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Recent content by Joggy

  1. Joggy

    Puppet Earth

    Boy, it's been a while! Hi guys, how is everybody doing? I'm back here with a fun project I'd like to share with you. I've been working with a great troupe of filmmakers. We've been exploring some strange foreign lands to shoot the first in a series of nature documentaries entitled Puppet...
  2. Joggy

    German Fraggles DVD

    Elma USED to be a girl in Germany... I have an album where Placido Flamingo refers to Elmo has his "freundin" (girl friend) The names of the Dutch Fraggles are different. Gobo is still Gobo. But Mokey is Mollie, Red is Jet, Wembley is Wimmie and Boober is Bobbie. I believe the German Fraggles...
  3. Joggy

    Fraggle Rock DVD box released in Holland

    What a funny theory. A few things just aren't right with it. - Like said before, Disney does not own the Fraggles. Bridge has that fact wrong. - It can not be THAT difficult to get access to Fraggle episodes for DVD release. HIT is going to release a season 1 boxed set in the US! - On...
  4. Joggy

    Songs of Inspiration

    Feel the water flowing Feel it coming, feel it going In the river, in the rain or in the sky One day it's an ocean One day ice in motion One day it's a teardrop in your eye Once I wasn't here And then I suddenly appeared And now I seem to be at home in earth and air Just...
  5. Joggy

    Question on a guest star

    Yup, it's Heather Locklear. Just when the Muppets are finally convinced that Heather is not dangerous at all, she accidentally eats one of Bunsen and Beaker's Jekyll-Hyde foods and has enormous violent mood switches.
  6. Joggy

    What are your favourite Swedish Chef sketches?

    That moment everyone turns Swedish in the Jonathan Winters episode has one of the funniest Newsman performances ever. Newsman: "We interrupt this entertainment for the following announcement. Not everyone has turned Swedish. I for one have remained my normal self." Gipsy Lady: "There is...
  7. Joggy

    French sentences in season 1, episode 9

    I watched the tape again and the subtitle seems to be the wrong translation... If I'm correct the bread says: "Oh, voyons, cherie! Mais j'ai l'accent Français!" which means: "Oh, look, honey, but I have the French accent!"
  8. Joggy

    Favorite Vet's Hospital Lines/Sketches

    Dr. Bob: "Scalpel." Piggy: "Scalpel, Dr. Bob." Dr. Bob: "YOOOW!!! How long have you been a nurse?!" Piggy: "Well, what time is it?" Dr. Bob: "Sorry I was late! A musician at the symphony fell through his harp." Piggy: "Where is he now?" Dr. Bob: "In rooms nine, ten, eleven and...
  9. Joggy

    French sentences in season 1, episode 9

    I should really watch the episode again to be correct, but I remember the Dutch subtitles in my episode saying: "Look closer, sweetheart. My history lies in France!"
  10. Joggy

    Sixty Seconds Got Together Lyrics

    Kermitage is quite relyable... the episode guide was made by Danish Muppet Show diehard nut Hans Jensen. I made the original Character Guide, a part of which can be found on Kermitage. (It's missing the characters Mike couldn't get good enough photos of) Yep, it's indeed the episode guest...
  11. Joggy

    A You're Adorable

    Actually I think the Jack Muppet was rather skintone-coloured. I always saw him as more of a "Whatnot" (Muppet productions) than an "Anything" (Sesame). He looked a bit like one of the elves from "The Great Santa Switch", except that those had black mouths and Jack has a red mouth. He was a...
  12. Joggy

    1969 backdrops

    It's all in the marketing, I guess. Teletubbies, Barney, Blues Clues, and all those other series that are SS's competition, sell their products more 'aggressively' than Sesame Street - following the marketing trend that started in the 90s. Until then, none other preschool show did such a thing...
  13. Joggy

    Emmet Otter: one of the best

    I think Frank Oz performed Ma. He's the only Muppeteer who doesn't have much to do, and the puppetry looks so good.
  14. Joggy

    Who all is in the Electric Mayhem?

    Lips played a trumpet solo in Disney World, but that was his only (brief) appearance on that special. Didn't he also appear in Christmas Carol at Fozziwig's party?
  15. Joggy

    What is this Doozer's name? (pic)

    Flench and Wingnut were created before Cotterpin... they debuted in season 1, but Cotterpin made her first appearance in season 2.