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Backstage romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    :sing: :flirt: Nice story. ;) More please!
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 31
    With the days flying by an the show drawing near.
    Dr. Teeth was nowhere near thinking about the craziness of the muppet show cast. Today he was busy walking the shaded trails of the park along the stream.
    Anna walked closely beside him with a smile on her face. Ever since their coffee date they'd been nearly inseparable.
    Initially Teeth was supposed to meet up with the band but Anna had shown up unexpectedly and Floyd had, with a resigned sigh allowed him or more like told him to take the lady for a walk.
    So here he was in the park having a great time.
    Anna looked out over the glistening water and sighed. "You know today is so beautiful. Fall is my favorite season." She said her voice high and airy like the early autumn breeze itself.
    With the drawing near October the trees were a range of vibrant colors and shades of yellow orange and red.
    "It certainly is different" Teeth said referring to the season.
    Anna smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. "What's it like? On the show I mean." She asked with great interest.
    Teeth shrugged and smiled on talking about the show.
    "It's a crazy colorful bombshell of fun." He said unsure of how else to describe the odd show.
    "How?" Anna asked grabbing his attention again.
    "Well you've seen it I suppose. There's a not so funny beat and a whatever and my wonderful band of 70s hippies with a wild drummer. It's madness" Teeth explained struggling for simpler words.
    Anna nodded "do you like being on the show?" She asked.
    "I couldn't imagine life without it." He told her.
    Anna just smiled.

    Rich Little guest starred on the show with great success.
    Kermit couldn't have been happier with the outcome and now it was back to normal. Sort of.
    The beautiful October weather had turned dreary and heavy with rain in only a matter of days. The colorful trees were stripped of their vibrancy and were overtaken by the gray plague that seemed to be sweeping over everything the rain touched.
    This turn of events led up to the whole cast being stuffed up in the house and that left a lack of things to do. And bored muppets in any scenario was not a good thing.
    Today Kermit scribbled down notes on a high stack of paper for the next show and started on everyone's paycheck there had to be a bright spot in the dreary day somewhere and nothing fixed boredom or terrible days like money.
    Out in the living room several muppets were strewn about laying randomly in chairs and couches with nothing to do.
    Janice sat closest to the phone debating between calling Michael or letting it all go.
    "What's the dilemma this time?" Floyd said walking over with an over exaggerated dramatic sigh.
    "Should I like call Michael?" Janice asked. Floyd smiled and sat beside her pulling her into his arms.
    "I don't know babe. Maybe he'll call here." Floyd told her reassuringly.
    Janice nodded and let her worried slide.
    She settled against Floyd and closed her eyes immediately finding herself falling asleep.

    Michael was outside of his parents sprawling house in the pouring rain.
    He didn't really pay much attention to the fact that he was soaking wet and shivering, instead he was standing facing Mick who had just climbed out of a cab and was slightly drier.
    "Did you go talk to her?" Mick asked keeping herself from rolling her eyes at him.
    "No I haven't had the chance." Michael replied apprehensively like he was scared of her.
    "You'd better. I didn't risk all this for nothing" Mick snapped.
    Michael stepped closer and wrapped an arm around her. "Just trust me" he told her reassuringly.
    Mick sighed and decided against questioning him it was no use.
    They started walking down the streets they were soaked to the bone but that wasn't their focus right now. They were intensely focused on executing their plan perfectly.

    Miss Piggy left the mall with twice the number of outfits she had earlier in the day.
    Foo Foo was tucked under one arm and the other was covered in so many shopping bags that you couldn't count them all at first glance.
    She made her way back to the house and tumbled through the front door.
    "Someone help moi carry these bags!" She cried out.
    Kermit poked his head around the corner. "What did you need Piggy?" He asked.
    "Help!" She snapped lifting several bags to prove her point.
    Kermit hurried over and helped carry the heavy bags upstairs. Sam came stomping into the room with a look of disgust on his face.
    "Kermit" he started but Kermit cut him off.
    "Not now Sam I'm busy with these bags." Kermit said.
    Sam rolled his eyes and marched away.
    Piggy brought the last of the bags upstairs and sighed with relief.
    Kermit looked around her room and at the sea of bags that now dominated the expanse of her floor.
    Kermit sighed and left her to do her unpacking while he prepared the next show.

