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    Puppetry Blog Favouritism

    If you are not happy with what's out there, perhaps you should stop complaining and start your own puppet blog.
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    Your Thoughts: Authentic Kermit Replica

    Does anyone know if the actual Kermit puppet uses felt for the collar and base of the feet? I expected something a bit more durable and was surprised to see felt used on the poser replica. Overall, though, I'm overjoyed with the product.
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    Authentic, Fully Licensed, Muppet Replicas Coming!

    Is it weird that I was able to place an order, and I'm not a member? I just created an online account and was able to place a pre-order. I received an order confirmation number and everything....
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    Authentic, Fully Licensed, Muppet Replicas Coming!

    Wait, are they only making 2500 Kermits? Or are there just 2500 available for preorder and then they'll make more later for the general public? Confused.... :confused:
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    What Broadway musicals have you seen?

    In New York: Les Mis, Avenue Q, Hairspray, The Producers, Cats, Bat Boy, 42nd Street and Millie. Love 'em all!
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    Authentic, Fully Licensed, Muppet Replicas Coming!

    Personally, I'd like to see Piggy come before Animal.
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    TMS Season 2 Box Set - 2007 Release?

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the episodes will be complete, since season one met expectations.
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    Anyone visit Sesame Street?

    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Jim Henson's Puppet Improv March 8-12

    What a great idea. They should have been doing this all along....
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    Statler & Waldorf on

    For me, the Possum really lacks character. He's just a nice-ish sort of critter on the street, but doesn't really deliver any laughs. Pepe, on the other hand, was great.
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    Muppets Auditions Sept 2005+

    Is this considered an actual "callback" (as in, a continued audition) or more of a workshop for those invited to begin training with their characters? And, yes, good luck to all. Any folks here get asked back?
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    Authentic, Fully Licensed, Muppet Replicas Coming!

    It's about what I'd expect coming out of a factory. Don't get me wrong, I still want one. But I think that this proves that, even using the exact pattern, there is a world of difference between a puppet/poser made by a pro, and a poser made using cheap overseas labor. And, correct me if I'm...