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Recent content by Drtooth

  1. D

    Steve Whitmire has left the Muppets, Matt Vogel to continue as Kermit

    I wasn't going to come back here, but I really can't remain silent on this. This is not good news and no one looks good here, there are no winners, and whatever the problem is on Steve's end or Disney's end, I don't know and I don't want to know. Anything is speculation that could make either...
  2. D

    And America Continues to Show it's True Colors. . .

    I'll say this once and only once and be done. Wasn't going to bother, but since I'm here for the day: Ahem. Let's take away any political discussion here to being with. Trump is a terrible person first and foremost. Always has been, always will be. If he hadn't had that idiotic reality TV...
  3. D

    Weekly Box Office and Film Discussion Thread

    Like I said in the Worst CGI thread, I blame that on the fact that Sony really stopped caring about the Smurf franchise as soon as the movie was made because they want Emoji to be their summer animated tent pole. And frankly, while I think Smurfs: Lost Village was (for the most part) superior...
  4. D

    New 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' TV series

    I'm eating the words about saying this will briefly appear at 6:00 AM Saturdays considering it's one of the 4 shows they have in rotation currently. Really hate that they give that honor to the new Justice League cartoon. All I can say is, well... it's a step up from meh, but it really feels...
  5. D

    HEH! Work It's been Canceled!

    Honestly didn't bother with it. I was recently watching the short form sitcom miniseries (as in I doubt they're going to get a second season, even though it was sequel baited pretty hard) "Trial and Error" instead for the past few weeks. I wasn't looking forward to it or caring at all to watch...
  6. D

    The Worst CGI Kid Films In Recent Memory

    Okay... the car is running outside metaphorically because I don't plan to stay, so I'll get through this as quickly as I possibly could.... ehem... Trolls wasn't nearly as bad as I thought and actually found it to be quite decent. To put it in context, of all the 3 Smurf movies (and yes, I...
  7. D

    A none too happy update

    I'm here for the day for this one post, maybe a couple more, but other than that, don't be mistaken that I'm coming back for good or even temporary. While I cannot safely say that things were looking up that much, things were being handled. I'm still having a miserable go, but things were...
  8. D

    It's been Fun, but I REALLY must be going....

    I'm sure you know that for a while I've been trying to deal with a lot of stuff, and frankly it's been overwhelming. I'd say recent events pushed me over the edge and got me to have a hard, long look at things, and I'd say, the best option for me is to leave certain things behind and deal full...
  9. D

    Any Bronies on here?

    Holy crap. This comic book cover is right up our alley. Even has chickens.
  10. D

    The Amazing World of Gumball Thread

    While I don't buy this just yet for a second, there may be an upcoming episode that takes to task the Chinese bootleg "Miracle Star." Supposedly Ben Boquet mentioned off hand this is in production, but I can't verify it.
  11. D

    HEY! They're actually reviving Young Justice for a third season

    I heard of that and I'm mixed. If there's one thing I liked about Ultimate Spider-Man, it's that it didn't have to follow (and actually legally couldn't) any movie version of the character. The CGI series and Spectacular kinda followed the first movie trilogy, similar to Batman TAS taking cues...
  12. D

    HEY! They're actually reviving Young Justice for a third season

    Pinky and the Brain they kinda knew they had an adult demographic and that's why the first season of the show was sitcom-y. So they could put it in prime time, but it failed against 60 Minutes. Freakazoid was a bigger example of older demos hurting the series, since it was pretty much made for...
  13. D

    What made you think today?

    I do blame the left for that one. They actually have a case with Drumph, as his rise mimics the heck out of the rise of Hitler. Some of his supporters are shouting the same Germanic trigger word for "lying press" that Hitler's followers were saying. That's scary. Saying both parties are...
  14. D

    HEY! They're actually reviving Young Justice for a third season

    I'd say unfortunately, both have no real chance of a comeback. Green Lantern was screwed over by its own movie, and the new Justice League cartoon seems to go where Batman would. Plus, both shows were "written off" which means WB and CN have no interest or bother in reviving them. Same reason...
  15. D

    What made you think today?

    I'd rather be lightly annoyed at politics as usual than fear for my life under a dictatorship, especially a self inflicted one. What has always got me about this election is that no one's paying attention to what's at stake. Any other Righty vs Lefty election would be nothing spectacular and...