    It was a peculiar day the rain returned. Dr. Teeth was outside with Floyd and the band Anna had just arrived.
    Dr. Teeth hugged her and then realized the sad look on her face.
    "What's wrong?" He asked.
    "I'm sorry but I can't d-do this anymore." She told him.
    "What?" He asked
    "I'm sorry" she said again before turning away.
    Teeth ran after her but the car speeding down the road reached her first.
    Leaving him staring at the scene on the road in absolute shock he didn't even feel the rain fall on him.
  3. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Oh no I bet that dr teeth is heartbroken. Nice story. More please. I love this.
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 32
    A little memory loss
    Floyd ran after Teeth and grabbed his shoulders pulling him back from the road.
    He didn't want to look but he caught a glimpse and shuddered.
    Teeth was panting heavily and gasping either in pain or exhaustion Floyd couldn't tell.
    "Teeth stop. Man look at me!" He spun his friend to face him.
    "I-I don't know what to d-do she she's gone man." Teeth gasped again and clutched Floyd to him like a child clutching a teddy bear.
    Floyd didn't usually tolerate hugs Janice was his only exception.
    But this was different Teeth had just seen something that no one should ever have to see.
    "It'll be okay." Floyd told him.
    The rain pounded down on them. Floyd dragged Teeth still shuddering and gasping inside the warm dryness of the theatre.
    Janice was the first the find them.
    "What happened?" She asked scared to see Teeth the way he was.
    "Jan get some towels" Floyd told her.
    Janice ran to the supply closet and grabbed a stack of towels and a few blankets.
    She handed several to Floyd and gave the rest to Teeth.
    "Come sit" she took their hands and sat them in the audience seats.
    She sat beside Floyd and clutched his hand.
    "What happened?" Janice asked again a plea in her voice to tell her echoed behind her words.
    "Anna, Anna…she-she…" Teeth sputtered frantically trying hard for words to no avail and finally just gave up.
    "She…go look outside" Floyd said.
    Janice shook her head and rested against Floyd's shoulder closing her eyes.
    He was soaking wet but Janice was tired and all three of them seemed to be sharing Dr. Teeth's burden of pain.
    "Like it'll be okay Teeth" Janice said.
    "Ya man it'll all be okay." Floyd agreed.

