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Backstage romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is the prequel to When Dreams Come True,
    which isnt finished yet.
    Its basically Everyone especially the KermitxPiggy FloydxJanice relationships behind scenes of the show. From the end of season one of the muppet show to the time When Dreams Come True starts.
    So hopefully I can juggle the prequel and sequel at the same time even though the chapters might not be as long.
    Even though this is the prequel it is nothing like When Dreams Come True,
    So here's the prologue for now.

    May 21, 1977
    The evening after season one ends.

    Kermit gathered everyone backstage.
    "Good work everyone," He announced.
    Everyone nodded and smiled their agreement. "I was a great first season and I'm hopeing to continue the show this fall." Kermit said joyfully.
    There were murmurs throughout the crowd. "So tonight and for the remainder of the summer feel free to do as you please, but also feel free to visit the theatre as often as you like because I will be here frequently." Kermit continued.
    "I hope you enjoyed the first season as much as I did and I hope to see you all soon, if I don't I wish you all a great summer." Kermit said.
    Everyone clapped and cheered. Not just for Kermit but for eachother and for the show.
    "Have a good summer Kermit" Gonzo said patting him on the back.
    "You too Gonzo don't blow yourself up too much we'll need you this fall." Kermit replied with a chuckle.
    "I will see you this september." Sam The Eagle said. "Maybe the show will be a bit less overrun with weirdos?" Sam suggested.
    "Have a good summer" Kermit said touching sam's shoulder lightly.
    "See you this fall Kermit," Rowlf said.
    "You too" Rowlf Kermit replied walking through the crowd wishing everyon a safe and happy summer.
    "See ya soon man." Dr.Teeth said. The rest of the band nodding their agreement.
    "You too guys" Kermit said.
    "I'll see you very soon." Miss Piggy said flirtatiously,
    Kermit winced and managed to wave back, "I'll see you...soon Piggy" Kermit said quickening his pace.
    The group dispersed and went their own ways. Back to their dressing rooms for their things or leaving already.

    Floyd Pepper and Dr.Teeth were waiting with Animal by the back door with their bags.
    Janice and Zoot were still in their dressing rooms.
    "C'mon, what is taking so long?" Dr.Teeth asked, Floyd shrugged and winced as a door slammed.
    "You're so full of yourself!" Someone supposedly Zoot Dr.Teeth guessed shouted.
    "Well if you could stay awake more than an hour maybe you'd see that I'm like totally not!" A girl certainly Janice shouted back.
    Floyd sighed they were fighting...again.
    The two of them came aroun the corner a minute later.
    Zoot was wearing his usual hat and dark sunglasses, he was wearing a red button down shirt and jeans he had a duffel bag in one hand and his sax case in the other.
    Janice stood beside him.
    Her shoulder length blond hair was it's usual ruler staright and shiny she had her hat on and was wearing her pink cropped tank top and jean skirt.
    She had a backpack slung across one shoulder and her guitaer case on her back.
    "Alright let's go you're lucky The Jazzy Crocodile is open all night." Dr.Teeth said leading them outside. Floyd pulled Animal on his chain beside him and cast a glance at Janice as usual she made his heart stop.
    She was glaring at Zoot who wasn't paying any attnetion to her.
    Animal tugged sharply on his chain trying to run onto the bus. Floyd ran on after Animal and slid into one of the front seats hooking Animal's chain on his usual seat across from Floyd.
    Floyd put his bass beside him and watched Janice and Zoot get on and head for the middle of the bus where they'd usually coontinue to fight.
    Dr.Teeth got on last and jumped into the driver's seat.
    "Okay let's go." He said starting up the bus.
    Animal hopped up and down in his seat. "GO! GO! GO!" He yelled his chain clanging throughout the bus.
    Finally the bus came to a stop about ten minutes later.
    Zoot and Janice were arguing in hushed voices. Floyd unhooked Animal and practically flew off the bus thanks to Animal's excitement.
    Dr.Teeth followed. "You got him?" he asked.
    "I think so" Floyd said tugging on Animal's chain with all the strength he had in him.
    "Will you hurry up!" Zoot shouted.
    "I'm coming, some of us actually like had parts in the show and are tired." Janice shot back with an extra glare.
    Floyd watched Janice purposely step away from Zoot and over towards the door.
    "Come on guys" She said impatiently flipping her blond hair.
    "I'm coming baby," Zoot said hurrying after her.
    Janice glared at him before walking inside. "Coming Floyd?" Dr.Teeth asked heading up the stairs.
    "Ya just hold on a second man," Floyd said tugging Animal away from the garbage cans.
    The Electric Mayhem sat around the table and talked.
    Floyd noticed zoot was drinking way more than he usually did. appearently so did Janice, "you've had more than enough." She said ripping the bottle out of his hand.
    "Oh c'mon baby give it back," Zoot mumbled his words slurred.
    "Like no I rully think you've had more then enough," Janice snapped.
    "Listen beautiful, give it back you know nothing, stupid girl." Zoot said.
    Janice ignored him. Zoot stood up and swung his arm out for the bottle. Dr.Teeth grebbed his shoulder and pushed him back in his seat, "leave her alone man," he warned his voice full of anger. Zoot just laughed and stood up again swatting Dr.Teeth's arm away.
    "Give me the bottle gorgeous." He said almost losing his balance.
    Animal growled a waring which Zoot promptly ignored.
    "Zoot like sit down and leave me alone!" Janice said standing up and backing up.
    "Fine but let me give you a little kiss for looking out for me." he said stepping forwards.
    Janice stepped back again. "Get away," she said. Animal stood up ready to attack.
    "Animal heal!" Floyd demanded. too late.
    Zoot reached for Janice but she backed away. Animal bit the back of Zoot's shirt to tug him back. But he swung first punching Janice in the face.
    She fell over from the force tears falling down her face. Dr.Teeth stood up and yelled "That's it you don't touch her!" He bellowed grabbing Zoot's arm and dragging him outside. Animal followed still holding the back of Zoot's shirt.
    "Floyd get janice make sure she's okay...we're leaving." Dr.Teeth said wrestling Zoot through the door.
    Floyd ran outside, Janice was against the wall crying,
    "Hey Jan, it's okay." Floyd said running over to her.
    "He's just drunk it wasn't his fault" Janice said.
    Floyd sighed when they foughtit was never his fault to her. "Jan I'm sorry but you should break up he has no right to hit you. You guys need a break." Floyd said.
    Janice shrugged, "I know but I still like him." She cried.
    Floyd hugged her, "Jan please you've been together too long you need to move on," he told her.
    Janice shrugged again "I'll think about maybe you're right," Janice said.
    Floyd nodded and led her towards the bus.
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Please comment if I should continue this your opinions really mean a lot.
  3. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling this a prequel to both When Dreams Come True and your other story, Electric Mayhem Love Story. Pretty good, so far. :D
    LipsGF4Life likes this.
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Thanks they all somehow go togther but I'll have to finish them before it really makes sense
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! You are doing great with this prequl from the last fan-fic I read.

    I like the way you protray Janice where at first Zoot is goody goody and then he doesn't have a care and hits Janice. I can clearly hear Richard Hunt's Janice when she has a good attitude and knows how to stand up to a terrible man.

