Weezer's Muppet Show video now on-line


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Apr 13, 2002
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BTW - MTV started playing the video last week and although this could change as it gets popular and has enjoyed its run on the charts, they are airing the whole thing, intro outro and all...the MTV version is exactly what's online.

I also felt there could have been more Muppets throughout - though given the concept of the video, the lack of EM didn't bother me - i just figured they're in the orchestra pit except for Animal who was recruited to fill in for the drummer.

Jerry Nelson did Statler as recently as the Denny's commercial so he most likely wasn't available when they were shooting the video. Though i too agree that the puppeteer did sound more like Richard's Statler - but ya still gotta give Jerry bonus points for having originated the character.

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Jul 19, 2002
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Being a Weezer fan, when I read Rivers' comments in RS, the first thing I thought was 'wow, it's nice to see him saying something tongue in cheek, kind of funny'. He's a very shy, reclusive person but seems to at last be comfortable with who he is and what he does. At least that's what I think:smile:.

I really like the video even though I do see some of the same things that the rest of you do. To me, it's just fun. It's silly and cute.

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Apr 24, 2002
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I really liked video, BUT I watched the "making of" part of it and had some concerns with that. I am a huge weezer fan. I am also a huge muppet fan. If I was in a band as successful as weezer and was able to have the muppets in my video I'd be freaking out! I mean, I would just be ecstatic! I just felt like weezer didn't care at all. I mean, they had Pepe around them for all that time and it felt like they weren't fazed at all. Are they that jaded? It really disturbed me. I mean-the muppets were in their video! They should be happy about that. Everyone I've ever seen on the actual Muppet Show were way more excited then weezer. I sort of feel like they don't deserve to have the muppets in their video now.