    Miss Piggy shot out her hand and grabbed Kermit's wrist.
    "Kermit give it back!" She cried reaching for the magazine she'd been reading.
    "I just want to see what it says about you." Kermit said.
    "No!" Piggy growled and with a final huff she retched the magazine from his green fingered hand.
    Kermit laughed and watched her retreat upstairs then walked into his office.
    He picked up a small stack of papers and read them over twice before realizing what they were.
    The show script.
    He laughed and at his memory loss at took a seat.
    He was editing one of the sketches when he realized that there was something vital missing.
    "No no no no oh good grief this can't be happening!" Kermit threw his hand in the air and ran straight outside and sprinted to the theatre.
    He was met by an ambulance on the street and a mourning Dr. Teeth in the seats but Kermit to his major dislike couldn't find out what had happened in the short time it took him to sprint across the stage and backstage.
    "Good morning Chief what's the rush?" Scooter asked.
    "Oh hi Scooter I just realized that the show's in two days and we don't have a guest star." Kermit explained in a rush that left him panting.
    "Well thankfully you have me and I can definitely help you out." Scooter smiled.
    Kermit gave a sigh of relief "thank you so much Scooter"
    "No problem chief" Scooter said.
    Adding find guest star to his list of things to do.
    Kermit looked around the backstage and remembered something important.
    The music was the first thing Kermit heard when he walked into the back room. Rowlf was still playing the piano for a single chicken that refused to move.
    Gonzo was clapping his hands and jumping up and down.
    "See Kermit my wonderful dancing chicken is amazing!" Gonzo announced with pride.
    "Sure Gonzo but when's she leaving?" Kermit asked.
    "Leaving? Why would she leave? She's a star"
    "But Gonzo you know Animal he definitely will look past her…erm… star quality and see her…food quality."
    "Don't worry Kermit it'll all be fine" Gonzo reassured.
    Kermit nodded and waved at Rowlf before walking back to the hall.
    Where he was almost run over by Bunsen and Beaker.
    "Oh sorry Kermit I have a formula for a non sneezing dust!" Bunsen announced rushing into his lab.
    "Oh okay" Kermit shrugged and continued his walk.
    He found Dr. Teeth sitting in the seats where he'd been before looking at the ground.
    "Hey Kermit" Teeth tried for words that made him sound as hip as usual but he could barely manage what he'd just said.
    "What's going on Teeth?" Kermit didn't like not knowing what was bothering his friend. Even the frog and the band leader didn't always see eye to eye Kermit still considered him a friend. He'd hang with Teeth over Sam any day.
    Teeth sighed and looked up meeting Kermit's worried but considerate gaze. "I guess you haven't looked outside"
    "The ambulance?" Kermit guessed
    "Why's is here?" He wondered realizing he didn't know.
    "Anna" was all Teeth said.
    To Kermit it was all he needed to say because it was enough for him to in an instant realize how upset Dr. Teeth was.
    "Teeth come on let's get back to the house and then we can figure out what to do" Kermit held out a hand which Dr. Teeth took gratefully and followed the frog outside.
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Whoa! I didn't know bad happened Anna. Like I am feeling rully terrible. I want to find out what happens next.
  6. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Yeah me too. I feel terrible too. More story please!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  7. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Oh my so sorry I haven't posted in like forever I've had so much homework and have been super busy with sports and other things so here's another chapter and I'll try super hard to get another one up later

    Chapter 33
    The long road to recovery
    Kermit opened the door and walked Dr. Teeth in no sooner had they crossed the threshold Dr. Teeth toppled over and hit the ground with a thud. He didn't bother to get up but laid on the ground and quaked with fresh tears.
    Kermit sighed and knelt beside him resting a webbed green hand on the shaking pianist's shoulder.
    Dr. Teeth didn't look up but Kermit noticed a slight calm change in Teeth.
    "What happened?" A startled voice came from the bottom of the staircase.
    Kermit looked up to see Robin regarding the pair sporting a mournful look far too old for his small face.
    Dr. Teeth spared the small frog a glance before collapsing into another fit of sobs.
    Robin ran over his small webbed feet tapping the floor with a rhythmic pitter patter.
    Kermit lifted his arm and draped it over Robin's shoulders.
    Robin rested his hand next to Kermit's and though it was small nearly half the size of his uncle's Dr. Teeth still felt calmed and relaxed he raised his head and his tear rimmed and red and puffy eyes locked with Robin's.
    "Don't worry it'll be alright" Robin soothed.
    Kermit nodded a silent echo to his nephews words. Dr. Teeth sat up and rested his back against the side of the couch Robin took the bandleader's hand and gave him a sympathetic look. Kermit sighed and picked up the blanket that had fallen from Teeth's shoulders when he'd stumbled through the door with a sigh her replaced it on Dr. Teeth's shoulders and sat beside him together the three of them sat side by side mourning but not talking.

    Floyd walked into the music room in somewhat of a daze. Janice followed closely behind neither of them had spoken since they'd left the theatre and neither of them wanted to break the heavy silence that had descended between them.
    Janice sat in the nearest chair and buried her face in her hands. Floyd walked to the window.
    "What happened?" A different voice asked from the doorway. Floyd turned to face Zoot who had gathered in the doorway next to Animal.
    "Anna she's…she's…" Janice tried to talk but her voice cracked and she looked down.
    "She's really gone eh?" Zoot muttered.
    "Teeth'll never be the same" Floyd sighed resting his head against the window.
    Janice started to cry and brought her knees up hugging the to her chest.
    "Teeth sad" Animal grumbled his voice strangely low and mournful echoing everyone's feelings.
    "I don't know about you guys but something tells me that the Teeth we all know and love died out on the street too tonight." Zoot sighed.
    "His heart did anyway" Floyd whispered his voice barely audible over Janice's sobs he walked swiftly over to her and wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "It's okay" he whispered to her.
    Zoot silently left the room with Animal in tow leaving the couple alone.

