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Four Ball Foxtrot


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Mar 26, 2012
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Hello peeps! So, after many a protest by his high Countness, here is the next in the Pool Hall series. I actually started this a while ago, but I wanted to have a few chapters around so I could you know have chapter for you when I say I do.​
Just beware, kids, there's some steaminess, but not anything you couldn't see if you were 13 and over. So, without further ado -​
Four Ball Fox-Trot

April shows often bring May flowers, as the saying goes, and it was certainly no different in the state of California. The west coast of the United States was often home to sunshine and warmth, with high temperatures and easy going days.

In the city of Mid-City West, a few folks were still up and about, enjoying the nice weather that the state gave residents nearly 365 days of the year. Mid-City West was a suburb of Wilshire, which itself was a suburb of the city of Los Angeles, and nestled in the embrace of Downtown LA and Beverly Hills. The city, like those that surrounded it, was home to several affluent and working class residents, affording them quick access to the areas around Wilshire Boulevard.

It was here that one Andrew Martin Grosse had finally decided to settle after a few years living in the famed Silicon Valley. It was the perfect place to find a nice townhome – it allowed him quick access to his job as stage manager and production manager for the Muppet Theatre and Muppet Studios respectively, as well as quick travel to his boss’ home in Beverly Hills. Another perk for being right in the middle of the city was that he was near Downtown Los Angeles.

Downtown LA was home to the Cosgrove’s Cool Pool pool hall, an establishment that was run by Chase Cosgrove, the owner, and help from his wait and bartending staff. There was also Amanda Cosgrove, Chase’s daughter, who ran the business and management side of the business. It had been nearly seven months since Andrew Grosse met one Amanda Cosgrove and it had truly be a great match.

Two months ago, during their fourth month anniversary, Scooter – as he was known – had come to a huge revelation in regards to his relationship with Amanda. He had fallen in love with her, something that seemed to have dictated his odd and strange behavior in the months leading up to his realization. Once he had come to terms with the fact that he was in love, for the first time ever, he had done what he could to figure out if his lady love loved him too. That in itself hadn’t been too hard to discern, but when one is in love, it’s important to make sure that what you’re feeling is what the other person is feeling too.

Scooter didn’t need to worry, because Amanda did in turn love him and she had certainly loved the way he had told her; as a performer on the famed Muppet Show, as well as being the stage manager, the Muppet held the advantage of being able to express his feelings through song, which he did during their special Valentine’s Day show. The songs and their meanings hadn’t been lost on the Whatnot and when she had seen him after the show, she had made sure that he knew she understood and that the message had come in loud and clear.

In the two months since announcing their love for each other, the couple had been closer than ever, but perhaps not as close as they wanted to be. The subject of taking their relationship from emotional to the physical had been something they had explored months earlier, but they hadn’t taken the final steps. It wasn’t to say that the two didn’t want to go to the next step, they just hadn’t had the time or the place to actively do it.

Being two young professionals, sometimes their schedules didn’t permit to being together on a daily basis; this was especially true for Scooter, who worked in the entertainment business and was manager and assistant to the world’s most famous comedy and theatre troupe.

But when they did find time…

That night, for instance, had been a perfect break for both of them. Wednesday nights were pretty much open for both of their perspective jobs and Scooter had thought it the perfect time for him to approach his girlfriend about the possibility of taking a weekend off alone. At least, that had been his plan when he had invited her over for a romantic dinner and a movie; as with any time they had significant time alone, they never wasted it, even if they never got through any movie they were supposed to be watching.

Curled up together on the couch, Amanda reluctantly released the lips she had been actively kissing for the last few moments in order to look her boyfriend over. She had never been shy about the fact that she found him incredibly sexy and sweet, especially after they had been making out for the last forty minutes. “What was it you were going to ask me?” she breathed.

Scooter tried to catch his breath, as well as remember anything that went beyond the sight of the beautiful Whatnot that lay over him. “Where have you been all my life?” he sighed, causing her to giggle. Running a hand through her hair, he couldn’t help but smile and sigh again. “I’m being serious,” he added. “I could’ve avoided all those other girls if you had just come along sooner.”

“True,” she said, snuggling against him. “But then you may have wanted to explore other options, instead of just knowing I’m just that awesome.”

The page chuckled lightly, giving the red head a slight squeeze. “Might be right about that,” he said, dropping a kiss on her head. “As for the question I wanted to ask…well…” He cleared his throat several times. “My uncle has this cabin or rather, he had the cabin when he was alive and obviously it reverted to me, but anyway…I have this cabin in Northern Cal and I was thinking maybe…you’d like to see it. For a few days.”

Amanda lifted her head to look at him; even in the glow of the television, she could see the faint blush that rose on his cheeks. “Are you inviting me on a vacation?” she asked.

“Well…yeah,” he whispered. “You’ve been working hard, I’ve been working hard and…well, it be nice to just sit in front of a nice, cozy fire and…” His sentence trailed off with a shrug, but neither could deny the same thought crossed their minds.

“So we’ll just…sit in front of a fire?”

“Well…” he whispered, gazing at her lovingly. “There are other things we could do…”

“Such as?”

“I dunno,” he replied. “Take long romantic walks around the area, look up at the stars…”

“So you want to leave the cabin every once in a while?”

“Not if I can help it.”

Looking at each other, they couldn’t help but giggle. “Glad we’re on the same page,” she said, dropping a quick peck on his lips.

“Most definitely,” he sighed. “I even talked to your Dad.”

At that, Amanda pulled back and gave him a look. “You talked to my dad about this?”

“No!” Scooter exclaimed, sitting up slightly himself. “Not about that! About…you taking a few days off next week to come with me.”

“You asked my dad to give me time off?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking you during an important event or something, that would leave you guys short.”

“You really did that?”

“Sure I did,” he said, delivering a lingering kiss. “Don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Aw,” she cooed. “You are the best boyfriend.”

“Yes I am,” he nodded, causing her to giggle in turn. “And your dad said you were good to go for next weekend, from Thursday to Sunday. He did, however, pull me aside to tell me one thing…”

Scooter, though a modern Muppet man as anyone, did cater to some sense of old fashionness, especially when it came to the aspects of making sure that his girlfriend’s father not only approved of their relationship, but of him. From what he could tell, Chase Cosgrove did indeed like him and that was probably the reason he had given Scooter the permission he was seeking.

However, just because Cosgrove liked the young Muppet, didn’t mean he liked the reasoning behind the trip. Cosgrove had been a young man – heck, he had been a young man when he had met Amanda’s mother – and he knew the whole point of taking a trip to a remote cabin in the hills of Northern California and it wasn’t for bird watching.

“Listen, Grosse,” he had said. “I like you and my little girl likes you and that alone makes you decent in my book. However, just because I look forward to being a grandfather one day, doesn’t mean I want to be one tomorrow or the next day or the next. I would give some serious thought before you think about putting your hands or any other body part on my daughter, got it?”

“Which was?” she asked.

“In no uncertain terms,” Scooter replied. “He basically told me to keep my hands off you.”

“And yet, you’ve had your hands in some interesting places earlier,” she giggled.

“Yes, well…” he chuckled. “I assumed he meant next week.”

Nestling herself closer she whispered, “Naughty boy.”


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Oct 27, 2011
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The end of that was priceless.
It very sweet as well.
Moar plz! :big_grin:


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Mar 26, 2012
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Lo peeps of the Mup Cen! Heck of a week, right? Well, hopefully this extra long 4 Ball will help us all along the weekend. I'm also hoping to get a little more New York Minute in the mix today too.

So without further ado -


While Scooter and Amanda were enjoying themselves as a couple in Mid-City, another couple was arguing in Beverly Hills.

As with many of their arguments, this one actually had no basis in fact or reality, it was just something for them to do in order to pick up a slow day. In the past, these arguments could easily get out of hand, leading to harsh words and hurt feelings; but time – as they say – can sometimes heal old wounds and for this couple, time apart had actually managed to do wonders for their relationship.

But back to the matter at hand…

On this night, the two lovebirds had gone from a dispute over the validity of a Scrabble word, to accusations on who had eaten the last of the peanut butter, to just how big of a closet a certain diva needed to achieve everything that made her…a diva. As the arguments shifted, so did the location – from the living room, to the kitchen, and finally into their master bedroom.

“Okay, alright, hold it,” replied said diva. “This is going to get us nowhere, so I have a suggestion.”

“Which is?”

“One, we call up Scooter or Janice, and they can tell us whether your word was correct or not.”

“It was,” huffed her companion. “And why would we call Janice?”

“Cause she likes weird words,” replied the diva. “Two, Moi will pick up peanut butter tomorrow.”

“And crackers.”

“And crackers, which Moi did not eat.”

“I…may have eaten those,” the second party murmured. “I may have had cheese and crackers the other day.”

“I will apparently also pick up more cheese.”

“I couldn’t help it!” he whined. “It was so good. And with that summer beef meaty stuff we got when Rowlf came back…”

“Moving on, dearheart.”


Seeing that her beau was still entranced by the delicious cheese from their piano playing pooch, Miss Piggy sighed. “Moi will ask Rowlfie if he has any more of that beef.”

“Aw baby, you’re the best!” Kermit the Frog exclaimed, grinning happily.

“I know this,” was the retort. “Now about the closet…”

“Piggy, you know I have no issues with the closet,” the frog admitted. “You have and wear way more clothes than I do anyway, so it makes sense that you take up more space. I’m just trying to figure out why most of my dress shirts are two sizes too big.”

Giving him an all knowing look, Piggy stated, “I have more to fill in them.”

Kermit tried his very best not to look at the aforementioned…ahem, assets…that his girl alluded to. “This is true,” was all he said.

“And…I’ve never heard any complaints out of you,” she retorted, taking a few bold steps towards him.

“Why would I have reason to complain?” he asked, looking up at her.

Patting the top of his head, she said, “Of course not.”

“That didn’t take long.”

“What’s that?”

“This argument,” he replied. “Well, combining all three, that was a good thirty minutes, if you give or take ten minutes for each.”

“It did diffuse rather quickly.”

“Yes it did,” Kermit nodded. “We’re getting much better at this; this deserves a reward.”

“A reward?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Most couples don’t usually reward themselves for keeping arguments under ten minutes,” Piggy stated.

“Well,” Kermit retorted with a chuckle. “We aren’t most couples, are we?”

“Good point,” she agreed. “So Kermie, what should our reward be?”

“well…” Kermit murmured, pacing slightly across the carpeted floor. “What do you want the reward to be?”

The question was stunning; not that Kermit didn’t ask for Piggy’s opinion in certain matters – he did – it was just that, he didn’t do it often and in this case, she actually didn’t have a thought as to what they should do. “Good question,” she murmured.

The two either stood or paced the floor, each thinking of something that would be worthy to reward them on their diffusive argument record. As Kermit had noted, they weren’t your typical Hollywood couple – forget the fact of their interspecies match – whose affairs were up for public spectacle…

Well, for the most part.

Kermit and Piggy had made almost a traditional game out of their legendary fights. To the untrained eye, one might think that the two were completely unmatchable, complete opposites that could never see the side of the same coin; heck, Kermit had once thought that himself, in years past. But there was something about the two of them that they certainly couldn’t deny.

When they agreed, it showed just how much they could be in the other’s corner and decisions that came down from the high were always beneficial to those at the bottom; when they disagreed, watch out!

People literally flung themselves out of the way if either of them were on a tirade about the other; staff and production crews hid under, behind, or in anything they could and awaited for the signal that all was right in the world; betting pools were enacted in the case the pig finally did the frog in or if Kermit would not only fire, but ban Piggy from the Muppets forever.

None of that happened, of course – well, except the times that Piggy had used a well-placed chop to send a message to Kermit or when he actually did fire her in the middle of a show – but it was never pretty when the two of them were at odds.

That had been one of the reasons they had spent seven years apart from each other.

“When was the last time we took a vacation?”

The question stopped Kermit mid pace, as he turned to look at his girlfriend. Just as he was about to answer, Piggy interrupted him by adding, “Alone. Just the two of us?”

Again, Kermit opened his mouth to answer, but quickly closed it. He thought back to all the vacations that he had had over the years, from fun trips to New York or London, to just visiting his family in Mississippi and in thinking about these vacations, one thing was appallingly clear –

He and Piggy were never alone.

It wasn’t for lack of trying! Usually, Piggy’s trying, but she certainly never lacked in it. Through circumstance or fate, whether the two of them planned for a weekend getaway, something always came up. She had been right about him, when she had reluctantly returned from Paris – everything was usually about the Muppets in general, never really about them, as the two unofficial power couple.

