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Jul 12, 2002
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Because of what Food Network did last year, airing the HBC (Halloween Baking Championship) Season 8 season-long scarathon at 2 PM EDT starting with Episode 2 which made me angered because Episode 1 was the one I missed out on due to unscheduled storm-based power outages, I've been trying to be vigilant this year checking TV schedules for the scarathons of HBC and Halloween Wars.

Fast forward to now... When I read that FN wouldn't have any scarathons on Monday September 18 nor September 25, I let my guard down, not thinking to use my screenreader to search for "Halloween". The consequences of that? I got home after my sister's birthday meal just before 3 PM and I could have caught Season 8 from the beginning today! So I'm mad at myself for not having that foresight.

What's worse... I know Cooking Channel will air the HBC S7 scarathon on Friday October 6, starting with Episode 3 at 6 PM which I will watch along with the following episode since FN will air the same season scarathon the following day on Saturday October 7 :smile:batty:'s birthday) at 3 PM. But do I think Cooking Channel will air HBC S8? Yes. Do I think they'll air it starting from Episode 1 based on the planned airing of S7 as mentioned? Not sure.

So I'll probably tune in but will most likely have to wait till next year. :grrr: