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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Squueeeeeeeeeee! The vaction is making me nervous.

    Baby comes soon, and they're going AWAY from Kermit. DX

    BTW, love the part about the shoe ban! XD

    More please!
  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Amazin! Keep going! This is good!:):excited:
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 16
    Morgan and Janice stopped at home to get their suitcases.
    "Janice," Floyd said pulling in behind them with Dr. Teeth.
    "Hey honey." Janice said. She opened the door for Morgan then ran back down to see him.
    He caught her in a hug and held her tightly.
    "I need to get my suitcase." Janice said pulling back slightly.
    "Kay I'll come with you." Floyd said taking her hand.
    Janice led Floyd through the open door and up the stairs.
    "I'll carry it." Floyd said standing the large suitcase on the floor.
    "Floyd are you okay?" Janice asked. Placing a hand on his shoulder and forcing him to face her.
    He sighed and wrapped an arm around her waist. "I'm fine. I just hope you're sure you want to do this." He said framing her face with his other hand.
    Janice smiled softly. "I'm sure I want to go. I'll just miss you a lot, are you okay with me going for three weeks?" Janice asked. Floyd's arm tightened around her. "Jan I'm not going to stop you from going. I'll miss you too, but go ahead I'll be fine." Floyd said.
    Janice nodded and hugged him.
    "I just want you to be happy." Janice whispered. Floyd pulled back and gripped her shoulders.
    "Jan you leaving wont make me unhappy." He said.
    "Okay as long as you're happy then I'll be okay." She said. Floyd relaxed and hugged her again.
    "Janice hurry up we're leaving!" Morgan yelled.
    "I'll be there in a minute!" Janice replied.
    Floyd loosened his hold on her and stepped back reaching for her suitcase. Janice reached over and grabbed his hand. When he looked up she leaned in a kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
    Janice put one arm around his neck and the other around his waist.
    Janice pulled back and kissed his cheek. "I love you." Janice said.
    "I love you too," Floyd replied. He picked up her suitcase and followed her downstairs.
    "Finally c'mon Janice Piggy'll kill us if we take any longer." Morgan said opening the driver side door.
    Floyd put the suitcase in the trunk and turned pack to Janice.
    "I'll miss you," Janice said.
    "I'll miss you too. Be careful don't
    Get lost or hurt. Or anything." He replied.
    "I won't." Janice said laughing softly.
    Floyd kissed her. She hugged him close.
    "c'mon Floyd." Dr. Teeth said getting on the bus.
    Floyd pulled back and hugged her.
    "I'll see you soon." Floyd said.
    He kissed her quickly then got in the bus. Janice nodded. She closed the trunk and got in the car beside Morgan.
    "Finally let's go or we'll miss the plane." Morgan signed as she started the car.
    Janice looked out the window, it was a cloudless day which meant the flight would be smooth.
    "I rully hope that we have nice whether in Hawaii." Janice mused softly.
    "I'm just happy to go somewhere." Morgan said.
    Janice nodded and returned to looking out the window. She had her phone in her pocket so she could call Floyd.
    But something dawned on Janice as they turned the corner that made her laugh to herself.
    "What is it," Morgan asked smiling.
    "I forgot to give Floyd his phone back." Janice laughed.
    Morgan laughed. "Oh forget about it call him on Teeth's phone he won't even notice.

    "Where's my phone?" Floyd said walking into the living room.
    "Is it upstairs?" Dr. Teeth asked flipping between channels.
    "No I already looked." Floyd said looking in the kitchen.
    "Didn't Janice take it from you?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Ya but she said she would...she forgot to give it back. Great I don't have a phone for three weeks because I don't know where she put it." Floyd said.
    "Here"-Dr. Teeth said handing Floyd his phone-" call her and ask her where she put it." He said.
    "Thanks" Floyd said dialing the phone.
    "Hey Jan...where did you put my phone?...oh okay...thanks...I love you...bye." He hung up and tossed Dr. Teeth his phone.
    "Where is it?" He asked.
    Floyd laughed and shook his head. "In one of Janice's purses." Floyd said.
    "Did she tell you which one?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "No and she likes purses. I'll be back." Floyd said running upstairs.
    Dr. Teeth shook his head and turned his attention back to the tv.

    Gonzo leaned against the doorframe of the boarding house. Camilla had just left. Gonzo watched the taillights fade until they were nothing more than red specks in the distance then they disappeared entirely.
    He closed his eyes and relaxed in the breeze all the women were gone for three weeks. He couldn't imagine all the things that could go wrong without getting a pounding headache. The sun was setting and everyone was slowly trickling back from the theatre. A loud bang inside suggested that one of Dr. Honeydew's experiment went wrong yet again. Gonzo shuddered to think of Beaker's state at the moment.

    Hawaii was just as beautiful as it looked in the brochures and on tv. With the blue water and the pale sand it was a perfect dream.
    Miss Piggy sighed and placed a hand against the window.
    The captain announced their descent. Miss Piggy closed her eyes and rested her other hand on her stomach. She could feel one of the twins kicking slightly a wonderful surprise her and Kermit had discovered a few weeks before.
    The cloudless sky made for a smooth landing and soon all the ladies were walking through the airport to the waiting taxi outside.
    "Hawaii!" Morgan yelled sliding into the backseat.
    "This is like going to be totally awesome. " Janice said getting in after her.
    "The hotel is five star and straight ahead." Piggy said pointing in front of the all.
    It was right in the beach and very fancy.
    "The Tropical resort hotel." Trudy read reaching for her suitcase. One of the bell hops got it first and stacked all the suitcases on the cart.
    "Alright ladies welcome to Hawaii." Miss Piggy said strutting up to the check in desk.
    Janice Morgan Trudy and Camilla waited by the elevator while Miss Piggy talked to the men at the desk.
    After a few minutes Piggy returned with five keys.
    "There are your room keys. Don't loose them." Piggy said distributing the keys.
    The room was huge. There were three bedrooms with two beds and an adjoining bathroom in each plus a bathroom in the enormous sitting area.
    "Wow." Morgan said walking over to the panoramic windows that overlooked the ocean.
    "I call rooming with Janice." Morgan said tugging Janice towards one of the rooms.
    "Camilla can come too." Janice said.
    "Bwak Begawk brawk." Camilla clucked.
    "Are you sure you want to room alone?" Janice asked.
    Camilla nodded and hurried into her own room. Janice shrugged and let Morgan pull her through the doorway.
    "I have so much to tell you." Morgan said sitting on her bed.
    "What?" Janice asked sitting on the bed by the window.
    "I'll tell you later it's getting late and I want to call Teeth." Morgan said pulling out her phone.
    "Ya I rully should call Floyd." Janice said.
    She began to dial his number but stopped. She already had two voicemails. Both were from Floyd and both were in the last two hours Janice laughed to herself and continued to dial Floyd's number.
    He picked up on the third ring.
    "Hey Floyd." Janice said sitting on her bed.
    "Hey babe what's up?" He asked.
    "Nothing we just got in the hotel we're just unpacking and getting settled. It's rully beautiful here." She explained looking out the window.
    "You're lucky Teeth talked me into going over to the boarding house with him. It's not the same without you." He said.
    Janice leaned against the beige wall and sighed. "I really miss you." She said wishing he was here with her.
    "I miss you too babe." He replied.
    Janice looked down at her hands as she spoke. "I'll call you tomorrow." She said.
    "Sure thing I'll talk to you then I love you." He replied.
    "I love you too and I'll talk to you soon." she said.
    "Okay bye." he replied.
    "Bye," she said before hanging up.

    Morgan paced the room while waiting for Dr. Teeth to pick up.
    He answered almost instantly.
    "Hey Teeth." Morgan said cheerfully.
    "Hey Morgan." Dr. Teeth replied.
    Morgan paced in the opposite direction. "I'm sorry we can't do the song." She said softly.
    "Don't worry about it. I sorta forgot too." Teeth replied.
    Morgan laughed and wandered over the window. "Hawaii is really beautiful." Morgan mused looking out over the ocean.
    "So the band is temporarily out of commission while our beautiful guitarist is on vacation." Teeth said.
    Morgan laughed again "don't talk too loudly Floyd might hear you." Morgan said getting a suspicious look from Janice.
    "I wasn't talking about Janice. You are our temporary guitarist aren't you?" Teeth replied.
    "Well I guess the band will have to do without us for three weeks." Morgan said.
    "My dear you are posolutely right." Teeth chimed.
    "I'll talk to you soon." Morgan said.
    "Sure thing darling." He replied.
    "Bye," she said
    "Bye...um I...bye." He said softly. Morgan shrugged and hung up.

    Piggy, Trudy and Camilla were all watching tv when Janice and Morgan came back.
    "We were waiting for you two. Are you guys hungry?" Trudy asked.
    "No we ate earlier and it's getting late." Janice said sitting in an overstuffed armchair.
    "We'll go sightsee and swim tomorrow." Piggy said.
    "Mmm sounds fun." Morgan mumbled from her newly discovered massage chair.
    Piggy stood up and wandered off to bed early. Trudy and Camilla left afterwards.
    "Wanna go check out the hotel?" Morgan asked standing up and skipping for the door.
    "Not tonight in rully need to sleep or I'll fer surely be to tired to do anything tomorrow." Janice put her arms above her head in a catlike stretch.
    "Kay I'll be in later. Night" Morgan said wandering into the hall
    Janice walked back into their room. She slid her suitcase off the bed and climbed under the covers and faced the wall.
    It was a foreign feeling to her to not have Floyd beside her.
    The whole thing reminded her of another time.

