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Let's Give the FanFics a Comeback!

May 31, 2019
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About a century ago, I announced that I was going to start my own fanfic series starring Sesame Street muppets from the USA and around the world. Well life happened, and I haven't had any time to really focus on it. But as we enter a new decade, I finally have the time to start (and my goal is to post my first chapter by the beginning of 2020). Below is the general description of the series, and the revised list of main characters. I'm having a bit of trouble starting it off, so I would really appreciate if you could please give me some ideas in the comment section. Thanks. 😊

Title: Sesame International School

Genre: Alternative Universe/Crossover

Premise: Different muppets from all over the world have been chosen to attend Sesame International School, a prestigious international boarding school in the heart of New York City. This series will cover typical adolescent topics (friendship, family, school, dating, puberty, etc) with a cross-cultural twist. The younger characters are in the seventh and eighth grades (navigating through junior high), and the older characters are high school freshmen (ready to make the best of the next four years).

Main characters, along with a mini biography:

Elmo Furchester (Grade 7): Raised in a military family, Elmo struggles to cope with his dad's frequent deployments. However, he is also optimistic and his disposition remains outgoing and cheerful. The Furchesters and the De Las Cuevases are close friends, especially because they are both military families, and Elmo and Rosita often confide in each other about their family struggles. Elmo enjoys singing, is an alto in the school choir, and recently began writing songs to cope with the stress in his life.

Rosita De Las Cuevas (Grade 9): Also raised in a military family, with a father who was wounded while serving overseas, Mexican-born Rosita often uses her guitar as a form of therapy. Vibrant and empathetic, Rosita aspires to be a singer and songwriter. She is a mezzo-soprano in the choir and is also part of the poetry club. As she begins high school, her father's health begins to decline and she and her mother are worried they might lose him.

Zoe Furrguson (Grade 7): Zoe aspires to be a famous ballerina one day. Her goal this year is for the director of a famous ballet company to notice her and offer her a chance to attend summer dance intensives. Zoe is very strong-willed and confident, but others often mistake her for being pushy and conceited. She has a special friendship with Elmo, but middle school threatens to complicate things between them.

Julia Dempsey (Grade 8): Julia is actually supposed to be in 7th grade, but she scored so high on the entrance exam that she was allowed to skip a grade. Life as a middle schooler with autism can be difficult. But while Julia struggles socially, she is a very talented artist. Her goal is to get one of her masterpieces in a museum one day.

Rudy Shaggford (Grade 7): Rudy is starting middle school without his big sister Abby (who's attending a special fairy school) by his side. But he does have his best friends Elmo and Zoe by side. Rudy is a bit shy, but an easily approachable and fun-loving kid. He's eager to find out what middle school has in store for him, and how he can be seen as an individual rather than just "Abby's little brother".

Kami Zwane-Pietersen (Grade 9): Hailing from South Africa, Kami is excited to return to the US and start high school at Sesame International. Overcoming many obstacles in life, Kami aspires to be a scientist and find a cure for all the world's illnesses. A born leader, she is the captain of the girls' soccer team, the president of the chemistry club, and a soprano in the choir. She is kind, giving, humble, very intelligent, and an amazing singer. But Kami has a secret: she is HIV-positive. Her best friend Zuzu is the only person at school who knows. But when a boy takes notice of her for the first time, Kami is worried about how her condition will affect her ability to be in an intimate relationship.

Zuzu Bonolo, South Africa (Grade 9): South African-born Zuzu was destined to be a star. Focused and determined, Zuzu loves acting and directing, and aspires to be a professional filmmaker and actress. Unsurprisingly, she is an active participant in the drama club. Her goal this year is to win the playwright contest and get the chance to write and direct her own play with chance of being discovered by a talent agent. Zuzu and Kami have been best friends since kindergarten, and they vowed to stay close forever. But will high school, filled with cliques and drama, mark the end of their friendship?

Lola Peludo (Grade 8): A spunky and active girl from Mexico, Lola is what one might call a Renaissance woman. She can sing, dance, act, play soccer, and even play a wide array musical instruments. Lola is the co-captain of the girls' soccer team. While she is friends with Kami, her talent in showbiz puts her in a heated rivalry with Zuzu.

Mahboub Masakh, Israel (Grade 8): A gifted musician who dreams of forming his own band someday, Mahboub is an Arab-Israeli boy with a passion for music. He plays the trumpet in the school band, and he spends his free time creating mixtapes with different kinds of sounds. He's a bit socially awkward, but music is how he really shines.

Zari El-Harak (Grade 9): Hailing from a small village in Afghanistan, Zari is fortunate to have parents who believe that both boys and girls have the right to an education. She aspires to become an international human rights lawyer and help persecuted individuals in Afghanistan and the rest of the world. She is an active member of the mock trial team and the captain of the debate club.

Sivan Ben Ami (Grade 9): Born in Israel to a Brazilian mother and Israeli father, an accident when she was younger left Sivan paralyzed from the waist down. Although she's been using a wheelchair for years, Sivan is sometimes frustrated with having a visible disability in an ableist society, but she is very determined not to let others think of her as "that girl in the wheelchair". She is the captain of the girls basketball team and she wants to be a famous basketball player and disability rights activist.

Businka Aderubaniyan (Grade 7): Raised in Russia by Nigerian parents, Businka often felt like an outcast in her small village just outside of Moscow. She is excited for her first year at Sesame International, and is an active participant in the school's multicultural club as well the dance team. She is energetic and will talk to anyone who will listen.

Kubik Volosatyy (Grade 9) Kubik and Businka were best friends back in Russia, but when Kubik started school at Sesame International two years ago, they gradually drifted apart. Practical and thoughtful, and an avid inventor, Kubik is the president of the robotics club.


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Feb 9, 2014
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I'm planning on making a comeback soon! I'm currently writing a series of one-shots for fellow Muppet fans. Since I haven't written Muppet fanfics in a bit, they may seem OOC which is something I'm trying to watch with care. <3