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    Plush Sam at California Disney

    I didn't know there was a muppet 3d in the disney world in California :excited: :) :crazy: ! I'm so happy :)
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    Muppets Game Boy: Any tips?

    the one where they timetravel
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    Weird Sesame Street Commercial

    I saw this & loved it!! ( especially that smoking dragon dude) :) :)
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    Sababa's New Doozer Plush

    I have them all!!! :) :) ;) :crazy: :excited:
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    Looking for Missing Muppet Stuff

    lots of them are on best of the muppet show. :) :D
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    I Hate Muppets!

    So sorry, I got carried away. I have been a bit upset since the whole takeover thing with Disney, and I am a bit defensive of my friends, The Muppets. Sorry if I attacked you. A friend. :halo: :o
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    What DVD's would you like in 2004?

    All Jim Henson Hour episodes! :) ;) :crazy:
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    Weird Muppet Sighting in Virginia

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Funniest Muppet Moments

    it was the marissa berensen episode
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    Who's your favorite Muppet monster?

    I like Thog. My Dad and brother call him the big blue guy. :) ;) :excited: :zany: :crazy:
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    Two Lost Souls...

    it was supposed to be gonzo & robin :concern: :eek:
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    Can't identify...need help

    My grandpa looks like statler though... :boo: :boo: :boo:
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    Hugga Wugga

    I thought it was about me :) :) ;) :D :excited:
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    Favorite Muppet Movie Quotes

    Fozzie :o :I'm hungry. Gonzo :concern: :Call room service. Kermit :) :There's no phone. Rizzo :cry: :That's okay,there's no food either.
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    I Hate Muppets!

    YOU ARE A SICK IN THE HEAD !@#$%&* !!!!!!HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT???? :mad: :o :boo: :eek: :cry: