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Recent content by Ol' Buddy Bert

  1. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Henson closes NY office

    I doubt that as well. Caroll Spinney mentioned during his book tour that the Sesame Workshop was extremely out of pocket after they bought the rights to the SS characters.
  2. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Question about the Sesame CD Set

    It's on sale for $35.00 at Barnes and Noble see link... Sesame Street Box at Barnes and Noble.com
  3. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Looking for old and classic SS MP3's

    Friends...I do not have the "T for Toes" sketch. I'm sorry but I won't be able t help you out.
  4. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Ed Sullivan DVD: Early Sesame characters

    "If he doesn't get off the stage I'll flip him the bird." He smiled after he said it...I don't think it was meant to be disparaging but rather another when of Ed's awkward attempts at humor. If you watch some of the complete shows available, heck, even the clips, you'll see he could be a...
  5. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Favorite SESAME record?

    Aren't You Glad You're You...it's not the greatest record but it's one that I listened to the most as a child. Plus, it contains "This Frog" which is still one of my favorite inspirational songs.
  6. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Northern Calloway

    No they're not married...Sonia Manzano states in the Unpaved book that it's something that causes confusion for many people.
  7. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Oscar the Grouch at museum in D.C.!

    I was just at the Smithsonian last month. I also saw the real Oscar during Caroll Spinney's book tour in May. I have a feeling that the Oscar at the Smithsonian was built specifically for display as it looks very, very different than the functioning puppet. It's actually much smaller in the...
  8. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Your Thoughts: "Songs From The Street" Box Set

    I pre-ordered the set from Barnes and Noble.com for $38...not bad. Anyway, I got free shipping so it will be awhile until I recieve. I'll post my thoughts when I do. I'm sure everyone will be waiting with bated breath. Honestly though, I'm looking forward to about 1/2 the contents of the...
  9. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Little Jerry songs

    Check it out and dig... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Little_Jerry/
  10. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Bird Bird used to hit the doorpost all the time, right?

    I don't know when this changed but I'm it was another one of those things that was quietly dropped sometime in the 80's.
  11. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Sing a Song (as played on MC Radio)

    Thanks, Phil. I wonder if it's in the "Maria Asks for a Raise" episode...I have all the unpaved episodes from the 60's on up through the Mr. Hooper tribute except for that one. Anyway, great song, that one.
  12. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Sing a Song (as played on MC Radio)

    I noticed his got moved...my apologies for not putting it in the place on the forum. It's something I completely neglected to consider as I posted.
  13. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Big Bird got the name "Hooper" RIGHT?

    Nope...it's still Caroll Spinney. He just hadn't fleshed out the character to well at that point. He was still playing him as a dim bird.
  14. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Sing a Song (as played on MC Radio)

    Hey friends, I am wondering if someone could tell me what episode of SS Unpaved the song entitled "Sing a Song" comes from...you know, the one that David and Olivia sing together (not the Joe Raposo song). It's great song and I'm just trying to find the source. Thanks!
  15. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Sesame Street CD Boxed Set Track List

    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I posted but I sure am excited about this new release...that is, the first disc and half the 2nd disc. Honestly, I really won't listen to the 3rd disc all too much. But I am glad that they're releasing as many classic tracks as they are. I'm hoping that...