
    Janice smiled and hugged him. "Rully that's fer sure totally awesome!" She exclaimed.
    Floyd laughed and kissed her.
    "I know babe I'm the best right?" He said.
    Janice playfully punched his arm and laughed. "Fer sure you're totally the best."
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  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 17
    Dr. Teeth parked the bus and opened the doors. Animal was off the bus and in the water instantly.
    Janice laughed and took Floyd's hand. He let Janice drag him across the hot sand.
    "Shouldn't we wake up Zoot?" Floyd asked.
    Janice laughed and spun around walking slowly backwards.
    "He'll be fine," Janice said. She backed up and tripped over a piece of driftwood sending them both falling into the sand.
    "Sorry honey," Janice said sitting up. Floyd laughed and kissed her. He helped her up and they walked over to Dr. Teeth who was carrying several chairs and an umbrella. Zoot was walking lazily way behind him.
    Animal was no more than a red speck out in the waves.
    Janice helped Dr. Teeth set up the chairs.
    "Cmon honey like let's go," She said tugging Floyd towards the water. Floyd sighed and followed her. Janice swam out to Animal who was diving under the water and chasing fish.
    Janice swam to Floyd and wrapped her arms around his neck.
    "This is rully great," She said.
    Floyd smiled and kissed her.
    "Hey Floyd wanna help me?"
    Dr. Teeth asked from shore.
    Floyd sighed and swam with Janice back to the shore.
    Dr. Teeth tossed both of them towels.
    "What do ya want Teeth?" Floyd asked drying off and tossing his towel on one of the chairs.
    Dr. Teeth handed Floyd several pieces of wood.
    "Start a woodpile so we can have a fire later." he said.
    "Fine," Floyd replied.
    "Well like you two can go do that I'm going to like fer sure build a sandcastle." Janice said walking away.
    Animal swam towards a huge wave a dove right and it hit him.
    He swam beneath the water. A few fish swam by him and he chased them hungrily.
    He swam to the surface took a breath and dived back down.
    Janice smoothed the sides of her castle. She added shells and a moat using sticks as a bridge. Floyd sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist.
    Janice turned and leaned against his wrapping one arm around his waist and the other around his neck.
    "Nice sandcastle," he said.
    "Like thanks honey." She said.
    Floyd kissed her. He pulled back at a click. They both looked over at Dr. Teeth who was laughing with a camera in his hands.
    "What are ya doing man?" Floyd asked.
    "Who knows man you two could be broken up the next time we're here." Dr. Teeth said.
    Janice rolled her eyes and kissed Floyd's cheek before getting up.
    She took the camera and turned it so it was facing Dr. Teeth. "Like say cheese!" She exclaimed running after him down the beach while snapping pictures.
    "Jan stop!" He yelled diving behind a tall pile of driftwood.
    Janice laughed and walked back to Floyd who caught her in a hug.
    Zoot woke up from his nap on the chair and looked around Janice took his picture and laughed.
    Zoot didn't seem to notice and laid back down and fell asleep.
    Animal ram onto the beach and flopped down right on Janice's sandcastle. She spun around and glared at him. "Like Animal that totally wasn't cool fer sure." She said.
    "SORRY!" Animal yelled pounding the castle flat.
    Janice rolled her eyes and leaned back against Floyd.
    It was late and Dr. Teeth and Floyd had managed to coax a roaring fire. Zoot sat beside Animal who was biting the bits of ash that fluttered past him flinching as they burned his tongue only to do it again.
    Janice leaned against Floyd and fought to stay awake.
    Dr. Teeth poked the embers with a long stick trying to keep the fire going.
    "Man we should just sleep here," Dr. Teeth said.
    Floyd nodded and brushed a strand of hair out of Janice's face. She looked up and blinked lazily.
    "Wow I'm so tired." She muttered resting her head back against Floyd. He wrapped an arm around her waist.
    "Good idea man," Floyd replied.
    He lifted Janice into his arms and walked out of the light of the fire. He laid her on one of the chairs. He kissed her and walked back over the the fire.
    "So" Dr. Teeth mused
    "About that plan to get another gig," He said.
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 18
    Everything to lose
    Kermit found Robin on the steps outside. "Hi Uncle Kermit," Robin said softly.
    Kermit sighed and sat beside his nephew. "Look Robin I know I said we'd do something yesterday but I was very busy." He said.
    Robin shrugged "You didn't say we would. You promised." He said.
    Kermit nodded, "I know I did Robin and I'm very sorry for not keeping that promise. Which is why today it's just you and me." He said.
    Robin's eyes widened and he grinned bigger than he was. "Really Uncle Kermit?" He asked.
    "Really really." Kermit replied.
    Robin smiled and hopped up.
    Kermit caught him in his arms and carried him down the street.

    The sunlight woke Janice up. She stood up and walked across the hot sand and over to Floyd who was facing the water. He slid her arms around his waist and pulled him close.
    He kissed her hair and wrapped his arms around her neck.
    He kissed her swiftly before walking over to one of the chairs. He tossed her a bunch of bananas and walked back over. "We kind of forgot food so Zoot and Animal went looking for breakfast. That's all they could find." He said.
    Janice laughed and tossed the remainder of the bunch on the chair.
    Dr. Teeth and Zoot ran after Animal who was running away laughing with a umbrella.
    Janice sighed and sat down. "Like when are we leaving?" She asked. Floyd sighed. "I don't know soon we still have that whole Joyce thing to take care of." He said.
    Janice sighed and rolled her eyes. "You just had to remind me." She said wrapping her arms around his neck.
    "Sorry," He said.
    "I forgive you." She replied Floyd smiled and kissed her.
    They band packed up and got home before lunch. Janice and Floyd walked up to Janice's room.
    She sat on the edge of her bed. Floyd sat beside her and brushed as strand of hair out of her face. Janice got up and walked to the mirror she pulled her hair back and started to pull it back strand by strand after a moment she groaned and let it drop.
    "I like so give up." She said
    Floyd got up and took a fistful of her hair pulling it back.
    "What's wrong?" He asked.
    Janice sighed, "I give up I can't braid my hair without it looking terrible…but you can." She said. Floyd laughed and dropped her hair. "I don't do hair my dear." He said Janice laughed and turned her face him. "Not yet you don't." She told him. Floyd sighed "Jan I can't braid your hair." He told her.
    Janice kissed his cheek and walked to the door. She car back a minute later with a doll.
    "Tell Miss Piggy and you'll totally regret it honey." Janice said.
    "Since when do I tell the pig anything?" He asked.
    Janice tossed him the doll and sat beside him.
    "Okay now try to braid." She told him.
    Floyd sighed and started trying the doll's hair into knots. Janice rolled her eyes. "Floyd Miss Piggy will kill you," She said trying to untangle the doll's hair. "Now like try like this." She said braiding the top part of the hair.
    Floyd sighed and laid down. Janice laughed and laid beside him handing him the doll. A minute later he handed it back perfectly braided. "You…you figured it out?" She asked.
    "It's not that hard" He told her Janice laughed and sat back up. "Now how to untangle the rest of her head?" She said pulling on the dolls head.

    Kermit took Robin to the park and then they got ice cream.
    "This was the best day ever Uncle Kermit." Robin said.
    Kermit smiled and walked alongside his nephew.
    Robin smiled and stopped staring at a window of a massive toy store in the window was a huge tran set.
    "Wow Uncle Kermit look at that it has a mini town and a mini forest and a mini swamp!" He said pointing.
    Kermit walked beside him, "Thats very cool Robin." He said. Robin hopped to the next store and the next until they were home.
    "I'm gonna go tell Gonzo all about my day!" Robin said running upstairs before Kermit could reply. He walked into the kitchen and sat down.
    "Hello Kermie," Miss Piggy greeted walking swiftly over to him. Kermit looked up and smiled, "Hi ho Piggy." He said.
    She smiled and sat across from him. "How was your day with Robin?" She asked.
    "It was fun. He had a good time I think." Kermit replied.
    Dr. Teeth came in with Zoot and Floyd.
    "Hey Kermit," Dr. Teeth said looking under the table.
    "Hi guys." Kermit replied.
    "Hey green stuff where's little green stuff?" Floyd asked.
    "Talking to Gonzo upstairs" Kermit replied.
    Dr. Teeth looked behind the door and sighed.
    "Can I help you find something?" Kermit asked.
    "Not something someone. Animal has decided to make a break for it and succeeded." Floyd said.
    Kermit sighed. "I haven't seen him have you checked the theatre?" Kermit asked.
    "Not yet" Zoot said looking in the oven.
    "Floyd would you care to explain why I found my favorite fashion doll this morning missing half her hair?" Miss Piggy asked.
    Floyd froze "I have no idea what you're talking about Pigzilla." He said.
    Miss Piggy glared at him and resisted the urge to throw him out the window.
    "Kermie are we going on our make up date?" Miss Piggy asked.
    "I don't know Piggy but soon." He replied.
    "Man green stuff that was your time to bail man." Floyd laughed. Miss Piggy got up and followed Kermit into the living room.
    "Can we go for a walk Kermie?" She asked.
    "Um not right now Piggy I have work to do the show's in three days." He said.
    "Come on frog!" She snapped grabbing his hand and dragging him out the door before he could protest.
    "Miss Piggy can't we do this later?" He asked.
    "No Kermie let's go for a quick walk you're always busy." She said.
    "Fine a quick walk." He agreed walking beside her down the sidewalk.

