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What sketches scared you as a kid?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Jennifer, May 12, 2002.

  1. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I already told about my being freaked out by James Earl Jones saying the alphabet & reciting 1-10. But I watched it on You Tube a couple of times as an adult & thought to myself & wondered "What was I so scared of?" (OK...possibly his voice) And after he was done counting to 10 he swooped down quickly so there's the question of that:confused:. If you could find the sketch that you were scared of as a kid on You Tube, sit there & watch it you just might wonder the same thing:"What was I scared of?";)
  2. heralde Well-Known Member

    That's how I feel now about the shark puppet film that terrified me as a kid, what was I so scared of? Lol. Still, there are other Sesame Street sketches that continue to frighten me to this day, lol.
  3. WaiterGrover New Member

    Apparently I have been away for so long that the forum software's changed- looks good!

    Yet I digress... After recently watching the J.E.J. 1-10 count (which I have no memory of seeing as a kid), I had thought to myself "Geez, that ducking out of frame so quickly at the end would've kinda startled/dismayed me as a toddler", so I can understand that one. I guess there are a few things that puzzle me as to what the big deal was back then, but by and large I have a strong emotional memory of the ones that scared me; so, coupled with an adult understanding of child psychology, I pretty much just watch them today and say "Yep, definitely can see how the 3-4-year-old me would've been freaked out by that".

    The reason for my coming on this forum was from stumbling across the old stuff on YouTube, and having the fog lifted from long-buried memories, the sights and sounds immediately whisking me back to that long-forgotten worldview of a young child, with all the intensity of emotion, both good and bad that goes with it. I knew I could not be the only one (especially with the number of uploaders and commenters) going through this, so I ended up here :)

    As far as what sketches scared me, this post answers that.
    "And I am cute, too!":super:
  4. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Heeeeeeyyy Waiter Grover Babyyyyy!!!!!!
    *light tap on the shoulder*Hi & pleased to meet you.:)
    I checked out the sketches you were scared of .Yeah...I don't know what the writers were thinking w/ the sketch of BDM fogging up the screen in the "B" sketch. It's scary! And .the others you mentioned are freaky too. (that one with the toddler especially!) From what I heard they test sketches in front of little kids to see how they react. Apparently some of the sketches that scared us didn't scare those kids.
  5. snugbug2009 New Member

    Definitely Bert and Ernie in the Egyptian pyramid. That was extremely freaky! Ernie's statue talking back to him and the shadowy sounding echo his "hissing" laugh made! Plus Bert telling him it was just his imagination, it seemed frightening to think your imagination could do such a scary thing LOL. Then to top it off the statue comes to life and starts dancing! Some of the more psychedelic seventies bits scared me too, being a child of the eighties they seemed very mysterious and sinister.
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  6. 10Cakes New Member

    Well I wouldn't say I was scared of this, but it bugged me when I was little until I was about 4. I didn't like the end of the Sing Along video when the TV antenna made that "TWANG" noise and fell over. The noise was loud and startling. I was still able to watch that tape, but when "What's the Name of that Song?" came on, I'd either block my ears or go over and stop the tape. However, after watching it a few times, I loved it. It's still one of my favorite Sesame vids (I don't have it anymore, but it is on YouTube.) I know it's kind of sad, but I guess different people are bothered by different things.

    BTW, after watching it now that I'm older, it looked like that antenna was going to crush Biff and Sully, the way it fell perfectly in between them. They did a pretty good job setting that up. Here's the ending. I found this on YouTube

  7. heralde Well-Known Member

    Can I point out something else about that scene? If you listen around :15 you can actually hear Richard Hunt asking someone, "Are you busy after the show?" LOL
    Emilia likes this.
  8. 12Medbe Active Member

    There was some kind of sketch that scared me, I only remember that it was a Number Counting sketch, that featured some kind of Chanting or Bizzare music, and Maria's voice. I don't remember alot about it, just that it gave me nightmares.
  9. DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    I know anything involving The Count scared me and I was terrified of the bits Prairie Dawn did with Cookie Monster b/c I was scared he would eat her and eventually, he'd eat me! (My older cousin telling me they put ground up little girls into the cookies he ate didn't help either)

    But, now I know Cookie wouldn't hurt a fly and he eats regular cookies (without ground up little girls in them) but, I can/do understand why I was so scared of that as a kid!
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  10. 10Cakes New Member

