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How to start making puppets?

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by charlynoa, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. drmolarmagic

    drmolarmagic Member

    how puppets are made

    You NEED to get the "Foam Book" by Drew Allison & Donald Devet. You can find it mentioned in other threads around here. It is a great basic guide about the real "how to" of making basic puppets with foam. There are also some great basic books to make other type of puppets from simple materials. I love the book "Puppet Mania" by John Kennedy. Just hit Amazon.com and look at all the options.
  2. CrazyHarryFan

    CrazyHarryFan Active Member

    Thanks very much! I will get to work on both those books. Im trying to learn as MUCH as humanly possible before I spend any money on making one.

    I am pretty sure that the minute I spend money and make my own, I will learn something new I wish I'd know earlier.... haha So it goes.

    That is why I very much want to do my homework and learn all I can before I take that first step to making my own custom "Muppetesque" puppet!

    This really is so exciting! Thanks again!


  3. SJohnson

    SJohnson Well-Known Member

  4. CrazyHarryFan

    CrazyHarryFan Active Member

    That is a great tutorial! Simple, effective, and it looks GREAT! I may have to try that soon!

    Any other great tutorials out there? I still don't really know how they actually make the Muppets! Any suggestions?

    Thanks again! I am LOVING this forum!

  5. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    I may not be a wiseman or whatnot but my advice for building puppets is to be creative.
  6. Bob1995

    Bob1995 Well-Known Member

    There's a great Puppet tuitorial on www.indymogul.com where you can make a pretty decent puppet for 25 bucks or more. If followed correctly, making an amateur puppet look good is fairly easy.
  7. Nick22

    Nick22 Well-Known Member

  8. Meepsterboy

    Meepsterboy Well-Known Member

    Hello. I'm a total puppetry noob, but I'd like to ask- Where on difficulty would you rank attempting a character like Pepe? Is it out of reach of someone with no experience, but a lot of determination? I do a mean Pepe voice, so I'd love to build a replica, and if anyone has any tips, I would be very, very happy, okay.
  9. Bob1995

    Bob1995 Well-Known Member

    For people who don't use antron, use the ladder stitch to close a seam. It works well on most fabrics, but it can be difficult to do due to the many folds of fabric in your way, but otherwise it is an effective technique.
  10. Bob1995

    Bob1995 Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the double post, that's my fault.
  11. pleez tell me how...

    :wisdom::wisdom::wisdom:some of you are probably wondering why i am asking this question but i came on here to ask it so i'll do so... i was wondering... have any of you ever tried to make a big bird, gorg, or bear replica full body muppet. i just want to know how to do it. i want to see a vid of how to do it or see someone making one. i want to know so bad!
  12. SesameKermie

    SesameKermie Well-Known Member

    I have not personally tried to make a puppet like that but I have seen pictures around the 'net. Jarrod, who posts here frequently under the name Keeeeermit (I think that's the right amount of 'e's), has a replica he made for his personal collection. From what I understand, Full body muppets like big bird are built with a foam skeleton and then the fur/skin/feathers etc is stretched over the skeleton. If you can find a copy of Of Muppets and Men, I think there are some good reference pics in there of Big Bird and Betsy Bird as WIP.
    da web croniclz likes this.
  13. Rosie H

    Rosie H New Member

    New and getting started

    Hi everyone, I'm new, I signed up today after reading through this really great thread, I've learned so much from YouTube videos, forums, blogs and websites.

    I make cloth dolls but I really wanted to get into making foam talking hand puppets.

    I just made my very first head and I'm now getting ready to hot glue felt to it. I can't find any fleece here where I live at all. I have some dark blue and dark green fleece blankets I was thinking of using but decided to go with felt... it comes in loads of colors and doesn't need to have the edges turned under.

    I bought some styrofoam balls to use for the eyes and nose, I will cover the nose with the felt and I'm wondering if I should cover the halves of eyes with white felt, the styrofoam looks kinda weird for eyeballs, I will at some point try ping pong balls instead.

    BTW... I got the head pattern from here, it's a 'ball' head and great for starting out. I just downloaded the picture and using Nero Photosnap Viewer and blew it up to 280%.

    This is so much fun! Nice to be here. :)
    I'll post pictures when I'm done.

    Rosie H
  14. muhai

    muhai New Member


    Everything you need to know about starting off building puppets. Kind of. It's all my bookmarks and favorite how-to's that got me started (all two weeks ago). Not a full list by any means, but I'll be adding to it all the time.

    I'm posting this because I know I would have loved to find somewhere all these things are on the same page, the love-child of days of research, please enjoy!
  15. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    Don't know if you guys saw this...


    Mr. Henson, back in 1969, on Iowa Public Television. I know this isn't "professional" puppet-making, but it's certainly a nice starting point for those who have never made puppets before.
  16. Dave2012

    Dave2012 New Member

    Hello Friends,

    I have a bit of an unusual question. I'm trying to build a white snow owl as realistic as possible. My approach was to use latex rubber to build it and feathers. I'm new at this and building birds realistic like is a challenge for any would be builder. Are there any good reference books or videos that you all know of that might discuss "feathering techniques" in more detail?


  17. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

  18. Dave2012

    Dave2012 New Member

    Thanks BUCK thats a cool find. I never saw that before? I think some concepts are really cool there, but I don't see myself working with real birds. The technique was educational though and thank you so much for taking the time to post. I really wanted to learn some techniques for glue and attachment to like rubber or something. My approach is going to be more of a sculpt it, mold it, pour latex rubber in and make it like a hallow mask. Then maybe build inside some mechanicals on a fiberglass head that will fit inside for eye lid blinking and head turning maybe beak movement too (the tricky science)> I just can't figure out how to tie it all together. I've learned how to sculpt, now I'm reading mold making, but feathering? There is no teachers or books, I'm flying solo here. Excuse the expression.

  19. charlie bird

    charlie bird Well-Known Member

    Get a sewwing needle ,preferably with a longer opening than most,they have them but there not that easy to find.Cut a slit in the hole of the needle.Then get a small dowl rod and drill a hole in it,put some glue in the hole, and place needle in.

    When it dries get a feather and slide the end of it in the hole of the needle pluch it into the latex and pull out the needle.when all the feather are in put a thin coat of latex on the inside to secure the feathers in place.
  20. PaulyPuppets

    PaulyPuppets Well-Known Member

    Making Monster Puppets (Free Video)

    I think this is the place where I should have posted this originally. Sorry. He we go again...
    I just posted 10 new videos where I show how to build a "Muppet Style" monster puppet. It's easy, economical, and fun. I even throw in a few tips on manipulation. When you get to the link, please scroll down and click on SUPPLIES NEEDED ... that is the first of the 10 clips. Enjoy this free video series. Now go and make some puppets, and then make a video of your creation and upload it to my Puppet Network video sharing site (link way down below)! .... Pauly
    Watch the vids here>http://www.TVLesson.com/PaulLouis

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