    Janice was out visiting Morgan. The show was done for a short break and Janice had promised her a visit.
    Instead of bunking with Morgan in her one bedroom apartment she decided to stay in the hotel across the street.
    Her and Floyd had just officially decided to get together and become a couple. she'd missed him a lot.
    One of the nights near the end of her visit Janice was laying in bed.
    She'd just gotten off the phone with Floyd and now she missed him more than ever.
    Janice tossed in turned for what felt like hours after finally giving up she gathered her blankets and retreated to the small living room which had a couch a tv and a small coffee table.
    She flipped on the tv and laid on the couch settling herself in a nest of blankets.
    She was almost asleep when a knock on the door sounded through the entire room.
    Janice sighed and stood up leaving the blankets on the couch. And wandering over to the door and flung it open.
    Floyd stood in the doorway. He was wearing dark jeans, boots a white shirt and a black leather jacket.
    Janice rubbed her eyes she was sure she was hallucinating.
    "Hey Jan" he said.
    She dropped her hands and looked up at him. "You're really here?" She asked stupidly.
    Floyd bent down and kissed her. Then she knew he was really there with his arms around her waist and she wasn't dreaming.
    "I'm really here," He said hugging her.
    "Wait, why are you here?" Janice asked looking up at him.
    "For you." He replied.
    Janice smiled and hugged him again pulling him through the doorway.
    "I missed you." He murmured into her hair.
    "I missed you too." Janice said.
    "Did I wake you up?" He asked noticing the tiredness in her expression.
    "No I couldn't sleep anyways. I'd rather have you here then sleep anyway." Janice said sitting in his lap on the couch.
    "Go to sleep." He whispered in her ear.
    "I can't sleep now that you're here." Janice said.
    Floyd sighed and kissed her forehead. "Pretend I'm not here and sleep." He said leaning over to lay her on the couch.
    "No don't put me down. Don't let me go." Janice said softly.
    Floyd sighed again and resettled her in his arms.
    Janice kissed him softly.
    "Get some rest I'll be right here." He told her.
    Janice nodded and turned her face into his jacket.

    Janice woke up she'd fallen asleep thinking of that time with Floyd. It seemed so long ago now. Even though she remembered it perfectly. She looked across the room. It was 4:15. Morgan slept peacefully in her bed across the room. Janice smiled and closed her eyes. Returning to simpler times.

    Floyd held Janice in his arms until he too couldn't stay awake any longer. He stood up and carried Janice to her bed the blankets draped over his arm.
    He laid her down and placed the blankets over her. He turned to leave but she reached out and grabbed his hand holding him in place. He turned to face her.
    "Where are you going?" Janice asked.
    "I'm gonna go sleep out there." He said nodding towards the doorway.
    Janice frowned and pulled him closer. He moved easily towards her.
    "Stay here with me." She said.
    Floyd cast another glance at the doorway before nodding. He kicked off his boots and threw off his jacket before settling beside her.
    Janice laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her waist.
    "Floyd?" Janice said after a few minutes.
    "hmmm?" he replied.
    "I'm happy you're here." Janice said.
    "I'd go anywhere for you Jan I-I love you." Floyd had never said that to her before. She always knew he loved her and she loved him but they'd never said it to each other.
    Janice looked up at him and kissed him. "I love you too," She said. Floyd kissed her back. "I've been waiting forever to say that to you." He said brushing the hair out of her face.
    "I'm happy you did." Janice said.
    Floyd kissed her again.
    "You should sleep too," Janice told him resting her head on his shoulder.
    "I could but I'd rather talk to you unless you want to sleep?" Floyd said.
    "No I'm wide awake now." Janice said.
    "Good." Floyd said. He sat up and pulled her into his arms again.
    Janice sat up in his arms and leaned against him.
    "Floyd what made you come here tonight?" Janice asked suddenly very curious.
    "I don't know after I got off the phone with you I was already on
    my way. I just needed to see you and hear your voice in person. And to make sure that no one was here to steal you away from me. I'm not planning on losing you anytime soon." Floyd whispered to her.
    "Aww babe I'm not giving you up either and don't leave." Janice said.
    "Why would I leave?" Floyd asked.
    "I don't know. Just don't." She replied. Kissing him.
    "I'll never leave you." He replied kissing her again.
    "What are you going to do for the rest of the week you're here with me?" Janice asked.
    "I don't know" Floyd whispered kissing one of her cheeks. "And I don't care, as long as I'm with you." He said kissing her other cheek.
    "That can be arranged." Janice said.
    Floyd laid her back down beside him and resumed twirling her hair between his fingers. "Great I'm looking forward to it." He said.
    Janice took his hand and pulled him down beside her again.
    "Its late you must be tired go to sleep now." Floyd said.
    "What about you? You came all the way here. Get some sleep too," Janice said.
    Floyd kissed the back of her neck. "I'll still be here when you wake up. Go to sleep Jan." He wrapped his arm around her again and held her close. Soon they were both asleep.

    Talking and a lot of rustling woke Janice up. The curtains were open and the warm sun was pouring in.
    She sat up and looked around. Morgan stood in the doorway with two mugs of coffee.
    "Finally you're up. We've been waiting forever hurry and get dressed we're going to the beach." Morgan said. Janice turned and looked at her alarm clock it was 11:00. "Oh I rully slept in I'm sorry." Janice said. She slid out of bed and took the coffee Morgan handed her.
    "I'll get dressed and meet you out there." Janice said rushing for her suitcase.
    Morgan left the room and closed the door behind her. Janice tore the brush through her hair and sprinted though the doorway.
    "Good morning Janice." Piggy said walking in from the kitchen.
    "Hi Piggy." Janice replied.
    "Alright lets go." Morgan sang twirling for the door. She was obviously in a great mood.
    Trudy grabbed towels and followed them to the door. Morgan sighed impatiently and flung the door open.
    The sun was beating down when they emerged from the hotel. Morgan took off down the sidewalk and straight for the beach. "What did you guys like feed her for breakfast?" Janice asked.
    "we have no idea." Piggy and Trudy said in unison.
    Janice shrugged and followed Morgan who had already disappeared to the beach.
    Morgan was already in the water when Janice, Piggy, Camilla and Trudy got there.
    "Guys it's so warm get in here!" She yelled falling backwards into the waves.
    "Come on guys" Janice said running in behind Morgan.
    Piggy and Trudy ran in followed by Camilla. The water was extremely warm and clear.
    Morgan swam out deeper and dived under.
    Janice swam towards Camilla but Morgan shot up and splashed Janice in the face. Janice splashed her back and then everyone joined in splashing each other in the face.
    "Ha ha I so scared you." Morgan laughed afterwards while they were lounging in their chairs and watching the waves hit the shore.
    "You like totally didn't I knew you would jump out somewhere." Janice replied.
    "Sure." Morgan said laughing again.
    Janice closed her eyes. Her thoughts from last night drifted back into her head.
    It was going to be a very long three weeks if she couldn't forget about Floyd long enough to have a good time.
    She remembered the rest of that trip visiting Morgan. Floyd had kept his promise and stayed with her until she left.
    In a way Floyd never really left her. He was still by her side now and Janice knew that.
    Morgan and Piggy said something about going back in the water but Janice wasn't listening she was drifting off.
    "Janice, Janice!" Someone was shaking her frantically. She opened her eyes and looked into the wild eyes if Piggy.
    "Janice we need your help" Piggy said. The worry in her voice made Janice's blood run cold. Something was wrong.
    "What is it?" Janice asked.
    "It's Morgan" Piggy said
    "She's gone."
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Awwww. The part where Floyd goes to see Janice made my heart flutter. :flirt: I love this chapter! Please write more.
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh! Morgan's gone? Morgan? Oh dear! Pigg, Janice, and Trudy should find her. Don't leave me hanging out here. This story was so intriguing to me. More soon please?
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 17
    A favorite memory
    Janice sat right up and looked around everyone was there except for Morgan.
    "wh-what happened?" Janice asked.
    "We were swimming and there was this huge wave and I swam closer to shore and Morgan was so far out. She tried to swim but the wave was too big and strong. I went under and when I was able to come back up. She was gone." Piggy explained with tears in her eyes.
    "We have to find her." Janice said.
    Piggy nodded. "Camilla and I will swim out and look." Trudy said.
    "We'll walk the shore." Janice said.
    Trudy nodded and sprinted into the surf with Camilla.
    "C'mon Piggy we have to find her." Janice said.
    " But Janice what if...If she's really...gone?" Piggy asked softly.
    "She's not dead...she's out there somewhere and I'll find her." Janice cried.
    "Let's go," Piggy said leading her down the shore.
    The sun was setting and it was getting harder and harder to see. The more they walked the more Janice wondered if Piggy was right that Morgan really was gone.
    Yelling and screaming on the beach drew their attention. Piggy and Janice shared a split second glance before sprinting off down the shoreline.
    "Piggy, Janice we found her!" Trudy screamed. Janice ran as fast as she could. Trudy and Camilla were standing over a motionless figure.
    "Is she dead?" Janice asked. Running over.
    "No she's breathing." Trudy said.
    Morgan lay on the beach she had a deep cut on her forehead and her arms and legs were bleeding from numerous cuts and bruises.
    "We have to get her to a hospital." Janice said kneeling beside her.
    "Jan you go back to the hotel with Piggy Camilla and I will take her. You guys need rest." Trudy said carrying Morgan in her arms.
    "Fine we'll see you guys later. But please take care of her that cut looks rully deep." Janice said.
    Piggy touched her shoulder lightly and led her away. Janice watched the sun set on the horizon and had never felt so far away from home.

    "Just tell Teeth for me okay honey?" Janice said.
    "Sure thing babe." Floyd said.
    "I really miss you." Janice said
    "I miss you too baby. Are you sure you're okay?" He asked
    "I'll be fine I just hope Morgan's okay." Janice said.
    "She will be." Floyd replied.
    "Hey Floyd?"
    "What is it?" He asked.
    "Do you remember that time it was a long time ago. I was visiting Morgan and I really missed you. You came and stayed with me?" Janice asked sitting on her bed.
    "Ya I remember that. I didn't think you did." He said.
    "I remember it perfectly." Janice said.
    Floyd laughed. "I love you Janice." He said making her heart leap.
    "I love you too." Janice laughed.
    A door closing got Janice's attention. "I think they're back I've gotta go I'll talk to you tomorrow." Janice said.
    "Bye." Floyd said. Janice hung up and ran into the living room.
    "Morgan!" She cried running into her friends arms.
    "Hey Jan." Morgan said.
    "I thought you were dead." Janice said.
    "Nah just a little banged up is all those waves are feisty" She said.
    "I'm happy you're okay." Janice said.
    "And now she needs to rest." Piggy said.
    Morgan nodded and let Janice lead her to her bed.
    "I need to call Teeth." Morgan said.
    "He already knows you can tell him you're fine in the morning get to sleep. I'm going to bed too." Janice laid down and turned out the light.
    Talking to Floyd had sparked another memory in her mind.
    It was her favorite memory with them and it was just as old as the other one.

    Piggy paced her bedroom the phone pressed against her ear.
    "Kermie." she said.
    "Hi dear how is the trip?" Kermit replied.
    "Good Morgan got hurt and just got back from the hospital she's fine. But we're having so much fun." Piggy said.
    "That's great Piggy I wish I was there with you." Kermit said.
    "I wish you were here too. How was the show tonight?" Piggy asked.
    "It was great dear."
    "Good. I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed." Piggy yawned.
    "Okay dear I love you and I'll talk to you soon." Kermit said.
    "Okay Kermie bye I love you." Piggy said before hanging up. Suddenly she regretted not bringing Kermit.

    Janice laid in bed she was still unable to sleep her favorite memory still roaming in her mind.

    One weekend after the show's third season had finished the band found a gig all the way up in Canada. They'd never been to Canada but it was worth it for the money they would get for the gig.
    They'd driven all the way up to Ontario then stayed in a hotel.
    "It's never th-this cold in LA." Janice said standing beside a snowbank taller than her.
    "It's warmer in the summer." Dr. Teeth said opening the doors to the hotel.
    Janice sprinted inside and sighed at the sudden heat. "Much better." she said.
    "WARM WARM WARM!!" Animal shrieked pulling Floyd across the room on his chain.
    "Whoa Animal. Calm down otherwise we'll all be spending the night in a snowbank." Floyd said. Dr. Teeth hurried to check in.
    Janice waited impatiently hopping from one foot to the next.
    Zoot waited silently by the door the cold blowing in didn't seem to bother him.
    "Let's go." Dr. Teeth said heading for the elevator.
    "WOMANS WOMANS!!" Animal yelled as a group of women in fancy business suits walked by. Floyd struggled to pull the raging Animal into the elevator.
    "Animal calm down or next time we'll use the cage." Floyd said.
    Animal went silent and followed Floyd right into the elevator.
    "I like rully hope this show is inside I'll freeze my fingers off in that cold." Janice said.
    A ding sounded through the elevator and the doors opened. They piled out into the hallway.
    "Alright here are our rooms."
    Dr. Teeth said stopping at the end of the hall.
    "Are you sure you can handle Animal?" Floyd asked.
    "Ya we have the cage on the bus if we need it." Dr. Teeth replied.
    He turned and opened the door ushering Zoot and Animal inside. Floyd opened the opposite door and led Janice in.
    Janice opened her bag and pulled on a thicker sweater.
    "Are you still cold?" Floyd asked walking over to her.
    "Just a bit like I don't think the heat is on." Janice said.
    Floyd walked over to a furnace under the window.
    "You're right it's not on." He flipped a switch and a soft whooshing noise filled the room.
    "Come here." He took her hand and stood her in front of the furnace. "Better?" He asked. Janice nodded.
    Floyd looked around the room.
    "What's wrong?" Janice asked.
    "Hmm? Oh nothing." He said.
    Janice hugged him he held her lightly. "Floyd what's wrong?" She laughed.
    "Nothing's wrong it's just you're right it wouldn't be fun to have to play in the cold." He said.
    Janice sighed and walked over and sat on the bed pulling her sweater tighter around herself at the colder side of the room.
    "Jan you're freezing let's go downstairs until it gets warmer in here." Floyd said.
    "I'm f-fine m-my sweater is j-just thin." Janice said.
    "That's the thickest sweater I've ever seen." Floyd laughed.
    Janice smiled and fell back into his arms. She got up and walked back to the window snow was falling slowly swirling like confetti.
    "Its beautiful out there." Janice mused.
    Floyd walked up behind her. She turned to face him.
    "Don't you think it's beautiful?" She asked him.
    "I could think of things more beautiful." He replied.
    "Like what?" Janice asked.
    Floyd bent down and kissed her. She threw her arms around her neck and stood on her tiptoes to meet him. He pushed her back against the furnace. The metal dug painfully into her back. She didn't care though she was happy with him.
    He grabbed her shoulders and pushed farther. The hot metal jabbed into her back like needles. Janice gasped against the excruciating pain in her back.
    Floyd pulled back and looked at her with a concerned expression.
    "Jan are you alright?" He asked.
    "Yes I'm fine." she gasped again.
    "No you're not." He reached behind her. She felt his hands on her back.
    "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked he stood back his hands smeared with red.
    "I didn't know it was that bad." Janice replied.
    Floyd sighed and walked into the bathroom he came back a moment later with a warm cloth and bandaids.
    Janice shed her sweater and sat down.
    Floyd sat behind her and tugged up the bottom of her shirt.
    "Floyd in fine." She said.
    "No. I hurt you I never meant to hurt you. Why didn't you say something." He said. Wiping the cloth across her back.
    "It wasn't your fault its okay I forgive you I didn't say anything because I didn't want...you to stop."
    "Jan," He said but Janice turned around just as he put the bandaid on her back. she took the cloth out of his hand and put it down.
    "I said I forgive you." She said again. Floyd sighed and kissed her again. This time he was much more careful. For a few minutes the cold couldn't touch her.

    Janice woke up it was still dark and only 12:41 according to her alarm clock. She sighed and closed her eyes. When she opened them it was morning.
    She turned but realized Floyd wasn't there. Her heart sank it was torture for her not to have Floyd beside her.
    Morgan was still beside her sleeping Janice stood up. She got dressed and walking into the living room.
    "The guys are on their way." Piggy said when Janice walked out.
    "Floyd Kermit and Dr. Teeth are on their way here." Piggy said again.
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  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Loved it!!! Write more! :flirt:
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Awww! Morgan! I'm glad she's okay. Hey the boys are coming! Kermit! Dr. Teeth! Floyd! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't believe it! They are going to be on vacation too! I am ready for more story please.
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  9. floyd<3janice

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    Chapter 18
    Janice stood frozen in place.
    "They're really coming why?" She asked.
    "I don't know Kermit texted me saying he and the guys will have their phone off while they're on the plane here." Piggy replied.
    "Who's all coming?" Janice asked.
    "Kermit Floyd Dr. Teeth Gonzo and Maxwell." Piggy said naming them off her fingers.
    "Awesome I'll go see if Morgan's awake." Janice walked in the room. Morgan was sitting up. The gash on her forehead had been stitched shut. And bruises covered her bare arms.
    "how do you feel?" Janice asked.
    "Like crap what's going on?" She asked.
    "Floyd Teeth Kermit Gonzo and Max are on their way here."
    Janice said excitedly.
    "No way!" Morgan shrieked hugging Janice.
    "Whoa calm down they won't be here for a..."
    "We're here!" Someone yelled from the living room.
    "Hurry I'll get dressed and be out soon," Morgan said. Janice was already out the door her long hair flying behind her.
    Floyd caught her in a hug. "Why are you here?" she asked.
    "Same reason as last time. For you." He replied making her eyes sting with unshed tears.
    "I'm so happy to see you." She said.
    He pulled her close and kissed her.
    She put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
    Her fingers tangled in his hair.
    "I missed you." She told him.
    Floyd hugged her again.

    "Kermie I thought you weren't..."
    "Coming until after the show?" He said. Before she could speak her was kissing her.
    She relaxed and kissed him back.
    "Oh Kermie I felt so bad but I'm so happy you're here." Piggy said.
    "So am I." Kermit said.

    Morgan walked out of the room. She was wearing white shorts and a purple shirt.
    "You're really here," Morgan said.
    "Here am I" He said pulling her into a hug.
    "I know everyone is saying they missed each other so let's be different. It's great that you're here." Morgan said.
    "How are you feeling?" Teeth asked.
    "Like crap but I'll survive." Morgan said.
    Dr. Teeth hugged her again.
    "We're going to the beach." Kermit said taking Piggy's hand.
    "We'll come." Floyd said following them through the door Morgan took Teeth's hand and they left too. The sand on the beach was hot and soft between Janice's toes.
    "Ooh like I'm so excited honey," Janice said walking through the water.
    "I couldn't let you leave for three weeks without me." He said.
    She laughed and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her.
    Janice laughed and leaned back too far she tripped and they both fell in the water.
    He helped her up laughing but she dragged him back down.
    She swam towards him. He laughed and kissed her again.
    Janice pulled back and kissed his cheek. "I remembered something last night." She said happily.
    "What was it baby?" He asked.
    "I was thinking about that time in Canada. We had that gig and the hotel room was freezing." Janice said.
    Floyd sighed and rested his head on her shoulder.
    "Why?" He said.
    "Floyd don't be mad." Janice said.
    "How can I not be?" He said. His hand brushed her back where the faint scars still remained.
    "Hey look at me," Janice said tilting his head up to face her.
    "Floyd it was years ago it was just a thought. Never mind forget I brought it up." Janice said.
    Floyd brought her closer "I'm sorry Jan. I overreacted I really do love you. I shouldn't be mad." He said.
    Janice laughed. Then she was gone under the water Floyd laughed and dived under after her.

