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    how do you like my puppets?

    i think my favorite thing about ostrich boas is how well they convey emotion. i mean, they rock! i don't really know how to describe it but when a puppet has ostrich feathers it's so much easier to tell what emotion the puppeteer is trying to show. definetly worth spending a little more on...
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    how do you like my puppets?

    when putting on the little specks, it's best to use white electric tape. tape is better because you can take it off and on if you don't get the focus quite right. i suppose if you were really good you could use paint, but i think it'd be alotharder.
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    Timmy the Tooth

    lol! oh my goodness, i remember that show vividly. but i only watched one episode, because... uh... the cavity goon gave me nightmares for a week. lol i was seven give me a break
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    how do you like my puppets?

    the green fuzzy one's name is Marvin, crazy green one with teeth is Douglas, the old man is Alfred, the bird is Gertie, and the old lady is Eunice. all of the puppets that we (my mom and I) make are one of a kind, we don't use patterns. well... mostly... Marvin's body is from a pattern, but...
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    how do you like my puppets?

    super sweet, thanks for the feedback. i like that idea about the teeth, they have kinda been bugging me, but it was too late. they are actually curved with the lip but you can't really tell in these pics, but i like that idea about tucking the teeth behind the upper lip. i've added another...
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    how do you like my puppets?

    my mom and i have made these puppets for this little business type thing that we're going to have. this batch isn't for sale yet, we're taking them to a festival tommorrow but if they don't sell there they could for sale on ebay soon. cilck here to see the puppets (i made the two...
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    Main Tools?

    if ur good enough to make an avenue Q puppet u should be good enough to know what u need. ;) i have no idea what you would need for a puppet of that quality, but i'm sure that you would need to go to more places than just Hobby lobby. :) p.s. no harm intended
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    New Puppet Mania Book

    yeah i got that book for my brithday and it's GREAT. the puppets in there aren't like muppets but there are really good ideas in there that you could use if you're wanting to make a profesional puppet. and the puppeteering tip in there are AWESOME. definetly worth $15 ;)
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    I'm a beginning puppeteer...

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    I'm a beginning puppeteer...

    Sometimes, if it will go with what you're trying to make, you can make the head out of two peices of foam. you can make the bottem jaw one peice and the rest of the head another peice and then cover the whole thing with fleece or something. it just seemed like what you were explaining was one...
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    Creepy New Show On Nick Junior

    you know... that show reminds me alot of "floop" on spykids
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    Square puppet

    that's pretty cool lookin'. what gave you the idea to make a square headed puppet?
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    Monsters are fun

    those are some pretty cool puppets ya got there :D
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    Under The Umbrella Tree

    man i used to love that show when i was little. disney sure has changed :smirk:
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    New to the forum

    welcome to mc :)