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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 25
    Janice rolled her eyes in frustration.
    "Whatever Floyd do whatever you want I'll do all the work as usual." She snapped.
    "Jan you know that's not what I meant." He said.
    Janice put down her hair brush and turned to face him.
    "Floyd look I know the band needs you and I understand that but I need your help too." Janice said.
    Floyd sighed and walked towards her.
    "I'll try to help but everyone needs me and really being a genius and all. Can you blame me?" He said with a smile.
    "Floyd shut up with that it's not the time to be incredibly totally sarcastic." Janice said pushing him backwards. But her ring caught on his shirt and ripped the sleeve to shreds.
    Floyd looked at his tattered sleeve and started laughing. Janice tried not to laugh but couldn't stop herself and nearly fell over from laughing so hard. Floyd caught before she fell but he lost his balance and they both fell over.
    "I'm…sorry." Janice said between laughs.
    Floyd finally caught his breath. "It's fine." He said. Janice struggled to sit up.
    Floyd got up first and helped her up after him.
    "I'm sorry babe," Floyd said.
    "No honey I'm sorry." Janice replied.
    Janice pulled at the strips of Floyd's sleeve. "You should wear your shirts like this more often it's…um edgy." Janice said. Floyd laughed and hugged her.
    Janice ran the hairbrush through her hair again while Floyd changed out of the torn shirt.
    Janice put the brush down and walked back over to Floyd. He dragged her closer and led her into the hallway. She followed him downstairs. She sat on the counter while he ran around trying to find food.
    "How about pancakes?" Floyd asked.
    "How about cereal?" Janice replied.
    "Fine," Floyd said grabbing several boxes. He placed them on the table then walked back to Janice.
    He took her hands and helped her down.
    She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.
    He took her hand and led her to the table.
    She sat down but stood up once
    Lily started crying. "Sit down" Floyd said already heading upstairs. Janice got up to answer the ringing phone instead.
    "Hey Morgan…oh I was wondering, what time did you leave this morning?…oh that's early…you are? that's okay…no it's fine is Teeth okay?… rully you haven't told him yet?…No of course I won't tell him. You can…I totally understand…I'll talk to you soon… bye." Janice hung up and sat back down at the table. Floyd came down with Lily a few minutes later. He set her in the playpen before walking to the table. "Who was on the phone?" He asked.
    Janice sighed. "Morgan, she's at
    the boarding house. She has to leave soon because she hasn't paid her rent for her apartment and there's no use paying it if she's not there. Teeth doesn't know so don't tell him." Janice said.
    "Teeth isn't going to like this." Floyd said.
    "I know," Janice replied.
    She got up and wandered across the room picking up Lily. She sat back down and rocked her back and forth.
    Floyd's phone rang he answered it quickly. "Hey Teeth…you what?…no why'd you do that?…you're an idiot…call her back man…no Teeth I'm not apologizing for you…I'll talk to you later."
    Floyd hung up and slid his phone across the table.
    "Morgan told him." Floyd said.
    "How'd he react?" Janice asked.
    Floyd shook his head "he broke up with her." he replied. Janice groaned "Why'd he do that like that's rully dumb." Janice said.
    "It wouldn't work out and he panicked." Floyd replied.
    Janice rolled her eyes, "like wow he rully needs to learn how to talk to a girl." Janice laughed.
    "You'd think with all the years he's spent with me, he'd know how." Floyd said.
    "Are you say talking to you is like talking to a girl?" Janice asked.
    "Um no but I know how to talk to a girl without breaking up with her." Floyd replied.
    "Rully I've never noticed." Janice said.
    "You married me didn't you?" Floyd replied.
    Janice rolled her eyes. "I suppose I did but I don't recall it having anything to do with you sweet talking me." She said putting Lily back in the playpen and walking back to Floyd.
    "Really than what did it have to do with?" Floyd asked raising an eyebrow.
    "Hmmm I rully don't know, maybe you're consistent nagging and…"
    Floyd stepped closer and kissed her before she could finish.
    He pushed her back against the counter.
    The edge pushed into her back reminding her of the furnace all those years ago. Janice pulled back and pushed him off her.
    "Whoa Jan you okay?" Floyd asked looking guilty and concerned.
    "I'm okay it's just," She rubbed her back which wasn't in any pain.
    "Did I hurt you I'm sorry babe." He said.
    "It's not that I've just been like having…flashbacks almost and it reminded me of that time with the furnace." She said.
    Floyd nodded, but didn't say anything. Hurting her in any way always affected him.
    Janice looked up and smiled again. "I'm okay honey," She hugged him after a moment her relaxed and hugged her back.