    That night Morgan and Dr. Teeth started a huge bonfire. The fire sparkled in its reflection in the water. Kermit got some marshmallows graham crackers and chocolate bars. Piggy and Janice found some sticks and brought them over.
    "There's my main squeeze." Floyd said putting an arm around Janice's waist. She laughed and handed him a stick.
    "Thanks dear," Kermit said taking a stick from Piggy.
    She sat on his lap and put her marshmallow over the fire.
    "Crap its on fire." Morgan said shaking her flaming marshmallow on her stick.
    "Blow it out." Teeth said. Morgan blew it out. She sighed and leaned back against Teeth.
    "Brawk bwak begawk." Camilla clucked
    "Are you sure you don't want it." Gonzo said taking Camilla's marshmallow Camilla nodded.
    "Thanks darling." Gonzo said eating it off the stick.
    "The fire is like so warm and relaxing I could fall asleep." Janice said leaning her head against Floyd's shoulder.
    "We could always go back to the hotel." Floyd said.
    Janice nodded and stood up.
    "I think we should all head up it's late and I'm exhausted." Trudy said.
    Morgan got up and dumped water on the fire.
    "There lets go to bed." Morgan said.
    They got up to the room and stopped.
    "There's only three rooms." Floyd said.
    "Well Kermie and I'll take my room and you guys can sort it out because I'm falling asleep." Miss Piggy said.
    "Wait Piggy we're going to sort this out. Okay so everyone can share a room. So we'll need at least on other two bedroom room." Kermit said.
    "We'll go with Morgan and Teeth." Janice said taking Floyd's arm.
    Ya Floyd and I'll go get a room you ladies stay here." Dr. Teeth said leading Floyd out of the room. Everyone else disappeared.
    "Well I'm gonna crash over here on the couch while we wait for the guys." Morgan laid on the couch. Janice dropped on the couch by the window.
    She must've dozed off because when Janice woke up Floyd and Teeth were standing in the doorway.
    She got up and walked over. Slipping her arms around Floyd's waist.
    "Hey babe did we wake you up?" He asked turning in her arms.
    "I don't think so." Janice replied.
    "C'mon we got a room." Floyd said lifting her into his arms.
    She rested her head on his chest.
    "You'd better get Morgan." Floyd said.
    "I will." Teeth replied walking over to the couch.
    Floyd carried Janice down the hall he came to a stop at a door and unlocked it. Janice shifted in his arms. "I'll walk." Janice said. Floyd set her down.
    He took her hand and led her through another door.
    Janice stumbled over to they bed and laid down. Floyd walked back in the living room. She heard voices so she guessed Teeth and Morgan had come in. He returned a minute later and laid down.
    Janice curled up beside him. She was happy to have him beside her again. She was almost asleep when something jolted her awake.
    "Floyd!" She said almost pushing him out of the bed. He gripped the edge and turned over.
    "What?" He asked looking at her with worry written clearly on his face.
    "It kicked the baby kicked." She said.
    Floyd sat up and looked at her. "Really?" He asked.
    Instead of answering she took his hand and put it on her stomach.
    He was silent for a minute. "Jan nothing's happening." He said.
    "Wait." Janice said
    She moved his hand around.
    "There," She said feeling the kick again.
    "Did you feel it?" Janice asked.
    "Ya I think." He said.
    Janice released his hand. He kept it where it was for a minute before dropping it.
    Floyd kissed her. She kissed him back and held him close. He released her and looked into her eyes. "You're so beautiful." He told her.
    "Floyd why did you really come here?" Janice asked.
    "Kermit talked us in to it. But I did want to see you." He said.
    "I'm happy you came. I couldn't have a good time without you." Janice said.
    Floyd smiled at her. She laud her head on his chest. Soon she was asleep.
    Over the next few days everyone walked around shopped much to the guys dislike and swam. Before anyone knew it it was the last night of the vacation. They celebrated with another huge bonfire.
    "Wow it's over already." Morgan said.
    "I'm kind of thankful and I bet Scooter is too he's been in charge the whole time." Kermit said.
    Floyd held Janice while she slept soundly in his arms. Both her and Piggy were exhausted lately.
    They were both due in a couple of weeks.
    By morning the were all packed and ready to go.
    "Only a week left." Janice said.
    Floyd out an arm around her and steered her inside the airport.
    "Alright guys it has been an awesome vacation but it must end sometime and that is today so shall we go?" Kermit said.
    "Let's get out of here." Floyd said.
    Kermit nodded.
    Together they all boarded the plane.
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    Wow...I almost forgot Janice and Piggy were pregnant. :oops: Anyways if you want to make this story twisty, they both could go into labor the same time. Other than that, good chapter. ;)
  11. Twisted Tails

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    This is great! Kermit, FLoyd, Dr. Teeth, and Max came to find their girls. SQUEEEEEEE! I just love romatic stories. (sometimes)! More plz!
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    Amazin' Chapters! Do more!

    Yay! Janice's baby kicked!
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    Chapter 19
    Double trouble
    Kermit helped Piggy pack the day before she was scheduled at the hospital. He zipped the bag up and turned to her.
    "Are you ready?" He asked Piggy nodded.
    Kermit put both of his hands on her stomach and closed his eyes.
    "Maybe tomorrow we'll have twins" Kermit said.
    "Maybe" Piggy said kissing him softly.

    "Alright guys I'm outta here." Morgan said.
    "Where are you going?" Janice asked walking over.
    "To the board house to finally finish that song with Teeth." Morgan said.
    "Song writing sure that sounds convincing." Floyd said.
    "Shut up." Morgan said turning back to Janice.
    "I'll see you when you get home from the hospital." Morgan said. Attempting to hug Janice but gave up and opted for a high five instead.
    "See ya." Janice said.
    "Peace," Morgan said walking outside.
    Janice grinned and turned back to Floyd.
    "And then there were two." She said falling back into his arms.
    "I didn't know it took four weeks to write a song." Floyd laughed Janice elbowed him in the stomach.
    He sighed and pulled her tighter against him.

    Morgan got out of the car and ran inside the boarding house.
    Dr. Teeth was already at the piano halfway through a song. He looked up when she came in but didn't stop.
    She walked over and sat beside him while he played.
    "Hey." She said when he was finished.
    "I have a groovin idea." He said.
    "Great let's hear it." Morgan replied.

    Kermit got up and let Piggy sleep she would definitely need over the next few days.
    He walked downstairs and turned on the tv. The news reporter was going on about a protest downtown about overdeveloping in the forests.
    Kermit changed the channel to an old sitcom rerun he decided to leave it and get some breakfast. He poured some cereal and retreated to the table with the milk.
    Piggy joined him a few minutes later walking downstairs like a zombie.
    "Good morning dear. Get some breakfast quickly because we have to leave." He kissed her and poured her some cereal.
    Piggy sat down and ate absentmindedly. "Are you okay honey?" Kermit asked reaching for her hand.
    "Yes moi is fine Moi just didn't sleep well." She told him quietly.
    Kermit kissed her hand. "Everything will be fine and then you can relax a bit more." He said.
    Piggy laughed "oh my dear you have lots to learn. I won't get anymore sleep and either will you." She said.
    Kermit gulped deep down he knew as usual she was right.

