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How to start making puppets?

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by charlynoa, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Puppetainer

    Puppetainer Member

    I own every pattern they make except the Mostro so I can vouch for the quality of their product. Very well done and extremely helpful! Pasha is passionate about puppetry and helping others to follow their passion. Once you have the basic pattern and begin learning some of the techniques you can quickly begin experimenting with variations that can lead to other kinds of puppets...like owls!

    And for what it's worth if you joined Puppets and Stuff and posted a question like "How do I make a mouth for an owl puppet?" I'm willing to bet you'd have half a dozen helpful replies in less than a day. Can't wait to see what you create!
  2. Trusty Mutsi

    Trusty Mutsi New Member

    Again, thanks very much!

    I even started messing with the initial own design.

  3. Puppetainer

    Puppetainer Member

    Awesome! Love the sketches! I'm sure you're going to have a blast and turn out some really cool stuff. Let me know if you get going over at Puppets and Stuff. You'll find me as Puppetainer there too.
  4. Trusty Mutsi

    Trusty Mutsi New Member

    I just registered and am posting in the intro section now :)
  5. HandsomeGH

    HandsomeGH New Member

    I too am interested in creating my own puppetry show on youtube. (originally was interested in ventriloquism but found out I just wasn't meant for that lol).

    I see Project Puppet is popular so I'll try there.

    I'm kind-of wanting to make a bull-dog puppet.

    Is this a good starter idea? or should I stick to something simpler?
  6. kyunkyua

    kyunkyua Active Member

    Why are the prices for these patterns so ridiculous? I've seen COLLECTIONS of patterns that went for a lot cheaper than this...
  7. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    Personally, I think the sock puppet and melonhead patterns are well worth the money to get started. I started with them and then branched out a bit with my own. I can't say the Monstro is worth it from experience, but I wouldn't say they are ridiculously priced for what you get either....
  8. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    Yea I'm happy to buy those patterns because they are a really nice, quality foundation for puppet building.

    If you're trying to decid if you'd like to do puppetry but don't want to commit to a pattern, I would suggest http://this.
    Paul from puppets and stuff did a free video series on making a simple moving mouth puppet. It's not as good as the puppets you'd get if you got the patterns from Project Puppets but is' a nice thing for getting started.
  9. Jess

    Jess New Member

    I've been working on a Kermit puppet, its my first puppet and its a little rough, but here is what I've got done so far. you can see it on my avatar picture. I also completed the hand last night.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  10. Puppetainer

    Puppetainer Member

    I guess pricing is relative but to me the patterns at Project Puppet are a bargain! You're getting so much more than just a pattern. There is a lot of instruction in there that is quite valuable to a person just starting out in building puppets. As I said earlier I own EVERY pattern they make except the Mostro and I can say I'm extremely satisfied with them all. They were such a great tool and taught me so much when I was first learning how to do this! Great value for my hard earned dollars.
  11. Jess

    Jess New Member

    I have been on their web site but I haven't purchased any of their patterns. I just watched videos online and paused them when they showed the picture of the pattern , then hand drew them onto paper. It's been ...... Lol well intresting
  12. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I know you posted this w hile ago but I've been trying to do stuff with 3/32 wire and was just wondering, how on earth do you bend that stuff?
  13. Edradour

    Edradour Member

    Wow...I don't know how I managed to not see this post for so long. Sorry for the delay. :)

    You'll need a vise to use it, but this little device is "the bomb": http://www.micromark.com/vise-mounted-wire-bender,7044.html

    See it in action:
  14. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    Cool thanks. Glad to see that it won't cost me an arm and a leg if I get it. It looks like a good investment.
  15. spiderface

    spiderface New Member

    Does anybody have suggestions about getting a sewing machine? I found one on amazon for 77 bucks that looks like it would be adequate. I went around to some thrift stores and they were all broken.
  16. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    For beginning stuff all I've need is one with some basic stiches on it, nothing really fancy. I would just be sure to check reviews and quality and stuff like that.
  17. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    Try Walmart or Kmart, they have a ton of them....
  18. Puppetainer

    Puppetainer Member

  19. Kelso

    Kelso New Member

    We got ours from Walmart.
  20. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Active Member

    The best advice I can give for a sewing machine is get one that is ALL METAL. They're heavy as but the plastic modern machines tend to be not much good for anything beyond basic garment construction. I'm currently on the lookout for a used industrial machine, as I find that there are issues with swapping feet/needles and reliability that are encountered when working with heavy fabrics; carpet or fur, that tend to be prominent with newer cheaper machines. Stick to trusted brand names if you want your machine to last longer than 6 months, and look for a machine with a warranty.

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