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Where do they keep the real Muppet puppets?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by a_Mickey_Muppet, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Vic Romano Active Member

    Brilliant! And a great way to continue the thread!
  2. The Count Moderator

    Yeah, thought that'd be the next stop on our crime spree. Ah man, rully enjoying counting up the booty we got here.
    OK... that's 1 Beauregard for Bo, 1 bat puppet for me. 1 Uncle Deadly for UD and 1, 2 skulls for me.
    Anyone got a problem with that? Oh yeah, Christy's taking inventory of what we got here too, after she's the one who got us here. As for Palisades, I got a certain rat on the inside who can help us out when we say the word.

    And that word is...
  3. Vic Romano Active Member

    I'll take a naked Kermit, a Statler and Waldorf, a Fozzie, a Gonzo... hmm, let's see here, can I also get a Beaker, Bunsen, Animal, Rowlf a Scooter and a Dr. Teeth... Hmm, maybe I'll take a Pepe and a Rizzo too.
  4. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. Let's get Everything loaded onto the bus. I'll take a Piggy (atractive version from VMC) Beauregard, a Gonzo, a Swedish Chef, hm, what else? Johnny. (without Sal) Do they have a Count puppet around here?

    Ooooh. Can I have this Sweetums suit?
  5. Vic Romano Active Member

    Get yer' Sal here, 'cause he may not be over at Palisades!
  6. The Count Moderator

    Course they got a puppet here of my namesake, here you can have a duplicate Bo. I'm taking the original with me back to my castle. Also taking both Countesses, some bats, the Ghosts from the Vincent Price episode, Yorich from both S&F and TMS, and a few other attractive female Muppet puppets. You know to either have Teri do some custom woik done, or to sell on the black market to either Byron or Quinn.
    And now, how to get this back without the security guards noticing? OK, gonna keep rummaging through what's here to see what I'll take.
  7. Vic Romano Active Member

    Can I have the giant penny and the t-rex? Oh wait, that's in the bat-cave... nevermind.
  8. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Er, here, you can have a Fozzie Bear.
  9. Vic Romano Active Member

    Should we grab an Uncle Deadly for Uncle Deadly?
  10. christyb New Member

    Hey. Along with my buddies that I claimed earlier (which are still attached around my neck) I'm taking a doozer and Baby Sinclair. Hmm....yeah lets grab a Uncle deadly.
  11. Vic Romano Active Member

    I think he wants an Animal too.
  12. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Er, let's see.

    *digs through here*

    Volla! Here ya go. One Animal.
  13. Vic Romano Active Member

    How we doin' on time? We can't rummage through here forever y'know. :o
  14. christyb New Member

    Don't worry guys I'm watching from outside since I have everything I want. Keep going. I'll send out the bird call whenever you need to make a fast exit. But hurry though. In a crunch go through the secret passage. That opens up at about a mile up the road. So if we get into serious trouble I'll pick you up there.
  15. Uncle deadly New Member

    cool! any more rowlfs, pepes beaker gonzo or fozzie.
    oh and beauregard wont go a miss.
  16. christyb New Member

    *pokes head back in

    Sure! There's plenty for everyone. But hurry guys there's a car coming down the road.
  17. Uncle deadly New Member

    grabs Sam eagle and several other puppets, "ok everyone, grab what you can and run!"
  18. christyb New Member

    *from Driver's seat of the Bus. Pokes Head out of window*

    Like now people! I'm not kidding you.
  19. Uncle deadly New Member

    coming Christy
  20. christyb New Member

    No TIME! Run through the passage-way. Meet you about a mile up the highway.

    Oh dear lord, Why didn't I learn how to drive a stick shift?

    Here I go Oh Mama!

    *jerks and rumbles off fastly*

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