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    Courtney Love Mad at the Muppets

    She has an inflated sense of self worth.
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    New Stuff At The Parks. Star Wars/Muppet Figures!
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    Disney Store Muppet Merchandise Released

    Went to my local Disney store today. They had Fozzie out and a new Kermit mug. They had three of the new t-shirts too. I asked when they would be getting more and they said this Thursday would be the big day. They were nice enough to show me the print out of what they are setting up... The...
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    When will toys tieing in to The Muppets be released?

    It is a bit strange. I check the Disney store here and besides the series 2 Vinylmation and the kids Animal PJ's... Nothing. On the upside, the Muppet Vinylmations seem to sell much quicker than the others. But just this week they had a pretty big "celebration" for the Cars 2 DVD release and one...
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    We have pics of the Muppet Spirithoods

    At least I am confident that I can stay very far away from these.
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    2011 Hallmark BEAKER Muppet Ornament

    That's awesome.
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    Disney Dreams Muppet Plush

    They aren't park exclusives. In fact they didn't have any of these at the park. Puzzle Zoo is a seperate store altogether. They have an online store and you can get them there too.
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    Disney Dreams Muppet Plush

    They had a ton of these at Puzzle Zoo in Costa Mesa Ca. when I was at Disneyland two weeks ago for vacation. I was truly surprised. It was the most Mupet stuff I had seen in one place since Palisades.
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    AMAZING(! !) Muppet Cupcakes

    Too bad they can't ship them. I want them for my 40th birthday this year.:)
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    Your dream 2011 Muppet Promotions

    I would love to see more mens clothing. Shirts, hoodies, hats. Maybe from New Era like the Sesame Street ones, but with better availability. The plush sound like a great idea. Season Four is a must before the film comes out. I would also like to see them around the theme parks more. I...
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    Kermit Hinged porcelain treasure box with rainbow inside.

    They show up on E-Bay now and again.
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    New Muppet Mugs

    Yeah, I got mine a few months ago here. Two for twenty.
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    eFX Collectibles to produce Muppet Replicas

    What part of Oregon are you in? Yeah, I used to live down in Orage County. I would do the drive to Pasadena in a heartbeat to see the window. From here though, it's bit of a drive.
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    eFX Collectibles to produce Muppet Replicas

    They might be, but the window is basically a promo for the replicas. Still very cool to see them out and about. The guy I talked to said they get a ton of phone calls about The Muppets in the window too.
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    eFX Collectibles to produce Muppet Replicas

    At least it's something. And I think Kermit looks quite nice.