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    MIB Palisades 'Wedding Set' for sale

    I've got a MIB Muppets Wedding Set that I'd like to sell. I'd rather sell it here than on the 'bay, considering that most people who would bid on it post here anyway PM or email me with an offer if you are seriously interested. I can email post pics if needed. Thanks!
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    Adventure Kermit & Swedish Chef prototypes on the 'Bay... just a few hours left!

    Both of these items are factory test shot prototypes. Check out the pics and let me know if you have any questions!!
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    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    :) I'm gettin' the same thing here in PDX.
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    New retailer

    I sure hope so! The Palisades Board has been going up and down the last couple of hours... so I don't know if it will happen today.
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    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    BOOM! And down it goes...
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    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    I get the same thing. Nothing but white ether.
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    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Hmmm... I was just on there. Didn't have any problems.
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    Kermit Skywalker

    Cool custom! One suggestion though. Shouldn't he have a green lightsaber? :)
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    For Sale or Trade - Dr. Teeth and Bunsen Series 1

    I'm interested in a few of your figures. I have some WOS items available for trade. Sent you an email :)
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    Need a Red Floyd!

    I need a Red Floyd to finish off my MOC Series 2. Anyone out there have one for sale/trade? I've got a couple extra ToyFare Fozzie's available as well as other WOS, MOTU and SW stuff. Reply here or email me at
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    Question about Ordering Super Scooter from ToyFare?

    Yes, you are correct. The $15.00 includes standard USPS ground shipping. For $5.00 extra (or $20.00 total) you can have the figures shipped to you via FedEx, which also provides you with a tracking number. Hope this helps!
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    anyone need zoot repaint (Toronto)

    I'm interested! I have an extra ToyFare Vacation Fozzie that I can trade. Or, let me know what you're looking for.
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    'Customizing' Gonzo's Cannon

    Wow. Didn't think I'd get such a big response from this :) So, I guess the question now is... has anyone in the UK tested this 'more powerful spring' theory???
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    'Customizing' Gonzo's Cannon

    Well... I'd like Gonzo to shoot farther out of the cannon... like across the room :) I'm basically looking for instructions on how to swap out the spring in the cannon for a more powerful one.