    Pepe found Rizzo working backstage on a set for the show he didn't acknowledge Pepe's presence even though it was obvious that he was there. Pepe sighed and sat down. They hadn't talked much sine the other night even with the efforts of Dr. Teeth and Zoot which had been great they weren't able to resolve the fight. Now Pepe watched Rizzo finish the set and prepare to walk off. "Wait h'okay" Pepe said hopping off the chair. Rizzo turned around and rolled his eyes.
    "What do ya want?" He asked crossing his small fuzzy arms over his chest. The king prawn walked forwards so he was facing his friend. "Hi am sorry h'okay" he said. Rizzo sighed and nodded. "I'm sorry too," He replied. Pepe laughed and hit Rizzo in the arm with one of his four arms "We are friends again h'okay" he said. Rizzo nodded again "Ya we're friends again." He replied.

    Janice walked outside and headed to the theatre. Floyd told her he was going over with Dr. Teeth and Zoot to find Animal who seemed to have pulled a rather impressive disappearing act. The overcast sky threatened to pour rain any minute Janice quickened her pace and walked inside just moments before the first drops began to fall.
    It wasn't hard to find Floyd he was onstage with Zoot. Janice walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist. He turned in her grasp and rested a hand against her cheek. "Hey baby" She said kissing his cheek.
    "Hey" be replied.
    Janice released his waist and took his hand leading him into the front row of seats.
    He sat beside her and looked up at the stage. "Do you think that Joyce will like leave you alone now?" Janice asked. Floyd shrugged. "She has so far," he said. Janice smiled and kissed him swiftly.
    Joyce walked by and grabbed Floyd's hand tugging him away. Janice rolled her eyes and followed.
    "So we can leave as soon as the wedding's done." Joyce was saying when Janice came over.
    "I'm not marrying you." Floyd said taking Janice's hand.
    "Floyd you're in denial of what you really want." she told him. Floyd backed up a step, "Joyce like c'mon maybe you should like move on." Janice said. Joyce stormed away.
    "Don't worry babe you've got nothing to lose." Floyd said.
    "Are you kidding I've got everything to lose." Janice replied.
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  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Like Wow floyd<3janice! This was rully a great chapter. I can definetely hear Jerry's Floyd and Robin, Richard's Janice, and Frank's Piggy. Oh boy, I didn't know Jim and Frank have to handle the pig and a frog together. When Kermit does want a break from working, I guess his friend Jim didn't mind. Hehehehe!
  5. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    You're welcome! Did you hear the sad news of Jerry gone? I did not hear that until yesterday. Oh rats! It's sad that he's gone!
  7. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I heard about it yesterday too it's so sad that we've lost another great performer. Hopefully Matt Vogel will do a good job taking over his characters he's done a good job with Floyd so far.
    RIP Jerry Nelson
  8. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Rully Good!

