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Dearth/Alex's Customs and Dioramas v2

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Dearth, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. TSSD Active Member

    I think he probably would be just a normal pig, except that he would be green, with glasses and no eyes, like the original Bunsen. Of course, no eyes would probably be hard to make, so...
  2. Muppetaz Member

    thats what I meant, and he would wear a lab coat
  3. Dearth Active Member

    Wow, this new thread is already in its sixth page!

    Yeah, it sounds like we've all got a pretty close mental image. My source figure is a regular Bunsen, but some leftover Miss Piggy ears are in the parts bag with him. Just need to file off his real ears and make him a a snout.

    I would have had to mix a green paint anyway, since the hands of that Bunsen are scuffed and need touching up. But I am mildly curious as to what he would look like in fleshtone. Maybe I'll do an undercoat of flesh just to see, then do the topcoat of green over that.


    As promised, I have some photos. Not finished customs, but work-in-progress pics!

    *Recipe for Link Hogthrob as Robert Muldoon, the game warden:


    Patrol Bear Fozzie's belt, Adventure Kermit's gun and holster, and everything else will be a modified Link. On one of my Disco Link pieces, I had done the shirt buttons on the wrong side by accident, so before I filed them down, I made a quick push mold of them, just to have a record of that detail work. The mold also picked up the meticulous chest hair and reticulated foam detail work, so it was a real boon in getting this Link started with that same level of detail.


    Here's Link/Muldoon a little further along. He's a combination of subtractive sculpting-- removing the Palisades details with a rotary tool-- and additive sculpting-- building up new details with Super Sculpey. One normal step that I forgot to do this time was to strip off the factory glitter paint, so he may need to be sanded down, or else his new clothes will be bumpy in places and smooth in others.

    He still needs more layers of detail added to his torso for his shirt collar and vest.

    *Recipe for Fozzie Bear as Dennis Nedry:


    Vacation Fozzie (blue shirt variant) with Newsman's glasses. He's pretty much done, although like all of the park employee characters, he will get a miniature ID badge.

    Ideally, this role would have gone to Bobo. But as I have yet to customize a Bobo, and since Fozzie was already in a Hawaiian shirt, he gets the job.

    *Recipe for Julius Strangepork as John Hammond:


    Strangepork's head, purple tux Gonzo's body, Scooter's hands. (I should really have some molds made of Scooter's hands. I need them for every Strangepork custom I do!)


    I didn't like the first straw hat so I bought a different style on a second trip to Hobby Lobby, but I'm still not 100% happy with it. This pic shows the resculpted 'bare' torso and the original plastic of the jacket after the purple paint is stripped off. What you can't see is the 'lift' made of two thicknesses of cardboard glued to the bottom of the right Gonzo foot, which was molded slightly too short at the factory and made the figure lean/fall over, hence why it wound up in the fodder box.

    Hammond has facial hair in the movie, so I alluded to this with a little 'soul patch' made from the eyebrows of an older Strangepork-into-Swinetrek-crew custom. This is why customizers NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY.

    In my original take on Jurasick Pork, I had Bunsen Honeydew in the John Hammond role. But after 'casting' Link as Muldoon, a friend suggested Strangepork as Hammond, and it just felt like a better fit. By then also casting Annie Sue as Lex, it gives pig characters four major roles in a parody where I'd already inherited the Piggy-as-T-Rex concept and the 'Pork' pun in the title.

    *Recipe for Rizzo the Rat as Donald Gennaro (the blood-sucking lawyer):


    Tie from Patrol Bear Fozzie, everything else from Cabin Boy Rizzo. I stocked up on Cabin Boy Rizzo/Gonzo sets from Amazon when they were going for just a few dollars several weeks back, so I have several of this version of Rizzo for fodder.

    The original cuffed-back flared coat sleeves looked too 'period' for the setting, so I dremelled them down and Sculpeyed over them. I also gave them texture to match the upper arm by making a negative mold of the back of the jacket and pressing it into the new forearms. It will be VERY tricky to reassemble him with the shortened jacket once he's painted, since the arm holes in the jacket are so small they will scrape both paint and Sculpey sleeves. Cross your fingers!

    Rizzo/Gennaro is another recast from my original concept, where Rizzo was thrown in as the jeep driver. This gives him a more featured role (and it's a really nice fit for his personalty) while the anonymous JP workers will now be played by penguins, a much more Muppet-y touch.

    More non-Jurasick Pork custom pics to come!

  4. Dearth Active Member

    I'm working on a bare-chested Abraham Smollett with his Benjamina Gunn tattoo...


    Not sure if I will make the shirt and pants out of Sculpey or just have Diane sew something for me!

    Here's a pic of all the custom fodder I got from TheCount...


    ... taken just before I started ripping into everyone, mua ha ha ha ha!

    I already have a good pink-shirt Animal, but my only black-shirt Animal arrived from eBay with bad black paint smears on his belly and arm.


    See? His arm almost looks like a burnt marshmallow!

    Luckily, I knew from my Leprechaun Bros. project that Animal can disassemble completely... even his shirt comes off from his torso. So I broke down the black one and the pink one from TheCount...


    And swapped out their identical torso and arms, then reassembled them:


    So now I have a black-shirt animal with no burnt-mallow look!


    For a possible Swinetrek photonovel, I need a large robot character. One day I was looking at the 'gorilla detector' and thought, if only it had a body!