    I think I can just make that out. That is pretty funny. Maybe Richard and whoever he was talking to wanted to fix the antenna themselves so it wouldn't fall again, since Biff and Sully failed miserably at that. LOL
    Emilia, DramaQueenMokey and heralde like this.
  11. 10Cakes New Member

    Of course, I'm not dissing Biff or Sully in any way. They ROCK!!! Why aren't they on the show anymore?
  12. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Film Den's Dena Natali reviews her top 10 scariest SST moments. Now, if she'll just get back to her LP of Silent Hill 2... grrr ...
  13. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Well...I'm with Dena as far her being scared of Ernie looking lke a zombie after The Count slept over. (Ernie was scary looking!:eek: ) Did anyone notice that in that "bird" clip it said "bird" in a male voice but laid an egg?? Uh,last time I checked only female birds lay eggs.
  14. WaiterGrover New Member

    Much thanks to RedPiggy for sharing the link, and to Dena for the list- imdb discussion and a nightmare fuel page on tvtropes, too? I guess I'm not so surprised (or unique) after all. I'd completely forgotten about the Count's "Bones" song.. but do remember nightmares about skeletons coming through the walls for me, all making the "wind-up chattering teeth" sound..

    Yes, Zombie Ernie freaked me out as a kid. I was gratified to see BDM on the list, too.. and I am DEFINITELY with Dena for the train sketch! That was firmly in the "terrifying", as opposed to "creepy/disturbing" category for me- it just seemed to take forever, with a really long build-up, to what seemed to my young ears to be a deafening shrieking and howling... little kids in the city learn early to be wary of traffic, trains, etc. Gah.

    Anyhoo, Kathy- I had always heard the male voice in the "bird" clip as an off-screen narrator, but I could see how hearing it as the bird's voice lends an extra layer of weirdness to it. What I'd never noticed before was at the beginning, the bird's eyes are shown to be flat holes- you can see the backround through them briefly!

    But I will just :)..
  15. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Very interesting!
    Dena had said in her clip that there were a lot of pages on the Sesame Street board at www.imdb.com about what sketches scared you as a kid.(There were over 40) I wasn't the ONLY one scared of James Earl Jones. So that made me feel a heck of a lot better! A lot of people talked about being scared of a red hot I beam & the music that went with it.
  16. Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    The Alice Cooper sketches
  17. 10Cakes New Member

    Actually, I did find it kind of spooky in the "Bones Inside of You" song when the skeleton shook and laughed
  18. Nyperold Member

    Wow, it's been a while for me, too.

    I just did a Google site search (because the built-in search software, like on other forums I know, likes to omit words for being too "common" despite the fact that they would, y'know, help), and saw this sketch mentioned in other threads, but not here, and if I think about it, it may actually have scared me a bit.

    It was the one with the Count and this rocket scientist who was ostensibly there to launch a rocket, but each time, it'd blow smoke, then sputter and stop. And then the Count lets on that it was all just an excuse for him to count backwards. It may have been the scientist's screaming as he ran around. It probably should have sounded frustrated due to him being there for nothing -- he could've counted backwards on his own if he wanted, no pretext needed -- but he sounded terrified as the Count counted backwards... "in Transylwanish!"

    Also, another aspect of it: I think I realized that if it were to come anywhere close to lifting off, that thing would really put out a lot of smoke, more than it did, and that it wouldn't be a good idea to stand that close to the base of a rocket that size.
  19. TheWeirdoGirl Active Member

    Strangely enough, I can't remember any Sesame Street sketches that scared me when I was little. I'm sure there were some that did, knowing the way I was back then, but I don't remember them. I do, however, remember that the Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird frightened me quite a bit. I don't remember exactly why, in fact, the only thing I really remember about that movie is Oscar in front the Amerian flag. But I just went and watched the trailer a few minutes ago, and I can guess that my fear of it came from some of the fairly intense things that happened to Big Bird.

    This isn't exactly a sketch, but I figure I might as well mention it since it is Sesame Street related. Now I don't have a clue why, but when I was little I was afraid of toys that talked and moved. When I was a toddler someone gave me a Tickle Me Big Bird. I was afraid of that thing whenever it was saying anything for years. I still played with it though because he didn't scare me as long as he was turned off and couldn't do anything. But after a few years I overcame my fear. I wonder what happened to that toy...
  20. heralde Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had the same problem with a talking Snoopy doll, lol. It was one of those Teddy Ruxpin type things where you put the cassette tape in the back and the doll told you a story. And it always freaked me, lol.

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