    Miss Piggy to her dislike flung open the door to reveal a pair of stern police officers.
    She quickly smoothed out the dress and ran her fingers through the hair before giving the officers a smile.
    "Bonjour gentlemen how can moi help vous?" She asked brushing her bangs out of her face.
    "Hello…Miss Piggy right?" The officer on the left said. He has brown hair and a blue nose his name was Officer Tim Waldron according to his badge.
    Miss Piggy nodded confirming his question and plastered her smile back on her face.
    The officer on the right with short red hair and a pink nose sighed and pulled out a notepad. His name according to his badge was Officer Scott Cross.
    "We're here to talk to Dr. Teeth?" Officer Cross said.
    Miss Piggy looked into the house behind her before giving a curt nod. "Of course right this way" she led the two Officers into the living room.
    They sat and Piggy softly excused herself and left in search for the doctor.
    She didn't have to look far.
    Dr. Teeth had retreated to his room and was laying in a withering heap in his bed.
    "Teeth there are some officers here to speak with you." Miss Piggy told him taking a step into his room. Dr. Teeth raised his head and slowly slid to his feet taking a wary step to the door.
    Miss Piggy having finished her purpose in the situation sighed and retreated down the hall to her room closing her door with a soft click behind her.
    Dr. Teeth maneuvered his way down the stairs and into the living room where the two officers were sitting on the couch in a stoic position.
    "Mr. Teeth" officer Scott greeted.
    As Teeth flopped onto the couch across from them.
    "Mr. Teeth we're here to speak to you about…"
    "I know why you're here." Dr. Teeth grumbled an interruption.
    The officers shared a glance before Officer Tim nodded.
    "Then you should know that we're not here to accuse you or grant you innocence we want to know what happened what did you witness out there on that street?" He asked.
    It flashed in Teeth's mind like a scene from a vivid nightmare he didn't want to think about it he wanted to erase it from his mind like it had never happened.
    "I have nothing to tell you, she broke up with me and walked into the road." Dr. Teeth gritted it out like poison before he succumbed to another fit of quaking sobs.
    "Mr. Teeth you said miss Anna Chase had broken up with you so you knew her well?" Officer Scott asked.
    Dr. Teeth managed a nod.
    "Mr. Teeth we know this is hard for you but did you see Miss Chase trip onto the street? Was she pushed? Did you push Miss Chase onto the street in anger?"
    "No!" Teeth yelled Officer Tim flinched but scribbled on his notepad.
    Dr. Teeth wiped the tears from his face. "She-she just got hit that's all I know." He sputtered.
    "Do you know who was driving the car? Was Miss Chase's death planned? Was this murder?" Officer Scott asked his words flowing over Teeth hot like lava and buzzing in his ear.
    "No" Teeth replied softer this time.
    "I think he's had enough" a voice came from the doorway. All three turned to see Kermit Floyd and Janice standing there looking at them with worry.
    "Mr. The frog I need you to leave I must speak with Mr. Pepper and his companion as well." Officer Scott directed.
    Kermit gave Floyd a conflicted look who nodded and watched Kermit hesitantly leave before taking Janice's hand and walking over to the couch.
    "Do either of you know what happened to Miss Chase?"
    "Like no I didn't see Teeth until he and like floyd came in all rully sad and stuff" Janice explained to the officers and receiving confused looks as they tried to figure out what she'd just said.
    "Do either of you know if Mr. Teeth had any intentions of harming Miss Chase in any way?"
    "Of course he didn't" Floyd retorted.
    "They don't know anything" Teeth mumbled.
    "Well thank you" officer Tim said. The two officers collected their things and quietly left leaving Teeth to his mourning.
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Whoa! Poor Dr. Teeth! Like he rully sure did break up with Anna Chase and the next moment she is like gone. :flirt: You're doing great, floyd>3janice. All I can say is, "More, please."
  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 34
    Just a little project
    Janice hung up the phone and laughed softly to herself she was free and ready to continue a regular life. She felt a weight lift off her shoulders and her heart pound at a steady boom in her chest.
    "Hey beautiful" Floyd said in seemingly good spirits.
    Janice tried to smile but her eyes were clouded and far off "what's wrong?" Floyd asked noticing the change in her.
    Janice jerked her head up and sighed. "That was Michael he said he was sorry that he won't be bothering me anymore." Janice told him.
    Floyd sat beside her and took her hand. "Well that's good then." He said.
    Janice nodded and managed a smile. "I guess that means in a way… we're free" she said.
    " of course babe now why don't we take this freedom and go for a walk?" Floyd offered.
    "Fer sure" Janice agreed and with her hand still clasped in his they walked outside.
    Janice enjoyed the sun that gleamed on her hair and warmed her skin.
    She loved the freedom that fluttered through her like an electrical wire and the pounding of her heart like the beat of Animal's drum.
    Sure the death of Anna still hovered in the air like an unseen burden but both Janice and Floyd knew that nothing could bring Anna back.
    Floyd noticed the drastic change in Janice's mood it was like she'd been under a dark hazy spell and it had been lifted. They were free.
    Floyd held her hand and watched her basically skip down the sidewalk towing him behind her.
    The show was the next day and even that was a far off thought in his head.
    Right now he was with his main squeeze the woman he loved and nothing could wreck his good mood.

