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    Missing thread

    I'm curious as to just how many threads have been deleted recently, as my post count appears to have dropped by well over half of its original amount.
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    Halloween is just around the corner

    My husband tells me some good stories about being a Walmart employee... people getting on the intercom system and announcing that everything in the store is now a penny...
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    Happy Birthday Matt Vogel!

    Shame accepted- I also was unaware of this special day. Happy birthday, Matt!
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    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    "New Fever Waltz" - Elton John (I think his entire Diving Board album deserves a mention. It's hard to pick the song.)
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    The “What did you do today?” thread

    I organized my collection of Muppet books (mostly SS books) and realized that I am in serious need of a place to put all of them.
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    Golden Globes - What's the Point?

    What I never realized until this year is that there is the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy ceremony, which is the weekend before the Primetime Emmys.
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    Video: Favorite Jim Henson Muppet Moments

    One of my favorite Kermit songs (I prefer the Sesame version)
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    Video: Favorite Jim Henson Muppet Moments

    This calls for a little Visual Thinking...
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    Happy Birthday Steve Whitmire!

    Happy Birthday, Steve! "This is your birthday song. It isn't very long. HEY!"
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    Ugliest International Sesame Street Muppets

    Maybe Big Bird ate too many red hots.
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    Who's your favorite Disney princess?

    I used to know/work with a girl who was from Myanmar (she came to the U.S. for school). One night a group of coworkers went to her house to watch Mulan, as it was her favorite movie. Someone referred to Mulan as a princess, to which I replied I didn't understand why someone would say she was...
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    Who's your favorite Disney princess?

    Belle has always been my favorite. As a child I was elated that there was a brunette Disney princess. Beauty and the Beast is also the first movie I remember seeing in a theater. And BTW I've never considered Mulan a princess (as much as I love that movie).
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    Where are y'all from?

    I come from everywhere, and my name is you.
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    Posting Issues

    Someone told me yesterday they had been unable to "like" one of my posts so I wondered if there was a glitch or something.