    Morgan didn't feel like going anywhere. She didn't think Teeth would dump her. After everything he just called it off and left her broken hearted. At first their relationship was more like close friends. But now that he's gone Morgan realized that she really might love him.
    She was laying on the couch in the living room at the boarding house. Her phone rang beside her she took a minute to finally answer it.
    "Teeth…what?…I know and…now?…I'll be there…bye." She hung up and sighed. Getting up she strode to the door and walked outside.
    Morgan had run the whole way there but stopped once she got to the trees that marked the boundaries of the expansive park.
    She didn't have to look far for Teeth he was leaning against the trunk of one of the huge trees.
    "Hey." Morgan said softly walking over.
    "Morgan I'm sorry," He told her. Morgan sighed and walked so that she was right beside him. "I panicked…I didn't want to loose you. So I thought that if…I'm just really sorry." He said. Morgan couldn't help but smile.
    "Teeth I understand. But Teeth just talk to me next time." She said with a laugh.
    "Ya sure thing." He replied.
    Morgan hugged him, he held her tightly and was happy to have her back.
    "I just wish I didn't have to leave." Morgan sighed and tried to smile but she couldn't.
    "It'll be okay," Teeth said.
    Morgan shook her head her black waves falling in front of her eyes. She brushed them aside absentmindedly and sighed "I won't see you again and if I do I don't know when that would be." Teeth nodded he knew that it was true. "We'll figure something out." He told her. Morgan nodded and started walking.

    Kermit had is hands full literally. The day after the show was his day off. He told Piggy to sleep in and rest. All morning he'd been in one of the baby's rooms, now with them both awake he was attempting to rock the both to sleep.
    "Rock little um baby…rock rock rock…rocky rocky rock rocky…go to sleep." Kermit tried to sing.
    "Rocky rocky rock rocky?" Kermit jumped he hadn't seen Piggy in the doorway.
    "I forget the words." Kermit sighed.
    "Apparently you forgot the tune too," Piggy laughed lifting up Lucia. "You coming downstairs dear?" She asked walking to the door.
    Kermit nodded "Ya I'm coming," He replied. With Chris still in his arms he followed his wife downstairs.
    He sat beside her on the couch and flipped the channel on the tv.
    "Kermie?" Piggy asked after a few minutes.
    "What is it dear?" Kermit replied.
    "Um…it's nothing. Well it's just that there's a fashion show this weekend and I'm supposed to be in it." She said.
    Kermit nearly dropped Chris. "But honey I have to watch both of them and plan a show?" He gasped.
    "I never said I was going." Piggy replied.
    "Of course you're going, it's fine I'll take care of them you go have fun." He said.
    "Oh Kermie thank you!" She exclaimed.

    Floyd ducked a shoe and ran out of the way of another one.
    "Jan!" He yelled barely missing another.
    Janice turned around "Oh sorry honey," She said rushing over.
    "Do I want to know what you're doing?" He asked.
    Janice laughed. "I'm just like trying to find a pair of shoes." She replied.
    Floyd nodded "how's that working for ya?" He asked.
    "It's not." She laughed.
    Floyd sighed and brushed a strand of hair out of her face.
    "I have to go meet with the band later." He said.
    "Today?" Janice asked.
    "Ya," Floyd replied. Janice sighed.
    "Go ahead I guess." she said.
    Floyd kissed her cheek "you're the best" he said running back downstairs.
    Ya the best
    Janice thought.
  2. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Double post....but still really good. :)
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Oh oops didn't mean for that to happen but thanks
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    No prob
  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    looks good!
  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thi is great floyd,3janice! Like Wow! Rully great! Like more please! :flirt:
  7. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    More PLZ!
  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 26
    Morgan sat in the chair and sighed.
    "I should probably start packing tonight." She said.
    "No you don't." Teeth said. Morgan looked over at him.
    "Move out of your apartment and move here." He suggested.
    "I couldn't I'm not really part of the show I'm just here for Janice." Morgan said.
    Teeth sighed he got up and walked over to her. "Please Morgan don't leave." He said.
    Morgan sighed and stood up.
    "Teeth what can I do?" She asked sounding hopeless.
    Teeth thought frantically. "You could um…you could. Move in with me!" He exclaimed.
    "What! Teeth I couldn't." Morgan said.
    "Yes you could please Morgan?" He asked.
    "I-I don't know, I'll think about it." She replied.

    Janice couldn't sleep Morgan had told her about the idea of her moving in with Teeth earlier.
    That wasn't what was bothering her.
    Earlier after Floyd had come back to meet the band they hardly talked. That was happening more often lately he'd go out with the rest of the band and come back so exhausted he didn't even want to talk.
    Janice sighed she missed just being able to talk to Floyd whenever she wanted and he'd always be there.
    It felt like forever since she had last been able to talk to Floyd.
    They had been going out forever and then they got engaged and everything happened so fast and now neither of them had time for each other.
    Janice sighed and got up. She walked to the window. It was 2:38 according to her phone. She leaned against the windowpane it was cool under her hand.
    Floyd's arm slipped around her waist a minute later.
    "Is everything okay?" he asked.
    "Hmmm I fine honey." Janice replied.
    Floyd kissed her cheek "Baby what's bothering you?" He asked.
    Janice sighed and sat back down on the bed.
    Floyd followed and sat beside her. "Floyd rully it's like nothing," She said Floyd sighed.
    "Janice I've been with you long enough to know when something is wrong." He said.
    "Okay it's just we don't like talk anymore. You're tired and busy and I'm busy. I miss you when you're gone and when you're to busy to even talk to me." Janice said.
    Floyd sighed "Jan, I'm sorry I don't mean to be tired and gone all the time." He said.
    Janice nodded and hugged him,