“A vacation,” he whispered. “Yeah, I owe you one. I owe you several, no doubt -” he added that last part when she gave him a look. “That’s a good idea. It would be nice to take a break, just the two of us. Yeah, we’ll go away for the weekend.”

“This weekend?”

“No, no, not this weekend,” he replied, seeing where she had been headed. They performed on the weekends, with Sunday being live performance day, with the two previous days trial and error runs. In thinking of that, it also meant that next weekend was probably out too.

“Two weeks,” he said. “That puts us on hiatus and even if we did a couple of matinee shows, the guys can handle it without you and me. Two weeks, okay?”

“Where’re you gonna find some secluded little hideaway in two weeks?” she asked, suspiciously, though she did have a grin on her face.

That was the other problem – Kermit didn’t know of any place that the others didn’t know. “No worries, sweet pea,” he quipped. “In case you forgot, I have the best manager in the world as my assistant; emphasis on the word ‘my’ assistant. If it’s there, Scooter will find it.”


Thursday mornings were relatively slow all around. The day after Wednesday, but just before Friday always saw a slowness sometimes in businesses state and country wide. For Scooter, his Thursday began with the loneliness of waking up alone; while he and Amanda weren’t intimate, they certainly weren’t strangers to spending the night together, curled up next to the other, under warm covers.

Amanda had called a somewhat early night the evening before, as she had an office meeting that very morning to attend, though she had been equally saddened at the prospect of also waking up alone. Luckily, the thought of getting the fellow red head all to herself for four glorious days wasn’t easy to pass up and she had enthusiastically and seductively not only agreed to the suggestion, but had thanked her boyfriend for as long as she could before leaving.

With Thursday being a free day for him, Scooter decided he would actually go about setting up the long forgotten cabin. His uncle, business mogul JP Grosse, had acquired a couple of cabins and other retreats for when he needed to get out of town or needed to host a meeting that needed to be away from prying ears and eyes. This particular cabin was located in the midst of Anderson Valley, a region within the Northern California county of Mendocino, and just a few hundred miles north of San Fran.

JP, who loved his wine as much as his cigars, had picked the location because of the winemakers in the area and for the occasional reason to enjoy the sight and sound of Dry Creek, a nearby watershed that you could view from the front porch. The area itself was close enough to reach neighboring Sonoma County, as well as some of the state parks that were only a drive away. When JP died, many of his businesses and properties reverted to Scooter, as the Muppet’s only living relative, including the several cabins he owed.

Now while Scooter didn’t need several cabins, he did keep claim on at least two – one in upper state Colorado and the one in Northern California – and just rented out the others when people were interested in staying for a vacation.

Since he hadn’t actually been to the cabin in…well, since he had first discovered he owned it, Scooter thought the day was the perfect time to go up and scope it out. In the best case scenario, he would find it intact, if not needing a major cleaning; in the worst case, he would find it devoid of anything – furniture, food, heat – and he would either need to supply these things within a week’s time or find a secluded hideaway elsewhere.

It was with crossed fingers Scooter left his townhome, got in his car, and headed up to the cabin.

It was a little over a seven hour drive up to the cabin and depending on what he needed to do, Scooter had a vague feeling he was going to need a steady stream of coffee to get him through. On the way, he stopped at one of many coffee shops that he and Kermit frequented when they knew their day would be long and insane, before heading out onto the Santa Monica freeway and getting on the San Diego freeway towards North Valley.

Thankfully for him and the drive, Scooter was a morning person who could equally be a night owl as well. If traffic was decent for the day and the hour, he would get there before 3pm, not including any stops he would need to make. In hindsight, the thought of just flying out did occur to him and it would certainly be counted as a consideration, should Amanda want it. However, driving trips could be fun on their own and certainly when you had a person as pretty as Scooter’s girlfriend by your side.

Driving as fast and as safely as he could, Scooter spent the next six hours – cutting off one hour and five minutes – from his initial trip, thanking the heavens that he was able to miss both morning and lunch traffic on his way. It took him a bit to actually find the place, but when he did, he was quite surprised at how well it had kept up.

A single story brown shingled cottage, the front was decorated with a small wooden log porch, complete with chairs and table; the set had been covered with a large tarp in order to prevent wear and tear on the wood during the winter months and Scooter was grateful he had remembered to do that the last time he was here. The tarp itself was faded slightly from sun exposure, but the table and chairs underneath were perfectly fine and the idea of a romantic dinner outside appealed to him just looking at it.

The door was a heavy dark wood, with a diamond shaped stained glass window at its front. Scooter tried his best to look inside and see what type of damage was there, but couldn’t make out any features; taking a deep breath, he selected the door key and placed it in the lock. Unlocking the door and opening it slightly, Scooter was ready to accept the neglect of this once beautiful cabin, but discovered that everything was as it was supposed to be.

Having only been up the once and thinking he would only be using it on occasion, or worse letting others use it on occasion, the red head had actually never been inside. Oh, he had looked at as best as he could around the outside and made sure it couldn’t be broken in to, but this was his official look inside and he was literally floored at the majesty of it.

The living room was first, giving sight to a nice, plush suede couch that faced a large fireplace done in brick and complete with a mantel. To either side were a bedroom, making it a two bedroom cabin, both having their own master baths. In between the door and the area of the bedroom to the left was a small study area, with desk, chair, armchair, and bookshelf that was already populated by books.

Venturing in further, Scooter closed and locked the door behind him and looking around in awe. Next to the fireplace was the doorway that led to the kitchen. It was obvious his uncle had renovated the place before his death, as it looked like the kitchen appliances were new, very new in fact, as Scooter went to investigate. The fridge was a stainless steel two door, with one side being a fridge and the other a freezer; the freezer side held a water and ice dispenser.

A not so recent memory came to him, though it had been several years ago, of him telling the agent of his desire to keep the cabin up to regulation and any changes in technology. That had been the time in which he was about to start his internship with Google and right when the Muppets were about to break up; of course the agent had adhered to his wishes.

The fridge was bare, so it meant that Scooter and Amanda would need to plan and pick up food for their four day weekend. And speaking of which, Scooter grabbed his phone; in the excitement of planning and getting the go ahead, he had completely forgotten to ask Kermit if he could have next weekend off. It would easy, as they had a two week hiatus coming up, but it was the Muppets; even a vacation never seemed to stop them from coming up with ideas for the show.

With his boss on his mind, it was still a surprise when the phone rang with the very frog he needed to speak to. “How weird,” he began, after answering. “I was just going to call you.”

“Great minds think alike,” Kermit quip. “What did you need to call me for?”

“I wanted to ask you a favor.”

“That is weird,” the frog replied. “That was the reason I was calling you.”

“Kermit,” Scooter said. “I think we’re seeing too much of each other. We’re starting to think alike.”

“It’s only dangerous if Piggy or Amanda get jealous,” the frog retorted. “You first then, what’s the favor?”

“I wanted to know if I could possibly take next weekend off,” he began. “I’m actually up at the cabin, you know the one my uncle left me? I wanna bring Mandy up here and…show it to her.”

“Right,” Kermit muttered, but the true weight of the statement actually hit him. “Oh right! Right, I got you. Sure, Scooter, that’s fine, though I’m not sure how I’ll control the inmates without you.”

“I bet you’ll manage,” Scooter chuckled. “Besides, you got Piggy; everyone will listen to her.”

“You’re talking about Miss Piggy, right?”

“Don’t let her hear you say that.”

“I never do.”

“So what was your favor?”

“Hmm?” asked Kermit. “Oh yeah! Well, actually I was hoping you could find a nice little vacation spot for me and her royal highness.”

“For this weekend?”

“No, no, of course not,” he said. “And obviously not next weekend either, with you being gone. Maybe the weekend after that?”

“Well,” Scooter began. “Why not next weekend? We have two weeks off.”

“Wait, is that next week?” Kermit asked. “I thought that was in two weeks.”

“Chief, you really need to use your calendar more.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kermit grumbled. He never liked being reminded about the move away from traditional things to that of technological things. “Well, I’d rather not jinx it; I’ll still go the week after. That way, someone is still in charge.”

“Boss, you can put a number of people in charge.”

“That way, someone sane is still in charge.”

Are we still sane?”

“We’re toeing the line,” Kermit replied. “But there’s still some sanity left. Anyway, got any ideas where we could go?”