    RIP Jerry Nelson.
  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 19
    The Electric Mayhem finally found Animal hiding out in one of the old prop rooms chasing a few moths around.
    Dr. Teeth had laughed and lead him back into the music room.
    Floyd and Janice were already in there setting up the instruments.
    "Alright we're off the hook for the show this week so let's jam." Dr. Teeth said.
    "But Zoot's not here" Janice said looking out the window Zoot walked in a second later.
    "Okay now let's jam." Dr. Teeth said.
    "JAM! JAM!" Animal yelled hitting his drums wildly.
    Dr. Teeth laughed and started to play. The door swung open and Joyce stormed in. Floyd stopped playing and set down his bass backing up. The rest of the band stopped playing too and watched Floyd walk to the other side of the room and duck behind Zoot.
    "Floyd we have plans" She said. Floyd cast a glance at Dr. Teeth who nodded. "Run!" He yelled. Floyd darted out of the room and down the hall. "RUN RUN RUN!" Animal yelled chasing Joyce down the hall. Janice laughed and sighed. "Wow I'd like better go find Floyd." She said.
    "She is creepy." Zoot said shuddering.
    Janice laughed and walked down the hall. Floyd stepped around the corner and grabbed her waist pulling her close. "I was looking for you." She said.
    Floyd smiled and kissed her cheek. "Looks like I found you." He replied. Janice laughed and took his hand pulling him back out into the hall "Well like since we're not in the show we should rully work on finding that gig." She said.
    "Already working on it baby." He said.
    "We should probably head back before Teeth gets all unhip." Janice said.
    Floyd kissed her cheek and continued with her down the hall.

    Kermit stood offstage and made sure the schedules were in check for the Milton Berle episode when Fozzie came sprinting down the stairs.
    "Fozzie what's wrong?" Kermit asked watching the bear pull on his tie in a panic. "D-did you r-really get Milton Berle f-for the guest s-star?" He asked.
    Kermit double checked his list. "Yes Fozzie it says right here that Milton Berle is this weeks guest star." He said.
    Fozzie looked like he might pass out. "Oh no Kermit Milton Berle is my idol I can't meet him. I'll make a fool of myself and I just can't Kermit." He complained.
    "Fozzie wouldn't it be great to meet your idol?" Kermit asked.
    "No!" Fozzie said running off frantically.
    "Good grief the show's going to be a disaster." Kermit said.
    Miss Piggy came running downstairs and over to Kermit. "Kermie I need a solo part in the show." She said.
    "But Piggy you already have Pigs In Space." Kermit replied.
    "I know but I'm tired of being stuck in that mental spacecraft I need to be free and I need to shine." Miss Piggy said.
    Kermit checked the schedule. "Look Piggy I have a small opening right after Milton Berle and Rowlf do The Entertainer." He said.
    "Can I have it?" Miss Piggy cried.
    Kermit sighed. "Fine since I can't think of anything else to do you can have it." He replied.
    "Oh thank you!" Miss Piggy yelled and ran off to her dressing room.
    Kermit sighed and wrote filled in the blank on his schedule.

    Skeeter finished packing and spun around to find Joyce a few feet away. "We're leaving in three days." She told her. Joyce sighed and sat down shaking her head. "You leave I'll stay." She replied.
    Skeeter spun around and put her hands on her hips "Listen Joyce you've caused enough problems it's time for you to leave." She sternly said. Joyce looked up at her and glared. "Skeeter I'm engaged I need to be here."
    Skeeter rolled her eyes "You're right you're engaged Floyd's not" Skeeter scoffed instantly shutting up.
    "What?" Joyce asked her eyes lighting up.
    "Nothing" Skeeter said quickly staring at the ground.
    "They tricked me didn't they?" Joyce asked standing up.
    Skeeter shook her head and headed for the door but Joyce ran and blocked her path. "Floyd's not engaged to Janice is he?" She said loudly. Skeeter flinched and sighed. "Of course they are" She said. Joyce laughed and shook her head "No they're not I can't believe this." Joyce ran down the hall before Skeeter's mind could think to run after her.

    Floyd sat on Janice's bed and strummed his bass. Janice rested her head in his lap and stared up at the ceiling. "You know…" Janice started but the door banged open and Joyce stormed in.
    "You're not really engaged!" She yelled.
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  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Wow o wow! Great!

    I stopped getting alerts, but I managed to read it all!

    Joyce is crazy.

    And I still don't know why Piggy's so nice to Robin...

    More please!
  11. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 20
    The Final Duel
    Janice exchanged a glance with Floyd who was watching Joyce.
    Janice sat up so Floyd could stand up and walk over to Joyce who was glaring at the too of them. "You may know I'm leaving soon and our wedding was scheduled for tonight but I guess it's off now." Joyce said.
    Janice got up and walked over "Like rully Joyce maybe you should go like fer sure." She said.
    Joyce blinked back tears and ran from the room without another glance.
    Janice walked to Floyd who caught her in a hug. "I feel so bad." Janice whispered to him.
    Floyd hugged her tighter and sat her beside him on the bed. "Don't feel bad baby." He told her. Janice sighed and fell forwards into his arms.
    "I rully hope she's gone." Janice told him. Floyd kissed her and shifted her in his arms "I know." He told her.

    Kermit was helping Robin color in his new coloring book when Fozzie ran by dressed in a suit and top hat with a fake mustache. "Fozzie what's going on?" Kermit asked.
    "Milton Berle can't see me I'll make a fool of myself."
    Kermit shook his head "Fozzie wearing that disguise is ridiculous it won't help you at all." he told the bear.
    "I know but I'm so nervous." Fozzie said.
    "Look Fozzie just be yourself and everyone will like you." Kermit said.
    "Kermit its like you don't know me. I tell jokes and when I tell jokes I get nervous and when I get nervous I mess up." Fozzie explained.
    "Fozzie relax and stay relaxed because we have three days until the show." Kermit said. Fozzie nodded and took a deep breath "Okay I'll try" He closed his eyes only to reopen them and start shaking worse than before.
    "I can't do it!" He cried backing up and disappearing before Kermit could suggest anything else.
    Robin looked up from his picture a fly and looked at Kermit "Fozzie seems very scared Uncle Kermit." Robin mused.
    "I know Robin but there's not much else I can do." Kermit said shaking his head. Robin sighed and picked up a blue crayon "Maybe you should tell him to face his fears and meet Milton Berle?" Robin suggested.
    "Ive tried that Robin and I'm afraid Fozzie will have to decide the rest on his own." Kermit said.
    "Oh, well if it were you I know you'd make a good choice Uncle Kermit." Robin said.
    "Thanks Robin I hope Fozzie does too." Kermit replied.
    "Me too." Robin said.

    Janice couldn't help but feel sad and victorious she had one back Floyd right? But she felt bad about Joyce.
    It was late and Floyd was fast asleep beside her. Janice slipped out of bed and into the hall a shadow darted out in front of her making Janice stop in her tracks.
    "I haven't given up." Joyce said stepping out of the dark.
    "Oh why?" Janice asked.
    "Because I'll fight until I have to leave." Joyce replied glaring at Janice.
    "Joyce I feel bad about everything because I'm like never the aggressive type but like you are. Maybe you should find someone else." Janice said.
    "I don't want someone else I'm crazy don't you get it? I want to stop but I can't I just can't." Joyce cried leaning against the wall and shaking with tears.
    "Hear physiatrists are rully helpful these days." Janice said.
    Joyce spun on her "You know nothing!" She yelled. Janice turned to walk back to her room but something hit her from behind and everything faded away.

    Floyd woke up to find Janice already gone which was unusual for her.
    He walked downstairs and looked around but Janice was nowhere to be found.
    "Floyd what's up?" Kermit asked.
    "Have you seen Janice green stuff?" Floyd asked.
    "No do you think she's at the theatre?" Kermit asked.
    "Nah she wouldn't be there this early." Floyd replied.

    Janice woke up and looked around she was in a dark room. She got up and fumbled around for a light switch. She found one and flipped it on finding herself in an old supply closet filled with mops and brooms.
    She turned the door handle shaking and pulling it rapidly.
    Locked. So she started banging on the door. "Hello is anyone like out there? I'm locked in!" she cried.
    There was no answer. Janice groaned and leaned against the wall trying to think if a way out. When she couldn't think of one she stared to bang rapidly on the door again. There once again was no answer and the door didn't open.
    Janice ran at the door smashing into it and falling to the floor.
    There was no answer and the door was still locked Janice closed her eyes and rested her head against the door, outside was silent.

