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Four Ball Foxtrot


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Oct 27, 2011
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Well, after getting back on my computer after a long while, this certainly was a great treat. :smile:

I love Kermit and Piggy's part the best.
You seem to write them so well.

And I also love the thought of grandchildren as well.
Made me smile. :smile:

More please Gina! :stick_out_tongue:


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Mar 26, 2012
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Good morrow (afternoon), children!

So we're come to the end of 4 ball with this chapter, however even before this story was finished, I had and started the next in the series, Three Ball Salsa! I'll give you a little taste of what's to come at the end, but for now, a kinda short wrap up to our adventure!


Sunday began much as it had the previous three days, with the sun rising in the sky and brightening the entire cabin with its warm glow. This was the last day of the vacation, a vacation that hadn’t started the way everyone had believed it to go.

Both couples were awake at the same time, early enough to have breakfast and watch the last bits of the sunrise. Conversation was light in order to enjoy the surrounding nature sounds and everyone was happy in the comfortable silence, enjoying everyone’s company before the state of reality would come to pull them back.

That last day, after breakfast, was spent packing up their belongings and cleaning up the cabin for the next visit, which would hopefully happen soon. Amanda looked around their bedroom wistfully, sad to see their trip ending so soon, as though they had just gotten there and were about to turn around. Despite the trip including two extra people they hadn’t counted on, the young bar manager had enjoyed the trip immensely, learning more about the couple that Scooter held in such high regard.

And she had learned more about Scooter, as well; their talk the day before about what they saw for the future had been a confirmation of what she had hoped was a future for the two of them. The fact that they shared the same views and hopes gave rise to the thoughts and feelings she had been having for quite some time; she loved Scooter Grosse and while she had been joking slightly with her father, she truly did want to be the future Mrs. Grosse and she was hopeful in the knowledge that Scooter also wanted her to be future Mrs. Grosse.

For Kermit, this little secret hideaway vacation had been just what he had needed. Piggy had been on him for years about taking a vacation, just the two of them, and even though the frog counted visiting his family in Mississippi as a vacation, there were few times in which he actively went somewhere by himself or with his girlfriend for that thing called relaxation.

And Kermit certainly had certainly been relaxed on this trip, even if he had accidentally taken it a week before schedule; the area surrounding the cabin was so green and alive and just full of the type of scenery he had been used to living at home, before he had come to the concrete jungle known as Hollywood. It had been great, being able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air, and not hear the sound of cars honking or the very sounds of a busy work day being started.

The frog missed those days, when he could tumble out of bed and just listen to the peace and quiet of the outside.

It was a sad day to be sure, when a great vacation ends and the prospect of having to go back to school or work; Piggy, bless her heart, reminded everyone that this was just the start of a two week vacation, meaning that there was still a week left for them to enjoy. That did manage to perk everyone up, though there was still an air of disappointment in knowing that this great weekend was over.

And speaking of that second week, the four had to figure out what they planned to do with it. If things had worked out, Kermit and Piggy would be at the cabin that week, with Scooter watching the store while they were gone, but with the mix-up, the week was now clear.

The answer was crystal, to Kermit at least – to make up for his error, he not only told the younger couple to enjoy a few more hours at the cabin while he and Piggy took off for the airport, but he also told Scooter he didn’t want to see or hear him until they came back the following week. Piggy seconded that idea, stating that she and Kermit wouldn’t be home, earning a look from the frog as to what exactly the diva might have in mind.

Scooter, by his very nature, tried to protest the decision, but was quickly shot down. Not that he didn’t want to have a week off, especially if he could spend that week with his beautiful girlfriend, but truth be told, the younger Muppet was in the midst of some heavy, deep thoughts; a week off actually sounded like the perfect way to discover what he should be doing about them.

The power couple had been packed and ready to go since the night before and took their leave after the conversation, with more apologies from Kermit and a ‘do everything I would do’ from Piggy. With a goodbye and a ‘behave yourself’ from the frog, the couple left with their luggage and drove off towards the airport, leaving the two red heads to themselves.

After three days of sharing a cabin with another couple, you would have thought the younger couple would have jumped at the chance to be together or may be jump each other; however, the two enjoyed each other’s company enough to just be together in quiet contemplation. Both had the other on their minds and what the future could hold for the two of them; they of course talked and enjoyed conversation with each other, but yesterday was probably the first time they had discussed what they looked forward to in the future.

The couple decided to spend those last few hours in nature, taking a walk from the cabin to that of the docks. Just as Kermit and Piggy had the day before, Scooter decided to go out onto the lake, though he took the boat that had been his uncle’s back in the day. And just as he had with the other couple, Cappy instructed the two on how to pilot the little speed boat and how to use the radio in the case they got stuck; luckily, there was no issue with the Golden Mile and the two were able to get to the same area the power couple had been in.


The day seemed to speed along, with morning giving way to the afternoon. Scooter and Amanda, having enjoyed a few hours on the lake and in the middle of their forest like habitat. At the start of the afternoon, the two finished packing and headed out for the seven hour drive back to the city, stopping along the way for some lunch and snacks as they headed back.

It was the beginning of the evening when Scooter turned his car into the driveway of his little townhome, an unspoken agreement that this was the place they would head to. Having taken turns driving back, neither wanted to actively cook dinner for themselves, so they decided on pizza delivery from the shop that was down the street.

Scooter sat back on the couch, arm around his girlfriend, and his belly full of food; the TV was playing some random movie that would keep their interest for about thirty seconds until one of them decided to watch something else or fell asleep. That was actually what Amanda did, snuggled next to the page and dozing lightly; Scooter was deep in thought, considering all that he had learned from their three day trip together. First and foremost, he was to always make sure that Kermit’s calendar matched that of his own, especially when planning out vacations.

Secondly and most importantly, Scooter was thinking of the next course of action to take with Amanda. Becoming intimate was of course a consideration, but overall, the assistant was met with images of what their relationship could grow into. His dream from the day before was still in his head, the images of a big family flashing across his mind whenever he looked at her.

He wanted that. He wanted a life, a future with her and if there was one thing he had learned from hanging around the power couple, the weirdo and his chick, and even the bassist and guitarist, it was that he didn’t want to wait around to see if things would change or if he would ever get over his feeling of fear at the idea of being married.

Looking down at Amanda, Scooter didn’t want her to leave. He hated when she had to go at nights or when he couldn’t see her because they were in two different locations; and Scooter realized what he wanted.

He wanted her to move in.

It was a big decision, asking someone to move in with you, especially when you love each other. Again, the latest statistics of couples living together crossed his mind, giving him a bit of a pause in his thinking, but his senses are all on board. He wanted to wake up with her every morning and go to sleep with her every night; he was going to do everything he could to make sure that this living arrangement wasn’t going to be doomed.

Because he was hoping they could live together for quite some time.

And that's it for 4 Ball! Monseur Count, por favor that you should put this on the finished list! So what's coming up in the next story? The moment every couple fears and dreads - the first fight! And it's a dozy. Can the parental units put the pieces back together and stop a potential break up?

The Count

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Jul 12, 2002
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You make me very happy. Love that frog and pig are leaving the page and princess on their own for an added week. And to think that he's gonna ask her to move in with him... Then the potential lover's spat, romantic quarrel if you will, I is excited to read what you got next for us. Thanks.
*Scurries to add the 4-ball to the list.
*Leaves chocolate cookies, eat 'em before :insatiable: shows up.