    Janice turned over again she had barely slept and had a pounding headache.
    She turned back over and realized Floyd was gone. He was standing by the window.
    Janice got up and stood beside him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.
    "Like are you okay honey?" She asked.
    "Ya I'm fine." He replied kissing the top of her head.
    Janice turned so that she was facing him.
    He had a look in his eye that Janice had only seen a few times but she recognized it perfectly.
    "Oh honey are you scared?" She asked touching his cheek.
    "No." He replied burying his head in her shoulder.
    Janice put her arms around him.
    "Floyd its okay. Like nothing's going to happen to me." she said.
    "I know but..." He stopped talking and let her go.
    "C'mon let's go downstairs." Janice said. Floyd followed her wordlessly downstairs.
    Janice tossed him an apple and a few granola bars before walking over and turning on the tv.
    Floyd walked up behind her and kissed her cheek.
    "I should like go get my stuff
    I'll be like right back." Janice said walking up the stairs.
    Floyd had just sat down when Janice came sprinting down the stairs.
    "Floyd!" Janice said.
    Floyd whipped his head to face her at the panic in her voice.
    "We have to leave now!" She exclaimed. Floyd got up wordlessly grabbed her hand and dragged her out the door.

    Kermit had heard Piggy yelling from upstairs he ran into the room to find her throwing her bag at him.
    The catch drove the air from his chest and knocked him off balance. When he could stand again Piggy walked towards him.
    "Cmon frog we're going to the hospital now!" She said Kermit nodded and followed her through the door arguing would be useless.

    "Floyd like slow down we're going to crash." Janice said.
    Floyd sighed and looked at Janice
    "We're fine. I'll get you there safely." Floyd said.
    Janice breathed a sigh of relief. When they got to the hospital. She got out. Floyd ran around the car grabbed her hand and pulled her through the hospital the doors.
    Kermit pulled in a second later.
    "If you had let me drive we would have been here by now." Piggy said walking in the hospital before Kermit.
    "I'm sorry dear but you're in no
    State to drive." Kermit said following her inside.
    He had to wait in the hall while the doctors and nurses were taking care of Piggy.
    "Floyd?" Kermit said spotting the hip bass player down the hall leaning against the wall.
    "Hey green man." Floyd said pushing off the wall and walking over.
    "Where's Janice?" Kermit asked.
    "In there," Floyd said pointing to a shut door.
    Kermit nodded and looked back over to the door to Piggy's that had just opened a nurse walked out and gave him a smile.
    "Mr. The Frog are you ready?"
    She asked.
    "No." Kermit said shaking his head
    "Frog get your green butt in here!" Piggy yelled from in the room.
    "Well I guess this is it." Kermit said to Floyd.
    "I guess so." Floyd replied.
    "Good luck Floyd." Kermit said.
    "You too man." Floyd replied walking back to the wall.
    Kermit to a deep breath and walked in after the nurse.

    Morgan was just writing down the end of the song when Teeth phone rang.
    "Hey Floyd... You are?... We'll be there soon."
    "What's wrong?" Morgan asked.
    "That was Floyd they're at the hospital."
    "We should go." Morgan said taking his hand.
    Teeth nodded and let her lead him outside.

    Kermit was sitting in a chair rocking back and forth holding his daughter when Trudy and Max came in.
    "Oh Kermit she's beautiful." Trudy exclaimed.
    Kermit smiled and handed her to Trudy.
    "Whats her name?" Trudy asked.
    "Lucia Margret." Kermit said.
    Piggy handed their son to Maxwell
    "His name is Christopher James." Piggy said. Trudy walked over with
    Lucia to see. "Oh their both beautiful. A mini Kermit and a mini Piggy." Trudy sighed.

    Morgan and Teeth walked in the room Floyd ran over. Morgan hugged him. "Congrats guys." Morgan said. Teeth pulled Floyd into a hug. "Hey man." Teeth said.
    Morgan ran over to Janice who was holding the baby in her arms.
    "Oh Janice's she's so perfect." Morgan said. Janice smiled and handed the baby to her.
    "Whats her name?" Morgan asked.
    "Lily" Janice replied.
    Morgan smiled and grabbed Janice's hand.
    Floyd and Teeth were deep in conversation about the "Pig" being down the hall. "We're going to see the pig and the frog." Dr. Teeth said.
    "We'll be here," Morgan said.
    Floyd kissed Janice quickly before following Teeth down the hall.
    Janice looked back to Morgan who was still cradling Lily.
    "Jan you should sleep." Morgan said. Janice nodded and closed her eyes letting herself drift off.

    MissMusical12 I swear you read my mind.
    I'll post more soon maybe tomorrow enjoy.
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    I'm good, aren't I? :coy:
    Anyways, loved the chapter. Please do write more tomorrow. :flirt: I'm really enjoying this story.
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    Lucia.....Christopher......and.....Lily Pepper.....wonderful names!:)

    U on DA? U should design these kids!:flirt:
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    I might I haven't really sorted them out completely though I will soon
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    Awww! A cut little frog and a cute little fig? SQUEEEEEEEEEE! (faints)!

    *someone dumps water on her* Oh! Brrr! That was a little bit cold! Wow! I mean Wow! This is a really great story.

    :flirt: Fer sure!

    Right! What Janice said okay? Other than that, more plz!
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    I'll probably have time this weekend
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