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    Commercial rant time...

    I've been basically having a break from Cable TV this whole year, I mainly will either watch YouTube and/or streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix. And I take loads of breaks from watching TV as well, I only watch TV for 2-5, maybe 7 depending on the day, on hours at most. I was also...
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 1 Episode 1 - Sir Kermit the Brave / Animal Fly Airplane

    Sir Kermit the Brave: An awesome first episode as The Muppet Babies use their imaginations to find Miss Nanny. Animal Fly Airplane: I could totally see how the other Muppet babies didn't want Animal to fly, as he is pretty hyper (Doesn't Animal have ADHD? I remember reading something about it...
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 1 Episode 10 - The Good, The Bad, and The Froggy / Muppet Rock

    The Good, The Bad, and the Froggy: A cute episode! I love how Gonzo usually the villain in some of these episodes, it makes for really cute bad guy moments, Also the Muppet Babies putting on southern accents was cute too! Muppet Rock: Nice Dr. Teeth cameo, and the moral for this episode is...
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 2 - Starship Piggy / My Buddy

    Starship Piggy: A nice little Star Trek parody. My Buddy: This episode is very relatable for anyone that collects stuff, I could totally feel Animal and what he was feeling when Fozzie borrowed his stuffed bunny, Buddy.
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 14 - Win a Twin / Skeeter and the Super Girls

    Win a Twin: What a very cute episode! It's nice that we finally have saw Scooter and especially Skeeter in the new Muppet Babies! They're both really good characters, and make awesome twin siblings! Also having Cree Summer as Skeeter felt like a pretty good fit actually, it's actually better...
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 1 Episode 7 - Summer Penguin, P.I. / You Ought to Be in Pictures

    Summer Penguin PI: was pretty cute, you got one of the first introductions of her and she's pretty nice as a character. Even though she feels off compared to other Muppet penguins and as a Muppet, she's still an alright character, and this plot about her being a detective was cute! You Ought to...
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    Your Thoughts: Toy Story 4 *Contains Spoilers*

    exploration of a homemade toy and whether or not said toy would come to life, so Forky was a nice addition, but I am not spending my money on merchandise of a Spork, unless I have kids and they ask for one, so no merch money coming out of me for a $20-40 dollar spork, unless I have kids or make...
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    Commercial rant time...

    I DESPISE THAT NEW APPLEBEE'S COMMERCIAL They've been playing on CNN, with that lame country music, the dances are pretty bad too, the commercial is about DATE NIGHT AT APPLEBEE'S. ugh. another commercial I hate is that Diluth Underwear commercial where the deep guy sings Beethoven - Symphony...
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    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    With Arthur ending, I decided to watch Arthur's First Day a few weeks ago, it was a cute episode, and it's to finally see them move up another grade and even give a clothes change (I mean the clothes the characters were already wearing were starting to get dated by the late 2000's, so they...
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    RIP Norm MacDonald

    I'm really sad that he passed away, he was a good voice actor and perfect for characters like Norm the Genie from The Fairly OddParents and Death from Family Guy, he was also Pidgeon in Mike Tyson Mysteries. I'm gonna miss him. :cry:
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 3 Episode 1 - Oh Brother / Fozzie's Boo Boo Patrol

    I love Fozzie having a little sister as it gives him someone to care for and protect, and he can also tell all his jokes to his little sister, It's a pretty cute episode, and I always wanted to have Fozzie have a sister so this was a nice little episode. Hopefully (I doubt it though) she makes...
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    Does anyone own any Bear merch?

    When I was a baby, I used to have a Bear plush. I believe it was this one but not sure.
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    Muppet Babies is the top-rated Disney Junior show among kids 2-5!

    Didn't think the new Muppet Babies was that popular, I would've thought it was Puppy Dog Pals, PJ Masks or Peppa Pig were popular considering those YouTube videos. nice to know kids can be still into old properties somewhat. It may be a retooled Muppet Babies show, but still tries to retain...
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    Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

    I love the looks of this show so far!! What's everyone's thoughts on this show so far, they have the first episode on the Cartoon Network app. and the show will come out on Cartoon Network July 1st! It was originally based on an animation from Newgrounds, an animation site made for indie...
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    The Steven Universe thread

    Yeah, I'm getting tired of this hiatus too, GIMME SOME NEW EPISODES, CN! Also, it's better than the episode Rocknaldo... give him that lol.