    Morgan walked downstairs Janice was laying on the couch with a magazine.
    "Hey Jan," Morgan said sitting in a chair.
    "Oh hey Morgan." Janice said.
    "Is Floyd already gone?" Morgan asked.
    "No he's upstairs with Lily he's staying home today" Janice replied.
    "Should I say yes to Teeth?" Morgan asked.
    Janice put down her magazine and sat up.
    "Morgan it would rully be great to like have to around but it's up to you. I mean does he like mean that much to you?" Janice asked.
    Morgan nodded, "I just really don't know." She said.
    Janice hugged her. "I do. I know you'll totally make the right choice." She said.
    "Really?" Morgan asked.
    "Fer sure," Janice replied.
    Morgan smiled "Thanks Jan. you see this is why you're my best friend." She said.
    Janice laughed.
    Floyd came downstairs a minute later. "Hey beautiful," He said sitting beside Janice.
    She leaned against him and took Morgan's hand. "Look Morgan make your choice before its too late." She said.
    Morgan sighed. "Alright I'll see you guys later." She picked up her keys and hurried out the door.
    Janice sighed and stood up.
    Floyd turned on the tv and followed Janice into the kitchen.
    "Jan?" He said walking up beside her.
    "Like what's up honey?" Janice asked.
    "Teeth wants me to go with him and Zoot to find some gigs for when this season ends." Floyd said.
    Janice turned and faced him.
    "Sounds fun." She said walking upstairs. Floyd ran after her.
    "Janice, I never said I was going it was a suggestion. Why is this happening to us?" He asked.
    Janice stopped halfway up the stairs.
    "I don't know but we need to stop." Janice said walking back downstairs. Floyd caught her in a hug. "Can we stop fighting?" he asked.
    Janice nodded. "Yes, like no more fighting." She agreed.
    Floyd leaned in and kissed her.
    Janice wrapped her arms around him.
    Floyd pulled back and kissed her forehead.
    "Go have fun with the guys honey I'll be fine." Janice said.
    "You're the best." He said. Janice laughed and hugged him.

    Morgan found Teeth talking to Gonzo when she came in.
    "Teeth I need to talk to you." She said.
    "Sure thing catch ya later blue dude." Teeth waved to Gonzo and followed Morgan over to the couch.
    "I thought about what you said and I um yes." She said.
    "Wait you'll do it?" He asked.
    Morgan nodded "Ya it'll be best for me to stay around. And if I'm with you that makes it even better." She told him.
    Teeth hugged her tightly.
    Morgan laughed, "I'm happy I'm not leaving." She said.
    Teeth nodded and leaned in and kissed her.
    Morgan wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.
    Teeth hugged her again.

    Floyd walked downstairs where Janice was holding Lily. "Hey," He said sitting beside her.
    Janice kissed him quickly and handed Lily to him.
    "Morgan called." She said.
    "What'd she say?" Floyd asked.
    Janice sighed "She told Teeth she'd stay with him." She said.
    Floyd nodded "that's what I thought." He replied.
    Janice shrugged. Lily woke up a few minutes later, Janice kept her entertained while Floyd went to see Teeth.
    "Hey" Teeth said.
    "Hey man." Floyd replied following Teeth inside.
    Morgan was laying on the couch in the games room when Dr. Teeth and Floyd walked in. "Hello guys." She said.
    "Haven't seen you in awhile," Floyd replied. Morgan laughed and got up walking over. "Feeling left out Floyd?" She asked sarcastically.
    "Very," Floyd replied hugging her.
    "Floyd I can't breathe," She gasped. Floyd laughed and let her go. Morgan punched him in the arm and laughed.
    Animal came bounding downstairs and nearly tackled Floyd.
    "Whoa!" Floyd yelled falling backwards.
    "FLOYD! FLOYD! FLOYD!" Animal yelled.
    Dr. Teeth got Animal off Floyd and laughed. "I guess you haven't been here longer than you thought." Dr. Teeth said.
    Floyd sighed and nodded. "I know," He replied. Animal frowned and retreated to one of the chairs Floyd turned back to Dr. Teeth, "So you're staying?" Floyd asked Morgan leaning against the wall. Morgan nodded.
    "And I was looking forward to you leaving." Floyd laughed.
    Morgan glared at him. "You're do immature." She said.
    "Someone has to be," Floyd replied.
    "Obviously." Morgan replied.
  9. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    YAY! Morgan is Staying! Plz do more!
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  10. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 27
    Janice woke up and for the second time that night after failing to wake up Floyd, attempted to rock Lily to sleep.
    Janice sighed and closed her eyes resting her head against the back of the rocking chair.
    "Jan?" Floyd said leaning against the doorframe.
    Janice roused herself and opened her eyes. "Oh hi honey," She muttered shifting Lily in her arms and closing her eyes again.
    Floyd sighed and crossed the room. He lifted Lily out of Janice's arms and gently shook her back awake.
    "Jan, baby wake up." he said kneeling in front of her and shaking her shoulder lightly.
    "Hmmm?" She murmured opening her eyes lazily.
    "Go to sleep sweetie I got her." Floyd said. Janice nodded and stood up. "Thanks baby." She muttered. Floyd kissed her and watched her stumble out of the room.

