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Aug 13, 2014
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I just watched MMW and I still love It although I liked the Muppets 2011 more but MMW was still really fun. When I saw it In the Theater I was tapping my toes to all the music, where as for Muppets 2011 there were tears of Joy streaming down my face for all the nostalgic goodness!


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Jan 25, 2012
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Watched it again on Sunday night. On my fourth viewing, over a year after it finished its theatrical run, I still get a kick out of it. It's fun, snappy, inventive and colourful, with a lot of heart to boot, and I still sing along with most of the songs. (I'd like to smack the film critic who dismissed the music as "instantly forgettable" or similar nonsense.)

A few stray observations:
(1) Animal is the first to recognize Constantine isn't Kermit ("Bad frog!"). So I wonder if he deliberately staged an hour-plus drum solo in Madrid to sabotage Constantine and Dominic's plans.
(2) The gulag prisoners figure out Kermit isn't Constantine because he says "thank you" while accepting the prison crown (a joke that I actually find funnier with each viewing). So does that confirm that Nadya knew the frog's true identity all along, and delivered her "as far as the authorities are concerned, you are Constantine" line as part of her plan to have her favourite frog locked up and under her watch for a good, long time?

And, from a personal standpoint, is anyone else finding it easier to watch the movie now that the Muppets have a new TV series and we don't have to worry about whether MMW's box-office take had the potential to condemn them to cold storage?


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Aug 6, 2003
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I watched the movie again on Sunday, still love it. The songs have really grown on me.

One thing I would have loved would have been the past villains cameo in the gulag. It would've been cool to see Nicky Holiday, Long John, Singer, and even Miss Bitterman together in there.

At least Blind Pew was there haha


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Jul 30, 2014
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I saw it when it came out. It was so much better than TM, but didn't have an award bait song (with the exception of Something So Right). My favorite part was when Miss Piggy was dancing with Constantine in the style of Saturday Night Fever, and when Miss Piggy was gonna get married to Constantine. She sings Something So Right with Celine Dion of all people, and the entirety of the wedding sequence! When will Kermit and Miss Piggy ever get married? :mad:

BTW, there is a song I just heard on MC Radio that contains the lyrics "me gusta". It's called "No Me Gusta", but I cannot stop thinking of the ME GUSTA face. :laugh:
I definitely agree that Muppets Most Wanted is better than the Muppets. I saw the Muppets when it came out and thought that it was just ok.

I forgot all about Miss Piggy dancing with Constantine in the style of Saturday Night Fever. I love that movie. I loved seeing Piggy sing with Celine Dion too. It just made total sense to have them sing together and it was pretty funny to see a pink frog and a green pig as Kermit and Piggy's children in that quick future sequence.

I also loved the Wedding sequence too. I think that was the best climax of any Muppet movie I've ever seen. Of course the climax of The Great Muppet Caper and Muppets Take Manhattan was great too but as I haven't seen those movies for awhile I'm blanking on how those ended at the moment. I thought it was awesome to see Kermit stand up to Constantine and say, "yeah, my woman, and I believe this belongs to you." when he gave him back his mole. I believe it was after Miss. Piggy slammed Constantine against the helicopter. It was great to see them both stand up to the evil frog. I would have to say Constantine is my favorite villian from a Muppet movie after Nicky Holiday.