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    The "Bein' Green" Ford Escape Hybrid Super Bowl XL Ad- a lookback

    This is one of the most effective Muppet ads next to collecting 50 state quarters in 1999. (I was the Steve generation, Jim was gone 3 years before I was born and the 50 state quarters ad was just talking about the quarters being in circulation, but still) However, unlike my quarter hobby the...
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    Your Thoughts: Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney+

    I haven't seen the special, due to a new Haunted Mansion movie coming out soon. What's the point of making a shoe-horned Muppet version of Haunted Mansion, when a new one is coming soon? The only exception is Muppet Treasure Island because that was a completely original take on a public domain...
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    New Sesame Street documentary based on "Street Gang" to premiere in April 2021

    Did they include the CPB-era NET logo that starts with triumphant synth tune and the colors form the letters with The Lone Ranger announcer Fred Foy saying "This is NET. The Public Television Network!" or just be historically inaccurately put that baloney 1971 PBS logo when that newly formed...
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    Ok, I like and respect Sesame Street. But I am out of touch with today's kids. Though I've been sometimes careless with the internet, I've been careful NEVER to use TikTok (yeah ha ha Trump hoo-hoo). I use Instagram and YouTube. Is it because CTW picks internet stars that won't be relevant 8...
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    update on me

    I was having pneumonia a tiny bit similar to Jim, due to Covid-19. I still have to be quarrintined even though I'm much better and not contagioua, though I have been taking trips to places, like spending Christmas with the family. I was once cool about it, but I am losing my mind about a...
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    Prints of "The Great Muppet Caper" have gone red!

    Since Technicolor closed up shop for theatrical prints and LPP wasn't invented yet, a Muppets classic have their unstable dye-couplers eaten and now it doesn't look like the home media releases any more making Jim up there shed a tear that a film he rushed to make has Thankfully...
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    Message from MrMuppet93

    I'm doing better had another cold and that cold is starting to go away. EDIT: I just coughed really hard, dunno why.
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    Dreams about Muppets...

    I dreamt of a Berenstain Bears book about Jim's death. It started on a trip to Disney World with the cubs.
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    Message from MrMuppet93

    I have been feeling much better, I'm trying to get rid of uncomfortable feelings that worsened since I left the hospital, they are back to normal now, though I still feel the pains every now and then.
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    Message from MrMuppet93

    Sorry I haven't on the boards in a while I was diagonsed with a phemounia like Jim had that took his own life, though not the worst (and it wasn't strep). Without getting into too much detail, I could barely eat or drink, and I was having issues. I have fluids now and will soon get groceries...
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    The Happytime Murders deleted scenes

    Where is the Kevin Clash cameo?
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    Remembering Caroll Spinney (December 26, 1933-December 8, 2019)

    I re-watched "Getting Ready for School" as a tribute to Caroll's passing last week. I should have paid better attention to this tape for certain things when I was a tyke, and as Big Bird said "You can ask to rewind this machine when we're done if you need help with certain things". I learned to...
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    Happy 50th, PBS!

    And guess what they did to celebrate.........
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    Happy 50th, PBS!

    On November 3rd 1969 due to pressure from Nixon Administration CPB, four public broadcasters formed the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to interconnect and distribute programming throughout the land. And television was never the same again, becoming a household name during the 70s. Sesame...
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    The OTHER 50th November Anniversary for Sesame Street fans...

    hello anyone? This was an underrated yet VERY important milestone in public broadcasting history. It was the FOUNDING of PBS people.....