    Kermit drove Piggy to the airport early. The twins were sleeping soundly in the backseat it had taken nearly half an hour to wrestle them into their car seats with having to change one of them.
    Piggy was quiet and stared out the window looking at the passing scenery. "Piggy darling is everything alright?" Kermit asked taking her hand.
    Piggy turned and looked at him. Her eyes clouded with worry for the briefest of seconds before clearing. She smiled softly.
    "Kermie are you sure you'll be okay without me?" She asked him. He squeezed her hand "We'll be alright you go have fun." He told her.
    Piggy kissed his cheek, "Well with that in mind I'll be fine." She said.
    Kermit pulled up along the curb and got out. Piggy got out on the other side. After kissing each of the twins multiple times she
    returned to Kermit's side.
    "I'll see you in a few days," He said handing her her suitcase.
    "Moi loves you and will see you soon." Piggy kissed him and hurried through the doors Kermit waved until long after she was gone.

    Gonzo walked Camilla to the door.
    "I'll see you tonight." He said. Camilla kissed him and walked out. Gonzo watched her walk away and sighed.
    "Why Gonzo what's the matter?" Bunsen asked walking over.
    "Camilla just left to go to her second job," Gonzo sighed again.
    "Hmmm it seems that you are feeling down. I know you can help me test out my new better mood power smoothie." Bunsen suggested.
    "I don't know," Gonzo said.
    "Don't worry Gonzo it will be fine." Bunsen led Gonzo away before he could reply.
    "Okay here's the smoothie drink it quickly and make sure you drink it all." Bunsen handed Gonzo a glass of an electric blue liquid.
    "Um okay." Gonzo took a deep breath and gulped it down.
    "I feel the same." He said.
    Suddenly he started shaking very fast. Bunsen backed up a step. Gonzo jumped up and down and vibrated with energy before falling on the floor in a smoking heap.
    "I feel awesome!" He exclaimed standing up.
    "That's great it works!" Bunsen said with a smile.
    "I-I'm going to go do something amazing" Gonzo said running out of the room and screaming with joy.
    "Wow Gonzo you look happy what's up?" Fozzie asked walking over.
    "Bunsen fixed me!" Gonzo yelled hurrying off.
    Fozzie looked after him with a confused expression.

    Janice woke up and walked downstairs. Floyd was watching tv when she walked in.
    "Morning beautiful." Floyd said. Janice sat beside him and leaned against him. "Hey honey," she murmured. Floyd sighed and wrapped his arm around her. "Are you still tired?" He asked her. Janice shrugged. Floyd laughed and kissed her cheek. "You could've slept in." He told her.
    Janice sighed and wrapped an arm around his neck. "When are you leaving?" She asked.
    Floyd shrugged. "Later maybe I might not go in at all." He told her.
    Janice smiled and kissed him.
    "I don't mind if you like go sweetie." She said.
    Floyd smiled and kissed her again. "I don't even think I need to leave." He said.
    Janice hugged him "Rully?" She asked.
    Floyd nodded. Janice smiled and kissed his cheek,
    "I'd rather stay with you." He told her.
    Janice smiled and hugged him. He hugged her tightly and pulled her into his arms. He stood up and walked into the kitchen he set Janice down and walked to the refrigerator.
    "Are you hungry?" He asked. Janice walked over and sighed.
    "Not really." she said. Floyd closed the door and leaned against the wall. Janice walked over and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
    "I'd rully better call Morgan" Janice said. Floyd nodded and walked upstairs.
    Janice shook her head and picked up the phone.

    Kermit walked through the doors of the theatre and backed up against the wall to avoid being run over by Gonzo who was running around.
    "Gonzo!" Kermit cried running towards the blue whatever.
    "Hi Kermit!" Gonzo yelled swerving around Fozzie.
    "Gonzo calm down." Kermit yelled. Gonzo stopped running and hopped over.
    "B-Bunsen g-gave m-me s-something t-to p-put m-me i-in a g-good m-mood." Gonzo said vibrating with energy.
    Kermit sighed and faced the whatever. "Gonzo you need to calm down before you break something." Kermit said.
    Gonzo tried to stop shaking only to start again after Kermit walked away.
    Rowlf was walking by and froze when he saw Gonzo. He didn't say anything. Gonzo ran onstage and right off the edge with a crash.
    Kermit and Rowlf ran over. "Gonzo are you alright?" Kermit asked.
    "I think so" Gonzo replied.
    "Is his leg supposed to bend like that?" Rowlf asked.
    Kermit shook his head and sighed. "Will you call the ambulance or should I?" He asked.
    Rowlf shrugged and looked back down at Gonzo. "Can you stand?" He asked.
    "N-no," Gonzo stuttered still vibrating with energy so that he looked like he was having a seizure.
    "I'll call the ambulance" Kermit muttered walking offstage Rowlf walked down and helped Gonzo up leading him to the nearest chair.
    "I'd better call Camilla." Gonzo said.
    Rowlf nodded. "Call her later." He replied.

