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    Rare Muppet Puppets needed!

    Enough with the cracker barrel already... I am really doubting that cracker barrel has what you're looking for... if they did i'm sure someone would tell you... asking over and over will not change the fact that "cracker barrel" doesnt have what you want.
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    Discuss Follow That Bird

    When i was a kid i watched this movie non stop until one day my parents got sick of watching it and the tape "dissapeared"... i bought it when they rereleased it on vhs and dvd a few years back though... hehe... my parents werent real thrilled about that one.
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    Muppet Music video

    I tried clicking the link and saving it and i still could not get it to work...
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    Do you like Disney owning the Muppets?

    I am in complete disagreement here. Jim Henson was always about making QUALITY programming. Jim didnt care about all the extra stuff like amusement parks. There was no need for Henson to open Muppetworld or Muppetland because he accomplished what he wanted with each show he did. I dont think Jim...
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    Unknown Muppet Performers

    I wouldnt go as far as calling these performers "unknown". John Tartaglia has made quite a name of himself recently thanks to Avenue Q, and Eric Jacobson gets alot of praise here around MC for the great job he's been doing performing Frank Oz's characters. You should be able to find...
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    DCI fans?

    Are there any other Drum and Bugle Corps fans around here? I am going to the central division championships tonight in Kalamazoo, MI and I just thought i would check and see if there were any other fans of competitive marching here on muppetcentral.
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    Who are your favorite bands?

    Favorite Bands: Dave Matthews Band (#1) The Eagles Maroon 5 Dashboard Confessional Third Day Motion City Soundtrack Pink Floyd R.E.M. The Beatles Artists: Elton John Paul Simon Billy Joel Dave Matthews John Denver Jimmy Buffet Frank Sinatra Josh Groban Hayley Westenra...
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    Muppets Geography!

    Ronald Duck
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    i was the swedish chef
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    Old Forum: Need a picture next to your membername?

    Hey, I've been a member of the forum for almost a year now and I'm finally trying to post more often so i thought to myself "self, its time you get an avatar" so if anyone could make me one that would be cool. I would like to have one with Thog on it if possible or the Ghost of Christmas present...
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    Muley For President 2004

    when Muppet Crypts came in... ;)
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    Do you like the Pizza Hut commercials?

    I think that right now we should worry more about getting the muppets back in the limelight than worrying about getting the quality of the Jim era. Lets face it, Jim is dead and he's not coming back.... we need to quit complaining about not getting enough of the muppets or not getting the...
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    Muppets Geography!

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    Muppets Geography!

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    Sweatums finds a home!