    Dr. Teeth walked downstairs and found Floyd running around looking in random places. "Would I regret asking you what you're doing?" He asked.
    Floyd sighed and spun around "I lost Janice" He said.
    "Maybe you should put her on a leash?" Dr. Teeth suggested grinning.
    Floyd glared at him and shook his head "Nah man I really lost her I've looked everywhere and she's gone man." He said.
    Dr. Teeth laughed "Maybe she came to her senses" Ge said with a chuckle.
    Floyd continued to glare and walk to the door "I'm going to the theatre." He said and disappeared before Dr. Teeth could reply.

    Joyce spotted Floyd walking quickly down the sidewalk she noticed where he was headed and darted across the street tackling mid leap to the ground.
    Floyd tried to throw her off him but she was already kidding him preventing him from saying or doing anything.
    She finally rolled off him and got up Floyd jumped to his feet and backed up. "Man you're crazy." He said.
    Joyce smiled and ran at him again she would do anything to keep him from getting away.
    Floyd ran to the side and down
    the sidewalk. Joyce growled and
    sprinted after him.
    Fozzie ran out of the theatre in fear of meeting Milton Berle who still wasn't coming for two days.
    Floyd smashed into him sending them both flying to the ground.
    "Sorry bear man" Floyd said jumping to his feet and sprinting off.
    Fozzie got up only to be knocked over again by Joyce who was gone by the time he blinked.
    Floyd ran backstage and downstairs into the hallways that were filled with extra rooms and closets.
    Janice heard footsteps and ran to the door pounding it as hard as she could "Help! Like somebody I'm like totally stuck help!" She yelled. This time the door swung open and Floyd was there with a very confused expression.
    Janice crushed him in a hug and kissed him happily. "Like you found me." She said.
    Floyd hugged her "What happened?" He asked. "Joyce" Janice replied. Floyd nodded and kissed her again.
    "She's kinda chasing me so come with me or stay here." He said.
    "Like I'm with you." Janice said taking his hand and letting him lead her down the hall at top speed. Joyce came zooming down the hall a second later. She ran after them back upstairs and onto the stage. Floyd ran faster and pulled Janice behind him. Joyce followed determined to win.
    Janice pulled Floyd to a stop and tugged him to the side and beneath a mound of old curtains being replaced.
    "Jan," He started but she elbowed him in the side shutting him up just in time to hear footsteps run over slow down and continue until
    they faded entirely.
    "This isn't so bad it gives me alone time with my main squeeze." Floyd said wrapping his arms around her waist.
    "Floyd now is totally not the time to be romantic even if it is rully adorable." Janice said unable to resist kissing him quickly before looking out a hole in the curtain.
    "Let's go" She said taking his hand again she slipped out from under the curtain and looked around.
    "Nice vanishing act but it didn't work." Joyce said materializing from the shadows.
    Floyd squeezed Janice's hand and pulled her slightly closer but Janice slipped from his grasp.
    "I'm so done with you." Joyce said punching Janice unconscious before turning to Floyd.
    Floyd struggled to not tackle her but he couldn't hit a girl he was completely helpless.
    "See how weak she is. I'm stronger, better Floyd." Joyce said flirtatiously flipping her hair.
    Floyd clenched his fists and took a step back trying to regain control.
    Joyce smiled and stepped forwards Floyd stepped back.
    "Now come here honey" Joyce said.
    Floyd backed up again. His eyes fell on Janice lying on the floor he shook with rage.
    "Come here right..."
    "HIYAH!!!!!" Joyce went flying offstage and into the back rows of the balcony of the audience.
    Miss Piggy stood a few feet away. Floyd looked at her in complete shock. "Why would you do that?" He asked.
    "I did it for Janice and besides it wasn't a matter of time before she was all over moi's Kermie." Miss Piggy replied.
    "Well um thanks." Floyd said.
    "No problem for Janice though vous owes moi." Miss Piggy said. Floyd sighed and Miss Piggy disappeared backstage again.
    Floyd knelt beside Janice and lifted her into his arms. He carried into her dressing room and laid her on the couch brushing the hair from her face. She stirred under his touch and opened her eyes.
    "Hey baby," Floyd said.
    Janice sat up and looked around "Where's Joyce?" She asked.
    "Taking a nap" Floyd replied.
    "But we need to stop her." Janice said obviously confused.
    "We did well the hog did she karate chopped her onto the far rows of the balcony she should be out for awhile most likely long enough for Skeeter to take her home." Floyd said.
    Janice smiled and flung her arms around his neck "I'm happy to have you back." She said.
    Floyd rested a hand on her cheek "I never left you baby," He said kissing her cheek.
    "Well now I have you all to myself." Janice told him. Floyd laughed and hugged her "I've always been completely yours" He told her. Janice kissed him soundly tightening her arms around him making sure she didn't loose him a second time.