    Oh I almost forgot! Dave played the Zoot guy and the Great Gonzo and he still voices and puppeteers those guys today. You are like really great at this story. More please!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  7. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1
    Break up
    Kermit thought the first season was a hit. The first few shows were a little iffy but after everyone started getting comfortable in their roles the audience started to grow.
    Kermit enjoyed his fellow costars even though some of them were a little controlling in the spotlight he was happy to work with everyone.
    Now he was on vacation it was summer and he had no worries.
    He would see the people that decided to stay at the board house. And everyone else he would see in September.
    He was walking down the street towards the theatre to get some last minute papers when he ran right into Fozzie. "Kermit its great to see you there's a group if us that were waiting by the theatre." Fozzie said.
    "Oh I'm sorry Fozzie I'm just running a little late this morning why don't we go let everyone in shall we?" Kermit suggested.
    "Okay Kermit." Fozzie said leading the way.
    Kermit was shocked to see the crowd that had gathered in front of the doors.
    "Sorry I'm late everyone I'll unlock the doors for you." He said.
    "Great thanks Kermit." Rowlf said waiting patiently by the door. Kermit nodded and slid his key into the lock and turned it. With a soft click the doors unlocked and Kermit pulled the doors open. He walked straight to his office to get some last minute papers he'd need. They were on his desk right where he'd left them. Picking up the papers Kermit turned to leave but before he could. Gonzo came strolling in.
    "Hi Kermit I have a question." Gonzo said.
    "Yes Gonzo?" Kermit asked.
    Gonzo shifted his weight to the other foot and continued "Are we keeping the same sort of schedules in the fall?" Gonzo asked.
    "As far as I know you'll still be doing your stunts unless you don't want to." Kermit said.
    "Oh I want to that's why I asked." Gonzo said.
    "Well yes Gonzo you'll be able to continue." Kermit said.
    "Great see you soon." Gonzo said.
    "Okay Gonzo." Kermit replied. Finally walking back outside.

    "Red, black, brown, or orange?" Janice asked sitting across from Floyd in an overstuffed armchair. Floyd put down the newspaper and looked at her. "Come again?" He asked.
    "Which color?" She asked holding up four bottles.
    "What is that?" Floyd asked.
    "Hair dye. I thought well like instead of breaking up with Zoot I totally need a change instead so what color?" Janice asked.
    Floyd cocked an eyebrow and tried not laugh.
    "C'mon Jan either dump him all together or sort it out please don't dye your hair man." Floyd said.
    Janice rolled her eyes. "Floyd please I rully need your opinion." She whined.
    "Blond," Floyd replied sitting back. Janice put the bottles down when Zoot walked in the room. Floyd tensed up preparing to put Zoot in his place if he threatened Janice in any way.
    "Janice I'm sorry," Zoot said.
    Janice relaxed and smiled at him. "Thats okay I forgive you." She said.
    Zoot smiled and pulled her into a hug.
    Floyd only thought it wouldn't last.

    "Dinner!" Dr. Teeth yelled that night running past Floyd's room. Floyd put down his bass and walked into the hall screaming and yelling drew his attention right before he reached the stairs it was coming from Zoot's room.
    He paused for half a second to hear Janice yelling she was obviously crying too.
    "I can't believe after you like apologize to me you start this stupid fighting again like rully Zoot!" She yelled.
    Zoot didn't stutter "Janice come on I don't have a drinking problem it was just last night!" He yelled back. Floyd considered walking down the stairs but Janice was shouting again and he was once again frozen immobile.
    "Fine Zoot! You can go like drink or do like whatever you want. We're done!" She yelled.
    "Whoa are you breaking up with me?" Zoot asked not yelling anymore.
    Floyd continued down the stairs. The door to Zoot's room opened a second later then slammed closed.
    Floyd turned around. Janice was walking down the stairs, her eyes were rimmed with red and she looked like she'd start crying again any moment.
    "Jan are you alright?" Floyd asked.
    She walked down the stairs and over to him.
    "I like broke up with Zoot fer sure this time." Janice said.
    Floyd looked up the stairs Zoot's door was still closed. "Are you okay?" Floyd asked turning back to Janice.
    She shrugged "I like think so but I like need your help?" She asked.
    Floyd cocked and eyebrow. "With what?" He asked.
    Janice sighed. "You have to stop me from like taking Zoot back." She said.
    Floyd crossed his arms over his chest "who do you propose I do that?" He asked.
    Janice shrugged again. "Just like if he talks to me I don't know I like rully need help." She sighed.
    "I'll help you." Floyd said.
    "Rully?" Janice replied clearly surprised.
    Floyd nodded "ya why not." Floyd said.
    Janice smiled "Thanks Floyd," she said.
    "no problemo" Floyd said leading her towards the dinner table.

    Sorry there wasn't a whole lot of Piggy or anyone else I was trying to sort out the Janice Zoot Floyd
    Situation. I'll have more of KermitxPiggy and the other muppet in the next chap
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Like Wow! Great chapter! I like really want to see how Janice & Floyd become a great couple. I'm telling you! I can hear those Muppets from the original performers in the 1970s. This is rully cool! More please! I am like being really nice. Fer sure!
  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2
    Miss Piggy
    Kermit was in his office at the boarding house. He was filing all of the scripts and schedules and important papers from the first season. He was excited for September he never thought that this show would go so far. He jumped when the door opened and a blast of warm air and the overpowering scent of flowers took over his office.
    He looked up. Miss Piggy stood in the doorway. He hair was braided into a giant swirled bun on her head and she was wearing, a light blue sundress with white lace over top.
    “Miss Piggy what do you need?” He asked. Miss Piggy gave him an adoring smile.
    “Well Kermie I was wondering if you would come for coffee with me since we are on vacation?” she asked.
    Kermit sighed and put down his pen looking up at her. “I’m sorry Piggy you might be on vacation but I’m still finishing up some work.” Kermit said scribbling a note on a piece of paper before shuffling it to the bottom of his pile. “Oh Kermie you can’t take a little break, even for moi?” She cooed.
    Kermit shook his head, “maybe another day but for now I’m very busy. Maybe next week when I’m not drowning in work we can go for coffee.” Kermit suggested.
    “Okay Kermit but don’t over work yourself I wouldn’t want you getting sick for our date” Piggy said heading for the door.
    “Um It’s not a date it’s to co-stars getting coffee.” Kermit said.
    Piggy just smiled and closed the door behind her. “Oh jeesh now I’m getting coffee with the pig, this gets better and better.” Kermit sighed and returned to his work.