    Kermit walked into the theatre and to his office he had Judy Collins booked and was ready to get her lines typed up when Piggy and Sam walked in like they wanted to rip his head off.
    Kermit sat down knowing this would take awhile and faced his companions with a look that only said get me out of here.
    "Kermie moi is here on remind vous of our date and vous better not ditch moi again." Piggy growled emphasizing her threat.
    Sam grumbled something unintelligible under his breath and perked up when Kermit turned his bored gaze on him. "I just wanted to know if you knew about the second visitor for the show?" Sam muttered.
    "Second visitor!" Kermit exclaimed scrambling through his papers trying to organize himself.
    "Obviously you don't. So I shall enlighten you. J.P Grosse is here to deliver an important message to you." Sam explained.
    "J.P Grosse? Scooter's uncle?" Kermit asked as fear settled in the pit of his stomach.
    "That's the one" Sam replied.
    "What does he want?" Kermit asked.
    "I don't know I didn't want to ask." Sam drawled on.
    Kermit groaned and scribbled on a paper not to forget about the surprise visit.
    "Okay…th-this is all going to be okay." Kermit said calming himself. Sam quietly left the room followed by a bored Piggy.
    He sat into his seat and rested his head on his desk.
    He though about the show and the acts and wondered how he would ever get the time in to deal with J.P too.
    It was in the end his own decision.

    "No…that's not right" Teeth muttered scratching out a line on the crumpled old torn paper that was laid out before him. His chest was constricted and painfully throbbing today like an invisible arrow had pierced his heart.
    "Hey man" Floyd said poking his head into the room.
    "Hey" Teeth replied meekly.
    Floyd sighed and crossed the threshold to the couch against the wall of Teeth's room.
    "What's that?" Floyd questioned eyeing the paper.
    Teeth looked down and the blurred writing smeared from the rain and the crossed out lines.
    "A project" he sighed finding the proper word for it.
    Floyd read the first few lines and sighed it was no project it was a song and not just any song this was a tribute. Teeth's final goodbye to Anna.
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  10. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    More please!!!
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Whoa! I bet Dr. Teeth is rully having a hard time right now. Judy Collins! Oh yes, I believed she had a lovely voice. I wonder what song it was for Dr. Teeth though. Man, this stuff is coming back to me now.
  12. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    this is the best!
  13. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    These are good! Keep writing haha the only reason I'm not asleep yet is because this story's addicting! Worth staying up and reading
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