    Miss Piggy stepped into the taxi and recited the address off a piece of paper. The taxi pulled up in front of a tall hotel. Miss Piggy got out and watched her luggage disappear through the doors. She checked in a got in the elevator. Her room was large and overly furnished.
    She sat on the extremely overstuffed couch and sighed this is what she used to live for being at fashion shows and having everyone admire her. Pageants were her life when she wasn't doing fashion shows. But now she had a family that needed her.
    Miss Piggy felt strange without having Kermit to talk to or someone to bug her.
    She stood up and walked out into the long hallway. She got back in the elevator and made her way outside trying to get Kermit off her mind she walked down the busy sidewalk. Maybe a little shopping would help.
  11. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Good, Rully good! do more!:cool::flirt:
  12. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 28
    Dealing with fashion
    Morgan met Dr. Teeth outside. He hair was piled on top of her head and held in place with a clip.
    "Alrighty" He said.
    Morgan got in the car and turned up the radio Dr. Teeth got in next to her.
    "Okay let's go we have a six hour drive." Morgan said.
    "Well lets get going" Dr. Teeth replied.
    Morgan laughed and pulled out of the driveway.

    Kermit ran from his office upstairs rocked Lucia to sleep then was back downstairs and then back upstairs to rock Chris to sleep. By the time it was 4:00 he had a headache and his fingers were cramped up from typing twice as fast.
    When the phone rang Kermit leapt up and dived for it.
    "Hi Piggy." He said.
    "Hello Kermie dear." Miss Piggy replied walking into the lobby of her hotel.
    "How's New York?" Kermit asked.
    Miss Piggy walked into the elevator and pushed her floor button. "It's great honey very busy and loud but just like last time." She said.
    Kermit sighed missing her even more and remembering their last trip to New York.
    "I'll see you in a few days then?" Kermit asked.
    "Of course." Miss Piggy replied.
    "See you then dear." Kermit said.
    "Bye bye Kermie." Piggy said before hanging up. Kermit hung up and ran back upstairs to retrieve one of the crying twins.

    Janice woke up and walked downstairs. Floyd was walking out of the kitchen about to leave.
    "You're up early." He told her. Janice shrugged and hugged him "I rully couldn't sleep." She told him. Floyd sighed and kissed her cheek. "I'll see ya later babe." He said. Janice nodded and kissed him before he left.
    She turned on the tv to drown out the sudden silence. Morgan and Dr. Teeth were gone to start moving out Morgan's things and Miss Piggy was in New York. Janice sighed and sat down she flipped through several channels and finally settled on the millionth rerun of an old soap opera. After fifteen minutes she changed it to the news and got up to retrieve Lily who had woken up and was crying.
    Janice was exhausted by the time Floyd got home that night. She sat beside him on the couch and sighed. "You need to get some sleep." He told her.
    "Floyd you should sleep too." she replied. Floyd didn't argue instead he followed her upstairs and after checking on Lily he collapsed next to Janice.
    "Morgan and Teeth aren't back yet?" Janice asked
    Floyd shook his head and sighed "They were spending the night and coming back tomorrow" He replied. Janice nodded and moved closer resting her head on his chest. Floyd held her waist and kissed her hair "Jan?"
    "Yeah?" She replied
    Floyd pulled her closer "Are you mad at Morgan?" He asked. Janice lifted her head and looked up at him. "No I just haven't had time to talk to her." She replied.
    Floyd sighed and shifted so that he had one arm over her and was looking down at her. "You seem like you're angry at her lately." He whispered.
    Janice shook her head "Everything's fine honey" she replied.
    Floyd rolled back over and sighed.
    Janice closed her eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.

    Miss Piggy walked down the runway cameras flashed and people smiled. She turned with a fashionable smile and strutted back. Miss Piggy hurried back to her dressing room to change into her next outfit.
    "Hello?" A high voice called.
    Miss Piggy rolled her eyes. "One minute!" She called forcing her feet into a pair of ridiculously high heels.
    "What?" She asked opening her dressing room door.
    Raquel was leaning against the doorframe snapping her gum loudly. Raquel was a pig like Piggy but she had dark brown hair with bleach blond highlights her eyes her a dazzling blue. Miss Piggy resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the favorite model in the show.
    "What does vous need?" Piggy asked
    "Well you're like on in five minutes and I'm here to tell you not to almost trip this time." Raquel snapped flipping her ridiculous hair.
    This time Piggy did roll her eyes she hadn't meant to trip but in those shoes who could blame her?
    "Look lady I'll be there and I didn't trip I um added flare." Piggy said.
    Raquel gave her a fake smile and walked off.
    Miss Piggy stormed into the fray of models in this seasons hottest fashions that nobody could afford to wear.
    "Not that I'd want to" Miss Piggy thought watching a model in a dress made of empty milk cartons go by.
    She again walked down the runway with her best smile and tried not to twist an ankle. The flashes of the cameras were distracting but she focused ahead of her and made it back without a problem or so she thought.
    "You were slouching and you're smile faltered on your way back!" Raquel screeched.
    "As if people saw that when my back was to them." Miss Piggy replied. Raquel narrowed her crystal blue eyes. "Watch it" she growled before walking off her heels clicking loudly.

    Sorry for the short chapter I'll do more soon
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  13. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    OMGONZO! Is Piggy screwing up....?

    More please!
  14. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 29
    Fashion Tumble
    Morgan walked through the doors and froze. Janice was rocking a wailing Lily and Floyd was nowhere to be seen.
    "At the theatre?" Morgan asked.
    Janice nodded and sighed.
    "It's going on eleven you know that right?" Morgan asked.
    "Floyd said he'd be late." Janice replied. Morgan walked over and sat beside Janice.
    "you should go to sleep Ill take her." Morgan offered.
    "You don't have to." Janice replied.
    Morgan shrugged "Jan you're exhausted I'll watch her you need to sleep so you can watch her tomorrow" Morgan said.
    "Rully like thanks." Janice replied handing Lily to Morgan
    "Now go to sleep." Morgan said with a grin. Janice laughed and walked upstairs.
    Floyd came in a few minutes later looking just as exhausted as Janice.
    "You want me take her?" Floyd asked.
    "No get some sleep I got her." Morgan replied.
    "Thanks" Floyd said stumbling upstairs.

    "Kermie no don't hang up!" Piggy said rushing around and trying to talk to him at the same time.
    "Piggy I have to go the show is on." Kermit replied waving Fozzie towards the stage.
    Piggy hung up and marched down the runway. Tonight she'd get it right.
    On her way back she caught sight of Raquel who was glaring at her. She flipped her hair and instead of walking to the dressing room to change she marched right over to the darling of the show.
    "What was it this time? Did I stumble did my smile falter? I don't think do missy I'll have you know I've been doing this a whole lot longer than you and I think I know what I am doing!" She said jabbing a finger at Raquel.
    "Exactly you've been doing this too long I don't think you know but here we move out the old and make room for the new so maybe it's time we take out the trash." Raquel snapped back.
    "Works for me hiyah!" Piggy yelled karate chopping her across the room. "That went well." she said to herself walking away with a small smile on her face.
    She changed into another tacky outfit and sauntered into the fray of models. Raquel had just regained consciousness and was limping towards Piggy on a set of crutches.
    "Out!" She screamed pointing Piggy towards the doors.
    Piggy kicked sending Raquel flying through the curtains down the runway and into the lap of a man in a shiny blue suit in the audience.
    "By the way your smile faltered!" Piggy yelled grabbing her things and marching outside. It was late and by the time her cab pulled up in front of her hotel she was exhausted.
    She dropped her bags and collapsed in bed and was out like a light.

    Gonzo opened his eyes he was laying in a hospital bed with one leg in a cast and elevated above him. Camilla was asleep in the chair beside him. He decided not to wake her and fumbled for the tv remote beside him on the table.
    The news was the first channel that came on he was going to change it when something caught his attention.
    A reporter was standing outside a fancy building.
    "Here's the place where the show was taking place when our beloved model Raquel was abused and thrown down and off the runway breaking her leg and giving her a concussion." The reporter said.
    "Now over to Rob who knows who and the whereabouts of the abuser."
    The shot changed and now there was a man standing in front of a very tall building.
    "Here is the hotel the one and only Miss Piggy The Frog is staying at." He said.
    Gonzo watched with confusion and interest as Rob the reporter explained the situation.
    "Miss Piggy was here in Manhattan to promote the new line of winter clothing. Raquel one of our favorite models was giving her some advice when the pig attacked her throwing her down the runway. And into the lap of the well known designer Mark Registine. Miss Piggy fled the show and retreated here to her hotel where she has not been seen since. Will she be welcomed back into the world of fashion or is that career over is the only place good for her back at the sty? We'll find out next time on MIN."
    Gonzo flipped the channel and looked at Camilla who had woken up and was watching the tv. "Kermit is not going to like this." Gonzo said.