    Miss Piggy walked back through and out the door she walked down the street towards the theatre. The door was unlocked, there was barely anyone there but Miss Piggy wasn’t there to socialize she was there to do her own thing.
    She hurried off to her dressing room which was pink, pink and more pink. Foo Foo was sleeping on his little bed in the corner. He got up and ran to Piggy when she came in.
    “Oh Foo Foo how’s mommy’s little baby?” Piggy chirped scooping the small dog into her arms. Foo Foo wiggled and whimpered in her grasp. She set him back down on her table beside her and turned to her desk and opened a drawer where she stored a picture of Kermit it was an advertisement poster for the show when it first started.
    She kissed Kermit’s picture and set it down. Then she moved on to her closet.
    “Okay Foo Foo how about this one?” she asked holding up a dark purple dress with silver beading.
    Foo Foo bowed down and covered his eyes with his paws. “Well then, how about this one?” She asked holding up a silver dress. Foo Foo barked and turned around.
    Piggy huffed and turned back to her closet again. “Foo Foo what do you think of this dress?” Piggy asked holding up a pink dress it was super puffy. Foo Foo barked and jumped up and down.
    “Okay good boy thank you for helping mommy my little baby” She crooned. Foo Foo wagged his tail when she reached down to pet him.
    Miss Piggy couldn’t wait to have coffee with Kermit. She pulled out one of her magazines. And looked at different hairstyles, a knock on her door drew her attention away from her magazine.
    “Who is it?” Piggy asked.
    “It’s Janice,” Janice replied. Piggy got up and opened the door. Janice stood in the doorway. “Hey Piggy I like rully need your help.” Janice said.
    Piggy nodded and let Janice in closing the door, “what do you need?” Piggy asked a little impatiently.
    Janice looked over at Foo Foo who was growling at her in dislike. “I broke up with Zoot and I rully need help so I don’t go apologize to him.” Janice explained her voice choked with tears.
    Piggy sighed and sat down in her chair. “What do you need me for?” Piggy asked obviously confused.
    “Well, like what would you do?” Janice asked sighing in almost defeat.
    Piggy thought she had broken up with many guys before but she’d never given them a second thought. “Don’t think about him, think about something else. Do something else get your mind off him.” Piggy suggested,
    Janice nodded she thought it was a good idea, “I guess I could try that like thanks Piggy you’re rully helpful.” Janice said heading for the door,
    “You’re welcome.” Piggy replied watching Janice leave.
    Once she was gone Piggy turned back to her magazine. Foo Foo had fallen asleep. Piggy shook her head and flipped the page. She couldn’t control the excitement for her coffee date with Kermit.
    The Electric Mayhem was downstairs in the game room. Dr.Teeth and Zoot were playing darts, and Animal was retrieving the darts from the board for them. Janice was curled up in a chair with a book and Floyd was playing his bass on a chair in the corner.
    Rowlf ran downstairs in a panic, “There you guys are!” He exclaimed. Floyd looked up from his bass and waved. “What’s up dog man?” He asked.
    Rowlf looked around the room and turned back to Floyd, “Dr.Honeydew was in the kitchen working on...something. I don’t know what and the Swedish Chef was cooking...something. Again I have no idea what. Anyway Honeydew tried out this thing on Beaker and it blew up.” Rowlf paused.
    “What do you want us to do? We’re only geniuses if it has the word musical in front of it.” Dr.Teeth said.
    Rowlf rolled his eyes and sighed, “Bottom line we don’t have food until we get a new oven. So everyone is going for pizza. Are you guys in?” Rowlf asked.
    “Sure it’s probably better than whatever our foreign friend was inventing for us.” Floyd said.
    Rowlf nodded and smiled, “great we’re leaving at four.” He said running back upstairs.
    Dr.Teeth nodded and threw another dart.
    “C’mon man you’re killing me,” Zoot said. Dr.Teeth laughed “Face it I’m unbeatable.” He chuckled.
    Floyd set down his bass, “Alright guys someone think of something to do, quickly because Animal is getting bored very fast.” He said.
    Dr.Teeth turned around Animal was breathing very fast and his eyes were huge and wild. “Um Floyd maybe you should walk him, Zoot and I are in the middle of an intense game right now.” He explained shooting another dart.
    “Fine I’ll be back later, C’mon Animal let’s go for a walk.” Floyd said.
    Animal bolted for the stairs, “WALK! WALK! WALK!” Animal screamed. Floyd grabbed Animal’s chain and started up the stairs. “Hey Floyd wait I’m like coming with you.” Janice said following him up the stairs. “Sure meet us outside in five I gotta get Animal on his chain.” Floyd said.
    “Fer sure I’ll be outside.” Janice said walking for the door.
    Five minutes later Floyd met her outside. Animal was hopping and chewing on his chain wildly. “Okay let’s go.” Floyd said tugging Animal away from the house.
    Janice walked beside Floyd, Animal was pulling on his chain and running up to every person that walked by. “So you couldn’t stand to stay there with Zoot?” Floyd asked after a few minutes of walking.
    Janice shook her head, “no I never want to talk to him again.” She said.
    Floyd tugged Animal away from eating flowers outside on display for a flower shop. “Look I don’t blame you for being angry with him.” Floyd said.
    Janice smiled “thanks, I talked to Piggy she said not to think about him. I knew that if I stayed there it would be near impossible.” She said.
    Floyd laughed, “You went to the pig for help? You must really be heartbroken,” Floyd said.
    Janice laughed, making Floyd’s heart stop it’d been awhile since she’d laughed. He was happy to be the one to make her laugh again. “Yes I went to Miss Piggy for help.” Janice laughed.
    Animal tugged sharply on his chain again.
    Floyd pulled Animal back again, “are you going to be okay for practice tonight?” Floyd asked.
    Janice nodded, “Fer sure I wouldn’t miss practice for like anything” Janice said.
    “Great we’re leaving for the theatre after pizza tonight.” Floyd said.
    Animal calmed down and started to chew on his chain opposed to walking. “Finally, um we should head back he’s not going to walk much longer.” Floyd said turning the corner.
    Janice nodded, “We’re almost around the block the house is like really close.” She said.
    Floyd turned around Animal was sitting in someone’s garden eating their vegetables. “Animal c’mon man!” Floyd shouted pulling as hard as he could on the chain. Animal got up and ran over pulling Floyd in the opposite direction. “Janice I’d hurry up if I were you.” Floyd said trying to stop Animal from pulling him over.
    “Oh I’m coming” Janice said running after them.

    “Where are they?” Rowlf complained looking down the road.
    Dr.Teeth shrugged “I can’t answer that my furry friend even I don’t know” he replied.
    Zoot stood beside Dr.Teeth with his eyes narrowed; he didn’t like the idea of Janice running off with Floyd.
    “Finally, we’ve been waiting ten minutes for you guys to come back.” Gonzo said.
    Floyd pulled Animal out of the street Janice following behind him, “Sorry we had creature problems.” Floyd said.
    “Well alright let’s go,” Dr.Teeth said leading everyone onto the bus.
    Floyd hooked Animal’s chain and sat down in his seat. Zoot headed to the middle where he usually sat. “C’mon Janice baby I wanna talk to you.” Zoot said reaching for her hand.
    Janice recoiled and stepped back almost knocking Gonzo back down the steps.
    “Like no, I’m done with you,” Janice snapped sitting across from Rowlf. Zoot glared at her then proceeded to his seat.
    “I’m sorry Gonzo I didn’t mean to like make you almost fall.” Janice said.
    “It’s okay Janice,” Gonzo said sitting behind her.
    Dr.Teeth hopped on after everyone was on and got in his usual driver’s seat.
    “Alright we’re out of here,” He said.
    Everyone sat down when the bus started to move.
    “PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!” Animal yelled the whole way there.
    Floyd rushed to unhook Animal once the bus stopped hoping the pizza would come quickly so Animal would shut up.
    When Janice got off she looked close to tears. Rowlf and Gonzo were beside her talking to her in soothing voices.
    “Hey Jan what happened?” Floyd asked, walking over to her.
    She looked up but Gonzo stepped in instead, “Zoot called her a talentless stupid kid,” He said.
    Janice wiped the tears from her eyes, “he’s just mad it’s not a big deal.” She said.
    Floyd spun around to where Zoot was talking to Dr.Teeth. “Hey man what’s wrong with ya? Give her a break. You hit her you lost her, just leave her alone.” Floyd said.
    Dr.Teeth gave him a warning look but Zoot had already spun around at Floyd. “Don’t tell me what I did wrong Floyd, you know nothing!” Zoot shouted back.
    “Guys please stop!” Janice yelled rushing forwards.
    Floyd turned and held her back until Gonzo and Rowlf ran forwards and pulled her back. “I know enough to know that you’re taking your anger out on her. Leave her alone she already told you she was done.” Floyd yelled back.
    Zoot looked as though someone had punched him. Dr.Teeth grabbed Zoot and pulled him towards the door before he could reply.
    Janice broke away from Gonzo and Rowlf who headed inside with Animal. “Why’d you do that?” She asked clearly shocked.
    “He wasn’t fair to you.” Floyd replied.
    Janice smiled, “Thanks.” She said heading towards the door. Floyd followed her; everyone else was at the table when they walked in. Zoot was sitting in the seat in the corner, between Dr.Teeth and Gonzo. Janice sat beside Floyd and Rowlf. Zoot didn’t stop glaring at the two of them the whole time.
    Animal sat happily in his seat and ate majority of the pizza. “PIZZA GONE!” he yelled when it was completely gone.
    “Um...who’s up for ice cream?” Dr.Teeth asked.
    “Sure” Rowlf said, everyone else nodding their agreement.
    They piled into the bus once again. “Don’t sit near Zoot, and don’t let Janice sit near him either.” Dr.Teeth warned Floyd while they were waiting to get on the bus.
    “Got it,” Floyd replied.
    Janice headed for the middle of the bus but Floyd grabbed her arm. “Don’t sit there he’ll just hurt you again.” He told her. Janice cast a glance to where Zoot was still glaring at her and Floyd. She nodded and sat in the seat in front of Floyd.

