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Remembering Jerry Nelson (July 10, 1934-August 23, 2012)

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Oscarfan, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Squigiman

    Squigiman Well-Known Member

    Alright, cool. Thanks for clearing that up and for the kind words!

  2. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Last night at Dragon*Con I went to a "puppet slam," which was basically a set of very varied puppet acts for adults. Part of the preshow was a song written in tribute to Jerry, set to a slideshow of photos of him in action. It was beautiful, and I hope that it turns up on Youtube if it hasn't already.

    Also, at nearly every panel in the D*C puppetry track I attended Jerry's passing was mentioned at the beginning by Peter Linz, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, or one of the other panelists. They didn't talk long about him, but they did speak of him with great respect and affection.
  3. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Aaawww... That's so sweet. :sing:
    I hope it's up on Youtube, too.
    Was it performed by puppets or was it a pre-recorded track?
  4. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    It was just a song and "slideshow" video, no performance.
  5. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    The one word I describe Jerry Nelson is...Rocker! 'Cuz he was truly a rocker--to the core! :D:sing::flirt::cool::halo:
    DrDientes and FrackleFan2012 like this.
  6. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

  7. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

  8. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Hey guy, they announced the results for the Talenthouse invite! You know, 'Design Artwork for Fraggle Rock'? I'm too scared to look at who won, though! :eek:
  9. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, false alarm! Can't delete it now, but ignore what I said there. :D
    Anyway, has anyone dreamt certain things relating to Jerry Nelson? I know I've had more Fraggle dreams in light of hearing the news from Muppet Central (thanks for all your honest works, by the way). (Please write more guides!) :insatiable:
  10. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    The outpouring love for Jerry has been really really moving IMO. The tribute videos on YouTube just keep coming in. Has anyone heard anything from Frank about his passing?
  11. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    I thought I read something the other day that Frank did a eulogy at Jerry's funeral services.
  12. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  13. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    That is so Beauitful Fracklefan2012!
  14. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Aaawww.. That's so sweet.
    I wonder if any of The Muppets performed at Jerry's funerals.
  15. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that has to be the most beautiful picture yet, Frackleman! 1 Beautiful Picture! :batty:
    Give my complement to Mr. Jason Ho please!
    And I with you, dude! We need to know if SOME Muppet's been there! (Not me, I can never stand funerals! :grr:)
  16. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    HeyButtahfly and galagr like this.
  17. MollyArriba

    MollyArriba Well-Known Member

    It's odd; I know it's terrible for me to say, but I was waiting for Dave or Frank to die. I knew how old David was getting, and how Frank was slowing down these past few years, but it never in a million years crossed my mind the Jerry would die.

    Before he passed, I wasn't even aware of which characters were his. See, with Frank you can always tell; they're outrageous and different and complex, but it's clearly Frank. With David I'd looked him up, because I had to know who the man behind Gonzo was. With Jim, you can just hear it. Same with Richard.

    With Jerry, it somehow never occurred to me that Floyd, Robin, the Count, Camilla, and all his other wonderful characters had someone controlling them, let alone that it would be the same person. I had to ask my friend who Jerry Nelson was when I heard he'd passed; when she told me I burst into tears. See, all his characters were so different! Unrecognizable. Now that I know it's Jerry I can hear him, but before all I saw were his characters.

    They were some of my favorite characters too. Floyd and Camilla were two of my favorite parts of The Muppet Show, and I went nuts whenever Uncle Deadly showed up. Floyd especially always managed to make me laugh.

    I still laugh every time I hear him shout PIIIIGGS INNNN SPAAAAACE!!! :sing:

    ... I miss him.
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  18. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    That was beautiful. :fanatic:
    MollyArriba likes this.
  19. MollyArriba

    MollyArriba Well-Known Member

    A lot of the things that have been said on here are. It's just a pity that his death is what made all this beauty happen... or maybe that's kind of beautiful too.

    He is still inspiring us. I mean, I know he's inspiring me.

    It's odd, how someone whom you've never met can matter so much. I wasn't alive when Jim or Richard died, but it still makes me cry. When Jerry died, I searched for everything he'd done, and it was odd to realize how much I'd enjoyed and loved him without knowing it!
  20. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    You know Jerry Nelson died but his work lives on for years to come.
    Things have been changing since then!

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