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    Hey Uncleduke?

    Thanks Philip, As usual you are 100% correct. I will be getting some at the WWLB con, and will eventually offer them on my site. However, I really feel strongly that folks should show their support, and join the Collector's Club. If my suspicions are correct, the Tour Kermit will probably be...
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    Internet sites NOT to buy Muppet items from...

    No, it took him 2 weeks to get them in his hands, He ordered them, and emailed me that he needed them for Christmas. And I made sure they made it in time.
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    Internet sites NOT to buy Muppet items from...

    Artie, Your package was lost by UPS, you know this, and I know this. If you remember correctly, I was the one who told you there was a problem with it in the first place. I waited for UPS to send a refund. When the one they sent to your address, in my name was returned to them, I sent you...
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    Anyone seen Mega Gonzo?

    We got ours in last week (along with Star Trek classic wave 2, 18" Hellboy, and the Special Edition Alien Bust)
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    I've never seen these "Muppets" before...

    He said his friend threw a party, and used these to entertain the guests - maybe he actually used them to get everyone to leave when the party was over! If they weigh 70 pounds each, I would really hate to see the shipping charges on them.
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    Internet sites NOT to buy Muppet items from...

    Thanks, Whatever, we do our best. DMX, if you didn't confirm your order (which is most likely why you don't see it on your account with us) - we would have recieved your Payment via your credit card, but would have had no Idea what it was for. That actually happens once in a while, people...
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    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    Not that I was doubting you Warrick, but all of the literature I have on these lists the SRP as $14.99. If they need to be sold for $9.99 I won't carry them in my shop since I would loose money on each item!
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    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    Well for what it's worth, this seller is always violating eBays policy about 30 day pre-sales. He has been auctioning off Mega Gonzo since October, and I think he started listing Pigs in Space last July
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    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    MSRP is 14.99
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    Where can I find...

    We are expecting them in March as well - if you still need just a Robin, LMK, I will be happy to help you out! Just send me an email through the board. And you should be able to pay with a check on our site now.
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    Kermit in New PSA

    Hope I am not re-hashing old news: Just saw a Public Service Announcement for Vision 20/20 featuring our favorite frog! I checked their website, and he's on there also (it's nice they did this but couldn't they have used a Muppet that wears glasses...
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    Of Muppets and Men DVD

    I have (direct off broadcast) Henson's Place Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson (off Florida TV with Commercials for the Muppets Attraction at MGM) THe 35 year Celebration Not sure how to get a hold of you, as I can't email you through the board
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    Series 8 Painted Pics in Previews

    OH - no you musn't.....
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    Songs from the Street at Costco

    Anyone who hasn't picked up this 3 CD set already (Shame on you)- I saw it at the Costco Warehouse store yesterday for $27.99
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    Sideshow/Weta "bust"-ing Their Butts

    Tomahawk, I sent you a Pay-pal link to your registered Email. Enjoy him!