    Kermit had been in his office all day; he finished filing and then gave up.
    Piggy didn’t visit him again which gave him a feeling of both relief and dread.
    He heard the door open when everyone came home. He got up and went out to meet them.
    “Hi guys, how was your pizza?” He asked, there were murmurs and whispers before Rowlf spoke up. “It was great we got ice cream too,” he said. Kermit smiled “Great,” He said walking back to his office. “Oh by the way everyone should be returning from wherever they were today so if the ask, I’m in my office.” Kermit said.
    “Sure thing green buddy,” Floyd said.
    “Thanks guys” Kermit said disappearing back into his office.
  10. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Write more. :flirt:
  11. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3
    Miss Piggy woke up very early; she showered and brushed her hair. While in was drying she brushed Foo Foo and put little bows on his ears.
    Today was the day she and Kermit were getting coffee. By ten she was ready her hair in curls and her dress on she was excited and ready to go.
    Kermit was pacing outside in a panic. “What have I done?” Kermit said.
    “Kermie!” Miss Piggy shouted running across the street.
    Kermit looked up and forced a smile, “Hi Piggy, the coffee shop is this way.” He said leading her down the street.
    She walked quickly beside him, “Oh Kermie I’m so excited for our date,” Piggy said.
    Kermit groaned and looked down at the sidewalk. “Piggy I’ve already told you we’re two friends getting coffee it’s not a date.” Kermit said.
    Miss Piggy didn’t seem to hear him, “Oh Kermie this date will be perfect.” She continued, Kermit was ready to run off in terror and frustration. But at that moment they reached the coffee shop. “Here we are,” Piggy said walking in when Kermit opened the door for her.
    “I’ll get the coffee you can get a table.” Piggy said standing in line.
    Kermit shook his head, “I’ll get the coffee you go find the table” he said. Instead of arguing Piggy kissed his cheek and went to sit down.
    A few minutes later they were sipping their coffees in silence. “So Kermie when’s our next date?” Piggy asked batting her eyelashes.
    “Um Piggy look this wasn’t a date, I told you that. I don’t think we’re going to have a date anytime soon.” He said softly. Piggy frowned, “But-but Kermie?” She whispered. She smiled again. “Well than moi will have to surprise vous and take vous on a date sometime.” Piggy said standing up. Kermit followed her outside.
    “Don’t worry Kermie I’ll take you on a date. I had fun today.” She said.
    Kermit didn’t want to hurt her feelings again so he just smiled. “I did too Piggy, I’ll see you around.” He hugged her then she hurried off down the street in the direction of the theatre.
    Kermit closed his eyes and groaned he may have just promised her another date.

    The summer was flying by and the second season was drawing near.
    Janice was sitting on the roof of the board house. Her problems with Zoot weren’t getting any better. He constantly glared at her and Floyd. Speaking of Floyd he opened the window and walked out beside her. “Hey,” he said sitting beside her.
    Janice looked over at him, “Hey,” she replied.
    Floyd looked at the sky. “It’s been over a week and I’m like totally still mad at him,” Janice said.
    Floyd sighed and faced her, “Why wouldn’t you be? He treat’s you terrible every chance he gets.” Floyd said.
    “I know,” Janice replied.
    Her eyes were clouded and sad, “Jan, don’t kill me for saying this but, you guys never really got along. You fought a lot even when you were together; I didn’t see you happy the whole time you were with him.” Floyd said.
    Janice sighed and was quiet for a moment before talking “you’re totally right. I guess we like different things, this is rully tearing the band apart.” Janice said.
    Floyd shrugged, “We’ve seen better days. If it’s anyone it’s him,” Floyd told her.
    Janice smiled, “I may be totally mad at him but I’m fer sure over him.” Janice laughed.
    Floyd laughed “you need to shock him, somehow make him know that.” Floyd said.
    “Like how do I do that?” She asked.
    Floyd shrugged, “man I don’t know. That’s up to you” he said.
    Janice lay on her back and looked up at the stars. “I just want him to like move on himself,” she said.
    “Then tell him that.” Floyd said. That comment was so unlike Floyd that it almost made Janice laugh.
    Janice sat back up and watched a shooting star zoom by. “Did you see that” They asked each other at the same time.
    Janice laughed, Floyd watched happy that she was happy again.
    “Floyd, Janice dinner’s ready.” Dr.Teeth called out the window.
    Floyd stood up and helped Janice up after him.
    She smiled and headed for the window.

    Kermit for the first time in days was able join everyone for dinner.
    They had to make do with sandwiches until they bought a new oven which Kermit was hoping would be this weekend. Miss Piggy joined them late. She smiled at him and batted her eyelashes continuously. Kermit gulped and looked down at his plate while he ate.
    “This is an outrage!” Sam said bursting into the room with his feathers askew.
    “What’s wrong Sam?” Kermit asked looking up desperately trying not to look at Miss Piggy who was now blowing him kisses.
    “The fact that we have the oven broken and you won’t get a new one.” Sam argued.
    Kermit sighed and kept his eyes on Sam who was unfortunately sitting next to Miss Piggy. “Sam I’m going to get a new one this weekend that’s in two days. Please calm down and eat your sandwich.” Kermit told him.
    Sam huffed and drank his water in silence, he was pleased...for now.
    Kermit ran to his room after dinner hoping Miss Piggy hadn’t followed him. A knock on the door crushed his hopes, “Kermie open up.” She said. Kermit rolled his eyes and walked to the door opening it. Miss Piggy had changed into white dress with black flowers on it and her hair was straight. “Come take a walk in the moonlight with me Kermie.” She said.
    “Not tonight Piggy I’m going to bed I’m tired.” Kermit replied with a yawn.
    Piggy smiled, “tomorrow then.” She said skipping away before he could reply.
    Kermit sighed he wasn’t going for that walk tomorrow. He was going to have a little chat with Miss Piggy.

