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    Getting episodes directly from Sesame Workshop

    This is something I have experienced first hand (as sawing14s on YouTube), so I can certainly relate. I see the issue from both sides - the fans (like myself) and SW.
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    Jazz song in Triangle and Square Cartoon

    It's "Waltz in Mean Time" by David Lee, from the KPM library. I've started a Muppet Wiki page about production music used on Sesame Street; people can add to it if they want.
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    Pre-Order Sesame Street Old School Volume 3 (1979-1984) coming to DVD 11/6

    If anything, maybe the kids seen in the opening theme sequences (who are now adults) want more money for their screen time. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I really disagree with this alteration and I'm still holding on to my logo-free Noggin recordings.
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    TV Alert: Muppets on Good Morning America November 17

    I tuned in at about 7:57 AM and saw most (if not all) of the Muppet segments. Did they come on before then?
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    A question about Fraggle Rock UK version

    I've been looking for that thread all day. Thanks Danny! :)
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    Overrated Movies

    The Princess Bride. Very overrated. :rolleyes:
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    A question about Fraggle Rock UK version

    I know the UK versions of "The Garden Plot" and "Born to Wander" exist. I also tried getting in touch with someone in the UK who posted here that he had the final three of the series. Those would be something to see.
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    A question about Fraggle Rock UK version

    I'm guessing that opening was only used in Born to Wander (the 4th UK season premiere), when P.K. arrives for the first time. Maybe the Captain left at the end of the previous season.
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    SST Blue Print

    Keep in mind, the caption below says "c.1970" which stands for "circa 1970." Circa is an approximation of a date, not the actual date itself. It's like identifying a fossil or document as "c.3170 BC." It looks like the blueprint photo came from a museum exhibit.
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    I Guess we can Never Step Outside Again...

    I don't think the US is in any danger. We're 5-6,000 miles from where the real danger is. That's a very long distance -- too far for any radiation to travel and still be harmful. The people of Japan affected by this crisis need all the support they can get.
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    Carlo Alban's greatest fear while working on Sesame

    When was he known as "Chris Alban"? :confused:
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    Episode 4135 question

    I think they stopped airing the episode altogether. I may be wrong.
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    DVD folks might want to know about

    Did you ever get the DVD?
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    Bad, terrible and downright lousy Christmas Specials...

    Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 1 CD Set

    It's also available here ... make sure you read their FAQs though.