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    Fraggle Rock returns to U.S. TV October 10 on The Hub

    Fraggle Rock ALSO on TV in Australia. Was going through the guide the other day, and noticed that Fraggle Rock is also showing on ABC on Sunday mornings. Add this with its airings in the US and it appears it is really making a comeback!
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    Showing Off Your Fraggle Collections

    Haha! I was opening it up expecting to be upset at how much more you must have. :) Still, I've only got a few seasons on DVD and nothing else.
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    Fraggle comic at FCBD in May

    Suppose odds aren't good of my comic store having it free. But I guess it can't hurt to look into it.
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    New Fraggle Rock Clothing Line coming!

    This is EXACTLY how I feel. All I want is some good Henson related shirts, that portray the characters in the manner that made me love them in the first place. Having Kermit and Fozzie dressed as rappers and stuff like that is not what I want. The "old school" look I don't mind so much...
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    Dust cover advice.

    Haha, whoops... I got what you meant... I have no idea why I wrote contact paper. :o Thanks for that site!... it seems like it could be just what I need.
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    Fozzie Jokes

    Well... there's always the banana gag! ;)
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    Wanted: Muppet Posters.

    Hello, I'm after some good Muppet posters to put on my wall. If anyone knows a good place to buy some online, please let me know. I'm only interested in authentic posters, not knock-off prints. Thanks!
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    What was the last DVD you bought and why?

    The last DVD was Samurai X: The Motion Picture... and also The Samurai X OVA collection. I bought them both because I like Rurouni Kenshin, and the DVDs were at a really good price. Watched them last night (except for Reflection) and they were pretty good. Also, didn't actually buy it...
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    Who's going to see Disney's the Princess and the Frog

    Yeah, I'll probably go and see it, if only to support the more traditional Disney movie. Not that all the newer ones are bad, I just would like to see them do more 2D animation... to keep it from dying.
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    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Currently, none... but the last CD I was listening to was the Labyrinth soundtrack over Burnout Paradise... can't remember which track exactly was on last.
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    Dust cover advice.

    Thanks very much, Muppetperson. By the way, do you know at what sort of places you get that contact paper, and how expensive it it?
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    New Fraggle Dolls

    These don't really do anything for me... I hope the movie brings us some good Fraggle toys!
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    We need to see Dark Crystal action figures!

    I was surprised to even find a fair few of those Chamberlin figures in an Australian Ebay store. It looks like it's a pretty good size as well. Would definitely look great on display.
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    The Muppet Man BioPic

    I have no doubt that I'd watch the movie... but I don't know how well it would turn out. I read something about Jim Carrey showing interest? I thought that would be interesting, if only for the fact that Jim Carrey is one of my idols.... so it would be one of my idols playing another...
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    The "Discovering Farscape" Thread

    I definitely intend to. I think I saw the first episode years back, and can hardly remember anything about it. Those kind of sci-fi series have never really been my thing, but I still want to check it out. So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to return to the thread raving about how much...