    I put it on an Iron-Monger, which was a good size but didn't look simian enough. I first thought that maybe I could shorten the legs, but because of the way the articulation is done, I was worried he might not stand up correctly if I did this.

    So if you can't shorten the legs, lengthen the arms!


    I'd already cut this broken wire coathanger apart to use as a tree for spray-painting a Star Wars figure, so I snipped it into four small segments and inserted them into the sliced-in-half Iron-Monger forearms .


    I used Sculpey to fill in the gaps, pressing neat bits of junk plastic into it to make it look more like machinery. I also glued a small washer and a snippet of plastic tube in the circular emblem on the chest, to make it look less like Iron Man and more art deco, like C-3PO.


    New greeblies and tubes were glued to the Sculpey, and the whole body was given a basecoat of silver paint. Still undecided as to how exactly I want to paint him.

  5. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

  6. Dearth Active Member

    Haha, no wonder I had such a subconscious craving to give him a body! The likeness that the Muppet propmakers made was uncanny.

  7. Dearth Active Member

    Ouch... update on Link/Muldoon. I left the Patrol Bear Fozzie belt in the solvent a little too long, and it pretty much dissolved. I'll have to make one from Sculpey.

  8. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

  9. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

  10. Dearth Active Member

    Nope, I never saw any episodes of that. Looks like he'd be fairly simple, from leftover Swedish Chef parts. I do have an extra Chef that I'm planning on turning into somebody else, so who knows?

    I made a pushmold of the belt buckle from Patrol Bear Fozzie and used it to cast a buckle onto a Sculpey belt for Link/Muldoon. Since this photo, I added a shirt collar, so he's pretty much ready to paint.

    Strangepork/Hammond is also almost done. Yesterday was the first day it hadn't rained here in about four days, so I hadn't had a chance to do much spray-painting.

    And I painted 'Mechani-Kong'! I kept doing very light mists of silver and then black until I got an effect that sort of resembled the Palisades deco on the head.

    You know, originally he was going to be in my Pigs in Space story idea... but now I think I might have him cameo in the "Gonzilla" story instead.

  11. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    I like your version of Mechani-Kong...Better than Bandai's six inch vinyl figure. And yeah, Angelo is pretty funny.
  12. Muppetaz Member

    Why don't you do a Strangepork in his sweatervest to go with disco Link
  13. Dearth Active Member

    Got a pic of the outfit you're describing? I have at least one other Strangepork left in my fodder box.


    Trying to find a good reference pic of Smollett's tattoo.


    I found this one on the website of Janet Knechtel (http://www.janetknechtel.com/index.htm), the woman who originally stitched the tattoo onto the puppet.

    I contacted her to see if she had a better image, but she said that fuzzy Polaroid was the best she had. Anyone got a really good screencap of it from the movie?


    Bought these chenille stems at Hobby Lobby the other day on half-price...


    Anyone see the potential?


  14. Muppetaz Member

    cool those will be awsome!

    I don't have any screen grabs but hes wearing it at the end of the offical trailer and in the Liza Minneli episode.
  15. Dearth Active Member

    Ah, that's an episode I haven't watched as much, since it was the very last
    'Best of The Muppet Show' Time/Life DVD that I tracked down several months back.


    Finished the collar on Link and punched some holes in a craft cowboy hat for his ears. Muldoon wears a more fedora style of hat in some scenes of the movie, but this is pretty close. I have a rubbery white wrestling figure cowboy hat that is a PERFECT fit on Link, but it's the only one I have and I want to keep it white. This one I can hopefully paint or dye.

    Got Rizzo reassembled for painting, and received a package from eBay in the mail today... some tiny LEGO suitcases I'd bought so he'd have a little briefcase. Nothing says 'lawyer' like a briefcase.

  16. ceelos New Member

    those are some sweet customs. can't wait to see the finished works
  17. Muppetaz Member

    I can't wait to see the Bossmen.
  18. Dearth Active Member

    Okay, I watched the Liza Minnelli episode earlier, that's a pretty cool little director's outfit for Strangepork! I will give that one some very serious thought.

    Link's white hat is currently dyeing at the bottom of a glass of tea.

    And I went back to Hobby Lobby tonight to pick up some other thicknesses and colors of chenille while the sale is still going on. (It ends the 10th). I also got some glass beads which will hopefully work for the amber-topped cane of John Hammond.

    I am just eyeballing these Bossman dimensions, but here's a sneaky peek!

    This is basically scaled simply off the thickness of the chenille. He's gonna need something to support his weight, though, because the wire in the chenille is just too flexible. I am thinking maybe a simple black wooden dowel coming straight down from the torso, which seems kinda fitting.

    So far I've only got the torso, nose, and mouth of the green Bossman cut out. I'm gonna disassemble the pink one and use its parts as a template for the green one.

    The pink and green foamies above Sweetums will be used to cut out their hands. I have another sheet of thinner white foamie for their teeth. Still not sure precisely what to use for their eyeballs or their feet, but I'll come up with something.

    The eyes need to be lightweight, while the feet need to be heavy.

  19. Muppetaz Member

    how much would you charge for the bossmen? I'm interested in buying them. Not those two, but after you make them if you were to make more.
  20. Dearth Active Member

    E-mail me (Ploovo241@aol.com) and I'll try to let you know how much it will cost for the parts. I may have an idea for the eyes, I need to see if a particular item is still manufactured.


    Just took this pic!


    Jurasick Pork Revisited!

    newsmanfan likes this.

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