    Another week later, Janice was happier than she’d been in a long time. They’d already handed out the promotional posters for the second season that was already drawing near.
    Janice was walking outside one night when Floyd found her. “Hey Jan, where’re ya goin?” He asked. Janice turned and faced him, “I’m going to like go for a walk around the block do you want to like come?” She asked.
    Floyd shrugged “Sure why not.” He said. Janice smiled and led him outside.
    “I can’t like believe season two of the show is starting soon.” Janice mused.
    Floyd smiled, “I know soon you’ll be back to being a doctor and a...”
    “Oh no! Floyd, Zoot is my partner for At The Dance!” Janice exclaimed.
    Floyd turned and looked at her amusement written clearly on his face. “You can talk to Kermit tomorrow.” He told her, Janice sighed and covered her face with her hands.
    “Janice it’ll be alright,” Floyd said touching her shoulder lightly.
    She shook her head, “Floyd I’m never going to like get away he’ll always be there.” She sobbed the tears falling down her cheeks.
    “Janice, Zoot’s always going to be in the band with us. But other things can be taken care of, like a sketch Kermit will fix it.” Floyd said. Janice nodded and kept walking.
    Floyd wanted to pull her close and hug her, but he couldn’t she was done with band members. She didn’t have to say it he just knew.
    Janice turned around and faced him. “What’s wrong Jan?” He asked.
    “Floyd what’s going to like happen?” Janice asked.
    Floyd was completely confused. “Um...Jan what are you talking about?” He asked.
    Janice sighed like it was obvious “The band, what’s going to happen?” Janice asked.
    Floyd stared at the ground, “We’re going to stay in the show.” He said simply.
    Janice nodded and continued to walk. But Floyd had the feeling there was something she wasn’t saying.
    They opened the door and walked in the house. Gonzo and Fozzie were playing cards in the corner and Dr.Teeth was trying to talk Dr.Honeydew out of putting Beaker in a fire proof suit and setting it on fire.
    “I’m going to sit on the like roof, do you wanna come?” Janice asked pausing at the foot of the stairs.
    “Lead the way.” Floyd said following her upstairs.
    The sun had completely set by now. Janice sat on the ledge so her legs were dangling over the edge of the roof. Floyd sat beside her.
    “It’s like totally so peaceful out here” Janice sighed.
    Floyd sat beside her and just watched her for a minute, “What?” She asked turning to face him.
    “You’re so happy; it’s been forever since I’ve seen you this happy.” Floyd said.
    Janice beamed, “I feel happier too, it’s weird.” She said. Floyd watched her smile again.
    “It’s great,” Floyd said.
    Janice looked over the edge and laughed “We’re so high up” She said.
    She leaned over farther, not noticing how much weight she was putting over the edge. Floyd realized first and leaned to pull her back. Too late she lost her balance and went over. Floyd grabbed her arm just in time.
    “Ah! Floyd don’t like drop me!” She said kicking her legs.
    “I won’t let go,” He said. He backed up and pulled her back up. He put her beside him and collapsed on his back.
    Janice sat up and took a deep breath, “Are you okay?” Floyd asked.
    “Thanks to you I am.” Janice said. Floyd sat up and hugged her. “Don’t scare me like that again, if something happened to you...” He trailed off. Janice sat back and faced him.
    “What would you do?” she asked.
    “What?” Floyd replied
    Janice smiled, “if something like happened to me what would you do?” She asked again.
    Floyd sighed, “I don’t know,” He muttered.
    Janice sighed she was quiet for a minute. “I’d leave,” Floyd said after a minute.
    “What?” Janice asked.
    “I’d leave if something happened to you.” Floyd admitted.
    Janice gave him a puzzled expression. Floyd looked at her. “If I hadn’t caught you, I probably would’ve left the show.” He said. Janice’s gaze softened.
    “Thank you for like saving me and all.” Janice said,
    Floyd hugged her again, “we should probably go inside. It’s getting late and I don’t want you falling off the roof a second time. I can only save you so many times per night.” Floyd said.
    “Okay,” Janice laughed and got up. They headed for the window and climbed inside the dim hallway.
    Janice was walking to her room but Floyd caught her hand. Janice spun around, Floyd looked at his hand in horror he had no idea what he was doing.
    “Floyd?” Janice said.
    Before Floyd knew what he was doing, he was kissing her.
    Janice froze in shock then relaxed and kissed him back.
    “I’m sorry,” he said pulling back and stepping away from her.
    Janice laughed “don’t be” She said kissing him again. This time he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.
    A slamming door made them both turn around.
    Zoot was standing outside of his room. “I knew it, Floyd how could you. This whole time you were trying to steal my girl.” Zoot said,
    “C’mon man you know I’d never do that.” Floyd said, Zoot narrowed his eyes, “Jan did he tell you to break up with me? Were you cheating on me?” Zoot asked angrily.
    Janice shook her head, “no Zoot it was totally my choice to break up with you,” Janice said.
    “Zoot I wasn’t cheating on you like at all, Floyd and I...”
    “Forget it,” Zoot said running downstairs.
    Janice was holding back tears. “Hey it’ll be alright.” Floyd said.
    Janice shook her head, “No I fer sure broke his heart again.” She said her voice choked by the tears.
    Floyd took her hand leading her down the hall. They walked into his room; Floyd switched on the light and sat her on the bed beside him.
    “I’m totally a terrible person,” she said.
    Floyd brushed the tears away, “No you’re not, you can talk to him, and we’ll sort it out.” Floyd said.
    Janice nodded and stopped crying. “What are we going to do?” She asked.
    “I can honestly say I have no idea,” Floyd said.
    Janice sighed and leaned against him. Floyd put his arms around her unsure of what else to do.”
    Janice sat back up and wiped the tears from her eyes, “I’m rully tired I should go to bed.” She said.
    “Okay and Jan. If you need me I’ll be here for you.” Floyd said. Janice nodded and kissed his cheek. Then she walked back out into the hall and disappeared.
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    The fall of an ugly romance and the rise of a beautiful one. This story is getting good. ;)
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    Chapter 4
    Fair Game
    Dr.Teeth came bursting into Floyd’s room a moment later. “How could you?” He almost growled. Floyd flinched and set down his bass.
    “Whoa whoa man what did I do? I Animal ate someone I had nothing to do with it unless it was the pig. Then I probably had something to...”
    “Will you shut up” Dr.Teeth snarled, it wasn’t a question.
    Floyd stopped talking and stared and the fuming band leader, “can I seriously ask what I did?” Floyd said.
    “You don’t know? It’s not something you forget Floyd, going after Janice like that. How could you Floyd?” Dr.Teeth snapped.
    “She and Zoot broke up.” Floyd shrugged.
    “What happened to her being like a sister to you?” Dr.Teeth asked.
    Floyd glared at him, “we were eight.” He said. “I don’t see how it matters, unless. Do you like her Teeth?” Floyd asked.
    Dr.Teeth recoiled, “no” he muttered. Floyd laughed,
    “You do don’t you?” Floyd said crossing his arms over his chest.
    Dr.Teeth glared daggers at him, “I will hit you.” He said darkly. He was using a tone Floyd had only heard him use a few times. Floyd quickly stopped laughing and paid attention.
    “Teeth I got to her first they broke up almost a month ago, it was fair game I listened to her and helped her. You did nothing,” Floyd said in a warning voice.
    “Floyd, I didn’t do anything because she was heartbroken.” Dr.Teeth said.
    Floyd raised his eyebrows. “All the more reason to comfort her,” Floyd said.
    Dr.Teeth knew he had a point, “why didn’t you talk to us?” Was all he said.
    “I don’t know I’m sorry,” Floyd said
    Dr.Teeth sighed “I guess its pointless now,” he said.
    Floyd shrugged. “I’m really sorry man.” He said.
    “Don’t worry about it,” Dr.Teeth said.
    Floyd watched his friend leave the room and couldn’t help but feel terrible.

    The next morning Janice was walking down the hall but stopped at the window, Floyd was sitting on the roof. She opened the window and slid through onto the roof. Floyd turned to face her but didn’t say anything. “Hey,” she said sitting beside him.
    “Hi,” He said quietly. Janice frowned “what’s wrong?” She asked.
    “Teeth and I were fighting last night.” Floyd said.
    Janice looked at him, “About what?” She asked.
    Floyd laughed, “You.” He said.
    Janice laughed, “Why were you two like fighting about me?” She asked.
    “We both...like you I guess.” Floyd replied.
    “You do?” She asked looking over at him.
    Floyd nodded, “Ya look I’m sorry about last night. And if you like Teeth that’s fine...” Floyd trailed off unable to finish.
    “Why are you sorry?” She asked.
    Floyd sighed, “Because I had no right to kiss you.” He said.
    “I don’t like Teeth I totally like you and I don’t want you to be all like sorry about kissing me, because I’m not.” She said.
    Floyd turned to face her, he rested and hand on her cheek. “Jan...” He started but didn’t finish because Janice kissed him.
    He wrapped his arms around her waist and she put her’s around his neck.
    He pulled back and stared at her, “Are you sure you’d rather be with me?” He asked.
    Janice nodded. “Fer sure,” Janice said. Floyd laughed and hugged her.