    Sorry this chapter was lacking a lot of other characters but I was trying to sort out the whole Joyce thing. I'll post more soon
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    More please!
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    Me too, miss kermie! That fanfic scene reminds me of lat year's The Muppets when Miss Piggy karate-chopped Miss Poogy. Classic! Love it! Moi would love more story too. Please????? :mad:
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    Chapter 21
    A little chat
    Janice met Floyd in the hall and wrapped her arms around his waist. He kissed her and took her hands. "C'mon" He said opening the window and climbing out. Janice walked across the roof and sat down. Floyd sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist.
    "This is nice not having to like worry about Joyce anymore." Janice said.
    Floyd kissed her forehead softly. "I know baby." He said.
    Janice rested her head on his shoulder and sighed closing her eyes. Her and Floyd had only been together just over a month and their relationship had already been threatened once she didn't want it to happen again.
    Floyd shook Janice's shoulder gently. She opened her eyes and realized she was laying in her bed.
    "You awake?" Floyd asked brushing the hair from her face Janice nodded and sat up.
    She looked around "Did I like fall asleep?" She asked.
    Floyd nodded "For a bit." he replied. Janice fell into his arms pulling him into a hug. "I'm sorry hon" She said.
    Floyd kissed her hair softly "Don't worry baby" He said. Janice looked up and kissed him softly before standing up.
    She looked around the room and sighed her expression clouded for a moment before she smiled again and led Floyd downstairs.

    Kermit set up the last set and stepped back to admire his work. After a few more touch ups he was done. "Fozzie will you stop hiding?" He asked noticing the bear ducking behind a curtain.
    "B-but Kermit I'm so nervous." Fozzie said.
    "It's okay Fozzie everyone gets nervous from time to time it'll be alright." Kermit replied.
    Fozzie took a deep breath and sighed. "I've tried everything Kermit." He replied.
    "Just relax Fozzie everything will be okay."
    "Hey chief" Scooter said running over.
    "Hi Scooter whats up?" Kermit asked.
    "I just need to tell you Milton Berle will be here early tomorrow, Miss Piggy wants to talk to you and Fozzie just ran off." Scooter said.
    Kermit spun around to find Fozzie nowhere to be seen.
    "What does Piggy want?" Kermit asked.
    "I'm not sure her exact words were Bonjour Scooter be a dear and go find my little Kermie poo moi needs to chit chat with him." Scooter said.
    Kermit gulped "W-wish me good luck Scooter." He said.
    "Sure thing chief" He replied. Kermit walked to Miss Piggy's dressing room and knocked. The door swung open and a hand reached out grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside.
    "Kermie moi needs to know when our make up date is?" Miss Piggy asked.
    Kermit opened his mouth to reply but his eyes landed on her outfit and he shut up. She was wearing a white dress that was tight and went to her upper thigh and her heels her at least six inches.
    "I-I don't k-know Piggy" He muttered.
    She flipped her hair "How about tomorrow after the show?" She asked.
    "S-sure" Kermit said unable to think.
    Miss Piggy smiled and blinked at him "Now about my number can you go get my outfit from the dry cleaners?" She asked.
    "O-okay" Kermit said walking out the door. Floyd was walking into the theatre with Janice. "I'll see you later." He told her Janice nodded and walked off Floyd turned and spotted Kermit walking clumsily down the stairs "Whats going on green man?" Floyd asked.
    Kermit stumbled off the last step and regained his balance before falling on his face. "Nothing I just had a chat with Miss Piggy and now I have to go find Scooter." He said.
    Floyd laughed "You looking a little unstable man what'd the pig do drug ya?" He asked.
    "I-I'm not sure" Kermit replied leaning a chair for support.
    Floyd laughed again "Well consider yourself lucky ever since that one time back before you even thought about this show the pig has whacked me out of every room every chance she gets." Floyd said.
    "You knew Miss Piggy before?" Kermit asked.
    "Ya the band played at one of her shows and well it was definitely laughing matter." Floyd said.
    "What'd she do?" Kermit asked
    "Well lets just say I didn't leave using the door that night." Floyd replied.
    "Floyd c'mon man you're gonna be late for practice man." Dr. Teeth said.
    "See ya green stuff" Floyd said following Dr. Teeth away.
    Kermit finally was as to stand up and find Scooter.
    "How'd it go chief?" He asked.
    "I think I need a coffee" Kermit said.
    "Sure" Scooter replied.
    Kermit sat down unaware of the eyes watching him from the shadows.
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    Yes more! By the way, Jaz, I love your new icon! :flirt:
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    Chapter 22
    The third show.
    Kermit ran around backstage. The show had been going good so far except for Fozzie's constant fear of meeting Milton Berle.
    "Alright Rowlf get onstage so you can do The Entertainer with Milton Berle!" Kermit yelled watching
    Rowlf wheel the giant piano onstage.
    Kermit spun around and spotted Miss Piggy pacing around. "Kermie I don't know what to sing." She said.
    "Well hurry and find something you're next!" He shouted.
    Miss Piggy groaned and stormed into her dressing room.

