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Pixar: Are the glory days over?


Well-Known Member
Feb 14, 2007
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Why do I feel like it might just copy the underrated cartoon series?


Well-Known Member
Apr 20, 2019
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They also announced a movie that just sounds like the Hulk for furries. As a Furry myself, I’m kinda offended by their laziness in assuming what we like.

C to the J

Well-Known Member
May 30, 2014
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You know, for The Incredibles 2, I really really wish they had kept that one part (seen in a deleted scene called Chewed Out in which Bob and Helen are interrogated by two detectives) where Helen speaks up after the second detective’s response to Bob’s question and before Bob’s comment to Rick Dicker:

HELEN: But you had no objections when we stopped the omnidroid from destroying the city!
DETECTIVE 1: Why would we? You stopped the omnidroid.
HELEN: So you support us... as long as we win?
DETECTIVE 2: Objectively, we did not and do not support you. (gets up) We let the infraction slide. (both detectives turn around) (quietly and bitterly to Detective 1) We probably shouldn’t have.

It’s very refreshing to have someone actually acknowledge something significant that happened in the previous movie, but to leave it out is a cinematic slap in the face. In the version we got, Helen didn’t get to speak up, the interrogation abruptly ended on a completely sour note, and, honestly, the detectives made Evelyn Deavor look less like the main antagonist.

The Count

Staff member
Jul 12, 2002
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Out of the three upcoming Pixar films...

Luca sounds nice, but I'm kind of meh on it.
Turning Red sounds like they took the Animaniacs character of Katie Kaboom and then ramped the gag up one further level by having the character explode, turn into a cloud of red smoke, and then become an anthro red-furred panda. So they're recycling the magical undo element of the plot from Brave in that Turning Red's main character has to go some introspective quest to become human again. That plus the girl obsessed with boy bands angle, yeah, not interested at all.
Lightyear, this is the one that I'm interested in due to the meta aspect of the story behind the "human" character that the Toy Story franchise's duteragonist is based on.

After that, we'll have to wait and see what else Pixar comes up with whether another 3D CGI film or if they start to go down the same road as Disney's 2D films being converted into live-action films.