    Kermit ran into his office at the theatre to quickly sort everything out. The first show was two weeks away.
    He had the first guest star already booked, it was Don Knotts, and Kermit was still working on the sketches for the show and who was doing what,
    He’d religiously avoided Miss Piggy for the better part of the last two weeks. She’d still bat her eyelashes and blow kisses at him when he walked by or at the table but he tried his best to ignore it.
    There was a knock on the door and Kermit jumped hoping it wasn’t Miss Piggy.
    He opened the door, and looked into thin air.
    “Down here green guy,” a voice called. Kermit looked down to see Rizzo and Pepe standing there looking up at him. “Oh hi guys come in,” Kermit said opening the door the rest of the way to let them in.
    They scurried past him. Kermit closed the door and looked down at them.
    “Hey Kermit Pepe and I were wondering I we could have a small part in the first show?” Rizzo asked.
    Kermit sighed, “I’m sorry guys but the show is almost full maybe the second show,” Kermit said.
    Rizzo and Pepe shared a glance, “but Kermin it’s the first show hokay,” Pepe said.
    Kermit shook his head, I’m sorry guys but there’s just not enough time.” Kermit said.
    “Okay Kermit we understand.” Rizzo said.
    They hurried back out the door. Kermit sighed and sat back down at his desk he had a lot of work to do.

    Miss Piggy was in her dressing room getting it ready for the show. She only had Veterinarian’s Hospital this show. She wasn’t impressed with such a small role but it was up to Kermit and she wasn’t about to have Kermit mad at her again.
    Foo Foo sat beside her, His small white tail wagging quickly and excitedly. Piggy pet him absentmindedly. Even though she wasn’t in the show lots she would be on stage long enough for people to know it was her. For that she’d have to look good.
    Foo Foo yelped beside her and she continued to pet him. She flipped through her new magazine and then wandered to her closet, “out of style, out of style, out of style.” She said tossing numerous amounts of dresses on the floor when she was satisfied she turned and looked at Foo Foo.
    “Foo Foo baby we’re going shopping,” she said. He barked and followed her to the door. Piggy smiled and opened it leading the way out.

    Floyd opened the window and dropped down inside pulling Janice in after him. He started down the hallway, Janice followed curiously after him. “Where are we going?” She asked seeing it was past ten.
    Floyd took her hand and led her downstairs behind him. All the lights were out and everyone was most likely asleep. Floyd unlocked the door and led her outside.
    “Floyd where are we going,” she said mid laugh.
    “We are sneaking out.” He said walking down the sidewalk with her.
    She cocked her head to one side and laughed, “Rully well where are we sneaking out to?” She asked.
    “It’s a surprise,” he replied. Janice rolled her eyes and let him lead her through the streets.
    He came to an old wooden fence that was falling down and rotted in several places. Instead of walking down the street he released her hand and climbed the fence lifting her over after him.
    “Floyd what are we like doing?” Janice asked. He didn’t answer instead he took her hand again and led her through the dark forest looming ahead of them. Janice gulped but didn’t say anything.
    He led her through the pitch black forest. Janice had no idea how he knew where he was going but she didn’t question him.
    Finally the trees cleared away and they reached a river. The moon shone perfectly on the water Floyd didn’t stop walking he continued down the shore and climbed a small hill where a large piece of land stretched out into the water. Floyd led her all the way to the end of the point.
    He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, “surprise,” he whispered. Janice laughed and spun in his arms to face him. “This is like rully beautiful,” she said.
    Floyd kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.
    When they finally pulled back Janice smiled at him.
    “You look tired,” Floyd said.
    “I’m okay” she replied.
    Floyd laughed and kissed her cheek. “We should go back,” he said.
    Janice sighed and hugged him, “fine” she replied.
    Floyd took her hand again and led her back to the shore, she walked silently beside him. He lifted her over the fence again then they walked back down the streets.
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    Oh wow!!! This is getting good! Please write more. :flirt:
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    Wow! This is a perfect story! I am into Kermit & Piggy, Janice & Floyd. Poor Piggy! She did get some songs though in the second season fer sure.
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    I'm out of town tomorrow so I won't have time to post more so here's another chapter for now. Enjoy

    Chapter 5
    Kermit had just handed out the scripts for the first show and was surprised to find everyone in the theatre rehearsing.
    "Great job Fozzie." Kermit said nodding to Fozzie who was helping Gonzo move some of the sets in place.
    "Kermit." Rowlf said walking over.
    "Rowlf there you are I was looking for you. Here." Kermit turned around and picked up a puppy from a box behind him. It squirmed and wiggled in Kermit's arms.
    "What do you want me to do with that puppy?" Rowlf asked.
    Kermit laughed “You are going to sing what a wonderful world to it on the show." Kermit said handing the puppy to Rowlf.
    "But the show isn't for another few days what do I do with this puppy until then?" Rowlf asked.
    Kermit pet the puppy's back. "Practice your song with him and um babysit it." Kermit said.
    "Oh okay Kermit." Rowlf said walking off with the puppy.
    Kermit laughed and walked to where Miss Piggy was talking to Janice. "So wait he has three left feet but left two in Cincinnati?" Piggy asked.
    "That's totally what the script says." Janice said pointing to a line on a sheet of paper.
    "Kermit!" Janice said rushing over.
    "Yes Janice?" Kermit replied.
    "Where's like the screaming thing and Rowlf? We can't find like either of them" Janice asked.
    Kermit checked his schedule. "The screaming thing is practicing the opening number. And Rowlf is backstage singing to a puppy." Kermit said. Janice gave him a puzzled look but didn't say anything.
    "Can you guys manage without him for awhile?" Kermit asked.
    "Fer sure totally." Janice said walking back over to Miss Piggy.
    The rest of the band found Janice a few minutes later.
    "Jan," Floyd said. Walking over to her.
    "Hey honey what's up?" She asked.
    Floyd cast a glance a Piggy who ignored him. He dragged Janice off stage. "For the lullaby of birdland" He started but Janice interrupted before he could say anything else. "Wait I'm not doing that song." Janice said. Floyd looked at her, "You're not?" He asked.
    Janice shook her head. "No," she replied.
    "Oh it thought the whole band was in it." Floyd replied.
    Janice shook her head and hugged him. "I'm only doing Vet's Hospital this week," Janice said.
    Floyd kissed her and went off to join the rest of the band.
    Zoot was off in the corner playing his sax when
    Dr. Teeth Floyd and Animal came in.
    "There you guys are." Zoot said standing up and waiting for everyone else to get set up.
    "Alright we have to rock without Janice this time but even without her we can still roll." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Wait I'm playing vibes for this song who's doing bass?" Floyd asked.
    Everyone shrugged. "I guess we can talk to Kermit before the show." Floyd said.
    Dr. Teeth nodded and they started to play.