    Janice laid on the couch it her dressing room she had the show to relax because Floyd promised he'd take her somewhere when the show was over.
    She opened her eyes when her door opened and slammed shut again. Janice looked around someone was leaning against the closed door.
    That someone wasn't Floyd.

    Kermit watched Miss Piggy sprint onstage before Milton Berle could walk offstage.
    "Well I guess I won't need to introduce her." He said lightly.
    Fozzie was watching from the side while Miss Piggy performed her version of The Entertainer.
    Kermit crossed out the last act on his schedule and waited for her to finish.

    Janice stood up and walked a few steps recognizing the person immediately.
    She never thought she'd see him again but here he was after all these years.
    "Hello Jan it's been awhile." Her older brother said melting from the shadows.
    Usually none of the muppets saw they're family often. If they did they were excited if they were one of the few that still had a family.
    Gonzo didn't know where he came from and Floyd had lost his parents at an early age.
    Janice was a different case. She still had her family but seeing them didn't always fill her with happiness especially when she thought of her brother and father.

    Michael and Janice had been close as kids they were each other's best friends up until when Janice turned eight. Michael was two years older.
    Eight was when Janice met the rest of the band. She had started to develop an interest in music and slowly drift away from Michael until they were both feeling as though they didn't know one another at all.
    "Mike what are you doing here?" She asked using her old nickname for him.
    Michael grimaced and pushed himself away from the door. "Dad sent me." He told her.
    Janice felt cold hands grip her heart and give it a painful squeeze. What did her father want now?
    "What does he like want?" Janice asked.
    "He wants you to come home. It's been more than three years and he thinks you've made a few mistakes." Michael said just as Floyd walked through the door.
    He froze and regarded Michael with growing confusion.
    Michael smiled "More than a few mistakes." He whispered slyly.
    Floyd closed the door and cast Janice a look the clearly said 'Whats he doing here?' Janice sighed "Mike I'm not going anywhere with you." She said pushing past her brother to stand beside Floyd.
    "Jannie we miss you dad's sorry I'm sorry." Michael pleaded.
    "Mike I'm sorry but I can't forgive you." Janice whispered.
    Michael sighed and stood in the doorway. "This isn't over." he said before disappearing.
    "What's he doing here?" Floyd asked closing the door again.
    Janice spun around feeling the tears sting her eyes "I know as much as you do." She told him.
    Floyd sighed and sat on the couch Janice sat beside him and stared at the door half expecting Michael to return.

    Kermit walked home tuning out Fozzie's constant babble. "I can't believe I met Milton Berle without messing up!" Fozzie exclaimed.
    Kermit nodded like he was listening and walked onto the porch Fozzie walked inside still talking. Kermit lingered on the porch feeling something watching him. Something just out of sight and reach. Kermit waited a moment more before going inside.
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    Uh oh! More trouble for Janice.......first Joyce, now her older brother. Not oh good oh. :eek:
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