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Big Bird Replica Half-finished


Well-Known Member
Sep 8, 2007
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He has a mini tutorial on his website, showing how to make his wombat puppet. Personally I don't think he needs to give to much info because that is his job. If Jarrod was to tell us everything he knows he would be out of a job.

The best way to learn is trial and error. I know that every puppet I make I learn a little from and the puppets I mess up on I learn even more.

If you look at Jarrod's earlier work the muppet replicas were not always perfect. He had to try and try again he has made several versions of ernie and elmo and what not.

Making puppets takes time don't rush it and have fun making mistakes. Nobody is perfect when they start anything it takes determination and that is exactly what Jarrod has done.

Personally I don't think there is only one way to make a puppet go and explore options try different fabrics foams and what not. One of my college professors told me at art school playing it safe is boring. So lets see those mistakes and lets all learn from them.


Well-Known Member
Jan 2, 2005
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Great job on building the Boober puppet replica, although it needs the replica of Boober's hat.


Well-Known Member
Mar 29, 2004
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yeah I know boober needs the right hat, thats why it says "boober in the making" :smile: plus last time i looked boober wasnt wearing fozzies hat :embarrassed:

Muppet Loverr

Well-Known Member
Mar 26, 2007
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I love you Female puppet:

Anyone know how to make a chest like that?


Active Member
Jul 13, 2017
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Hey there Cookie, yes thats my REAL name, Big Birds head is a foam skull with feathers hot glued to it one at a time, his body is made with netting with hoops to give it shape - the feathers are also hot glued on one at a time - over 5000 feathers so far and counting, it has cost me a fair bit to make so far and I have just bought his large tail feathers which were expensive. I have been making him a little at a time so it hasn't been just one big cost, its been fun - and many many hours of work . Hope this helps
How did u connect the head to the body