    "Piggy what have you done!"
    He yelled over the phone.
    "I'm sorry Kermie but moi just can't stand having someone better than me or being told what to do." Piggy said looking out her window where there was a few reporters and photographers walking around.
    "I know that Piggy I've always known that but you overreact!" Kermit said.
    "I know I did and I'm sorry but I swear when I get my hands on her I'll deal with her." Piggy growled.
    "No you'll stay there until I send someone to get you." Kermit said sternly.
    "Who long will that take?" She asked.
    "I'm not sure but stay inside as long as you can and don't do something stupid and get yourself in this situation again." Kermit told her.
    "Okay Kermie I love you." Piggy said.
    "I love you too." Kermit said hanging up.
    Piggy stared at the phone in her hand. She had nothing to do the tv was full of reports about her and the magazines would be the same.

    Morgan went over to see Dr. Teeth early the next morning. "Hi" She said running over to him. He caught her in a hug.
    "Hey." He said. Morgan followed him inside and upstairs where'd they'd started to move her stuff.
    "So we're almost done?" She asked looking around. Dr. Teeth nodded and and took her hand leading her back to the mostly finished downstairs. "Maybe another week at the most." He said.
    Morgan smiled "Awesome." She said looking around.
    Dr. Teeth led her outside and got in her car.
    "So where we headed?" He asked.
    Morgan pulled out of the driveway "Well we could go out for breakfast and then finish moving stuff inside?" She suggested.
    "Sounds like a plan" Dr. Teeth replied.

    Janice woke up before Floyd and got Lily. She walked downstairs and put her in the playpen before looking for some breakfast.
    Floyd came down a few minutes later. "You never wake up early." He said.
    "I know I've been doing that a lot lately." She said.
    Floyd put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.
    "Do the show this week." He told her.
    "Floyd I can't I'm busy." Janice said.
    "Jan c'mon you haven't been on in forever." Floyd said.
    "I'll think about it honey but I'm not promising anything." She told him. Floyd laughed and kissed her before picking up Lily.
    Janice walked upstairs she was brushing her hair when Floyd came up.
    "Jan I gotta leave Zoot's havaing problems with Animal again." He said.
    Janice laughed "Fine but don't take too long" She told him.
    He kissed her quickly and ran back downstairs.
    Janice finished her hair and walked downstairs.
    Lily was asleep in the playpen and Floyd was already gone.
  15. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    I hope Piggy doesn't do something else stupid.
    More please!
  16. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 30
    Identity created.
    Floyd ran inside the boarding house and ducked as a pillow hit the door.
    "FLOYD! FLOYD!" Animal yelled running over and almost knocking Floyd over.
    "Whoa Animal calm down would ya I saw you last week."
    "I told ya he's completely outta control." Zoot said.
    Floyd sighed and slowly pushed Animal until he was arms length away. "Calm down man" Floyd said. Animal looked at Floyd With understanding. "calm." He said unnaturally quiet. Floyd nodded and released Animal's shoulders "Good now stay." He said taking a step back.
    "Stay" Animal repeated.
    Floyd nodded again "Think you got it man?" He asked Zoot who nodded.
    "Great." Floyd said opening the door.
    Zoot watched Floyd disappear the turned back to Animal. "AAAAAH" Animal yelled running around the room.

    Kermit found Beauregard "Hi Beau" He said.
    "Hello Kermit" Beau said.
    "Do you think you could help me?" Kermit asked.
    "Sure" Beau replied.
    "Piggy's stuck in Manhattan can you go get her?" Kermit asked.
    "Okay" Beau said and walked outside. Kermit groaned when one of the twins started to cry.
    He walked off with a roll of his eyes.

    Miss Piggy paced her hotel room when an idea came to mind she marched to the elevator and walked outside. Cameras flashed and questions were shot at her from every direction.
    "Moi is here to say that moi is back! Moi will be the new fashion icon!" She announced watching several reporters scribble on their notebooks.
    "Miss Piggy what do you have to say for your actions towards Raquel?" Someone asked.
    "That moi will kick her butt again if she thinks she's better" Piggy replied innocently.

    Kermit watched it all on the news. "No no no no!" He yelled seeing Piggy threaten Raquel on live tv had just made everything worse.
    He shifted Chris in his arms and turned up the volume where Piggy was stating that she wasn't old and is coming back bigger and better. Kermit groaned and smacked his face into his hand.

