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    Yeah dinosaurs like many other old show had great witty humor hidden in every little corner.Its like you each time you watch you find something new that was cleverly hidden.Its a shame shows now a days cant produce this kind of creative humor.
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    Which Skeksis is which?

    I may be wrong but if you have the dvd theres a special feature that gives you the name and background of each skeksis.I'm quite sure but if you have access to the dvd then check and see.
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    Goof Troop and Quack Attack DVDS

    ITs good to see they're releasing the show on dvd(goof troop not quack pack)but why 3 episodes? Thats not even a quarter of what rescue rangers and duck tales had in their release.Im afraid i'll have to pass this one up if disney's gonna release their shows on dvd they need to do it right.Not to...
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    Dinosaurs Seasons 1-2 coming to DVD

    This is indeed good news its so nice to see that alot of the classics are being released on dvd i just hope dinosaurs are in better quality than the rescue rangers dvd.:concern:
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    Mixed Feelings

    Its good that a kids show would bring up death after all its a natural process and kids eventually find out.
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    Life-changing question!!

    Maybe it was just my eyes but back in 96' when mti came out i remember there being a nice looking piggy doll that had the movie's theme to her.I always said i go back and get her after i bought kermit unfortunantly it never happend.It was obvious made by disney because both her and kermit look...
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    Undecided release for Fraggle Season 2

    i agree with what the last poster said there's alot going on right now and i'm sure most people at the moment dont have the time or money to spend on fraggle rock.I really hope hit gives fraggle rock time to sell well because if it were'nt for this site i problably would have never known about...
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    Muppet Babies DVD Box Sets

    HAHA,jake is 100% correct they say that every year i really would like to know who the jerk is that keeps promoting this false information.Although i'd like to see a muppet babies dvd i highly doubt there would be season sets.Who outside this website would pay 30.oo$ dollars for season by season...
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    If palisades made Dinosaurs figures

    Yeah ,i'm aware of that they exist i have most of the toys and videos from when i was younger.Although it seems like dinosaur fans are non existent i know quite a few non muppet fans who remember and miss the show.So it could problably be brought back in a anniversary type line of toys.This was...
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    Your Thoughts: Doin' Things That Doozers Do

    I bought the dvd and it sucked big time.I dont plan on watching it ever again they picked the worst episodes in the entire series. :(
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    If palisades made Dinosaurs figures

    I like the ideas,hopefully after we get muppet show out of the way maybe disney or who ever will try cashing in on dinosaurs.Theres definantly people who'd buy these toys. :)
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    special features on single-disc releases

    The solution to your question is simple.They should release every thing that features muppets.Seeing how disney owns them forever thats plenty of time to release every muppet tv show,movie,special,cd,etc.I like every one else here want every thing in their film library.hopefully disney sees this...
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    "Doin Things That Doozers Do" on Ebay

    I agree with derek on the doozers are boring bit.the only reason i'm buying this disc along with season 1 is because its more fraggle episodes and i'm greedy.
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    Sababa Mokey Plush and Fraggle UNO

    i know ***'s taking so long. :boo:
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    Things that make you go humm...

    Its just you,although i have wonderd why we never see the fraggles parents.