“Why not come up here?” the page suggested. “It’s a seven hour drive, but I was thinking that it couldn’t be more than an hour if you and Piggy wanted to fly up. You could easily rent a car from Santa Rosa and it’s probably less than an hour, assuming you won’t get lost.”

“Which means I’ll probably get lost,” Kermit quipped. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“Kermit, if I minded, I wouldn’t have suggested it,” Scooter retorted. “No, this place is perfect. Nice comfy couch right in front of a fire place; I’m heading into one of the bedrooms now.”

“More than one?”

“Two,” the assistant said. “And they both seem to be master bedrooms at that, each with their own private baths. Ooh, this one has a sauna tub. I know what room we’re staying in.”

“What’s the other one look like?” asked Kermit.

“Hold on, I’m headed there now,” Scooter replied, leaving the bedroom on the left and heading to the one on the right. “And I must say, quite happy about the reception out here. Not complete full bars, but obviously I’m getting a clear signal in talking to you. Okay…ooh. This one’s nice too. Both have queen, king size beds, full closet…there’s a sauna tub in here to, not as big though.”

“That sounds exactly what I’m looking for,” Kermit whispered. “Scooter, once again…”

“I know, I’m the best.”

“And so very modest about it,” the frog quipped.

“Hey,” Scooter said. “The fridge is completely empty, so I’m thinking we’re gonna have to stock it when we come up. Want us to pick you up anything? That way you’ll have food when you get here.”

“Aw gee, thanks buddy,” Kermit said. “I’ll talk to the wife and find out what she wants. And you’re sure you don’t mind?”


“Okay, okay,” the frog said. “When did you want to leave me to run the asylum by myself?”

“Next weekend,” Scooter said. “The 7th to the 10th. Then you can have the next weekend; take it for four days.”

“So the…14th to the 17th?”

“Right,” Scooter said. “And don’t forget to put it in your calendar. In fact, we share a calendar anyway, so if I put it in, it should show up on yours.”

“I think I’m capable of writing this down, in a timely fashion, on an electronic calendar.”

“I’m sure you are, however…”

“Scooter,” Kermit said, sternly. “I’m not a child. Trust me on this; I can do this and if, as you say, it shows up on your calendar, then you’ll be able to change it in the case I’m too inept to figure it out.”

“I never said you were inept…”

“It was implied.”

“You know,” the page said. “I’m starting to think you’re spending a ton of time with the pig; now you’re thinking like her.”

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

“I bet you didn’t even notice you called her your wife fifteen minutes ago.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“I’m sure I said…” Kermit stumbled, but he really couldn’t justify a reason for him to deny it. “Willful person.”

“You’re stretching,” Scooter retorted. “Really, really far. Alright, I’ll let you off the hook this time, as long as you put this in your calendar.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Grosse, sir!” Kermit said, smartly. “Anything else, sir?”

“Yes,” Scooter replied, in the exact same tone. “Assemble the minions; we’re going to have a long talk about back sass.”

It was a testament to not only their friendship, but their close ties to each other that neither got offended by the jests, in fact, they both started laughing at the word ‘back sass’. “Alright Kid,” Kermit said, though still chuckling. “I’ll let you go to explore. Besides, I have calendar entries to put into this phone of mine.”

“I’ll be back tonight, for sure,” Scooter added. “Coffee tomorrow?”

“Sure,” the frog said. “Let’s make it nine, instead of eight; I figure you’ll be a bit tired tomorrow.”

“Nothing a large coffee can’t fix. See you tomorrow, Boss.”


The Count

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Jul 12, 2002
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Tuesday? You post the start of this on Tuesday and I don't find it till now? Would have made the days better what with busting spambot turds all day long. And at least now 617 can breathe a sigh of relief.

This is turning out to be a really charming story. Love the details you're putting into the story and how the frog and gofer plan their little evil plots for their cruel mistresses.
BTW: It should be "April showers" that bring the flowers of May.
BTW2: Hey Kerm, you forgot to ask Scooter about that Scrabble word. It was probably gribaziggy, right?
BTW3: Like Pops said, we're out of peanut butter. Make sure you buy the one with peanuts in it.

You keep impressing me with how well you know the California area. If I didn't know better (and I don't) I'd say you're reading the same Sue Graffton Alphabet Murder Mysteries I used to. Should really pick up where I left off starting with her S-novel.