    "The pig did what?" Floyd asked.
    Gonzo sat up in his bed and turned on he tv to the news.
    "Oh" Floyd said watching Miss Piggy babble to the reporters.
    "Kermit's not happy" Gonzo said.
    "Like what's going to happen?" Janice asked.
    "Jan don't worry Kermit's got it" Morgan said rocking Lily in her arms. "Bwak brawk Begawk" Camilla clucked.
    "True but like how will he get her out?" Janice asked.
    "Beau's on his way to get her" Gonzo said taking a glass of water from a nurse.
    "Look blue dude we all know Beau isn't gonna get Miss publicity out of Manhattan with all those reporters why would she want to leave and we've all seen Beau's driving." Floyd said.
    Dr. Teeth shuddered and nodded "Floyd's right The queen of hogs won't be going anywhere without her frog." He said.
    Gonzo looked at the group that had assembled in his hospital room and shrugged "Well thanks to Miss Piggy Raquel is engaged to Mark Registine." He said.
    "Like who's Mark Registine?" Janice asked.
    "A big designer and the man that Piggy threw Raquel into." Gonzo said.
    "How do you know all this?" Morgan asked handing Lily to Janice.
    "When you're in the hospital you watch the news a lot." Gonzo replied.
    Fozzie flipped the channel and sighed looking at the crowd "Well then I guess the next show should be quiet." He said.
    "True without the fat queen we might get a chance to appear in the show for once." Floyd said.
    Janice laughed and rested her head on his shoulder
    "Honey she doesn't always hog the spotlight" She said.
    Floyd laughed "Well we'll see what you say next time we're kicked out of the show because of her." Floyd said.
    "Speaking of show you and Jan have to go rehearse for that song the two of you are doing in the show." Dr. Teeth said.
    "True see ya later blue dude." Floyd said leading Janice away.
    "Well I guess we can all agree that the fat diva has her identity created." Dr. Teeth said.
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    Oh no!
    She did something stupid!
    More please!
  18. floyd<3janice

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    Okay so if you remember a few chapters back I mentioned that the Queen song Bijou would appear well in the next chapter that song will be played. It's one of my favourite songs but there's two problems.
    One: it's mainly guitar and not very long.
    Two: it's not a popular song hence you may not have heard it before and it's not a register song.
    So here's two options.
    You can't watch the video by clicking the link below. (this is a live version so it isn't very clear)
    Or you can go to a music website (iTunes grooveshark etc) and listen to a clearer version.
    Anyways here's the link to the live version.

    I highly recommend you watch his because there is only about ten seconds of singing in the song and it would help if you had an idea of what it sounded like.
    I'll post the chapter tomorrow so watch and enjoy and stay tuned for the chapter tomorrow.
  19. floyd<3janice

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    Okay sorry for the wait, if you haven't watched the video I highly recommend you do
    now. Anyways here's the chapter sorry that it's short but I had a lot of homework.

    Chapter 31
    Time to perform
    "Alright everyone show time!" Kermit announced everyone got into position right on time for the opening number.
    "Let's go" Kermit said ushering everyone offstage.
    Janice ran around with her guitar in hand. "Where's Floyd?" She asked.
    "Here" Floyd said running over.
    "You're on!" Kermit exclaimed tossing Floyd a microphone and pushing them onstage.
    Floyd ran to center stage and looked at Janice who nodded and started playing. High shivery notes echoed through the theatre.
    Floyd knew Janice could play good but at this exact moment he realized how good. The sound of her guitar filled the theatre with emotion even though it was the only sound everyone else was in a daze listening to it.
    Janice played a high note queuing Floyd's turn to sing. Janice stopped playing for a few seconds.

    "You and me we are destined you'll agree to spend the rest of our lives with each other. The rest of our days like two lovers. Forever yes forever…my bijou."

    Janice resumed with the guitar continuing the high long notes that flowed into one another like the guitar itself was crying. Floyd felt every emotion through her music letting every note every sound echo through his head.
    The audience seemed to feel the same way too not moving gaping at the pair on the stage on awe.
    Janice finished with another long note. The applause was deafening Floyd took Janice's hand and walked offstage with her. "Wow babe you were amazing." He exclaimed. Throwing his arms around her.
    "You were too." Janice replied.
    Floyd kept an arm around her waist and walked to her dressing room with her.
    "Fozzie get onstage!" Kermit replied.
    Fozzie ran by with a fistful of rubber chickens and a water gun.

    Morgan sat on one of the benches outside. Dr. Teeth opened the door and slipped out flinching in the cold air. Morgan looked up and smiled. "Everything alright?"
    He asked. Morgan nodded and stood up "Yep I'm just waiting for you." She said.
    "You wanna leave?" He asked. Morgan nodded and yawned.
    "I'm exhausted." She mumbled.
    "Let's go then" He took her hand and led her towards the waiting bus.
    Janice got Lily from Zoot who had surprisingly watched her without falling asleep.
    She and Floyd headed outside Janice was falling asleep more and more by the minute.
    Floyd caught her hand before she could fall face first.
    "Get in" He told her opening the door.
    He took Lily and put her in her carseat before getting in beside Janice.

    Miss Piggy walked through the streets she didn't care about the people watching her or about the reporters flashing their cameras.
    It was when a van pulled up next to her did she start paying attention.
    "Miss Piggy!" A women obviously another reporter exclaimed stumbling out of the van.
    "Yes?" Piggy replied trying not to show her frustration in the women.
    "I'm Julie Jenkins from The Early Morning Watchers. I want you to come on my show for an interview." She offered.
    "Sure." Miss Piggy replied.
    Julie smiled "Great come to the studio tomorrow at ten." She said before heading into a nearby coffee shop.
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    Ohhh no. Piiiigy you got some explaining to dooo!

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