Hey there, I'm Alex. You might know me as LittleJerryFan92 on YouTube.

Muppets have been apart of my life since childhood and will be till the day I die.

FYI, 7/16/17 marks the day the real me joined the website. When I first joined the website in February 2007 under the name "bigjeffy", I pretended to be a different person named "Jeffy" because I was only 14 and alot different than I am now. I wasn't comfortable revealing that I was the same person as (then-currently) "wattamack4" on YouTube (I changed my name in late 2016 because I thought the name was very outdated). I left in early 2008 because I wasn't proud of how I started out on this website.

With lots of growing up and courage, I came back 9 years later with a fresh new start because I really missed being on this website. Now that I've returned, it's become a second home to me with fellow muppet fans.

As of 2/2/22, I have now officially retired from this website and only plan on coming back for big Muppet events. This website just is not fun anymore, and at this point I just want to move on with my life rather than stay on a website that's basically on life support if anything. I’ll occasionally pop in every now and then if something big is going on, but that’s about it. Otherwise, it's been real.
Dec 8, 1992 (Age: 31)
Favorite Movie
The Great Muppet Caper (1981)
Favorite Show
Sesame Street (1969-Present)
Favorite Characters
Cookie Monster


"You're gonna be the receiver of ALL MY LOVE!"