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Your Thoughts: What's the Name of that Song? DVD

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Phillip, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Cheebo New Member

    12 and green banner.
  2. Phillip Administrator

    Actually, Pinball Number Count is the remix done last year by Ninja Tune. The video is a mixture of all of the pinball segments edited together. It was pretty neat to see them all in one piece. The remix was exactly like the one included on "Songs From The Street" and the NinjaTune remix EP except that the Count's line ("I love it, I love it!") was edited out.
  3. Cheebo New Member

    Oh oops then. I thought since it counted to twelve it was the 12 one.
  4. Oliver New Member

    Ninja Tune put out an EP of SS remixes??

    Do you know who was involved?

    Also, I have no interest in seeing appearances by The Dixie Chicks, Wayne Brady, or any other current pop-celeb cameo, in fact I find the 2 mentioned personalities to be extremely abnoxious... I despise Elmo and Zoe as well as the little bear character and will not likely ever watch a current episode of S.S. as it just holds no interest... Would you still recommend this DVD to me? I am solely lured by the classic segments and retrospectives and am trying to decide whether this would be a worthwhile purchase?
  5. Cheebo New Member

    90% of the celebs including Dixie Chicks are on for like 5 seconds each. Wayne Brady has his own song Between which is a great song.
  6. Oliver New Member

    Great, I'll go for it than!

    Thanks Cheebo.
  7. Phillip Administrator

  8. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    If you want to rent it first, I think some stores may have it. Other than that, try Best buy. It offers the DVD for 10 bucks, so even if you are dissappointed, at least you got a good price on it.
  9. jrod New Member

    I really enjoyed this dvd more than the 25th anniversary. The "street" scenes were overall entertaining but I thought the floating numbers and letters were kinda cheesy. I really enjoyed many of the songs, but I wish that the REM "Furry Happy Monsters" could have been shown in full or the new Norah Jones song with Elmo. My FAVORITE part of the dvd was the "Pinball Number Count". I LOVE that style of animation! I guess its sorta like the schoolhouse rock style animation.
  10. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    It's tearing me from the inside I do not have this DVD yet...

    Are there song/scene selections?
  11. Camellia New Member

    If anyone from Children's Television Workshop or JHC reads this:

    Put in my vote for a Sesame Street DVD series of clips from 1969 to present date. but not tooooooooooo much stuff after 1990-95 or so. The quality seems to have fallen :(

    Camellia's Muppet Store
  12. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Because, as we all know

    Old characters automatically = quality...

  13. blackurth New Member

    yep unlike the 25th anniversary dvd..........you can choose each song...
  14. muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I havent seen this DVD yet.

    What's the main plot about? :confused:
  15. blackurth New Member


    grover tries to unite the whole world in harmony and peace by trying to get everyone singing the same song together but he realises that not everyone likes the same song so he thinks he's a failer until he is told how boring the world would be if we only had one song so he excepts it........(the end)
  16. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I already have the 25th anniversary Video, and since you can't choose songs, I will not buy the 25th anniversary DVD, especially since this one is far superior. and those 4 skits alone are worth the DVD!
  17. furryfella New Member

    I'm happy the workshop is doing the Dvd with those Classic Clips 7songs But why Not also do some of the older clips from the 70's? Like Fur, or even some of the old monsters songs!!! Now I loved SS since I was a kid but not do some the older clips?
  18. muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Yesterday,I went to Suncoast and they showed a sneak peak of the DVD on the TV.
  19. Dantecat Active Member

    What old muppet skits do you get on that DVD?
  20. blackurth New Member


    depends on what you mean by "old" if it's the henson years you get a handful but if it's the post henson years well there's alot of those on it...
    henson years
    2.I like you
    3.captain vegetable
    4.pinball number
    5.do de rubber duck
    6.doin' the pigeon
    7.gwt along
    8.counting vacation
    9.8 balls of fur

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