    Kermit wandered to his office and pulled out the script for the show's Vets Hospital.
    He read it over and thought of something still clutching the script in his hand he ran back out onstage.
    "Piggy, Janice where's Rowlf has he come back yet?" Kermit asked.
    "Um like no sorry Kermit I thought fer sure he'd be back by now but he's totally gone and like missing practice and stuff." Janice said.
    "Ya Kermie where is Rowlf. We need him to practice our sketch." Piggy said blowing him a kiss.
    "I'll um go and find him." Kermit muttered before running off.
    "Okay so let's go over our lines like one more time so we know what we're like doing when Rowlf comes." Janice suggested.
    "Maybe later I have to go sort through my out of style clothes again with Foo Foo." Piggy said.
    "Um sure see you like later." Janice said.
    Miss Piggy picked up her script and walked off. Janice rolled her eyes and skipped off down the hall she heard the music before she opened the door.
    The band stopped playing when Janice walked in. “Hey guys I’m done practice so I thought I’d like come and watch for a bit,” she chirped.
    “Sure thing Jan.” Floyd said. Dr.Teeth rolled his eyes before speaking. “The lady can stay if she promises not to distract Floyd.” He said.
    “Don’t worry I’m not going to talk,” Janice agreed sitting in a chair in the corner.
    Dr.Teeth sighed and tried not to laugh. “Floyd pay attention to what you’re doing and not to Janice,” he snapped,
    Floyd tried not to laugh too, “Man what are you going to do, turn the chair around?” Floyd said sarcastically.
    Five minutes later Janice was sitting facing the wall. “Floyd you just had to like say something didn’t you?” Janice asked smiling.
    Floyd glared at Dr.Teeth who shrugged, “I’m sorry. That Teeth’s an idiot,” Floyd said.
    “IDIOT IDIOT!!” Animal roared pounding on his drums.
    “C’mon guys let’s just play,” Zoot said.
    “Animal’s going to lose it,” Floyd said. Dr.Teeth nodded and they started to play again, Janice stared at the wall and waited for the song to be over before getting up. “Ya know what guys? I’m gonna like go see if Kermit’s found Rowlf yet so we can do Vet’s Hospital, I’ll like see you guys later.” She walked towards the door and opened it.
    “Oh c’mon Janice stay a bit longer we need the support,” Teeth said almost sarcastically. “I need to practice,” she said before leaving.
    “Why are you guys all being jerks? This needs to stop it’s tearing Janice apart and the band!” Zoot said setting down his sax.
    Dr.Teeth stopped playing and sat down. Even Animal calmed down. Floyd looked up and walked over to the center of the room.
    “Guys Janice broke up with me and I’m sorry about the way I acted, but both of you enough with the fighting and the threatening. This band has been together a long time, maybe long enough.” Zoot said angrily.
    Floyd walked forwards and grabbed Zoot’s upper arms. “The band isn’t breaking up, I’m sorry about the fighting.” Floyd stepped back and faced Dr.Teeth, “Teeth he’s right we have to try, poor Animal’s going to lose it.” Floyd said.
    Dr.Teeth stepped out from behind his keyboard, “you’re right I’m sorry. And you and Janice, we both overreacted,” Dr.Teeth said.
    Floyd punched him the arm lightly, “no more fighting?” He said.
    “Ya man,” Teeth said hitting him back.
    “SORRY SORRY!” Animal yelled jumping up and down in excitement.
    Floyd laughed and hurried to the door, “I have to go find Janice.” Floyd said before he too left.

    Kermit was going over the schedule in a hurry, “Hey Scooter!” Kermit yelled looking around.
    “Hey boss what do you need?” Scooter asked popping up beside Kermit.
    “I need you to go around and have do a quick rehearsal for me. I forgot a whole bunch of stuff back at the house.” Kermit said he ran to his desk and grabbed some papers,
    “Okay you go ahead I’ll do the rehearsal.” Scooter said.
    Kermit sighed and resisted the urge to hug him, “Thank you” Kermit answered rushing out the door.
    He walked very quickly down the sidewalk and straight into Miss Piggy. “Kermie!” She said squishing him into a hug.
    “Hey...Piggy...You’re...Kinda...Squishing...Me.” Kermit finally choked out.
    “Oh sorry Kermie,” she said. Kermit smiled and tried to keep walking but Piggy pulled him back. “When do you want to have our date?” she asked.
    “I don’t know Piggy I don’t think we will.” Kermit said,
    Piggy laughed and smiled. “We will I’ll surprise you soon,” she said walking into the theatre.
    “Good grief, I’ll never get away.” Kermit said before continuing down the street.

    Floyd found Janice sitting on the steps outside. “Jan?” He said sitting beside her and putting an arm around her.
    “Hey,” She replied softly, he knew she was sad.
    Floyd pulled her closer, “I’m sorry about everything. We’re always fighting and I talked to the guys they’re sorry too.” He said.
    Janice smiled and faced him, “Rully you’re not going to fight anymore?” She asked.
    “No, not anymore,” Floyd replied,
    Janice looked over across the street where was a lady walking several dogs. “I rully wanted to be with you Floyd but if the rest disagrees then it won’t like work out.” Janice said.
    Floyd brushed a strand of hair from her face, “I talked to the band, and they’re okay with it.” He said.
    “Even Zoot?” She asked shocked, Floyd nodded,
    “As far as I know.” He said, “I want to be with you too, and it will work out.” He said,
    “How do you know?” She asked,
    “I just do,” He replied. Janice smiled and leaned against him.
    Floyd took her hand, “Floyd what if this like tears the band apart?” She asked,
    He looked down at her, “Janice it won’t,”
    Before she could question him anymore he kissed her, “trust me,” He said. Janice nodded and stood up.
    “We should rully go finish rehearsal,” Janice said.
    “The worst part of being on the show.” Floyd said.
    Janice put her arm around his waist and led him inside.
    “The band will be looking for me,” Floyd said.
    Janice turned and put both arms around his waist drawing him closer. “I better go too Miss Piggy will be back soon from sorting her out of style clothes. I’ll see you later?” Janice said,
    “That pig, the only thing worse is her dog.” Floyd said, Janice laughed and let him go, “I’ll see you later,” she said before walking onstage.

    Everyone was returning home from the theater, it was more like a parade with everyone talking at once and the fact that more than half of them weren’t human.
    The Swedish Chef had dinner on the table when they came through the door. “It’s a good thing Kermit bought the new oven I was going crazy on just sandwiches.” Fozzie said.
    Kermit ran in from his office a few minutes later, “Hi everyone sorry I’ve been missing for most of the day. I just talked to Don Knotts on the phone and he confirmed that he’ll be the guest star for our show.
    “Um Kermit, I invited the puppy to dinner if that’s okay?” Rowlf asked pointing to the puppy asleep on the chair beside him.
    “Um sure Rowlf,” Kermit said sitting down.
    Kermit was looked down the table and smiled everyone had come tonight. “It’s great for me to see everyone is back in town for the show.” Kermit said with a smile.
    Everyone nodded and clapped in agreement with him.

    “I want to show you something,” Floyd said taking Janice’s hand and leading her outside.
    “Is like this another surprise?” Janice asked, Floyd laughed. “It could be” He said leading her around the back of the house.
    He led her into the backyard and back inside through the back door. “Floyd you wanted to show the outside of the house?” Janice asked.
    “No it’s just faster and I wanted to make sure no one else was outside.” He said, “Stay here,” he told her before running upstairs. Janice stood and looked outside the sun was setting and the backyard was empty.
    Floyd came back with a large book in his hands. He took her hand again and led her back outside. He sat on the step and pulled her down beside him handing her the book. “What is this?” Janice asked.
    “Open it,” He said. Janice flipped open the cover and revealed a bunch of pictures. They were loose and spread all over the page. All of them were of the band and members of the band. “It’s Teeth’s he hasn’t finished it but...” Floyd stopped when Janice picked up a picture of her. She had her guitar in her hands. She wasn’t playing thought, her hat was on and her blond hair fell forwards covering most of her face.
    “It’s terrible,” Janice said shuffling it to the back of the pile.”I like this picture.” Floyd said picking up another one of her. It was from last summer, they were at the beach. She was on her knees in the sand putting shells on a sand castle her hair was full of flowers that Floyd and Zoot had woven into it.
    “All day you guys begged me to put flowers in like my hair.” Janice said with a laugh.
    “And I was right you looked beautiful,” Floyd said kissing her cheek.
    Janice laughed, “That was a good day,” she said.
    “We’ll go back soon.” Floyd said.
    Janice went to the next picture; there were a few of the whole band one of Animal pounding on his drums. Janice flipped the page. The pictures on the next page were properly put into the book. One of the bus, the theatre, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Foo Foo.
    Floyd flipped the page; there were pictures of last gigs one of Janice and Zoot.
    “You look so beautiful in every picture,” Floyd said.
    Janice shook her head, “no I don’t.” She replied.
    There were only a few more pages then the pictures got older, some of them from when they were kids.
    One of them having a water gun fight when they were ten, playing their instruments when they were twelve,
    Janice stopped at a picture; it was all of them when they were fourteen. They were in Janice’s backyard. Janice’s mom had taken it; they had all been talking about school and just lay down in the grass. Janice was lying between Zoot and Floyd. Dr.Teeth was beside Floyd and Animal had been running in circles around them so he appeared as a purple blur on the side of the picture.
    Janice laughed like she was in the picture. “I totally remember this.” She said,
    “Good,” Floyd said.
    Janice laughed, “Why did you want me to like remember this?” she asked.
    Floyd smiled, “because you look very pretty.” He whispered Janice smiled.
    He flipped the page again, “This is my favourite page,” He said.
    Janice looked down.
    The page was all older pictures but they weren’t as old.
    The first one was their first year in highschool. Janice was holding an unfamiliar guitar, her hair was curled into ringlets and she was wearing a purple sundress.
    The rest was the band onstage and in school. “Why is this like your favorite page?” Janice asked.
    “Because this is when the band first started playing gigs at school,” Floyd said. Janice leaned her head on his shoulder.
    Floyd closed the album and pulled her into his arms. “To think I’ve known you all these years but still let Zoot get to you first.” Floyd said.
    Janice laughed and kissed his cheek, “I’m leaving,” Janice whispered.
    “What!” Floyd said almost dropping her.
    Janice sighed, “Not forever I’m going to visit Morgan for a few days, and I’ll be back in time for the next show.” Janice said. Floyd sighed and buried his face in her hair.
    “You’re leaving already?” Floyd said.
    “Not until after the first show.” Janice said.
    Floyd kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and his arms tightened around her.
    “We’d better go inside its getting dark.” Janice said,
    Floyd lifted her up and carried her to the door. He set her down to slide the door open then led her into the games room where the rest of the band was lounging around.
    “There you two are.” Dr.Teeth said. Floyd gave him a puzzled look and sat in one of the chairs. Janice walked over and sat beside him. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer.
    “What did you need Teeth?” Floyd asked.
    “Well,” Dr.Teeth said throwing a dart and beating Zoot for the fifth time that week.
    “We need your and the ladies assistance with a little debate we’ve got goin here.” Dr.Teeth said.
    Floyd sighed, “What debate?” He asked.
    “Who’s got better aim man?” Zoot asked, “Teeth.” Floyd said in two seconds.
    “How did you decide that?” Zoot asked. Floyd shrugged, “Teeth’s beat you five times this week.” Floyd said.
    Dr.Teeth smiled, “I knew I could count on ya man.” He said shooting another dart.
    Janice leaned her head on Floyd’s shoulder.
    He wrapped his arms tighter around her and hugged her close. “Ya know guys we need a gig.” Zoot said after a moment’s silence.
    “The show is in two days,” Floyd said. Zoot shrugged, “The show is one night a week that leaves six other nights for a gig.” Zoot replied.
    “He has a rully good point we should try to like find somewhere to play so we can get some more money.” Janice said.
    “That’s true we should try to find something,” Teeth said. Floyd nodded, Animal who was rocking as fast as he could in his chair, stopped and looked at everyone paying attention to the current discussion.
    “We won’t start looking for anything until after the show,” Floyd said.
    Janice yawned and curled closer to Floyd, “Jan you fallin asleep?” He asked.
    Janice nodded. Floyd picked her up, “I’ll be back guys.” He said carrying her upstairs.
    Floyd laid Janice in her bed but she sat up and grabbed his hand sitting him down beside her. “I thought you were tired?” He asked.
    Janice shrugged “I am but I need to talk to you.” She replied. Floyd smiled and brushed her hair out of her face, “About what?” He asked.
    “Do you love me?” She asked.
    Floyd opened his mouth to reply, but Dr.Teeth ran in.
    “Floyd we need you downstairs now!” He said.
    “Why?” Floyd asked. But Dr.Teeth didn’t reply,
    “Sorry Janice.” Dr.Teeth called while pulling Floyd out of the room.
    Janice crossed her arms in front of her chest and narrowed her eyes; she’d talk to him in the morning.

    Everything was crazy the next morning everyone was running around and trying to get in last minute practices. Miss Piggy ran downstairs and into Kermit’s office, “Kermie that is it! Take that puppy away from Rowlf he hasn’t practiced Vet’s Hospital once. He brought it to dinner and he just asked moi to lend him a purse to carry it around in!” She yelled. Kermit flinched and stood up, “Miss Piggy the show is tomorrow and then the puppy will be gone.” Kermit said.
    “Kermie can you at least talk to him about rehearsing his lines, if he forgets them it will make moi look bad.” She complained.
    Kermit rolled his eyes and walked around his desk and over to the door. “Where is he?” Kermit asked.
    “In there on the piano with the puppy!” Piggy yelled.
    Kermit walked into the living room and walked over to Rowlf, “Rowlf where’s the puppy?” Kermit asked.
    Rowlf looked up and held the puppy up that blinked its eyes lazily, “Why what’s wrong Kermit?” Rowlf asked.
    “What’s wrong vous are asking us what’s wrong? You haven’t practiced Vet’s Hospital at all!” Piggy shrieked. Kermit rested a hand on her arm. “Calm down,” he whispered.
    “Sorry Kermit I’ll get right on that.” Rowlf said picking up the puppy and running upstairs.
    “You couldn’t have done that?” Kermit asked like it was obvious.
    Miss Piggy gasped and narrowed her eyes, “Moi is a very busy woman” She snapped. Kermit nodded and marched off to his office without looking back.
    Fozzie ran by Piggy in a hurry his arms stacked with papers, “Fozzie!” Miss Piggy called in a sing song voice.
    “Oh no” Fozzie cried turning around to face her while trembling.
    Miss Piggy smiled and beckoned him closer, “Will vous do moi a favor?” She asked.
    Fozzie took a deep breath and nodded, “S-sure.” He replied
    Miss Piggy smiled and touched his shoulder lightly, “Will vous go to the theatre and get Foo Foo pour moi?” Miss Piggy asked.
    Fozzie nodded and ran out the door without looking back.
    Fozzie found Foo Foo asleep in Miss Piggy’s dressing room.
    “Hey little Foo Foo,” Fozzie said walking forwards slowly.
    Foo Foo jumped up and growled “Good doggy!” Fozzie cried holding his hands up in defence.
    Foo Foo continued to growl showing pointed white teeth, “Okay Foo Foo. I’m going to bring you to Piggy, Please don’t eat my face!” he begged.
    The dog sat down and stopped growling. Fozzie tried to pick him up but Foo Foo snapped at his hand. Fozzie ran to the other side of the room, “don’t eat me!” He yelled as Foo Foo hopped on the floor in front of him.
    Thinking fast Fozzie grabbed a nearby purse and threw it on top of the small dog. He flipped it over and zipped it shut. The purse wiggled and barked.
    “Time to go!” Fozzie said running out of the dressing room.
    Foo Foo barked and yelped inside the purse.
    “Fozzie are you feeling okay? You have a really weird cough. Why do you have a pink purse?” Gonze asked.
    “I’m fine and it’s a fashion statement I have to go!” Fozzie said clutching the purse and sprinting away.
    “One weird fashion statement” Gonzo said walking towards the stage.
    Fozzie ran down the street Foo Foo barked and kicked the whole way back to the house.
    Miss Piggy was sitting on the couch reading a fashion magazine when Fozzie ran in.
    “Take your monster!” Fozzie yelled throwing the purse at her.
    “Foo Foo!” Miss Piggy screamed unzipping the purse, Foo Foo jumped out and growled at Fozzie.
    “I’ve gotta go” Fozzie said ignoring Miss Piggy’s glare he sprinted back outside.
    Miss Piggy hugged Foo Foo, “Oh Foo Foo mommy’s got a little job for you” She said kissing the dog’s head.
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