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Recent content by MuppetsBear17

  1. MuppetsBear17

    Does anyone own any Bear merch?

    I recently got the "Love to Dance Bear" toy
  2. MuppetsBear17

    Why don't you watch Bear everyday?

    Is it weird that I liked Bear in the Big Blue House as a toddler?
  3. MuppetsBear17

    Why don't you watch Bear everyday?

    I do have a hobby, which is watching shows. I like a lot of shows. However, when I feel depressed, I focus on the negatives of life and such
  4. MuppetsBear17

    Why don't you watch Bear everyday?

    I will admit though the reason i've been posting this kind of stuff is because i'm depressed at the moment
  5. MuppetsBear17

    Why don't you watch Bear everyday?

    I want to know why you guys don't watch Bear everyday
  6. MuppetsBear17

    Bear is on Archive.org

    If you guys miss Bear, you can watch the episodes on Archive.org
  7. MuppetsBear17

    Who was your favorite character?

    I always loved Tutter the most
  8. MuppetsBear17

    Why isn't Disney acknowledging Bear?

    One thing I find coincidental about Bear is that the last episode ever reran on TV was "Let it Go" on Sunday, May 6, 2007. I find that coincidental because after that day, Disney had let go of Bear from their lineup. The last airing of Bear (Reruns included) on TV even promoted "My Friends...
  9. MuppetsBear17

    Bear on the MDA Telethon 2004

    I love this video. Bear was probably the nicest, warmest, and gentlest character i've ever seen. This video shows how much he meant to children and seeing them hugging him was very heartwarming.
  10. MuppetsBear17


    What did you think of this cartoon when it was on? For me, I loved it. I was really into animals as a kid (Still am), so this show was really fun for me. Alongside Bear, Stanley was another show I loved to watch during Playhouse Disney as a kid. I always loved the theme song, which was done by...
  11. MuppetsBear17

    Why isn't Disney acknowledging Bear?

    I did request Bear in the Big Blue House (As well as Muppet Babies (1984) and The Muppet Show). One thing i've realized is that many of the big pre-school or kids shows back in the late 90's/early 2000's have legal availability in their entirety except Bear. SpongeBob is still on (And even if...
  12. MuppetsBear17

    Why isn't Disney acknowledging Bear?

    Well, months later and Disney STILL hasn't brought Bear over to Disney+, which is a shame. Disney should realize that just because a show has ended doesn't mean you can't legally stream it or make it available. It's been almost 13 years since this show stopped airing on US TV (It's last airing...
  13. MuppetsBear17

    Why isn't Disney acknowledging Bear?

    At least not at launch. I'm not sure if it will ever be on Disney+, but I really hope Disney will eventually add it to their service. Of the first 4 Playhouse Disney Original Series, it's the only one that i'm not sure if it will come to the service. Out of the Box has been confirmed for launch...
  14. MuppetsBear17

    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 5 - Tagalong Polliwog / Sparkly Star Switcheroo

    I really enjoyed the first episode. It was very funny and I thought it had a good moral. I find Robin very adorable and it had a nice sense of imaginative adventure The second episode was okay, though I do know i'm not in the target audience, so I won't critique it too much. Maybe I need to...
  15. MuppetsBear17

    Why isn't Disney acknowledging Bear?

    Honestly, I don't get why Disney+ won't have Bear at launch. It was the flagship show of Playhouse Disney during the Late 90's and Early 2000's and I know for a fact that it has no copyright issues at all, unlike OG Muppet Babies (Though it might not have copyright issues since I heard the clips...