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Recent content by incredeeble!

  1. incredeeble!

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    I won't believe it until I try it. ....currently looking on ebay for a walk-in Freezer...
  2. incredeeble!

    Are the Palisades boards down again?

    dang... I wish I had the time to set something up like that! That is very cool.
  3. incredeeble!

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Looks like it's back up. Also looks like the last 7 days of posts are gone.... http://www.palisadestoys.com/Forum/
  4. incredeeble!

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Hey Count, have you posted the series 7-11 or 14 (whichever it is) ideas yet? I'm really curious to see what you came up with...
  5. incredeeble!

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    For the longest time, I thought that the Uncle Deadly on the Palisades board was the same as the UD on this board... I learn something new every day.....:rolleyes:
  6. incredeeble!

    Series 3 Arrives: When and Where

    My local EBGames finally got them in but all that was left was a Scooter and a Lew Zealand by the time I got there. I got my set in the mail today from aislesniper and I have to say that the sculpts are amazing but the paint job is suprisingly disappointing. But that's what I get for...
  7. incredeeble!

    Custom Muppet Figures

    I want to work on an Usher Scooter when I get my hands on an extra one. Series 3 is much harder to find than Series 2 which was harder to find than Series 1.....
  8. incredeeble!

    Superhero Scooter up for order on March 5

    Just wanted to add that the coupon is also in the latest Wizard magazine also. (Issue 139 I think) - Spidey-Venom/X-Men2/Michael Turner Covers...
  9. incredeeble!

    Usher Scooter. Yes or No?

    I think the idea of an usher Scooter would work as a show/website/mail-in exclusive, like the Animal Tour Edition or Vanishing Beaker. No accessories. Since the accessories are already packed in with the current scooter, I don't think it would be a good idea to pack in the same accessories again...
  10. incredeeble!

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Yeah I've been getting the same problem too. I bet they're probably upgrading something... At least I hope that's it and nothing really severe. I'm looking forward to hearing back from Toyfair now that it's over!
  11. incredeeble!

    Did anyone see this?

    Crazy Chris, I thought Ken mentioned earlier this week that it would be 3 and 3, each carrying an msrp of 14.99? And I thought Ken mentioned that mahna mahna and the snowths would be packed seperately.
  12. incredeeble!

    Have the exclusives jumped the shark?

    7 inch somewhat mega Pepe would still be very cool!
  13. incredeeble!

    Have the exclusives jumped the shark?

    I like the classy tux variants myself. But how cool would it be to have a Crazy Harry with a tux ripped to shreds...? Or a tux chef with a black chef's hat?
  14. incredeeble!

    now I've seen everything.

    I don't see what the big deal is either. Didn't someone on this board (or the Palisades board) make a custom like this but had problems getting the arms to move?
  15. incredeeble!

    Mega Beaker Feature???

    I was browsing around the Palisades site, killing some time at work. When I went to the main page of the muppet line (http://www.palisadestoys.com/new/MUPPETS/MUPPET_MAIN.html), I noticed an area to the right of the series 1 link. If you mouse over the blue area, "Mega Beaker" will show up in my...