*Looks forward to some steam, it'd be appreciated since we're in some cold rainy days down here. Post more when you can.
*Leaves piece of chocolate cake. :insatiable:


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Mar 26, 2012
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Tuesday? You post the start of this on Tuesday and I don't find it till now? Would have made the days better what with busting spambot turds all day long. And at least now 617 can breathe a sigh of relief.
I had wondered why you hadn't commented, especially when you're usually the first. And I have the same issues - got updated on Charlie's story, but didn't know I had missed two chapters of KG. I swear, this forum's alert system...:shifty:

Hope those weren't WordPress bots.

This is turning out to be a really charming story. Love the details you're putting into the story and how the frog and gofer plan their little evil plots for their cruel mistresses.
Aw, tank q!

BTW: It should be "April showers" that bring the flowers of May.
I completely missed that, which is funny because I not only read it twice, but waited a good two weeks before posting it so I would catch errors. But if that's the only one, than I'm doing better!

Qwijibo post: 1038291 said:
BTW2: Hey Kerm, you forgot to ask Scooter about that Scrabble word. It was probably gribaziggy, right?
I did come up with a word and now I've completely forgotten it. :frown:

You keep impressing me with how well you know the California area. If I didn't know better (and I don't) I'd say you're reading the same Sue Graffton Alphabet Murder Mysteries I used to. Should really pick up where I left off starting with her S-novel.
Nope; it's the power of Google, baby! Though I have been to Cali many times; one day, I'll do a story about Denver or Tucson or something.

*Looks forward to some steam, it'd be appreciated since we're in some cold rainy days down here. Post more when you can.
*Leaves piece of chocolate cake. :insatiable:
Steam will come, but ultimately, I think we can see where the planning in all of this isn't going to work. I came up with a teaser the other day -

Four people.

Two couples.

One cabin.

Hilarity ensues.

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Jul 12, 2002
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3's Company.
Your company.
My company.
Where the rules are right and right and right.

Lois: What?
Peter: Sorry, went off there for a moment.

Yes, you is getting better at this scribbly writing stuff Gina.
To be fair, I've kind of figured a few things about the forum alert system. There's no reason for it to alert you to thread updates if you haven't posted or aren't subscribed to a particular thread. The reason I found this was because I noticed you were online, checked what you were last viewing, and zipped on to read the new fic.
If you have posted in a thread and are subscribed to it you'll get alerts... But if you read the message in the alert notification in your inbox without clicking on the "Visit this thread" link attached, the system will think you're purposely ignoring the thread and won't send you the next update as a new alert notice when it gets posted.
To that note, you should pop into the more popular threads you're following or subscribed to with regularity even if there's no new update. Let's say you leave KG for two weeks without checking in on it. After those two weeks a new chapter gets posted. It's possible you'll get the update alert... Or you might have to log into the thread before those two weeks to make sure that when the new chapter does get posted maybe another week after that you get the alert.

Can't guarantee this will always happen but at least it's something to help a fellow fic fan.
Now where's that next chapter of the 4-Ball with the foxes? Hmm?


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Oct 27, 2011
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Very nice work with that chapter Gina.
So. Frog and Pig on Vacation, splendid... LOL... They...
They like... faught over words... :big_grin:
And Peanut Butter...
And Crackers...
And apparently cheese. :smile:
Love that.

I also love how "Great minds think alike" so Scooter and Kermit were about to call eachother. :big_grin: Two hearts, one mind. :smile:

More please Gina!

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Jul 12, 2002
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*Bumps the 4-ball back against the rail and into the top of the forum.

Posteth more pleasy-weasy? :wink:


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Mar 26, 2012
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Hey guys! Firstly, so very sorry for lack of updates. Had some serious issues with the roommate situation, so haven't been able to actively work on anything. But luckily, things seem to be okay (for now), so hopefully will be updating this weekend.

On both 4 ball and New York Minutes (maybe)

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Jul 12, 2002
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Maybe if you came back more often, you wouldn't miss out on thread updates. And maybe your awesomeness would live on through your own stories. But I'm glad you're back, this place definitely missed you.
*Leaves choc chip cookies, don't worry, :insatiable: has a stash of his own so he won't eat yours.